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Maya Delgado

a year ago

Dogs were kept in very poor conditions, too many crammed in a cage with rodent water bottles given, also were put on wire flooring that was dirty. Unacceptable conditions. Small animals were also kept in poor conditions, too many crammed in a cage with no lid so they could’ve easily been taken or escaped. They also were all out of water, cages were covered in feces, and most of the small animals example rats mice and hamsters all seemed to have some sort of respiratory condition or illness. When I showed interest in a puppy they seemed to not give all the information about the breeders, and just urged me to fill out a payment plan form right away without me even meeting the dog.

Syed Inamuddin (New born pianist)

a year ago

Loved the place! I drove really long but it's all worth it! ✌️

Josh Rittenhouse

a year ago

Great customer service but not as much variety as you'd hope from a specialty store. They need a larger location.

Danielle Delvis

a year ago

Always has what I need

Chris Wisley

a year ago

Got a pet fancy rat from there and specifically asked for a Male. Turned out to be a female I now have 11 rats. The rat also had ringworm and mites that had to be treated.

Amy Townsend

a year ago

Super helpful worker. She was very friendly and answered all my questions...

Andrew Hedblom

a year ago

For the customer who is thinking of making a purchase here, you absolutely must understand this. Once they have your money, you are a memory. You're a vapor in the rear view mirror. NEXT VICTIM!! They shout. We paid for what we were told was a Havanese. As the dog grew, it was overwhelmingly clear that it was something of a poodle mix. We called to try and remedy this situation and they have ZERO interest to help. I pray God shuts this place down before they victimize anyone else. Absolutely terrible how they prey upon people and get away with it.

Kelly Andrew

a year ago

Went here a few hours ago, I was talking to a worker named Lexi, she was giving me info on a dog me and my family wanted. All of a sudden this other girl I think her name was teira, she was literally breathing down lexi’s neck, when I’d ask her a question she couldn’t even get the answer out without the other girl answering for her. Teira was also rude and was also ignoring the other worker that asked her to do something. I don’t think teira is fit to be in customer service.


a year ago

Literally the worst experience I have ever had. Amy was so so rude. She was completely unhelpful and had no idea when the puppy we were interested in had come to their store. She was also unsure about the weight the dog would grow to and literally acted like she was put out that we walked into the store. I will never go back, and will make sure my family and friends know to stay as far away from this place as possible.

Steve Cunningham

a year ago

Puppy Mill dogs!!!! Don’t shop!!! Adopt!!! People are making money by keeping dogs in cages for a lifetime, having litter after litter! If you buy, you’re supporting that!!! Go to your local shelter!!!

Josh And Sheila Boughton

a year ago

Staff is helpful and store is amazing. Clean and can always find what you need

Scott Sandberg

a year ago

Very rude and unprofessional. I was looking around when I heard about their horrible business practices regarding in store credit and what issues people had with their animals bought from this location. GO SHOP ELSEWHERE !!!@

Amanda Hynes

a year ago

If I could give zero stars, I would. Please know that if you buy a puppy here, they do come from puppy mills. I bought a rat terrier here and I love him to death. I knew he was from a puppy mill, although the people who work at Petland will try to convince you that they are not- they are LIARS! These dogs are also not purebreds- there is no paperwork proving that they are, they are more like inbred). My dog has costed me thousands of dollars due to having epilepsy which started when he was 9 months old. My dog is from Sun Set Kennels in Hill Point, WI. (Atlee and Le Anna Yoder- they are Amish) and they are on the end puppy mills database. I don’t know how pet stores get away with selling puppies for thousands of dollars who are sick and aren’t even purebreds. It’s really sad... Pet stores should not be allowed to sell puppy mill puppies.

judy molenkamp

a year ago

The store was not clean. The puppies were over priced and looked dirty. I would not recommend.

Angelica Drake

2 years ago

Friendly staff and happy furry friends.

David Carlson

2 years ago

Had what I needed and a good selection of fish.

Dykaria Herron

2 years ago

Love going in and seeing the animals after a long day also seeing their cute little faces just make me smile!

Katie Jones

2 years ago

Always glad to go an visit with the Pups.

Latisha Yackley

2 years ago

My boyfriend and I went in to purchase a baby bunny. When we told the associate the one we wanted to get she told us that one was sick so we would have to pick another. (Red flag, I know). So we picked a different bunny. Mind you, the “healthy” bunnies were in the same cage as the sick bunny. 2 days later our bunny became very lethargic and within the hour had died. Called petland and they said they would take our number and give it to the owner to call us but that there was nothing they could do. Almost a week later and still haven’t gotten a call. This place is disgusting and should be shut down. We were able to find a happy, healthy, bunny from a breeder for more than half the cost of the petland bunny. Will never step foot in Petland again.

Samantha Tomczak

2 years ago

Got my baby bunny from there on my birthday. He seemed a little thin when I first held him and I felt so bad for him.. I started tearing up and I instantly said “I’m buying this little guy” I got him food, hay, bedding, toys and the cage kit.. all the essentials you need for a baby bunny! When me and my boyfriend brought him home he kept itching and itching so we took him to the vet.. HE HAS MITES!!! I’m giving petland 2 stars because I’m happy with my baby bunny and I love him to death but they are outrageously overpriced and pathetic with taking care of their animals!

Ashlie Swanson

2 years ago

Pets looked well taken care of. Cute puppies, plenty of fish and hamsters.

Chelsey Bowers

2 years ago

We paid $4,200 for a Paperanian (Papillon/Pomeranian) puppy ... and that's not even the outrageous part! We were extremely happy with our pup ... until he grew more and more lethargic each day. By the 4th day I took him to our vet where they diagnosed him with an upper respiratory infection and said it was a good thing we brought him in when we did because his blood work was concerning. His white cells were extremely high and his glucose was low. I called Petland to inform them of this and they told me to email them the bill. A couple of hours later, a female 'manager' called me to inform me that they would not cover the vet bill. There was some back and forth with this manager as well as corporate, but no one has responded to offer to pay the bill. More importantly, not a single person has followed up to see how our pup is doing. This organization is morally and ethically bankrupt. They do NOT care about the animals they sell to their community members so don't let them tell you otherwise.

Adam krenzel

2 years ago

If I could negative star this place it be a-5. Bought a puppy here right before memorial day seemed like a normal dog then it got sick well we couldn't get into the vet before their recommended time so they will not cover the thousands of dollars we had to spend to save his life from pneumonia. Poor dogs lungs were 90% filled with fluid but because our vet couldn't look at him for 10 days they refuse to hold up their promises. DON'T BUY FROM THEM. We are contacting a lawyer and the BBB to report them and hold them accountable for selling a sick animal.

Justine Green

2 years ago

I went to the Janesville Petland after spending some time in Target next door. It was a last minute decision to just go look around and see what animals they had. I requested to see a kitten that was in the bottom cage, and she was by herself. I asked why she was in the bottom cage alone while the other kittens, maybe 5 or 6 of them, were in the cage above her playing. I was told the 5 or 6 kittens in the top cage were sick and she was healthy so they wanted to keep her separated. Once in the booth with her, it was obvious she was sick too, as she could not stop sneezing. I informed a Petland associate, but she said it must be the dust/dirt on the floor and assured me she was healthy. I was advised her fee was $299 and the chip fee was $20. Additionally, I was told I would need to buy a bag of the food that she is used to eating which cost $20. I of course fell in love with her, and went forward with it. I decided to buy her a collar for $9.99. My bill ended up being $535 and some change, which I didn't even notice until I got home. The kitten rang up $399 and the chip fee rang up $79.99. I called the next day and spoke with the manager who told me the cashier that rang me up was new and must have missed the error. No problem, I just wanted a refund for the difference - but I was told I would have to go back to the store with the card in order to get a refund, which was incredibly inconvenient for me. So later that day at 1 pm I went to the Petland store to get my refund, and was shocked to see a hand written note on the door that stated the store would not be opened til 2 pm. I had my young son with me and had to kill an hour until they opened which was an even bigger inconvenience. Once they finally opened the store the clerks had no idea how to process the return and it took about 10 minutes for them to figure it out. Furthermore, my vet was able to squeeze me in the day after I got the kitten (immediately prior to driving back up to Janesville to get my refund - appointment was at 10:15), and it turns out the kitten has an upper respiratory infection which I had to purchase medication for. Once in the store and after my refund was finally issued, my son wanted to look around at the animals. It was alarming to see that one of the kittens I had seen the day before in the upper cage (the sick kitten cage), had now been moved to the lower cage by itself (the healthy kitten cage). I'm unsure if this is some sort of tactic, or if all the sudden this kitten was now healthy and the rest are still sick. If you do shop at this store, and have any issues what-so-ever, be advised that this is a privately owned Petland by a woman named Rachel and any issues go directly to her via email and are left at that. I will never shop at this Petland, or any Petland for that matter, after this experience.

Jennifer Barrett

2 years ago

Very friendly staff beautiful puppies great place to find the perfect puppy for your family.

Sue Riese

2 years ago

Can you believe what they charge? Almost as much as a car and always too busy to answer questions

Nadia Marks-Kavanaght

2 years ago

I went to pick up my cousin's dog food and they had everything ready by the front register all I had to do was give them my name and I was good to go. Great customer service.

Matt Harvey

2 years ago

They always have feeder mice and rats for our snake. Lowest price in town for them as well. If you’re looking for food for your snake, this is the place to go. They get 3 stars though, because they keep dogs in very small cages pretty much all of the time. The dogs are extremely expensive too.

Karina Ruhland

2 years ago

Absolutely terrible place. They sold me a sick dog with kennel cough and pneumonia. Do not buy dogs from here!!! They do not care about their dogs.

Jean Linos

2 years ago

Pets are pretty well cared for and things are clean.

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