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2 years ago

Pets are adorable! Good for pet owners or people who want to get a pet! I got a bunny here and we named him Jeorgie, he was always the sweetest and always extremely caring!

Brian Honkala

2 years ago

Not Petland's issue directly, but if you're looking for Iams or Eukanuba dog food, don't plan on getting it here. Was told by an employee that they rarely get shipments of those brands anymore.

Violet Cook

2 years ago

This place is embarrassing. I went in for a metal cage which averages about 200 plus in cost. I am 30 but look quite young and the sales reps literally went in the back and hid. Since they work off of commission, it's thier loss. I left and went to petco and bought a ferret nation from them :)

Autumn Lynn

2 years ago

Got a bunny from here that was very sick and passed away just a couple days later. I'm heart broken. update: He was in stasis and had a terrible bacterial infection, the poor baby could barely breathe. Petland took his body for a 'necro autopsy' [I had wanted to get him cremated so this took that option from me] and promised to keep us updated. Waited about a month before trying to contact them several times about it, only to be told that the manager needed wasnt there or that they dont know what bunny we are talking about. DONT SUPPORT THiS STORE

Lino Barraza

2 years ago

Pet land was fun. It's been an extremely long time since I last been to this location. This location was where I bought my wife (at the time gf) her dog. It was nice taking our oldest daughter here and showing her where we got the dog. The place still retains plenty of different animals (birds, dogs, hamsters, mice, fish, ect). Plenty of dogs and different breeds than when I bought my wife her dog. It was great looking at them. Of course makes me want to buy a few of them. I really liked the fish area although I did have my only "negative" sentiment about it with this trip here. Plenty of fish, which is awesome, however, it's mainly different breeds of cichlids. It would have been nice to see other abundance of fish as well. The entire fish area was primarily cichlids. If they had other kinds of fresh water fish, I didn't really notice them besides the few tetras, other small fish. It would have been nice to see turtles as well (not 100% if they did have some or not). Overall, I was happy with this trip and it was fun taking my daughter.

Sherry Ludvik

2 years ago

I was shocked that mixed breed dogs run $3,200 before taxes. HOLY CARAMBA, THAT'S FOR A MIXED BREED DOG..She swore that they did not come from puppy mills and they would give us the name and address and I said well could I go visit the place where the puppy is coming from and I didn't get an answer to that. It does give the name and address and they can give you the phone number for the breeders.. but she did say that they don't always answer their phones. I had just seen a news report that said that puppies for the most part 90% of them come from puppy mills where the poor dogs are in wire cages and it's just awful. I think I'd buy a parakeet there ..that's cool I didn't look at the prices though

Rich drozek

2 years ago

Every time I go in there there's nobody at the cash register. I left that store a couple times very disappointed

Franchesca Taylor

3 years ago

Worst place to buy an animal sold us a guinea pig with mites and refused to treat it. Offered for us to return it after my son is already attached to the animal and then Alexandra the general manager started laughing when I told her I wasn't going to tske the guinea pig away from my son who is attached to it already very rude general manager. I would not recommend this pet store to anyone

Don Ward

3 years ago

It's a clean store for sure and the puppies looked very good BUT THEY ARE ALL AROUND 3G's to me That's crazy


3 years ago

I have been here a few times never bought an animal but everyone was super nice and the puppies seemed very well taken care of and so were the other animals

ArticHurricane 98

3 years ago

I always come here for my hamster food and toys ????

Ariel Villavicencio

3 years ago

These puppies are from puppy mills

Final Stand Stables

3 years ago

The best family owned pet store in the area besides Birds and Beasts. The staff really care about the animals and their well being, are very knowledgeable and ready to help with anything! I’ve purchased 4 poodle mix puppies here in the last 12 years and they’ve all been phenomenal with training and temperament. I also love their selection of rat and hamster supplies, I‘ve owned 7 rats, and 1 Syrian hamster from here. All raised from babies and they all lived long, happy lives! I highly recommend this Petland over any others!

Jennifer Passanante

3 years ago

I am very disappointed as this place is using the pandemic to take advantage of everyday people. I bought a Boston Terrier a year ago for roughly 1800.00 just this past week I saw another Boston Treeier that I may been interested in and the price went up to 3600.00 and was told its because of the pandemic and a shortage. I find this very disheartening during a time like this especially knowing that dogs have not stopped breeding because of covid, its just a way to take advantage of this situation. FYI people are not making more money due to covid so raising your prices is just horrible.

Lisa Elder

3 years ago

Great for grooming. Ask for Teagan!

Riley DiFiore

3 years ago

I bought a cichlid here but unfortunately the little guy didnt even make it a few days in my tank. I had set him up in a separate sick area of my tank in an extra large starbucks cup with rocks at the bottom so he could be separated from the fish but still get the heat from the tank. Its worked plenty of times when buying new fish with illnesses like ick. When i tried returning the fish on the 3rd day after i had bought him, the woman told me my water wasnt in good conditions and couldnt refund my purchase since it was only guaranteed for 2 days. I asked if she could give me the rocks from in the cup and laughed at me and told me that i could get them myself. I expressed how i didnt want to pick them out of a cup with dead fish water in the middle of the store and asked why she couldnt dump it out for me and bring me the rocks. She rolled her eyes, sighed, gave me a dirty look and proceeded to the back of the store and had another employee bring me my rocks back. The other employee was very friendly and sweet and expressed that if she was in a higher position she would have returned my money for the fish since it had been less than 24 hours than the 2 day guarantee on the receipt was over. I will not be returning here since this manager, Jayme, lacks customer service and completely disrespected me.

riley halton

3 years ago

Fantastic place to shop local they really care about the puppies and small animals well being and the employees are very nice and respectful, I bought a shiba inu puppy here a few years ago and she is fantastic so the other bad reviews must have done something very wrong because this place is great

Star Fox

3 years ago

I don’t recommend getting a puppy from Petland because me and my family got a puppy from here and he didn’t turn out right temperament wise. I recommend to go to a good breeder if you want a puppy.

Eduardo Aldape

3 years ago

Was not at Petland. Don't own a pet.

Jennifer Hail

4 years ago

They have a wide variety of animals - bunnies, dogs, fish, birds, gerbils, hamsters, Guinea pigs, etc. From what it looked like with the dogs, they have the breeder's information right there on the enclosure the dog is in, and they also chip their dogs - so that's awesome!

Sarah Abushamma

4 years ago

All the staff was very friendly, place is very clean & animals are ADORABLE & well taken care of :)

Rhonda Lane

4 years ago

Paid a lot for a dog and before we even got home, I realized how sick the dog was. He had an upper respiratory infection and intestinal parasites. He could barely breathe, was throwing up water, couldn't eat. etc. It took 4 rounds of medications to get rid of the parasites and other antibiotics to kill the infection in is respiratory tract. There were many trips to the vet for months and the vet said he would have been dead in about 36 hours if I hadn't rescued him from that place. Soon after, it was on the news that their dogs came from puppy mills.

Kristine Larson

4 years ago

Knowledgeable staff, well cared for animals, good stock selection

Kram Nosretep

4 years ago

Overpriced designer puppies! Go to a shelter.

Katherine Plessner

4 years ago

Employees friendly but to is pricey.

Joy Hernandez

4 years ago

Went to Petland last Saturday in Crystal Lake. My daughter and I were looking for a dog and when I asked to see one of the dogs we were told it was on rest. The dog that we wanted to see was wide awake. So the store associate asked us if we wanted to see the sleeping dog below and my daughter told her no, and the store associate abruptly told us goodbye and went back to the guy she had been standing there visiting with since we had gotten there.

Luna Lynn

4 years ago

I'd give this place no stars if I could. The animals there are in terrible conditions They hamsters have marks all over them from fighting and even there balls where swollen. The staff brushed this off like it was nothing the puppies was all sick the Ginnie pigs was sick even the birds where sick When we asked for a mouse they didn't even let us pick our own mouse they just picked what ever one up by its tail and put it in the box. This was absolutely Destrbing and gross to see


4 years ago

The staff was very present and helpful. Store was clean, and well organized. We came for a syrian hamster, the wife saw her pick and the manager spent time , answering our every question.manager's name (jessica).gave details as best possible, how refreshing ! We purchased hamster , cage , new wheel , new feeding bowl . with jessica advice and experience.we also purchased, food , bedding and chewy.the hamster all looked healty and taken care of, far better than others visited. The only little draw back , no discount first purchase, and return policy doesn't compare to others such as pet smart. It states no returns or exchanges. You only have 7 day's and only if hamster dies , exchange. But no refund. Providing you followed their diet they use. All we can do at this point is hope for the best. We do recommend this store in crystal lake.

Татьяна Мороз

4 years ago

I like this place???? You can always come and play with your favorite puppy ????

abbie butler

4 years ago

I went it to the store on Thursday May 23 2019 with my friend because she was interested in buying a dog. The blonde girl was so rude to us and the other guests. Made me feel unwelcome there and uncomfortable. After looking at one dog we wanted to look at another but was rudely denied the opportunity, afterward we left because of her behavior. I will no longer be shopping at this store and my friend will be looking for dogs elsewhere. I wish I could have had a better experience but the left there feeling upset and frustrated with how I was treated.

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