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Jhen L

2 years ago

The worst and most traumatizing experience at this location. The staff that took in my beloved dog prior to spaying her, only pushed for microchip and vaccine all at ones on top of the procedure. I specifically told her to ask the Vet Dr Bulger prior to spaying her because my dog was only 5lbs if she can take all that at ones. Staff failed to ask the vet or just didn’t really care. Staff never told me that they would be closed for the next 2 days post op. Only gave me discharge instructions and staff seemed irritated that my dog was very nervous during procedure. To make the long story short my dog died after 2 days of her surgery. I had to take her to the ER twice at another animal hospital due to a complication. I feel like this was neglect on their part and this place only wanted more things done on my dog so they can make more money. This place can never replace my dog that was very precious only a year and 2 mos old. I will never take my 2 other dogs here because they also didn’t really check my other puppy after getting a reaction from a vaccine until we got home and saw her eyes all swollen. Really horrible experience!

Helen Plasky

2 years ago

Great doctors for your pets

Shaniqua Gambrell

2 years ago

The technician was amazing however the attitude of Chrissy at the front desk ruined my whole experience. My dog is almost nine and has been going to different Banfield around the country since he was 2 months and this is by far the worst experience and customer service i have ever experienced. Customer service should be a main priority but i don't think is was for Chrissy and I don't appreciate that because i could go somewhere with nicer people. After nine years I am now looking for a new vet doctor.

Lyon Rueda

2 years ago

A completely waste of money. My dog Chucky needed his regular vaccines, with the first he had an allergic reaction and they injected benadril to control him. When I received the bill was almost $400. The next vaccines I dropped him off and when I picked him up they charge me $300 when the vaccine cost is $32. They argued that they put medication on my dog because they "assumed the dog is gonna have an allergic reaction". If you go to visit them every visit would be $300 at the lowest. Go there just if it is YOUR LAST RESOURCES AND GET READY YOUR WALLET FOR THE BILL.


2 years ago

Not Recommended..Needs a -☆ Killdeer location. Crystal Lake Banfield is Nice and probly everywhere else. Just not this Location.

Robert Q

2 years ago

Great pets hospital, and friendly staffs

Ivana Petrovic

2 years ago

Very disappointing! Poor customer service and worst place for your pet. They don't want to talk and accept any chance of their mistake.Definitely not proffesional!

George Laegeler

2 years ago

Dr. Johnson and the staff are great

Suzanne O'Shea

2 years ago

Make sure you cancel with corporate as the store will not do it for you. They will continue to bill you for services not used and will not refund. Very disappointing.

Jenny Knuth Cox

2 years ago

Vets and service is always great here for regular appointments, shots, and I love their affordable wellness plan. Out dog loves their staff. I also like that their is grooming next door. My only concern is when we have had a couple of emergencies they have not been able to get us in and we had to go to Care animal hospital.

Constance Aigner

2 years ago

Kildeer location - I would only come back here as a last resort. My Sphinx cat had a bad skin condition and they gave me some topical solution - that made it WORSE! I 'GOOGLED' what might work better and found that it's fairly 'common knowledge' apparently that 1% hydro-cortisone cream is the appropriate remedy for treating this type of condition - and sure enough - I bought some and used it - worked like a charm! Why didn't the doctor recommend this? Just trying to up sell evidently. Seems they don't really know about animals. Also there is absolutely NO BASIS for limiting business hours due to 'COVID'. This is pure nonsense and everyone knows it. Finally, when you call you only get voice mail; it's very difficult to speak to a human.

Mariana Talos

3 years ago

I was late 8 mi utes because a car crash, was no other patient waitung and the dr did not take me, this is the second time happening to me at this kildeer location.I will never come back here.

Irakli Usa

3 years ago

Worst place! Rude! Have no idea what customer service is! Total rip off trying to charge double in everything!

buzz detrick

3 years ago

We had to have our beloved 14 year old lab put down yesterday. Tremendously sad day. Cheryl, Melissa, and Dr. John were wonderfully compassionate, patient, and caring to us and Bear. We highly recommend Banfield Pet Hospital!

Allison Becker

3 years ago

My husband and I have a 6yo bulldog who we started taking to his location about a year ago. We require very regular vet visits, oftentimes monthly, as she frequently gets different infections, allergic reactions, and growths that require assessment. I have been incredibly happy with the Kildeer Banfield team. I've found them to be very comprehensive with every assessment, friendly in every interaction, and helpful in every way. Dr. Bulger in particular has fantastic bedside manner, and on certain occasions has gone above and beyond because her focus is on the welfare on the animal. She has never made me feel shamed as an owner, and has always been incredibly patient answering my many questions. Ever since curbside visits have been necessary, I've never worried about my dog going in by herself, as every tech clearly also loves the animals they help. I have recommended this location and Dr. Bulger to other friends and family, who have also appeared to be happy with the care they're received. I will continue to recommend them as they have been wonderful to my high-maintenance dog.

movie theory

3 years ago

I had brought my dog here for an exam 3 months ago, when I found out her daycare required a bordatello shot I called to schedule an appointment and asked how much it would be. They said 27 dollars. I said that was fine, I show up to the appointment and the lady tells me it will be 87 dollars. She has to have an exam before she can have vaccine, I asked why they Didn't tell me about the total cost when I called and asked and they had no answer. Thanks for lying and wasting my time. You just saw the dog.


3 years ago

I took my dog here with the intention of getting a biopsy. Before the biopsy, she was going to get a typical wellness exam. They somehow completely missed the extreme jaundice in her eyes, ears, and gums, but in the report made sure to mention plaque in her teeth and her diet - specifically promoting big brands like ScienceDiet to go and buy. Then they hassled me for a rabies shot. My dog was dead 2 days later. I took her to another vet where they determined she was in total liver failure, had a heart murmur, a lung issue and needed to be put to sleep. Please, if you are worried about your pets health do NOT go go Banfield. It's clear they never even looked at my dog, didnt have any medical knowledge or simply didnt care. She was dying and they were more concerned about snagging 30 bucks for a rabies shot (that would have most likely killed her had I agreed)

spartan locke

3 years ago

Our dog was taken here on multiple occasions and his ear is still not fixed. They have drained his ear and it's gotten worse and now I have to sit here with a paper towel on his ear until tomorrow so he can get surgery by a professional and they charge too much for this, do not come here.

Angela Herman

4 years ago

They always take great care of my Biscuit and are so friendly!


4 years ago

Please, consider other places! I took my dog, explaining that he was having bloody diarrhea and vomits, along with being lethargic. They only asked for a stool sample to test for Giardia. I explained that my dog isn’t exposed to that and that this was not normal in him and that something was wrong. They sent me home with pills for stopping the diarrhea and a shot for stopping the vomits. No further testing. I asked, and asked and asked. They said to go back if in five days it didn’t stop. They said the blood was normal because of irritation. No diagnosis, no explanation. I explained that nothing had changed in his diet or habits. Before leaving he pooped water and blood. I asked them to see the amount of blood, no one helped me and they said to wait 5 days. Thank God I didnt listen. He ended up having several tests in a different place and was urgently referred to the ER after finding pancreatitis and a BLOAT. He ended up with emergency surgery in the ER, where he spent 3 days. He could have died if I didn’t rush and followed their original instructions. A bloat is a crisis, an emergency. My dog could have died because of this. On top of everything, he had been there recently for his semiannual check up in which they said that he was in great health.... he had also had a tumor in one of his testicles, found and removed also in the ER. Every time I had asked questions in the past about my dog’s health it was never a straight answer. Will cut the plan and never go back.

Deb Polocz

4 years ago

In store return of online purchase. Received store credit.

Julio Sanchez

4 years ago

The most terrible experience with Dr. Johnson today. This man was incredibly rude, condescending, and not to mention, unprofessional. This was our puppy's fourth appointment at this location and by far the worst. It is very disappointing because Dr. Chon is so amazing with our puppy. She is what a vet should be; friendly, professional, and most of all caring! It is currently 5 hours after the appointment and our puppy has not been interested in eating or drinking water and has been whining nonstop since his return. He is limping bad and will not get up from his bed which is worrisome because he is not reacting the same as to all the previous vaccinations he has gotten before. Dr. Johnson also made it a point to let us know before we left NOT to schedule future appointments with him. What kind of professional says comments like that ?!?! Don't worry, we will never come back to see him again.

Samanta Paulon

4 years ago

I did not like how they conducted the appointment with my dogs. I called them sometimes to ask about specific exams and they were not too friendly with me. It is not a insurance you just can do the exams with them. The doctor is not attentive once your pet is just a number for them. I don’t recommend it.

Susan Schorsch

4 years ago

I did not hate this place. On the contrary, we loved it. We went to Banfield in Kildeer IL and couldn't have asked for more wonderful people to take care of our little girl. Everyone from the people who answered the phones, to the vet assistants, to the doctors themselves, were caring, patient with us as pet parents, and great animal lovers. We had our little girl Tara, a black lab. We took her to this Banfield for several years. Dr. Johnson was our vet, a wonderful, smart and compassionate physician. All of the Banfield staff and Dr. Johnson took care of Tara until she passed from cancer at 13 yrs. The staff and Dr. Johnson were just as compassionate with us after Tara's passing. One gets quality care and wonderful staff and docs who are great animal lovers. I will never forget any of the staff or Dr. Johnson, and I highly recommend Banfield Pet Hospital to any animal lover. They treated us and oh Tara with humanity and compassion.

Joseph Choi

5 years ago

I'm going to save you lots of money: do NOT go here. Rx is quadruple the price of getting them yourselves. They won't even tell you of any other options. Free vet visit is the bait. The Rx is the switch.

Blanca Gradilla

5 years ago

Love our Vet, so knowledgeable, friendly and patient with my big German Shepherd

Edward Keating

5 years ago

Resued a ferret and had them check for microchipped. They were eager to help and fostered the animal until owner could be located.

John Tow

5 years ago

We have the pet plan that allows me to bring my dog in everyday to see the vet at no cost. The pet plan is approximately $26 per month for the year and includes all vaccinations and a thorough once a year check up. They are very conscientious, friendly, and go out of their way to accommodate.

Kim Hoffman

5 years ago

Never went there they are insisde PetSmart

Mary Mohan

5 years ago

I have been taking Max there for 4-5 years now and I am very satisfied with Dr David Johnson and his staff there...and so is Max and that's what counts most.

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