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2 years ago

Great to go for all your bird needs! Including baby birds. Have an great selection of products for your birds. My cockatiel loves there food and toys.

Terry Palardy

2 years ago

Came thru in a pinch-fine people

richard foreman

2 years ago

Has everything you need for your Bird's . Very informative for you and your bird needs

Michelle Hurst

2 years ago

They are so helpful at Windy City Parrots. Their pricing is very reasonable and they have a great selection of food, treats, perches, toys and more.

Lori Mastriani

2 years ago

Love this place! It has all the supplies you need and the owners must have been parrots in a former life cause they know everything about our feathered friends!


2 years ago

Windy City Parrot has still not refunded me for the defective item ~ 12/12/2020. Note that I did not even expect or ask for a refund, and yet they are outright falsely asserting they have done that. Folks, beware!!! Shop at Bonka Bird Toys and Great Companions and online. You will get the superior customer service you deserve for your avian friends :) Follow-up to my initial posting below: This is not an issue of irrationality; it is an issue of poor customer service. Yes, I have ordered several times from Windy City Parrot in the past, and the behavior displayed below is a sharp departure from what I expected. The crux of the problem is poor customer service. If a customer orders an item for a live animal that is defective and wants to return it or exchange it, then that customer should be able to return it or exchange it without having to pay for the shipping charges. Windy City Parrot is not only refusing to engage in such reputable customer service practices as we have all come to expect from online vendors such as,, and Great Companions, but now there is extreme defensiveness on the part of the owner to combat her own inner reality that she refuses to simply do the right thing for the customer. I would ask you - does the response below read like someone you would trust or like to engage in business with down the road? That if you have a problem with an online order that could harm the health of your pet birds and want to get it exchanged or returned for a refund, you are going to be personally attacked for leaving an honest review? Like I stated below, I would strongly recommend saving yourself the hassles and headaches and personal assaults. I simply wanted to return or exchange my item without being penalized for paying shipping charges again, since the item was clearly sent in a defective condition, and by no fault of my own. This business owner just absolutely refuses to do the right thing for the customer and would rather send some kind of a band-aid that is unacceptable for sanitation and hygienic purposes. Again, as you can see, this owner just wants to escalate the matter instead of doing the right thing. It is extremely disheartening, in a day and age where the avian industry is already in a downward spiral, to encounter a business owner who would rather choose the easier wrong over the harder right. For sure, I would recommend patronizing businesses that will have a reasonable and friendly return policy, as too much is at stake when it comes to the health of our avian friends. I would STRONGLY caution any bird owner against purchasing any products from Windy City Parrot. They sent me a product I had ordered online that was clearly defective, and then not only insisted the broken item was not defective, but also refused to offer me the option to return or exchange it free of shipping charges. I strongly suspect this item was already purchased and returned as defective by a former customer. Please DO NOT waste your money, jeopardize your birds’ health, and give yourself headaches and hassles trying to do business with Windy City Parrot.

Diana L.

3 years ago

I’ve been ordering food and toys for my African Grey parrot here for years. Even one time when I was living out of the US for a year, they shipped a cage to the country where I was living. Great service and great selection of toys!

Kathleen Kelley-Ottobre

3 years ago

Ordered online but had a slight issue with the product. Catherine was on top of it and things were resolved at lightning speed. Very happy with the items I ordered and the very fast and attentive service. I look forward to doing business with them again.

Cathy Gustafson

3 years ago

Lots of fun stuff and Catherine was SO friendly and informative. I loved shopping there. Homey place to shop.

Melanie Allen

4 years ago

Great place for your parrots whether its at the store or online..Mitch & Catherine have what you need & the knowledge to steer you in the right direction!

Leidy Schultz

4 years ago

Great place for your bird’s needs with excellent customer service :)

Erika Meneses

4 years ago

Awesome store for bird supply. The variety is incredible,the prices are the best for bird toys and the wealth of information from the staff is incredible.

Danielle Kirian

5 years ago

I've never been to WCP's physical store but frequently purchase food and miscellaneous supplies from their website. I especially love that they always have the full line of Goldenfeast products. WCP's customer service has always been top notch and shipping is ultra quick. Between asking direct questions and reading his blog posts, Mitch has been able to answer questions that even my vet didn't really have full answers to. I hope that WCP continues to do well because they're really fantastic!

David Delgado

5 years ago

Waited a week to finaly go shop at this place for my new lory parot. And when i walked in. Lady with redish hair. Says she knows nothing about lory parots. 4 a minute i though she was joking. No she was not joking. Why is she there working uf she k ows nothing about liry birds. She then says i got o ly food for lory birds . Like if im gina trust her . ! WHAT IF MY BIRD GETS SICK. THEN WHAT. I WALKED OUT . SO B CAREFULL. BAD SERVICE .

Terry mobile1sc

5 years ago

Excellent experience Owners have the personal interest, in the well being of birds

Bird Luvr

6 years ago

This was my first time ordering. My products were shipped within hours of my order and they came at the promised time and they all had good dates on them. I'd definitely recommend windy city parrots.

Chicago Flower

6 years ago

We have been purchasing our cages from Windy City Parrot for many years. We followed them to 3 different locations. Their cages are reasonably priced, The service is exceptional! Thanks for everything all these years.

Shannon Wood

7 years ago

I order things exclusively online from this store since I live in Minnesota, so I can't tell you about the in-store service, but I can tell you how happy I am with the online services. I can say honestly, the prices from this store are hard to beat anywhere else, especially with the big brand pet stores. They also seem incredibly knowledgeable on the health and safety of birds. And I like that they ask what type of bird you have and send related emails. Shipping is also free for certain priced orders and packages ship same-day or next-day. It may be where I am located, but I receive my purchases in one to two days. So far, very happy with the products and services of this business.

Sr K

7 years ago

The items I bought online were just as described. The perches were right and the volkman parakeet seed had the updated packaging as promised. On top of that the shipping was fast. Ordered close to midnight pst 11/30, arrived 12/5 in the afternoon. Will order from again.

Jacob Schaaf

8 years ago

They knowingly sell full spectrum bulbs that do not produce UVB for parrots. UVB is important for some parrots health, it allows them to keep strong healthy bones and helps with the absorption of calcium for egg laying. When I realized this, I wrote a review of the product on their website stating that the bulb they were selling did not produce UVB which they suppressed and did not post. After reading my review they sent me an E-mail (I did not send them one first): "We read your review about our economy full spectrum bulb. I's important to note we specifically do not mention UVBs in the listing which is why teh bulb is half the price of a featherbrite bulb - With birds the benefit to UVB bulbs is overstated, here's why: (link) good luck mitch" So I sent them a message back: "You also did not post my review. Not mentioning UVB in the listing is a marketing ploy I get that, at least let somebody like me tell potential buyers. One person labelled the bulb 'Vet Prescribed'. And I quote 'My vet recommended a full spectrum light for my cockatiel. I researched this type of light and found Windy City Parrot. I was impressed with their description of the product and with the price. These folks are responsive and shipped fast. I don't know yet if Buddy is benefitting, but she seems to be fine with it. Will buy another one when needed. Thanks.' Now before you start telling me that you accept no responsibility for other reviewers let me ask a question. Shouldn't I be allowed to have my review posted as a rebuttal to this kind of nonsense?" And this is the response I got back: "Unfortunately Jacob we "go with the flow" we've sold several thousand of these and your's is the only comment about no UVB - also because we dropped the Featherbrite bulb I can not recommend a product that needs to be bought from a competitor - we did sell Featherbritie for 10 years with 'UVB' in the title and we still sold our bulb 25 to 1 over feratherbrite's mitchr" I'm just a random internet shopper who got one thing, it makes me wonder what else they could be trying to sell this same way. I will not shop here again.

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