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jack fixxx

2 years ago

Had a horrible time with vets who wouldn't answer my questions with anything but "maybe?". Never go here.


2 years ago

I’m not really sure what happened with this place but over the years things have just not stayed the same service wise. When I had my smaller dogs service was great but now that I have a larger dog the vet almost seems to act scared of him. (He is a big love) On top of that through the pandemic I couldn’t get my dog in to see anyone ever. The care program traps you in a yearly contract and if you miss payment they deny you service like you didn’t pay them monthly for the past year when they never had appointments available . Not worth the stress. They don’t care about the animal just collecting their money.

Ayesha Patel

2 years ago

We took my cat here multiple times as something was obviously wrong with her and she was really sick. They charged us exam fees every time and barely did anything. They prescribed expensive medications multiple times. We took her to a different vet and just from an initial examination they told us she was severely anemic and had to be hospitalized immediately. If we had waited any longer she most likely wouldn’t have made it and this all happened because we wasted so many days going to this clinic. Save your pet and go somewhere else!


3 years ago

I would give 5 stars but price is pretty high. My baby kit mewtant, an adorable 10 year old cat, absolutely hates the vet. I was worried to take her at all because of COVID. When I called to make her appointment, they said I could go into a separate room while she is examined because I don't have a car and they need to make it contactless. I was worried because mewtant hates the vet and me holding her usually calms her down. The vet recommended an anxiety medicine just for the visit so I gave her them and she was golden. Like I usually hear her in the back meow yelling (i assume she's cussing them out) but this time, nothing. The vet called me and took all my worried cat parent concerns seriously and described which tests she would need, which are optional, and gave me the prices of each test. Because the vet knew I was so worried, in the follow up, she clearly described the test results in ways I could understand and offered follow up advise. She gave me diet advise too because I wanted to change her food to elderly (since she's 10). The amount of time staff spent to ease mine and Mewtant's anxiety was just so great. I've used this vet for years and even though it's pricy, I won't stop because they truly take my cats health seriously and have always been very kind to me during visits, even emergency ones where I'm just crying the entire time. I love the staff at VCA so much and again, I would give 5 stars if it wasn't so expensive but it would be hard to find a vet that is cheap that takes the amount of time they do to care for my baby.

R. S. Sanchez

3 years ago

Had 3 animals die because they missed huge medical issues even though we took them in for repeated medical visits. (This was a few years back). Have heard from others that they have had poor service still there. So inspired to write a review not out of anger but out of information. They care more about money and how much they can get out of you. They mailed rabies card reminders to the wrong house, and than forced a boarding of my pet under a state law so that they could test him after I warned them that they were being too aggressive with my cat and if they didn't let me handle him when they tried to give him the injection, someone would get bit. Which they said no, that they would handle him, and he bit a tech. He had not been outside, and no risk to rabies as we lived in a high rise and he was a cat. He died in their care. They also missed cancer on two dogs that we had which we had been asking them to identify what the lumps that kept growing on them were. Go somewhere else if you care about your pets.

Andrew Bailey

3 years ago

Great and caring staff. Has good COVID protocols in place. Even though our first appointment was more than a week away, they worked us in with 12 hours notice when one of our kittens developed an upper respiratory infection. Took the time to explain treatment and care for her. Thanks for caring for Smokey today. Shadow will meet you soon!

Abby Herstich

3 years ago

They got me in same day when I had concern about my dog. Thanks for squeezing me in!

Sarah Shirkey

3 years ago

They always treat us and our dog with such kindness. Sent our dog for a dental cleaning and removal of a fatty mass and the doctor sent us text messages and photos all day to put our mind at ease while he was there.

Aviva Stein

3 years ago

I just switched to this Vet from one in the suburbs and I am so happy with them! They sent me a sweet photo of my cat while he was in with the doctor, the vet was kind and patient on the phone with me, and they just sent my cat an adorable birthday card. They are responsive and professional, I strongly recommend them especially during COVID.


3 years ago

Very quick service and they treated my pet with lots of care. Will def be making this my new Vets office.

Brian Chicago

3 years ago

In the last 2 weeks I had to twice bring in my best friend (Wolfy my dog) for a really bad cough. My dog (who is around 12 years of age) is a very very tough customer.:) Dr Funk and Dr. Metzger were so compassionate and professional! The front desk staff members were also wonderful. My dog's health has steadily improved! VCA is number 1 for a reason. Thank you VCA!

Jason Kyle

3 years ago

DO NOT GO. This review is about an experience I had with VCA about a year ago. Its a long one, but if you are financially tight it will be VERY relevant to you. I went there because my dog had got an eye infection, the initial visit was fine and the vet gave me medication for my pup and she recovered. The follow up was a completely different story, I expected it to be a normal follow up to make sure she had healed and there was no long term issues. That was fine, until the vet said I needed to do a whole bunch of other tests, needed more medication. Which you can turn down, but not without getting a guilt trip about it, and making it out to seem like I was a bad owner. After feeling like garbage because someone was essentially telling me I was neglecting my dog, I went to pay for one medication and the vets time. This is where it gets worse, at the time I was in college and money was tight, I was supposed to pick up a paycheck that day but because it wasn't in my account I couldn't afford what they wanted to charge me and rudely told me I couldn't leave my debit card, State ID or my dog as collateral to come back THAT DAY and pay. So again, I was made to feel guilty about the situation. I was forced to ask to borrow money from family in order to pay them right then. I understand that an animal is responsibility, but I was clearly upset and trying to pay for their service. Apparently you can only get sympathy/empathy for your dog and yourself if you can afford it. I will NEVER go back to this office. I will perpetually tell people to NOT use VCA because they are a corporation with money making at its core. I have since found a independent vet and the experience is night and day. I love my dog, and I will never go back to a place like VCA to be told anything different.

Jia Xu

3 years ago

I wish I could give them 10 stars! My dog needed a surgery and Dr. Metzger took excellent care of her. She was extremely kind and cared for my dog with empathy and compassion. She also spent more time than necessary listening to my concerns and answering my questions. Even with social distancing, they were very well organized and kept me informed during the entire process. Another thing I really appreciated was how transparent they were with the cost of the procedure. Everyone I interacted with was very friendly and helpful, and every single person shows a caring and loving attitude toward my dog. The nice lady at front desk went out of her way to make sure that me and my dog feel comfortable. I absolutely love this team!


3 years ago

Friendly and professional staff. Always exceeding kind and patient with my dog. Dr. Funk is excellent and so is the whole staff. During covid-19, you drop your dog off at the door when called but the staff is very thorough on the phone and listens to any concerns and makes sure to explain any procedures or follow up needed. I've been taking my rescue here for the last 5 years

nancy Perdue

3 years ago

Not impressed with care. And priced way too high

Nitak Takida

3 years ago

Pleasure to be there. Professional and friendly stuff. Definitely when we will need we will back ;)


3 years ago

Very kind people here, I could tell they love and care for the animals they see. Bonus points for me being late and them still fitting me in in a timely manner. Will definitely go back.

Rebecca Poulos

3 years ago

CARE This is not an emergency clinc, but VCA has been able to fit me in same day either 100% of the time or close to 100% of the time when there was an immediate need. (She got into a couple of scuffles at the dog park.) Lily mostly sees Dr. Konishi who takes the effort to make going to the vet a fun experience. She showed me that Lily already knew "paw"! She does little games with treats to put Lily at ease. When Lily goes through something uncomfortable we clap and praise Lily for doing such a good job :) She is patient with explaining Lily's health and issues also. She makes it clear she is always thinking about the wellness of her patients. Honestly, I do like the other staff but if she left VCA I would probably follow her. Lily has also seen at least seen Dr. Funk and Dr. Hoffman and they have been good experiences as well. Lily used to be ribby and had diarrhea everyday. At VCA she GOT BETTER. A dog getting better or not is not a reflection on the goodness or badness of a vet, but I am definitely emotionally thankful that Lily could get better--and at a fair cost. VALUE I am a member of the VCA care club. For $61/month ($732 anuually) that takes care of all of her vaccinations, yearly physical, wellness bloodwork/fecal, dental cleaning under anesthesia with xrays and UNLIMITED visits. This has been a steal for us. Most people won't get a dental cleaning for their dog every year, but just like humans, it is the right thing to do. I would recommend an insurance plan like Nationwide that covers wellness under normal circumstances instead of this, but Lily's IBD had symptoms since I got her so would be a preexisting condition making an insurance plan not worth it. The care club is the freedom to go and get everything checked out. With Lily's IBD and behavior issues... I've been there over 30 times in 6 months. I never get the "oh my god, you again". Just genuine concern and care for my pup :) If you are not part of the care club, I believe that the exams are only $50 or so (unsure.) which is well below other vets I've contacted. For example, there is a vet on my corner and when I wasn't sure if Lily was bleeding near her eye or *from* her eye I rushed over there to see if they would take her (even though VCA would be able to fit her in later in the day.) That vet charged $70 for the exam and an additional $20 for walk in. I expected this place to be more expensive because it is a nationally recognized with many locations. As far as I can tell they operate independently so I'm guessing a franchise. When there were tests to order for Lily I was skeptical that the idea of the careclub was to make the money back by charging more for tests. I called a few vets for estimates on some of the tests Lily needed and actually Misener-Holly did have the lowest price. I don't know how it compares to other vets, but each prescription med has a $25 dispensing fee. I almost always ask for the prescription to go to my petcarerx membership. If you are planning on having your pet's teeth cleaned this year and do not have pet insurance, joining the care club is no-brainer. PARKING The only thing I don't like... meter parking or free street parking is free a block over. I'm always running late though, so I appreciate parking lots.

danf flores

3 years ago

Been going there for years. They are professional and really care about my pet's health.

Adam Brach

4 years ago

great staff and the doc was amazing.

Dana Veach (Kandy kisses)

4 years ago

Gave me a little help when I needed someone the most to look at my sick teddy. Which buy the way is doing great.

Dave R

4 years ago

Took my newly adopted dog there and the staff was very friendly amd helpful. Ive been there 3 times in total and will return.

Debbie Arnoni Lorena (Lilsnackz)

4 years ago

They are so nice and helpful

Edith Serna

4 years ago

Everyone is always really nice here, from the people at the front desk to the Drs! Highly reccomend and specifically Dr. Funk! She's amazing.

Elizabeth Archuleta

4 years ago

Gave us excellent last minute appointment for sick girl kitty.


4 years ago

I had just moved from CA to Chicago and needed to get my dog in for her annual check up, vaccines and testing. We were able to get in for her initial appointment immediately, and then back quickly for her follow up boosters. The staff was very attentive and my big goofy Bo loves it there. If she's happy, I'm happy.

Viji natarajan

4 years ago

I took my 2 pets to them for almost 3 years. It started to seem that they would schedule frequent appointments for no reason to just take money. They are EXPENSIVE!

Theresa Gutierrez

4 years ago

Looks a bit deceiving from the outside. Inside is very well put together. Reception area is divided in half by the reception desk; one side dogs, the other cats. Clean and modern, doesn't have that Fabulousa smell trying to mask the animal smell. If anything, it really doesn't smell like hundreds of animals have been through there. The doctors n their asst are friendly and knowledgeable. Delicately expensive n no payment plans. Pay at time services rendered, n meds included in pricing. Saw an ad on Insta for VCA animal clinics.

Sonya D. Davis

4 years ago

Took my puppy, there very caring.

D.M Mcgee

4 years ago

We've been bringing our pets here for years. The staff is great and understanding.

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