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Cindy Kennedy

2 years ago

I adopted two great puppies from this rescue! They are very healthy and wonderful dogs. Everyone at the rescue was very professional and nice! I would recommend this rescue to anyone looking for a great pet!

Jessica Falcinelli

2 years ago

Adopted a puppy from HWMAR. They where communicative every step of the application process through signing the adoption papers. The foster mom and adoption coordinator helped us decide which puppy would be best for our family. Even after the adoption the foster mom was interested in seeing updates on our puppy. Would definitely adopt another family member from Hoof, Woof, and Meow Animal Rescue ????

Karleigh Otta

2 years ago

They are so helpful and care so much about their fosters. They really get to know their fosters so that they can find the perfect home. I was able to ask questions about my new kitten whenever I needed and bring up any concerns which they were willing to address and work with me to fix.

Rebecca Hoffing

2 years ago

Our hearts are broken and so will Starlas when she has to leave my home as a foster. My dogs were not utd because of covid. I have been dealing with covid since mid Nov up until New Years. I have not been able to work or get my dogs in for obvious reasons. My son, daughter and myself were all.sick. So instead of giving me time to get back on my feet and start working again and get my dogs to the vet, they decided to take her from me. This was a temporary setback. I had to finish potty training her, crare training her. Plus she has behavioral issues that I was willing to work on. I have training experience myself. It has been an emotional day. We love you. STARLA. You were not considerate at all. Covid hit us 2 weeks after we got her and I just started feeling better on New Years. You can call the vet office and ask howany times I had to reschedule. My son quarantine for 10 days, then my daughter, then me. I told you yesterday I could've gotten them both in next Wednesday. Im finally able to work now. But I guess another week was too much, you'd rather yank her out of a loving home. Thank you for involving the police, BTW. Covid has been in my house since November, almost the entire time she was here. Is that our fault? We love Starla. Im still taking my dogs in next Wednesday. It had all to do with covid. It was 2020 when they were last in the vet. 3 year rabies shot and distemper. Starla also didn't deserve to be yanked from a loving g home. God bless her.

Kathy Roger

2 years ago

Friendly caring staff!Awesome new location. Look online at Hoofwoofmeaw.org and fill out an application today to start on your path to adding a great new pet .

Carlos Castelan

2 years ago

Actually would like to know more about hoof woof

Holly Lynn

2 years ago

I have adopted from Hoof Woof & Meow and I have friends that have adopted. The people that I have interacted with have been very helpful and very friendly. They continue to amaze me with how many animals they save, included is our Calla

Kathy Roger

2 years ago

Wonderful caring staff and great rescue!

Danielle Kees

2 years ago

I understand the rescue's mission is to find safe, caring homes for animals, but I don't know if I trust this organization to communicate honestly. Please do your due diligence when considering adopting a pet from Hoof, Woof and Meow. My story: I was eager to have a new best friend, and, with that, I acted naively throughout the adoption process. When I signed up to adopt my dog, I knew she was recovering some skin infections and was on antibiotics. I was told she should be fine after the antibiotic regimen was completed. Fast-forward a year, my dog is on three steady medications, a prescription diet, and my vet doubled her estimated age (from 4 to 8). There was never a hint from the rescue or foster that her skin allergies would be a persistent issue. Maybe they didn't know about her skin, but every vet I've seen has said this is typical for her type of breed. Additionally for her age, whenever I introduced her as a 4-ish year old dog, people would be shocked because her demeanor is that of an older dog (and now I have my vet's estimate supported by her other health issues: arthritis and cloudy eyes). While I wish the rescue was more transparent with my dog's health (and I wish I had done more research), the dog I adopted is my best friend and I'm glad I have the means to give her a happy, comfortable life.

Justi Winke

2 years ago

We adopted our kitty, River, from Hoof Woof & Meow and they were so good getting back to me. I had applied for kittens before her and there are so many applicants applying that they have to go through so I didn't end up getting the first ones. Even though I wasn't chosen they still contacted me and told to keep watching their site and they would match me with one soon. We couldn't have found a better kitten to add to our group. We love her so much. The foster mom of our kitten was so kind and sweet and she drove an hour and a half one way to bring our kitten to us because she cared so much about the kitten she fostered and wanted to make sure she saw her meet our current kittens. All of the individuals here are Volunteers! They put their time in to help these animals because they have big hearts. We are very happy with our experience!

Jada Stroud

3 years ago

We went to Hoof Woof and Meow Animal Rescue to try and adopt a brother or sister for our current puppy. We were so excited to look at one dog in particular because we felt they would be the perfect fit in our home. We were told "no" because they needed to be the only dog in the household and we already had a pup. No big deal. Fast-forward 3 weeks, and the dog we wanted to adopt got adopted by a household that has a dog! I emailed to see if there was some other reason why we couldn't adopt, and we were told it's because the other couple had breed experience and a large yard, which we also have as well. I don't know, maybe I'm just being cynical, but it seems so unfair and unprofessional to me. Happy the doggie found their forever home but, also upset that we didn't even get the chance to see if that home could've been with us especially since we had the exact same qualifications as the people who got to adopt. Taking the hint that we're not welcome and not going to apply here again.


3 years ago

We were looking for a kitty to adopt, and with covid it was very difficult to communicate with places through emails and voicemails. Laura reached out the day after I submitted the application, and although the kitty we were interested in had already been adopted, she seemed genuinely excited to help us find a kitty! Great people and great communicatuon!

Karla Reinke-Lindstrom

3 years ago

We thank you for are wonderful dog Austin!

jerry Frendreis

3 years ago

Adopted titan in 2013 they did a great job

Gayle Basgall

3 years ago

Great animal rescue...guardian Angel's for pets!

Dennis Hood

3 years ago

We found a dog here but we were not the chosen family. We were disappointed but understand that it is a choice of the personnel of the organization. We continued to watch their list of dogs but nothing came up.

Caroline Edingburg

3 years ago

Got my little Georgie with Hoof Woof & meow animal rescue

Camilah Holloway

3 years ago

My daughter wants this kitten ziti. We were just scrolling through this website and she only wanted a kitten and she kept saying "I want a kitten thats black and playful" so when we were scrolling she goes no..no..no..no then she seen ziti and then she finds out my email and fills out 6 surveys for this cat and im getting spammed emails and were adopting the kitten soon!

Besa Krasniqi

3 years ago

We got our puppy here and he is such an amazing dog! Thank you!

Ashleigh Vroegh

3 years ago

If you are looking to adopt this place is the absolute best. They are so helpful and informative. They truly care about their animals and are making a difference. The adoption process was clear and they make it as easy as possible. They gave me the sweetest dog anyone could ask for.

Leanne LaRoss

3 years ago

The lady at the counter was rude and she wouldn't even get off her but to help me out. She wasn't wearing a mask and her phone was more important. I had a 10.00 off my purchase and she knew it but I had to remind her

Ms Boz

3 years ago

Glad you're doing what you do!

Nicole Locarno

3 years ago

We got our amazing pup from Hoof Woof and we couldn't be any happier

Saima khalid

3 years ago

We adopted a kitty from hoof woof and meow almost a month ago and it's been an amazing experience. All the volunteers and foster mom's are super co-operative and help you in making the decision while choosing a pet. We saw many kittens at different shelters and rescues but ended up adopting one from HWMAR because of their reliablity and responsiveness. We'd love to adopt another kitty from HWMAR to keep our zeke company. ❤️


4 years ago

We had the best experience at this rescue front start to finish! We adopted a darling little dog (aka Lenny) from Hoof, Woof and Meow Rescue. We couldn’t love him more! Lis, his foster Mom, was fantastic with us. She is such a sweet, loving person and such an asset to this rescue! Everyone that helped us through the process was great. We would highly recommend this rescue!

Athena Giles

4 years ago

This shelter basically scammed my housemate into adopting a cat with serious health issues. During the adoption process, they said he had a minor health murmur that would be manageable with daily medication and otherwise he'd live a normal, healthy cat life. Flash forward to less than two weeks after adoption, the cat is having breathing problems so my housemate brings him to the emergency vet who tells her he has a major health problem, which was on the original vet records the shelter had but did not give to my housemate until after adoption. The real problem is the cats heart could fail at any time and would likely never have a chance at living more than a few years, and we may have to put him down today. Make sure your pet is actually healthy before adopting from this shelter.

melissa becker

4 years ago

Great place, my sister adopted the sweetest, best dog ever from here ♡♡♡

Ms Martha

4 years ago

So helpful and supportive. Great rescues. Thanks for all you do.

Pam Mahoney

4 years ago

Everyone was very helpful and supportive

lin scarton

5 years ago

We adopted our baby Jesse Maree from them..the best dog to happen to us. An incredible puppy..now an even more incredible 5 year old. They are the best..if we could adopt more from them, we would.

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