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Katie Konopka

2 years ago

Can't say enough good things about Dr. Grover. We've been bringing our cat Milo for 4 years now. Milo tends to "hide" in the corner of the exam room. Dr. Grover has actually done entire check ups on the floor with Milo to make him less scared. It honestly made me tear up because it was so sweet and considerate. But in addition to that, I feel Milo is getting quality care here.

John Madrid

2 years ago

Great, friendly, and compassionate people work here. My dog does great with them!

Gayle Reed

2 years ago

Love this vet!! Dr's are amazing, the way they get down on the floor with the dogs, on their level, never had a vet do that before!! Follow up from the rest of the staff is also wonderful & comforting after your fur baby had a surgery!

Don kleyweg

2 years ago

Doctors and staff here really care about their work with our loved pets.

Laura Lauzen-collins

2 years ago

I've had dogs for the last four decades and dr grover is hands down the best, kindest and most gentle vet we've ever been lucky enough to have.

Mark J.

2 years ago

I have had my dog for five years, they have helped me through many times always happy and professional. Appreciate Jordan, front office Staff and Dr. Grover for the hard work and dedication.

Coco Mary

3 years ago

Amazing team I love Them Best Vet ever!!

John L

3 years ago

Highly recommend. We adopted a rescue about 5 years ago and Dr. Grover has always gone above and beyond. We have had a variety of issues and Dr. Grover consistently gets to the bottom of it and finds out what the root cause of the problem is...I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Bethanie Herman

3 years ago

I’ve been using Friendly Vet Animal Hospital since I moved to Illinois in the summer of 2018. I’ve never had a poor experience there until the past week or so. My first dog, a Boston Terrier, had been seeing Dr. Grover at Friendly Vet and I couldn’t love him more. His warm, kind, bedside manner is unparalleled and the way he always stays in constant contact with me during procedures (my dog has had a few) is phenomenal. The only con I’d noticed about this vet was their prices were a bit high, but I always take that as “you get what you pay for,” and I’ve honestly always spent what was necessary in order for my dog to have the best care. A few months ago I moved in with my partner and her dog, so I gained a second dog and I encouraged her to use Friendly Vet for him, rather than Petco’s vet. This is where things started to take a scary turn. Santos, our new dog, needed some shots and to be neutered. First, when we took him for his initial exam and some shots about two weeks ago, they gave us a quote for the neuter of 300-450$. Today, after we got a call saying that the operation went smoothly, we went to pick him up and pay for the procedure. FIRST, they tried to charge my partner (roughly) $893. We both were so confused. She asked the receptionist for a breakdown and she told us we would receive it after we paid when our dog was brought out by the tech. So this means she wouldn’t show us a breakdown until after we paid? Made no sense. SECONDLY, I insisted on a breakdown a second time and she told us she asked the tech. Because of Covid you have to wait outside and pay outside so we stood outside and waited for a solid 15 minutes until she returned to the window to tell us “something was charged twice” and our payment then dropped down to about $511. Good thing we insisted, right? (PS we never received any break down or receipt until I emailed about an hour later and got one via email then) The thing that completely has us reeling over the edge is this: OUR DOG RECEIVED A “COMPLEMENTARY PEDICURE” with his neuter. We were not asked if we wanted this done, and we would’ve said no as we do this to our dogs ourselves. However, this “pedicure” looks to be completely terrible. A good percentage of them are much too short where the quick has clearly been cut. They are cracked, not rounded, and not on a diagonal. Our dog is in pain to the touch of the paw. We are just so upset and are trying to figure out how to best handle this. In the meantime, I’d like as many pet owners as possible to know about this so their dogs don’t receive the same kind of treatment.

Karen S.

3 years ago

This vet answers all my questions!

Dumitru Morozan

3 years ago

Very friendly stuff. Prices are good. My dog is happy to come here.

Angela F

3 years ago

Absolute fantastic experience. I have 2 rescue cats....I saw Dr Grover in the past and he was so awesome. I haven’t had any medical issues with my rescues until this year when my one girl, Oreo, was gaining a lot of weight and not chewing her dry food at all. Immediately Dr Grover examined her and determined tooth reabsorption. He did surgery on her few weeks ago and she she doing so GREAT! The energetic, happy cat is back. I know seeing the vet is challenging during covid times, but I also have to shout out to the entire team of vet techs and reception. They are ALL awesome!! Everything runs so smoothly. And, this is my 1st vet experience where I have had one cat at the vet and the other didn’t attack her when she got home. Ever. They are the best.!!!!

Thomas Perkins

3 years ago

We share the same ideology in treating my furry family members. Plus he seems to like them so that makes me happy.

Ed Simanek

3 years ago

These guys/gals are great! Super friendly, informative, and helpful.

Ellie Laneville

3 years ago

They were amazing to deal with and Dr. Berg is fantastic.

Jeff Gunther

3 years ago

Great experience with this Vet. They worked well with our pet even in this COVID19 pamdemic, took care of our dog, treated him well, and quickly completed the visit, exam, and immunizations. Will come back in the future.

KC Barnack

3 years ago

We usually see Doc Grover or Doc Berg, and they are both amazing!! We brought our first pup in who had a bad experience at a couple of vets (he barked at the staff and didn't let people touch him). He walked in and was practically putting in Doc Berg's hands. Our second dog was a last chance foster fail we had been told was skittish at the vet. We brought him in, and same thing. He absolutely melted over Doc Berg and the every tech and staff person he met. On walks, they both want to go in and say hi and get treats. All three docs have met our cats including needing urgent surgery during this pandemic. I can't say the cats love the vet, but they don't try to hide or get away, and I love how the docs will sit on the floor with our pets if that's more comfortable for the pet (even though it can't be comfy to do an exam on the floor). I even turned my sister in law onto these docs. She had been having a difficult time at the vet she had used for years with her new dog who is reactive and difficult. First meeting with Doc Grover, and he's practically laying in the doctor's lap and is happily munching treats from his hand. A huge difference from his precious vet who could barely touch him. I don't know how, but the whole team are a pet whisperers. Everyone here goes the extra mile every time we go in, and I couldn't be more grateful.

Lindsey Gustin

3 years ago

We have gone through some confusing and sad times in the past couple years, but Dr. Grover and Dr. Berg have been incredibly kind and helpful! Dr. Berg stayed late hours to do an emergency surgery to save my cats life. She actually cares about her clients, human and animal alike, and is so patient. You never feel like you are being rushed out the door with the wonderful staff at Friendly Vet! I moved 45 minutes away but still make the drive to see Dr. Berg because it is worth it! The small clinic vibe allows for personalized care of your pet which is what I love most.

Michelle Dunbar

3 years ago

Great!! Dr. Grover was my go too with my late boy cats. Now with my newer cat I go to him too in my state of worry. I trust Grover and his staff to always educate me on things I am not aware of. The staff is very knowledgeable as well. My forever as long as i can go too Dr.

Myriam Schalich

3 years ago

I lost my 15 year old Border Collie Missy Feb 13th. Friendly Vet couldn't have been nicer people to attend to get when Missy was sick. I highly recommend Friendly Vet. Thank you all for your help during this hard time.

Patricia O'Keefe

3 years ago

Love the staff here, super accommodating and willing to go slow with my pets. And work around my schedule to see them.

Sarah Mimnaugh

3 years ago

First time going and they had great procedures in place for COVID prevention. It was also very evident that they looked into my dogs transfer files as they spoke to me about several things related to his diet, medication, and prevention. Very happy and comforted with my experience.

savannah O'Keefe

3 years ago

Amazing!!! Everyone was very polite, and understanding. Everything is different and new everywhere now, and they made me feel comfortable and welcome. I forgot a form when I arrived, they let me fill it out there without any hassle. The Dr. Gilbert was amazing, and addressed every single concern I had. Made sure I left with no questions unanswered!! Honestly am much happier with the care they provide than I have been with my previous vet!! They just seem to take their time and really care!! Which is what everyone looks for in a vet! So if you're looking for a veterinarian, I would recommend then 100%!!! My dog was even super duper comfortable leaving with their technician, which normally.... is not the case! Thank you for making my Cookie Bear feel comfortable ❤

Leslie Monahan

4 years ago

Love Dr. Berg and the whole staff. Very friendly and answer all my first-time dog owner questions.

Jennifer Merle

4 years ago

The vet was very caring

Kendra Sandoval

4 years ago

The vets (why I gave 2 starts) are nice, but I have had the front desk staff be very rude on the phone a couple different times. On one occasion I was watching a dog that started getting really bad diarrhea with bloody stool for a couple days. The front desk wouldn’t let me bring the dog in until I pleaded with them and then she finally said ok. Dr Grover was great once I get there. On a second occasion I was watching a dog that suddenly had visible duly grown worms in the stool. The puppy’s vet is over an hour away so I called to see if I could drop off a stool sample. They refused to take it even though my dog has been there. All I need is someone to look at the stool and tell me what kind of worms they are so I can get some medicine. After more than one call pleading with the front desk lady it came down to them really just not wanting to and nearly hanging up on my assistant. I train dogs right down the street and am always looking for vets to recommend in the area. I cannot in good conscience recommend an office where they won’t even try to help a sick pup because they haven’t seen them before.

Kim Lacosse

4 years ago

Awesome care, friendly and caring staff. Best vet practice I have ever been to. The first place my dog hasn't been nervous visiting or getting vet care. Huge thank you to The Friendly Animal Hospital.

Kimberly Sennerikuppam

4 years ago

My dog was sick and I called 1 hour before Friendly Vet closed. As I explained the symptoms, they made an exception and saw my dog right away. I am so pleased with the service I recieve when I go there, but more importantly, the way they treat my pup is amazing. They act like it is there own dog. Thank you to all the staff..

Travel And Shoes

4 years ago

I just had my first visit here. I moved to the area recently and I was still going to my vet an hour away. I am so leery of vets and changing vets that it took a long time to make this decision. I went off the google reviews, and I just want to say, THANK YOU to everyone who reviewed this practice. I was blown away by Dr. Grover's bedside manner. He was crawling around the floor w/ the dogs and didn't even touch them until they were very comfortable. He made time to make a relationship first. I do a lot of 'non traditional' veterinary practices -- I get titers, I make my own dog food w/ a nutritionist, so I am very picky when it comes to animal care. One of dogs had a titer for Parvo and distemper where one was still quite high, but the other was low. So Dr. Grover is *just* going to do the needed one and not make me get the combo vaccine. That pretty much won me over right there. However, the staff in front is ALSO amazing, which I've learned the hard way -- must be a factor in decision making. Because you'll spend just as much time, if not more, conversing w/ the front staff as the vet. So if they are not kind or polite, it doesn't matter how good the vet is. Big thumbs up from me!

Wendy Leonauskas

4 years ago

Dr. Grover is so compassionate and caring! I highly recommend Friendly Vets for all your pets needs!

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