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Mary Berry

2 years ago

Dr Katz and her staff were fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone looking for the best holistic veterinary care for their beloved pets. I’m so happy with their professionalism and also their attn to detail when it came to answering questions. I feel fortunate to have found this veterinary practice!

Esmeralda Ojeda

2 years ago

My dog loves going but we actually don’t go too often. This is because I have a pup but also because Dr. Katz is extremely responsive by email when emergencies arise! We live pretty far but it’s worth the drive. And as mentioned, we don’t have to make the drive often because usually it’s something you can wait out or she’ll recommend a homeopathic remedy you can find at Whole Foods. We’ve gone for the necessary shots because our miniature poodle was a pup, and other than that very minimally. Even so our dog is seriously excited to see Dr. Katz and her awesome team. I would highly recommend this place if you’re looking for a long term vet that treats animals if necessary. You can count on Dr. Katz and her team.

Whitney Dunlop

2 years ago

Best vet experience! Reasonable pricing as well.

Lori Ashbaugh

2 years ago

I love how Dr. Katz and staff are so responsive. They work with me mostly long distance and have been a plethora of knowledge and support. They always support my need for insurance letters and field my endless questions.

My Email

2 years ago

Dr. Katz is an exceptional vet. She genuinely listens and offers expert care. She and her staff are friendly, welcoming, and happy every time we arrive. Everyone in the office treats your pets with kindness. Dr. Katz is truly the very best when it comes to veterinary services. She goes above and beyond with the best interest of your pet as her main priority. I cannot say enough good things about this office. Thankful that I have found her and her team. My dogs are in great care here.

Michele San-Horstman

2 years ago

It was our dog’s first visit to Dr. Katz. She seemed nice enough but she was very rushed as if she was fitting us into her busy schedule. I expected a first visit to be a bit more involved. The front desk staff was wonderful, friendly, and very helpful with answering questions. Thank you to the front desk gals! : )

Dexter Miksch

2 years ago

Dr. Katz is the best vet I know in Illinois. Period. Her work has helped prolong the life and health of several of my pets.

Alice Paipa-Lenard

2 years ago

Dr. Katz is very thorough and really wants to understand my pets needs. She takes in the full story and makes the best assessment to find a natural homeopathic remedy that will best match my dog. I highly recommend seeing her.

Pam Burke

2 years ago

My dog was diagnosed with cancer and we chose to go the holistic route. I found Dr Katz on google. She was able to get me in quickly, wanted to see my pet's records from when he was born. Educated me on caccines, heartguard, tick meds, apoquel and diet. Put my dog on a great plan to slow down the cancer. She said they predicted him to die in 100 days and she said we will beat that. Warmed my heat. Started his plan tonight and feel so good we are going to help our fur baby vs putting him through horrible chemo, discomfort and wearing a cone 24/7 for over a month.

Paula Wajda

2 years ago

Thanks to Dr Katz and team! my kitty’s anxious behaviors have been replaced with mood=relaxed. Her energy can now be diverted to healing. And, Joni has just had her first firm poop, without any pharmaceutical medication in a long time. YEA!!!! Prior vet diagnosis is IBD. Many Thanks to Dr. Katz and Team!!! Update-it’s amazing! Joni continues to improve. We are so grateful to Dr Katz and her team!!!

Laurie Myers

3 years ago

Dr Katz is awesome! Our dog George has been sick with thyroid problems and GI problems forever. This dog once would turn down a steak! Dr Katz had his thyroid stable in no time and the gi problems have seemed to go away with probiotics and her special homeopathic remedy. George never misses a meal now. Thanks so much to dr Katz and her staff for helping to resolve George’s health issues. Much gratitude, Laurie Myers.

Bobette Wolesensky

3 years ago

Dr. Katz and the team at Holistic Veterinary Service are, paws (and hands) down, the best providers of veterinary care I have ever experienced in over 40 years of having dogs. I was lucky enough to find Dr. Katz 4 years ago when a senior dog we had recently rescued was having issues. Traditional veterinary kept pushing special diet kibbles and more and more meds on the dog, and her liver condition was worsening. I decided if I was in my pup's shoes, I would seek out an integrative physician. I found an integrative vet for my sweet dog when I found Dr. Katz! Over the last four years of my dog's life, Dr. Katz provided supplements, switched her diet, did non-anesthetic diagnostic work (who knew a dog could be x-rayed or have an MRI or have a dental cleaning with anesthetic!); chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture, and my dog's quality of life improved. The issues that brought me to Dr. Katz weren't issues we could solve with surgery (the dog was 12 years old when we first visited Dr. Katz) but Dr. Katz managed them and helped me learn what I could to to help manage them too. She literally changed the life of this dog, who lived a great life until she was nearly 16 years old. In the meantime, I rescued two more dogs who are both in the competent and loving hands of Dr. Katz. One of them had horrible allergies when we rescued her. The veterinary medicine being used to manage the allergies was giving the poor dog horrible side effects. 3 months after her first visit with Dr. Katz, between diet changes and supplements, this dog's life has been changed. She is now a spunky, sassy 15 year old! Our younger rescue (7 years old) is healthy and happy and we are certain that she will live to a ripe old age with the care of Dr. Katz and her team. Dr. Katz is a sharp diagnostician and does all she can to assure my dogs have a great quality of life! I was worried that the cost of her care would be outrageous but it isn't - Dr. Katz's fees are less than I was paying for a traditional vet, and the supplements my pets are taking keep them healthy so we aren't visiting all of the time for crisis care! If you love your pets and want a HEALTHY life for them, it is worth a visit to Holistic Veterinary Services. Your pets will thank you!

Justin Isaac

3 years ago

Finally I can bring my dog to a veterinarian that is not pushy for services. I do feel Dr. Katz has your pet's best intentions in mind. I would consider myself a highly educated (medically) dog owner due to past experiences I had with a previous dog. I have vowed to not make the same medical mistakes I had done with my previous bulldog. It all starts with building your dog's immune system naturally as soon as possible. I always feel comfortable with the decision making at Holistic Veterinary Services. Plus the prices are not crazily overpriced like other veterinary offices.

Kristin Thirion

3 years ago

I continue to have great experiences with Dr. Katz at her practice. She digs deep into your pet's history to determine the best, proactive course of treatment.

Mary McAuliffe

3 years ago

Dr. Katz always go above and beyond to provide excellent medical care and advice! I really appreciate Dr. Katz's holistic approach to good health, and know my kitten is in the best hands with Dr. Katz and her wonderful assistants!

Michelle Schultz

3 years ago

If she says that your dog has mild Giardia and suggests probiotics and Diatomaceous earth - RUN - FAST to a different vet that will treat it with antibiotics. Two months and almost $1000 later I am on the third treatment with multiple antibiotics to treat what could then have been a simple course. of one antibiotic. Now we are treating multiple generations. Furious!!

Teodora Simmerer

3 years ago

The service I received at the Holistic Veterinary are excellent very satisfied,I'm recommended them to my friends who have pets,also people I meet in the park or in the street I tell them to go Holistic for their pets,and give them Dr Katz address in Downers Grove.


4 years ago

I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am I found this place. Dr. Katz always listens to everything we have to say I never feel rushed and she always takes the time to explain and answer all the questions we have concerning our dog. We brought our dog in because of excessive itching nonstop in the middle of the night. We would take him to his usual vet he had as a pup and they kept giving him a shot that would calm it for about 3 weeks max and we would go back and get the same shot every month. I was doing some research And kept running into holistic medicine and that’s when I decided to give it a try since The shot he was getting clearly wasn’t working. Our first visit I was nervous thinking it would be the same as our regular vet 15 minutes with a $200 bill, bt I was wrong. Dr Katz came in the room sat down listened to everything we were concerned about she reviewed our dogs previous history of shots he had being he was only 1 year at the time we came to find out he was over vaccinated. She explained to us that could be the cause of it. She explained to us what she was going to give our dog. I have never felt so happy in my life For ounce I didn’t feel rushed and someone actually took the time to listen to my concerns about my dog. That alone made me realize that this clinic cared about my dog. I made the best decision for my dog when I came here. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Arith Ruggio

5 years ago

I am without words to express how grateful I am to Dr. Katz and her staff. We had our 1st appointment yesterday and the way were were treated, specially my cat Gigio, was beyond expectations. We came in with an open mind, as this Holistic approach is very new to me. Dr. Katz went over every single paper we gave her from the long health history that my 14 year old cat has. She listened to everything I was concerned about and anwered all my questions. All this lead me to relax and just place my complete trust in her, we decided to give it a go to Ozone therapy and Homeopathic therapy for my cat. Now you must now that 3 days ago our current vet called us to give us tge sad news that Gigio's kidney labs came back really bad, that we should just keep him comfortable because at this point there was nothing else that could be done because his Kidneys were shutting down and fast. I was devasted, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, my Little boy, My 1st love, my faithful companion of 14 years, the one that helped me become an adult, was dying. I decided I would not put my hands down and just let him die, I could see he still wanted to live, but I didn't want anything super invasive to selfishly keep him around. Dr. Katz came up with Just the perfect treatment for him and after only ONE DOSE, Gigio is miraculously acting him self. doing stuff he has not done in Months!!!!! I'm in tears! he is running, jumping on stuff, vocalizing, his eyes look so alive!!!!! I am Truly thankful and I will definitely take my other pets to this vet as they are the best! Definitely recommend this Vet.

Elona MacLeod

6 years ago

What a great experience my dog Happy and I had at this office in Downers Grove. Dr. Katz was very relaxing, shared her knowledge with me and the best part for me was that she sat down next to my dog on the floor on a mat and had such a nice interaction with Happy. It touched my heart and it touched Happy's heart. He was a very shy dog at that time and everyone in the office was so caring. Can you say that for a doctor's visit for humans? I would like similar treatment and atmosphere for myself. I got all my questions answered and concerns addressed in a loving and caring way by the doctor and her staff. Best experience, highly recommend.

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