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Kay Cee

2 years ago

Great service in my 11 month old golden doodle!

Amelia Vallenilla

2 years ago

I attempted to leave my dog for boarding but decided not to. They lock the dogs up at 3pm and no one checks in on them until the next morning. Their customer service is extremely rude if you ask any questions about their protocols. I would never leave my dog here

Trevor Woodland

2 years ago

Truly incredible place. My dog is very nervous and they do such an amazing job caring for her. Feel very confident when she is there with them.

Blake Eric

2 years ago

This my secret favorite groomer in Chicago. Very reasonable pricing and consistent cut for my doodle. People are super nice and you'll feel very comfortable.

Bethany Boggess

2 years ago

My mini goldendoodle got her first full body haircut here, and they did an incredible job in a very efficient manner! They called me to pick her up within 2 hours. I loved the staff so much, I took her to daycare there, as well. We will continue to be Furtastik customers!

Matthew Raudabaugh

3 years ago

They are the best, my dog loves coming here

Sean Park

3 years ago

A great pet grooming place! They really love your pets and take great care of them. I’ve only used them one time for our Golden Doodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. but they will now be our “go to” groomers. Very good value, friendly and they even finished grooming our pets sooner than they had quoted me. Thank you so much! See you all again soon.

Rachel Russell

3 years ago

How have I not reviewed this place?? Been coming here for grooming for 4 years, and with a Border Collie, it's every couple months. They have the best rates and staff. He always looks and smells amazing after each visit. They're quick and always accommodating as well

Nathan Tornquist

3 years ago

TLDR: * Furtastic really cares about animals, and works to make sure that their haircuts will not scare or traumatize the animals * We are disappointment with how our puppy looks * We are happy with the treatment of him * We (now) understand why the haircut is what it is and have good future expectations If you are a first time owner, or have a new puppy, please make sure you discuss expectations in advance to avoid any misalignment of results. To Furtastik, you may want to expand new-customer onboarding if this is a problem you keep having. --------- We brought our 5 month old puppy to get his first haircut here today. He's a mini schnauzer with super fine hair and had matting on his legs. We knew this going in, but did not really understand how bad it was. We've been brushing him regularly and trying to keep his fur in good condition, and had just assumed that the groomer would be able to fix it all. We chose this place because of the reviews and because of the expectation that they would treat our pet well. We did not want him to be hurt. The expectation of treating him well, and also being able to deliver a perfect haircut without shaving him was a misalignment that we were not aware of going in. When we picked him up, we were upset to see that his chin was uneven. The groomer fixed that and then when we got home, we realized that his head was a bit of a mess too. We went back to ask that it be fixed. We were very mad because, from our understanding, things like just missing spots are clear signs of shoddy work, and a lack of caring. We did not understand how a groomer could so obviously miss stuff. We came in upset and things just escalated. We were yelling, and the groomer was yelling, and it was an all around bad situation. We were accused of not caring for our animal, because of how his fur is. We may not have been caring for him correctly, but we've really really been trying to. We likewise accused the groomer of not caring about the work, because of the quality of the haircut. --------- That's all background. I stayed and spoke with the groomer for nearly an hour. --------- It is clear that: * This groomer will not do anything to hurt or scare the animals. * If an animal is difficult, the haircut will be worse. * More regular haircuts as well as training at home will make the future haircuts better. And also clear that: * Despite knowing that 1st time haircuts are a problem, and that puppies are a problem, the expectation that we would know that initial haircuts are a problem were unfair. * Despite knowing that some owners don't care at all or don't try, it's unfair to imply that lack of perfect execution means that we don't care for our pet. --------- Overall it was a rough first experience, but from the lengthy conversation with the groomer, I am confident that they care and want to do right by the animals. We will be going back (assuming they'll have us). I also think that the lack of communications or expectation setting from them is a problem. We let them know that we were first time owners, and it was the puppy's first haircut. Later saying "we're like all the other problem owners" should tip them off that they need to improve up front expectation setting. We are happy that our puppy is more comfortable. We are disappointed with his appearance, but glad to know that he was treated well there. I think that organizationally, the main improvement here is clear expectation setting. Had we understood the situation going in, we would have had a very different reaction. I feel like an initial owner screener (like an in-patient screener at a clinic) would allow them to flag people without the understanding of what is going on instead of delivering a haircut that is seriously mismatched with expectations.

Miriam Ebe

3 years ago

My currently 6-year-old hound mix has been going to daycare and getting baths here regularly since 2015 up until the shut-down this past March. He loves it, and pre-Covid, their hours were very convenient for those of us who work full time. We send him here occasionally since Covid to keep him socialized and burn off some energy. Staff here are great.

Guillermo Leyva

3 years ago

Had a great experience here. They did a great job with showering and nail trimming my pitbull. He Came out smelling clean and looking fresh. Will definitely be come back.

G Div

3 years ago

Very friendly staff. They provide so many services and takes great care of your dogs. They are very attentive and sets my mind at ease. Highly recommended!

Dave Krass

3 years ago

The team at Furtastik is very nice and very accommodating for my dog and my schedule. They've proven to be very trustworthy with my fluffy friend for both boarding and grooming.

Titus Hughes

4 years ago

Gave my 1 year old golden her first haircut and she never looked better. Coat was glossy and neat my dog was the happiest I have ever seen. Great customer service

Jack Crowley

4 years ago

We use Furtastik for their dog daycare service. Their rates are reasonable their service and staff are fantastik. We can tell our dog loves going there because of how excited he is when we drop him off every day. Highly recommended.

James Campbell

4 years ago

They groom my dog perfectly everytime (taking all suggestions seriously, and delivering)

Leo Hansen

4 years ago

Amazing staff who genuinely love their furry customers. We've been at Furtastik for almost two years and my little guy goes to puppy daycare 1-2 times a week. After handing the leash to the staff, I like to watch as they let him off and he RUNS to the back room to see his friends. We experimented with other daycare services before finding at Furtastik and we'll never go anywhere else.

Oless Obushenko

5 years ago

My cats and dogs love getting their nails trimmed here!

Nicole Ensing

5 years ago

Mixed feelings about this place. While most of the staff is friendly, I don't like the small rooms they keep the dogs in for daycare. There is no where for the pups to do their business other than the concrete floor. I'm curious to know how long my dog tromps through potty and poo before I pick him up. It feels like a (slightly upgraded) version of a shelter

Luis Cardona

5 years ago

Friendliest doggy daycare around. Amazing hours and flexibles packages. And most importantly, my dog comes home absolutely exhausted.

Renée Glanzman

6 years ago

My puppy loves Furtastik daycare! The hours are a lifesaver since my husband and I both work long hours. It is awesome having reassurance that he is happy and healthy all day long.

Bob Adams

6 years ago

Great facility and the people really care about the dogs. I highly recommend this place!

Laura Leinweber

7 years ago

They accommodated me for a last minute grooming and were incredibly friendly.

Wally Fryzel

8 years ago

Great service, very friendly, and the job they did grooming my dog was awesome. Would recommend to anyone!

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