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Ashley Marie

2 years ago

DO NOT bring your pet here. I am extremely disappointed in the lack of ethics and professionalism of Dr. David Diaz. I was told my cat had a heart murmur and hyperthyroidism. Dr. Diaz recommended seeing a cardiologist, and told me that my cat had to be on medication for life. I thought this was extreme because his levels were only slightly elevated (50.9 when the range is to 50) and I wasn't even told that his T4 level was actually NORMAL. This was not explained to me at all. I went to another vet to get a second opinion and not only does my cat not have a heart murmur but the other vet said there was no need to be concerned because he had no other symptoms such as weight loss or gain. I was even told that if I did put him on this medication, that it could cause serious problems later on such as kidney failure. She felt this vet's recommendation was extremely excessive. VCA runs a very corporate style business and their goal seems to be to push medication and procedures not for the health of the animal but to make money. Had I listened to this vet, my cat would be on medication twice daily (which would be very stressful to give him pills that often) for something he doesn't even need to begin with and could cause him to be sick later on in life. And last, they even messed up his age on all of the paperwork which I pointed out and they still did not update it which showed him to be older than he actually is.

Samantha Barranco

2 years ago

Tommy pickles and Gilbert love their new vet and I do too!!! I just switched from wicker park vet and I love being able to go inside with them and they spent so much time on each kitty here!!! The staff is so nice and knowledgeable!!

Chad Slovin

2 years ago

Unbelievably disappointing experiences. The first let down, and what should have been the last, was when my dog was sick all night with a parasite. I delivered a fecal sample in the morning only to have to call several times the next day to find out he had a positive result. The vet couldn't be bothered to read the report before telling me that no treatment was necessary due to the negative, (wrong), result. He was very surprised to find out it was positive and decided then to treat. From there, it took 5 phone calls before finally getting medicine ready. All while a super sick pup is going through 48 hours of hell (along with me). My last call to them, 15 minutes prior to them closing, they finally prepared the medicine and told me it normally takes over 24 hours to get treatment. Been to other vets, never had this kind of response. Flash forward 6 months after swearing to never use these clowns again, my dog is sick again and just need a sample checked. Call this morning and they are completely unable to locate my records or check the sample. Their reasoning was, throwing their hands in the air and saying I don't know. If you love your pet, DO NOT TAKE THEM TO THIS VET.

Charlotte Chase

2 years ago

AMAZING services! Every single employee is knowledgeable, follows up in a timely manner; desk staff is friendly, engaging, and absolutely wonderful!

Ji Kim

2 years ago

The technicians were great, but this VCA location gets a failing review primarily because of Dr. Diaz. If you care for your pet, avoid this guy at all costs. He does not like explaining the medical procedures that he recommend nor does he like being asked about possible treatments he doesn't recommend. He's pompous and unapologetic when caught lying. He shot me down promptly that dogs and cats cannot catch COVID-19 when I asked him if I should be concerned my puppy's rapid respiratory illness symptoms might be related to covid. He yelled at me that he knows what's most current about veterinary care and there is no way dogs and cats can catch covid. I cited the akc and vca regarding the fact that animals can catch covid. He vehemently denied it. That should have been my heads up to stop care with him. However, it was when he prescribed medication that would be detrimental to my puppy's development that I decided to stop care. I gave him the benefit of a doubt and asked why he recommended this antibiotic course. Appallingly, his response was to deny the facts. My dog is a 6 month mixie of primarily large breed dogs (dna test confirmed) and large breed dogs under 12 months should not be given this drug. His response was to tell me my dog is a medium breed. When I corrected him w facts- he still denied it and told me my dog is a medium size dog, which still puts him in the same category of recommending harmful medication. It's advised that small & med dogs under 8 months should not be given the drug. He then flat out said my dog is way over 6 months and it's safe. My dog had recently turned 6 months old when he saw Dr Diaz. Wow- to the disgusting amount of hubris from this man. This doctor is a joke and should have his license revoked for denying facts & malpractice.

Paul Beerkens

2 years ago

We adopted a dog and cat from PAWS many years ago and they recommended VCA Animal Hospital. We have been coming here for years for both of our pets for regular check-ups and to buy all of our preventative medication even though we have two vet clinics on our block and this one is a 15 minute drive from our home. We did not mind paying a premium for the medication as we figured that by the extra money we are spending we ensure we have a healthy business that will be there for us the one day we really need their help and we felt good about this place as it was endorsed by PAWS. In the last few days my dog fell sick. He was really poorly yesterday and this morning he would not even lift his head to greet us in the morning. He is only five years old and usually super energetic. So we phone VCA Lake Shore Animal Hospital to make an emergency appointment. After trying to get hold of someone for over half an hour we were told that the first available EMERGENCY appointment was in three weeks time. I am not sure my dog will live that long. I am so disappointed with this place. The only service they really offer is an opportunity to buy overprice anti flea medication but nothing else. It is really hard and super expensive to make an emergency appointment for a pet with a vet that is not your regular doctor. If you love your pet stay away from this place. They will not be there for you they day you really need them.

Abner Castaneda

2 years ago

Was very excited into bringing my puppy in for his first exam, called a week in advance. I get there and they claim my appointment was the day before and first thing in the morning. The lady instead of admitting the mistake and finding a solution just repeats that the appointment was the day before. Now the breeder's health guarantee where they help cover expenses should any conditions happen, is likely going to be voided because of this location's mistake (had to get it within a certain timeframe).

Kelly Sassi

2 years ago

We had a great experience at Lake Shore, with an unhappy problem and could not be more grateful for their care. Our 15 year cat ingested a pill applicator tip which did not pass and was stuck in his intestine. Our normal vet did not handle surgeries, so we reached out to Lake Shore to get quick care, a surgical procedure, and not have to do an emergency vet service. Dr. Diaz is WONDERFUL. He could not have been more responsive, involved or helpful. The staff was great too - Martha in particular who took my first calls and many others through the two days we worked together to get our cat in and scheduled for surgery. Could not recommend Dr. Diaz or Lake Shore more highly. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Daniel Raymer

2 years ago

Dr. Brumfield is an excellent communicator, caring doctor, and good person. We are extremely grateful that he has looked after our pets for 8+ years now, and his availability and eagerness to help during the tough times have meant far more to us than I can describe in a Google review. This office is easy to work with across the board, and the staff are always polite and professional.

Ieva ieva

3 years ago

I am super stressed because dog is sick and puking out and trying to find a new vet. Called to ask for prices and the lady told me she cannot tell me not even average price for a blonde test! She did not want to provide a wrong one. Is she first day at a job ? I asked to provide a RANGE of pricing for blood test and ultrasound. She cod not that to ! It is 2021, you have a computer, so go to a system and check pricing. Awful!

Kelly Hayes

3 years ago

Love Dr. Milkowski and Jenny and everyone who works here! They've gone above and beyond to ensure that my dog is the healthiest he can be.

Jonathan Sullivan

3 years ago

Mr. Oliver the Beagle has been a patient here since I adopted him. He always has a good visit. Friendly staff, great doctors, and speedy service. Even during the pandemic, the team has kept us in good shape.

Elise O'Connor

3 years ago

We recently had to say goodbye to our pup but had been seeing Doctor Brian Brumfield for about 6 years. Our pup absolutely loved him and the entire VCA team, Cynthia was often our vet tech and our pup's favorite. After going to another vet for years prior I was tired of the rotating staff and feeling gauged every time I went there. Doctor Brumfield was a referral from a friend and we're so grateful to have found him and the entire VCA team. We encountered a number of health issues over the years: severe allergies, a vestibular episode, a burn, an eye growth, cataracts, the list goes on. Brumfield would always break down our options for treatment and cost associated with each path. He also takes into consideration past health, age, breed, etc. We look forward to seeing Brumfield and team when we welcome a new pup into our family but we are so grateful for their care over the last 6 years.


3 years ago

I love my doctor and I love the way they care for my pet!! My sweet cat was so sick, she wasn’t eating or drinking water and had a very stuffy nose. I saw the doctor and followed instructions, and she is so healthy now and doing very well! Doctor provided a detailed summary of the visit (due to covid, I waited outside).


3 years ago

Fast and friendly care for my pet, always follows up with a phone call the next day

Adam Ballard

3 years ago

The staff were all super helpful and knowledgeable and seemed to love their jobs. Their pricing was a bit higher than some other options I looked at, but I think this is probably a case of “you get what you pay for” so I think the high quality of care reflected that.

Bill Fisch

3 years ago

I have been going to Lake shore for over 25 years, many dogs and pleasant experiences. however the front desk staff is rude, arrogant and not sympathetic at all. I drove an hour in heavy holiday traffic to bring my sick dog in, it was not a scheduled wellness check up, and was 10 minutes late, they would not see me, saying they have a 5 minute rule, after 5 minutes your appointment is cancelled, you cant wait for an opening, you are told to leave. I will never go back there again, and will look for a new Vet, loyalty does not pay there. I have taken my business elsewhere, as requested, please make sure you send my dog's files to my new Vet. Good luck for the future, reviews are not looking good. Update, I did send a letter to the Vet, per their request, and no response. If I could give them zero stars, I would.

Bubs W

3 years ago

VCA started out as a good option due to location. However as of late it has became more aware that if you are a member and pay the monthly fee it doesn't mean anything. My dog got very sick and was up all night. We called first thing in the morning and was told "The soonest available appointment was a week away"(Even though my dog was struggling to eat drink and Breath". They did not ask if it was an emergency or anything. Just that they didn't have an available appointment. We ended up having to drive 30 minutes to another vet to get my dog the care that they need. The service can be really great if you have an appointment. But other then that I would re think about joining them as if your dog is really sick and needs help you could find yourself driving to a different vet.

erin green

3 years ago

They are very kind and helpful. Will follow up with email recommendations too.

Spencer Branham

3 years ago

Feels like going to the mechanic. Sure they’ll do maintenance but not without the sales pitch. My cat came here with a small cough and VCA got away with $900. Brought my dog for annual shots ($400, which is insanity) and they tried to upsell me on a body of work totaling $1400. What a racket.


3 years ago

Great staff!! Especially the business manager!

Jennifer Giannosa

3 years ago

They overcharge for medication!!!! They charged me $5.00 per pill where my new vet charges me $.50. is this even legal?!? They are not very good at consulting or communicating with the owner regarding the pet's health. I do NOT recommend them.

Kamran Lalani

3 years ago

We've been bringing our little guy here since he was 3 months old cannot go wrong with any of the staff here one of the best

Keila Redd

3 years ago

The staff is Amazing and Caring. They helped my Hermione and made her so much better. She really loved them.

Milica Krstic

3 years ago

I had a horrible experience going to VCA for the first time. I had just adopted a senior cat who the shelter told me was in great health. When the vet entered the room, the first thing she said was “oh he definitely looks like a senior”. I felt that was quite rude and unnecessary, obviously thinking my cat is gorgeous. She proceeded to tell me he had a heart murmur and would need to go to a cardiologist, $600. She told me his teeth are not in good condition and he needs to be put under for a teeth cleaning and potential removal, upwards of $300-600. She told me he needs to be put on a special diet for the first two weeks of their basic, non irritating food and a probiotic powder, another $50. In shock, I contacted the shelter who was in even more shock about the physical exam. The following weekend, I took him to another animal clinic for a second opinion. There I had a vet who told me he had 10 dogs and cats himself and had been doing this his whole life. His arms had scratch scars to prove it. The first thing he told me was that Ashton was beautiful and thank you for giving a senior cat a home. He told me there was no heart murmur and his teeth were impeccable for a senior cat. He told me to brush his teeth and even recommended something I could put into his water to keep them healthy. There was no need to put him under the stress of euthanasia to clean his teeth and definitely no signs of a need for any removal. His overall health for a 13 year old cat was great and I got the blood, urine, and fecal tests done to confirm it. Additional, the food they had given to Ashton made him through up. I ended up donating most of it. As a new owner, I felt completely taken advantage of by VCA. They were recommending $1000+ in treatments that my cat did not need. If you have doubts about your vets recommendation, please ask a second doctor! Not only would I have wasted money unnecessarily, I would have put my cat at greater risk by doing unnecessary treatments!! I have not returned to VCA since. For those of you that can commute to Higgins Animal Clinic, I would high recommend.

Morgan Murphy

3 years ago

I took my 11 month old terrier here to receive his vaccines post-adoption. The appointment with Dr Diaz was subpar and his demeanor was very condescending and I felt rushed. As a new dog owner I had a lot of question and left the appointment not feeling great about my experience. I was told that since my dog was still a puppy he would receive a heartworm injection lasting 6 months (proheart 6). The vet tech also tried to push two other inoculations on me, but when asked what they were he told me he didn't know. It is now 6 months later and upon reviewing my paperwork and receiving a reminder from VCA Lakeshore to revaccinate my dog for heartworm, it turns out they gave him the heartworm vaccine lasting 12 months (proheart 12). I called to verify several times and was given different information each call. The first time, the woman told me that because my invoice said pro-heart 6, she "assumed" that is what he received. Upon pushing her further regarding the issue with her assuming and me potentially over-vaccinating my dog, she told me it "should be fine." I asked to speak to Dr. Diaz to hopefully confirm what he actually received and secondarily, if their "assumptions" were wrong, what were the risks in either giving him another 6 month dose, or holding off. This was 2 days ago and I have yet to hear back from Dr. Diaz. Upon calling yesterday, another staff member told me that, surprise, my dog DID in fact get the 12 month dosage and "I got lucky" and only had to pay the 6 month amount. After asking to speak to Dr. Diaz again to confirm directly with him and, again, hopefully discuss all risk factors, I was told he is behind on his calls and would not be available to speak to me. I called back a third time today and was told the same message, that my dog received the 12 months vaccination, which I guess I'm supposed to believe. Due to the total incompetence of the receptionist staff who incorrectly inputted the information in the first place, the tech who administered God knows what dose, and Dr. Diaz himself not taking accountability for his team, I will NEVER take my dog back here and advise everyone else steer clear.

Sebastian Garcia Escallon

3 years ago

Staff and Dr.Diaz are the bomb. Love VCA.

Debra Dobbs

4 years ago

Words cannot express my love, and that of 4 beloved doggies, for Dr Brumfield and the team at VCA. Top level pet care delivered with empathy and compassion.

Brian Edwards

4 years ago

Dr Trice and her team are amazing!! I brought my Lana in to see them a week ago and because of the VCA team and the plan they made for my baby girl she has come all the way back from the brink.

Colin Rains

4 years ago

A bit pricey, but the veterinarian and assistants are very friendly and knowledgeable.

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