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Steph Koblich

2 years ago

I want to start off by saying that I greatly admire and respect the work that goes into operating an animal shelter and know that staff want only the best for all of the animals. I myself have been volunteering at an animal sanctuary for 4 years helping care for chickens, cows, donkeys, ducks, goats, horses, and pigs... I am disappointed and saddened that I never even had the opportunity to visit Cat Guardians or speak to someone outside of email, because I am certain it is a wonderful place. My boyfriend and I applied to adopt a cat. I have never owned a cat myself, but my boyfriend and his family have had 4 cats. I wanted to be complete and honest in our application, so I answered the question "Was your cat indoor/outdoor or indoor only?" in regards to his previous cats with "Indoor but backyard when monitored." For a 5-word answer we were denied the opportunity to adopt any animal from Cat Guardians. We were never planning to take our cat outside, and there was more to the story than could fit on a 2-inch line about the cats his family owned. They had all been stray kittens from a nearby abandoned barn. His family slowly gained their trust and took them in. We feel hurt and harshly misjudged. I wish that their concern would have been explained to us and we'd had more of a conversation. I guess someone could lie on their application and get further along in the process than we were able to. Adopt, don't shop. Just don't assume you'll be given a chance :/

Colleen Lane

3 years ago

Hope you fiñd a loving a and good Furever home puddin. I'll miss you

Zachary Taylor

3 years ago

I donated to Cat Guardians sight unseen, just based on their description and word of mouth. I love cats and they're literally 5 minutes from me. I finally stopped in today and was pleasantly surprised by how friendly literally everybody, including the cats, were. I chatted with a few of the volunteers and a lady who I'm assuming was the owner and it's abundantly clear that everybody there deeply cares about cats. I will be donating more and probably volunteering, and you should too, they're giving cats a good, loved life.

Robin Herr

3 years ago

They are pretty good. I got denied for adoption though because I wanted to sneak a cat into my apartment where cats aren't allowed. The screening took me by surprise because kittens used to come by the dozens for free. You just had to drive around. Now they want the name of your veterinarian. Very good people though.

Alicia Montejano

4 years ago

Friendly loveable cats,helpful volunteers in a clean and calm environment.

Sue Sadkowski

4 years ago

A wonderful no kill cage free shelter. Run by volunteers who spoil all the kitties. The kitties seem happy and well cared for. Please adopt and don't shop. So many beautiful kitties are looking for their fur ever home. Will you give then one?

Marko Polo

4 years ago

Please donate to this place taking care 30 cats no kill shelters. We need to help this shelter please send your donations keep this going if you care about animals this is the place to help out

Emily Xoxoanne1

4 years ago

We rescued our Bear from there. They made sure we were the fight family for him and we went through a legnthy adoption process. They do not adopt out same day because they want to have sucess with the cats staying in their forever homes. We couldnt have asked for a more well behaved companion.

Ahmad Ihmud

4 years ago

Can I surrender my cat here? And if so, how much does it cost?

barbara lino

4 years ago

Love cats. Please adopt these cats. All they want is love and a home with someone who is willing to take them in and give them endless Love

Dan Jones

4 years ago

It's a huge pleasure being able to interact with all the cats while they're out and about, many of them are very loving and are sure to make your trip worthwhile. The staff's dedication to taking care of ill and senior cats is very admirable. If I lived closer I would visit here all the time!

Diana Twarogowski

4 years ago

Maureen at Cat Guardians has been a blessing to our family. Over the last year she has helped us find homes for several feral kittens. She has even gone out of her way to send us photos of the kittens after they were adopted to reassure us that they were placed in loving homes. Cat Guardians is a no-kill, non-profit shelter that is run by volunteers and operates on donations, so please donate or volunteer!


4 years ago

Lovely dedicated staff to these wonderful cats. They truly display their care and affection towards them. Please, please help by donating! They really need the help

Marcia Smith

5 years ago

She was so nice. I went there few months ago to see if she could take my recently deceased friend Rosie's cats but coordinator there was @ capacity for # of cats she can have at the time. Now forwarding resources for my sister whose cat-loving friend also passed away. I am amazed and grateful there are still people in this world who give 100% of themselves to a cause unable to pay back... stray, unwanted, abandoned, domesticized animals who've often just been left at her door. She (the woman who runs this joint) was humble. She seemed tired, and in my eyes, extremely noble. Perhaps a bit like my sis and my beautiful late friends (mentors, really) and the felines whom they cared for so deeply.

Monica R

5 years ago

The people that work there are very caring and love what they do. The cats that are up for adoption are very well cared for. I would definitely not hesitate getting my next cat from there.

Paul Szychinski

5 years ago

The ladies who the run this shelter are awesome so please adopt a cat from this place if you're looking to adopt.

The original MRjguill

5 years ago

Very clean and peaceful shelter for cats. Space is limited so they will take in if there is room available. Cats are well taken care of here.

Frank Modruson IV

5 years ago

They are very dedicated to not just finding cats homes, but finding them good homes where they will thrive and be well cared for

Drake Daraitis

5 years ago

Amazing people, beautiful cats. Coming back for sure.

Debra Eyers

5 years ago

We go to Cat Guardians a few times a year for a fundraiser or just to visit with the kitties and the volunteers. We have had two kitties from this shelter. I tend to gravitate towards the older cats because I feel that they get overlooked quite often for kittens. Everybody wants kittens! So I don't get as long of a relationship with my cat as someone else gets with their kitten. However, I know that I have given this cat as much love as she can possibly hold. And, even though I wasn't her first owner, I loved her more than ANY of her previous owners because I took care of my furbaby and NEVER let her outside again! Debra Eyers

A Bon

6 years ago

The place reeked of urine. The lady who operated the facility gave off bad vibes and stated all the cats had some type of issue and were not friendly. Overall experience was very poor, especially having grown up helping in shelters. Worst shelter I've been to. Maybe someone can help fund...

Ashley James Poole

6 years ago

Well behaved cats, living cage free, looking for loving homes. A great experience.

cool cat janovsky

6 years ago

The volnters there are very nice and all of the cats are nice I think its very nice that there helping cats and kittens.

Oksana De Mesa (Oky)

6 years ago

A little shelter by people who clearly love kitties and give them their all. They deserve more help... Hopefully more kind souls will donate and volunteer!

Scott G.

6 years ago

At Cat Guardians, the cat picks you. Free range means you meet the cats on their terms, and volunteers are there to help you match up personalities.

Peter DiLillo

7 years ago

A great little cat shelter. Really nice staff and some really wonderful Cats to adopt. My only complaint is the ceiling to the cat room is very low so I've hit my head many times. Otherwise a great place if you need a new home kitty buddy.

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