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Karina Valencia

2 years ago

I adopted Jacob the cat through this place and it went smooth. It’s been over a year since I got him and he is amazing. This was the ONLY place that let me adopt. Everywhere turned them down because, I have kids, I have a kitten, I have an older cat, or just would say I wasn’t a good fit. But not then they listened to me and how frustrated I was because I had been trying to adopt for about a year. They were sweet and let me know everything I needed. He was scared of kids at first but now he just loves the cuddles with them. He was a great addition to the family.

Joanne Mourikes

2 years ago

I went with my 2 daughters who fell in love with 2 kittens. Our application was rejected. I was not given a reason. There were so many cats, but not for us. My daughters were so sad.

Gillian McCauley

2 years ago

If you are looking to adopt a cat please look elsewhere. I went to meet a cat and was told I would be able to adopt him within the week. It took probably a month before the owner told me I would actually be able to adopt him. Finally once she said he was able to go home to me, she told me he suddenly got sick and I wouldn't be able to get him for at least 4-6 more weeks. The whole situation left me very sad, I was so attached the kitty and was so excited to get him, but it just fell through.

Anonymous Reviewer

3 years ago

these people never pick up their phone which i found out is something they do to everyone after reading reviews on here and yelp probably a tax scam

Billy Hickey

3 years ago

Will not respond or answer any calls or emails. I have been trying for almost a month to contact this place to adopt two cats and I can't get anyone to answer me at all. This place really feels like a scam.

Kayla Garcia

3 years ago

Hi Kitty Kitty has lots of wonderful and very sweet kitties here!! This shelter works very hard to care for all the cats, and I can tell they treat them well. They will very kindly work with you and help match you with your furrever friend! They're different from most shelters and plus they are volunteer run which is incredible. If you're looking to save a sweet kitty's life this is the place for you! Stop by on Saturdays for their adoption events =^^=

memento mori

3 years ago

Tried for over a week to get in touch. She called me back when I was sleeping (after a week of trying), when I tried to call her back she blocked me? I sent an email and I got no response. Was looking to get a pair of cats as emotional support animals, which I’ve stated in my voicemail and email. I never leave reviews but after getting ignored and blocked, I looked them up and saw all these reviews sharing their experiences, I felt I should do so as well. I hope those cats can get rescued.

T. B.

3 years ago

Read the reviews on here and Yelp. This person has a long track record of never responding and God forbid if they do since they often communicate via yelling. Report them to Chicago Animal Care and Control if you can, I know me and my friends will.

Katia Robinson

3 years ago

I should have heeded the reviews. Weeks of back and forth and being consistently told the cat was sick and had to stay for awhile before I could get her. Such a disappointing experience when you have your hopes built up to adopt. While there are some 4/5 reviews, looking at the 1 star reviews seems to be the typical experince.

Ryder Miller

3 years ago

I reached out about adopting a cat only be abruptly hung up on. Last time I had reached out, about 2 years ago now & Raja was still listed on the site at that time. Absolutely absurd & ridiculous that this "shelter" is allowed to operate at all. Reach out to an actual shelter, like Magnificent Mutts & Meows who I have since adopted 2 cats from. I wish I could give this place less than 1 star.

Francesca Quinn

3 years ago

The owners of HiKittyKitty have the sweetest hearts and give their all to take amazing care of these cats. If you are wanting a cuddly companion this is THE PLACE to go

Jasmine K

3 years ago

The Best Cats shelter in Rogers Park Chicago Illinois No kill no cages super clean ????. Super friendly environment. Everyone love each other ????.

Bryan Talkie

3 years ago

Jasmine and Hi Kitty Kitty are what every organization should be like. A grassroots love for animals that shows in how well and loving these cats are. If only there were more people like Jasmine and Hi Kitty Kitty this world would be a better place for all.

Chi Last

3 years ago

If I can give a zero I would. They don’t answer the phone nor to they respond to texts or emails. Been trying to get a hold of someone for months, dating back to December and nothing. Tried to go by the place and there was a guy that walked out he says he helps clean the place up etc and he couldn’t get ahold of the lady. He said he just spoke to her yet she doesn’t answer anything. I asked if she has a bell or something and the guy said that nobody can knock or ring a bell etc. I’m very irritated by these people. I understand they’re doing what they can but they can at least answer. Like o said I’ve been trying to contact them for months. How can somebody setup an appointment if they don’t answer anything?

Usha Raj

3 years ago

I am shocked and dismayed that some people are giving Jasmine and Hi Kitty Kitty one star reviews! What are they thinking?? I have adopted 3 cats from her so far and visited the shelter many many times and every time I have been treated with the utmost courtesy and consideration! The cats are so well cared for! With love and careful attention to their health. The place is clean with many volunteers helping out. If she has not promptly returned calls that is because she is doing many tasks herself and was probably busy. If she does not agree to an adoption that is because her board has reviewed the application and turned it down. She tries her best to get cats to go a home where they will be loved. She tries her best to not separate cats that are bonded to each other. I cannot say enough good things about her!!! Usha Raj MD MHA


3 years ago

This place need to be closed down. The staff is rude and they don’t respond to you in a timely manner. All the negative reviews on here are true.

Shannon S.

3 years ago

Awful place. All the negative reviews are accurate. I was interested in a cat that was recently adopted. I went in person to Hi Kitty Kitty twice, called and emailed multiple times, and no one was able to contact me back or even provide me with an adoption application, even on the days I visited in person! Owner is biased, has horrible customer service, and it is SUPER disappointing to see that only certain people are responded to and able to actually adopt.

Samantha Schmid

3 years ago

This was the most frustrating experience and I am horrified for these cats. I was hoping it was just a fluke due to being closed for COVID, but after reading reviews from years ago, I am positive this is a scam. I sent several emails through PetFinder to ask about adopting cats and when I could schedule an appointment. Jasmine responded that they were taking precautions & suspended visits (I appreciated the extra precautions). Her email didn't include the address, so I went to their website. Nothing listed. Phone number rings with no answer. Voicemail was automated so I wasn't sure if that was the correct number. I checked FB - same # no address. Scrolling images on the site included addresses for events. One was a PetCo or something, and the other was in a residential neighborhood. I thought that was off, but then I noticed it had been added to maps by name. Noticed the low rating and without reading the reviews, I decided to give them the benefit of doubt because I had already fallen in love with a few of their cats and wanted to meet them in person to see if one was the right fit. They were also the *ONLY* place anywhere nearby that had Maine Coons (10!) or a Norwegian Forest Cat available. On 4/28 I asked if they planned to stay closed. I got a response saying they were closed until 4/30. I sent another email asking specifically about Oliver and Raja and to confirm the address. No response. I called the number. No answer. Several days later, I checked the website and there was an announcement that they had indeed postponed opening. I waited until 6/3 when the city was to start reopening. Got ahold of Jasmine on the second try & finally was able to explain I was looking for a single cat for my apartment. I listed several cats by name (Harley Quinn and Charm in addition to the boys. She told me I shouldn't think about Raja because he needs "A big yard to run in and mark his territory." I wondered why that wasn't in his lengthy bio that none of the other cats had). I scheduled an appointment with her & asked if she needed anything from me. "No, dear, it's all in my phone." I plan transportation (I don't own a car) to/from my appointment. I see a cat in the basement window, so I figure I'm in the right place. The gate was open so I walked in and read a sign on the door:"All Maine Coons are at foster homes" Even though we explicitly discussed that I was only interested in the bigger cats. I go inside to see if maybe they forgot to remove the sign. There's no doorbell to be found and no instructions. I call the number twice - nothing. I double check the time in my calendar. I knock on doors - a resident of the bldg comes out of their apt and I ask what's going on. He's like "I just live here - call the #." He must deal with this regularly. I knock on the basement door (remembering the cat in the window). A guy comes upstairs & when he didn't recognize me said "You have to call the #" and started closing the door. I protested that I already did & had an appt. He walked outside the bldg & when he came back my phone rang with the #. "Hi, dear. Which kitty were you interested in meeting today?" I reminded her of our conversation and mentioned a few cats by name. They were indeed not there & the woman who knew about the cats had an emergency so I'd have to come back another day. It sucked, but I rescheduled for the next day. We discussed all the cats by name (+Fluffy the NFC). She asked if I had a cat (No). I text to ask if I need to bring anything for the app, the fees, & to confirm that AM. She calls to say she doesn't remember my appt & if I apply for a single cat "the board" won't even look at it. Tries to upsell me a cat (no MCs together). I ask for names to check online, she doesn't have them. I ask about Fluffy and he "has a gf." Ok who? "He was part of a bonded trio but the foster decided to keep one of the cats." I ask again for a name. "He's a regular cat." I asked if any cats were available alone and she tried to get rid of me. I didn't go to that appt cuz she's deliberately evasive & kept changing the rules.

Rosalynn for LSC

3 years ago

I went there to find another cat to add to our home. We picked out a cat and I had to ask Jasmine three times for an application. She seemed reluctant to give it to me. I completed the application on a Saturday and was told someone would call me on Monday or Tuesday. Excited, we went out and purchased. New litter box and cat food. I gave them till Wednesday and after not hearing from them I called myself. No answer. Left a message. No return call. It has been almost a month and I have not heard from her. I have called repeatedly and my calls go straight to voicemail. However when I call from a different number the phone rings. I checked and she has not called any of my references. My children went with me to pick out the cat and they ask me almost everyday about the cat. Finally my youngest said “Maybe they don’t think we are good enough people to adopt the cat.” I can’t have this woman questioning my child’s self esteem. So I have started to look elsewhere for a cat.

Percy Cooper

3 years ago

Do not adopt a cat from Hi Kitty Kitty. Jasmine was manipulative and lied to me several times. She took two weeks to deliver a cat and failed to tell me he was bonded. She insisted that after just 24 hours that my adoption wasn't going to work out and that I needed to bring him back. Despite all of my cat owner friends insisting the cat was fine, I felt guilty enough to bring him back. I feel lucky to have even gotten my money back. There is a scam in here somewhere I implore anyone looking to adopt a cat to look elsewhere.

Alex Richmond

3 years ago

This woman is a danger to cats. She constantly contradicted herself, lied about cats being purebred, took weeks to get the cat to us, and then sent overbearing and harassing texts every hour about the cat and insisted on having it returned to her within 24 hours because she claimed the cat wasn't adjusting. What cat adjusts to a new home in less than 24 hours? As someone who has lived with cats my whole life, it was very clear this woman had no idea what she was talking about. She should be shut down and have these cats given to someone who actually knows how to take care of them. I've never had such a bad experience with a shelter.

Andrew Miller

3 years ago

Filled out an application to adopt a cat weeks ago and was told we would be contacted in 3-4 days. I was not and every attempt I’ve made to contact the owner, calling and texting the provided number every day, has been completely ignored. No way to run a business or a shelter, it is as if she in fact does not want the animals adopted and is using the status of a shelter to hoard these poor animals in the cramped and dirty confines of her apartment

Becca Kizer

3 years ago

After weeks of disrespect and hardly being able to get a hold of Jasmine, plus reading other reviews here, I am deeply disturbed by what I've seen. I would love to rescue every last one of her cats if it meant getting them out of her "care." This doesn't seem to be a shelter or a business at all. It's a money scam hosted by a cat hoarder/abuser. These precious animals deserve better than this. Jasmine, I will be reporting you.

Cameron Boyd

3 years ago

The place was groose!!! It seemed rank and of urine, yuk! There is no excuse for a place to smell so bad I busted Paws Chicago and I swear you couldn’t tell by the smell they had cats because they cleaned so much!

Caroline Phillips

3 years ago

After months of calling, jasmine finally picked up last week. I’m sure it’s hard to keep up with all the people wanting to see cats, so I was understanding. During our call jasmine lectured me for ten minutes about how I’m trying to make my cat sick by feeding him dry food, and that if I don’t feed him wet food he’ll develop a kidney infection. She also told me I should change vets because my vet is clearly uneducated. I have a very happy/healthy rescue cat, and a vet that takes great care of him. I really liked a couple of the cats on her website, so I bit my tongue and thanked her for her advice. During the call we scheduled a time for me to see all the available cats. Fast forward to today, the day of my appointment... I drove an hour and a half through Chicago traffic to the shelter for my appointment, but no one was there. I rang the doorbell.. no one answered, I called jasmine.... she didn’t pick up. I finally got a hold of the maintenance man working downstairs, and he texted Jasmine to call me. She called and told me all of today’s appointments were cancelled, but she never bothered to call or email me beforehand to let me know. I took off work for this appointment, and wasted half a day driving in chicago gridlock. She was very rude over the phone, and didn’t seem to value my time at all. She refused to let me see the cats downstairs even though the maintenance man was there, and told me I should reschedule for a week from now. I’d also like to mention that I could smell the stench of cat urine and feces from outside the shelter. I know a little animal smell is normal at shelters, but this just didn’t seem right. Please do not waste your time here. I sincerely hope the cats living at hi kitty kitty go to happy families soon.

Lucette Olson

3 years ago

I had the weirdest interaction with Jasmine. I emailed her, and she said to call and schedule an appointment. When I called she told me that they were only doing local delivery for adoptions. My mom and I were hoping to come down from outside of the city to see the kitties. However, she told us that we were not close enough. After reading negative reviews I feel a little sketched out. Something about it feel very very wrong...

Kim Engle

3 years ago

Beautiful, sweet, friendly cats for adoption. I volunteer at the shelter and Jasmine is excellent matching cats with their new owners. Many cats have bonded with other cats and need to go together for the happiness of the cats. Riley and Julia are bffs and need to be adopted together. Pip and Alex are always together - especially at mealtime! Raja marks his territory but is an absolute sweetheart. He gives new meaning to the word ginormous. There are many all-black and black/white cats ready for adoption. If you want a sweet black cat, adopt Onyx or Whitesocks. They are female littermates but can be adopted separately. Adoption days are Saturdays by appointment only.

Kimberly Davidson

3 years ago

We just recently adopted a domestic shorthair from hi kitty kitty. We were able to get an appointment right away after they opened on June 3rd and called her. The place has many adorable cats, shes knows a ton about each and makes sure they have the specifications each cat needs without exceptions. She's clearly suspicious of people, aware that many are after rarer breeds, i think her cautiousness is based on finding the best homes for each cat. If you adopt, just be patient and acquire all the food and toys she suggests, as she said herself, shes good with cats, not neccessarily people. I'm very happy with our experience overall and hope each cat finds a home, they also offer free fostering!

Laura Nesbitt

3 years ago

Jasmine was so amazing! She helped us pick out the perfect companion pet for our household and went the extra mile a few times. A lot of care goes into the cats at the shelter. It was not over crowded and each cat has respected needs. I had a great experience and was told if the cat doesn’t work out, I can take him back. He was perfect and we had a great experience adding to our little family

Jonathan Olszewski

3 years ago

I have had nothing but a good experience with this shelter. Jasmine was very courteous and now I have two very beautiful cats. Listen to her instructions, she knows her cats. If she says a certain cat wont work for you or your family, she is probably right.

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