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Ebony Perrone

2 years ago

Great service, they really know about their animals.

Shane Borkowsky

2 years ago

We love Curious Creatures! We found our pet beardie there, and the owners and staff are fantastic. They are incredibly patient and friendly, and are always welcoming. They also have a great boarding program for when we can't find sitters. I would never go anywhere else!


2 years ago

The staff are a delight, very helpful and enthusiastic. They clearly care about their animals and making sure the right animal goes home with the right person. They are firm about the animals' well being which I really appreciate. The building smells like clean hay due to the sulcata tortoises, who have open air pens and are allowed out periodically for exercise and enrichment. (Not all at once!) Also: they are faster than you think they are. Watch where you're walking since the tortoises have the right of way. Note: feeding days are Friday and Saturday. If you want to meet animals up close, pick a different day to visit. If you've never seen a reptile eat a whole rodent, I think it's really valuable to be able to stand back and watch the process. (Especially if you're on the fence about your ability to feed whole prey.) They do have a small selection of high quality cat and dog food and toys but the shop is really focused on exotic non-avian reptiles. Edit: live prey arrives on Wednesday!

Ruairi O'Mahony

2 years ago

Boarded my 5 y/o ball python with them and she came home happy and healthy! Great service, very reasonable rates

Bean Bun

2 years ago

Great little pet store. They have tortoises that you can pet as well as a wide selection of reptiles. They even had a mantis for sale !

Ron McCauley

2 years ago

Meant to post this earlier. Got a rescue beardie from them in late August. One of the best experiences I have ever had owning an animal. I'm a first time reptile owner and they were extremely helpful with my many questions. I highly recommend to anyone in search of a reptile.Im considering getting another beardie from them in January.

Kerry Curran

2 years ago

I went to Curious Creatures yesterday to help my address my pretty severe fear of spiders and reptiles. I should have asked the woman who was working there for her name. She was incredibly kind, patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this store for their customer service!!

jen johnston

2 years ago

We purchased a northern BTS yesterday. The staff was absolutely amazing!! They were incredibly patient, helpful, gentle, and extremely thorough. They walked us through everything and answered all of our millions of questions. I was feeling overwhelmed beforehand and they helped me feel so much better. They really put my mind at ease. They even encouraged us to reach out to them with any other questions, and responded immediately when I messaged them the next day! I feel so comforted knowing they are there to help me. They are the best of the best. I’m SO glad we found Curious Creatures. I appreciate all that you do. I am in awe of the staff and the care they provide for not only the animals but for new owners, too.

Ari Dillaarimom

2 years ago

Very nice and helpful. Had what we needed

Eric H

2 years ago

Somethings are overpriced but what u expect, local owned.

Haley D.

2 years ago

This place is seriously cool! I just went in to look around and the staff was so helpful. They gave me great tips on animals to purchase and information about them in general. There are tons of reptiles here including geckos, snakes, bearded dragons, monitors, and more. They also do boarding!

Jope N1A

2 years ago

They have everything you need

Alaska Black

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable. Helped me understand how to make my chameleon's habitat bioactive. Wide range of insects keeps him healthy. I don't bother with other places any more.

Alex Hernandez

2 years ago

Very nice place, was greeted when I walked In and this a where I buy my crested geckos food because he is picky and they sell Pangea food.

Bernadette Ramos

2 years ago

Courteous and informative every visit, that’s why I’ll keep traveling the distance from Merrillville IN.

Maya Quiles (Vyir)

2 years ago

I was in awe of the care and love I saw for the animals there, which was a crazy range of species. The staff were really sweet, respectful and helpful. I will definitely be back again. First trip was great. My son finally found a gorgeous juvenile giant asian mantis, and a beautiful juvenile emperor scorpion we'd been looking for. Both for reasonable prices.

Victoria Werner

2 years ago

Curious Creatures is a fantastic mom and pop shop for all your exotic pet needs! It's run by a lovely couple who really take the time to care for their animals, and shops needs. It's so wonderful to see a small time shop thrive from good business practices and fantastic customer service skills. A must stop shop for anyone in the herp keeping hobby.

Sean Evans (Morydd)

2 years ago

Great staff that loves the animals.

scott martin

2 years ago

Good variety of animals and all the supplies you could need.

Don't Cut Yourself On All That e d g e

2 years ago

Went here really interested in buying a tarantula. I had done my research in addition to owning various 'exotic' or 'unusual' pets previously. The woman that assisted me was very rude and unkind. Asked me why I wanted a tarantula. Because I do? I understand there's a lot of unfit, uneducated pet owners out there but her tone was off putting. Was very condescending to the couple of questions I had. I wish I would have gotten her name. Work on your customer service. Seriously. Lost business because of her attitude. Yeah sure, its only a few dollars from me; but over time, employees like this hurt you. They tarnish your name and brand. It costs you exactly zero dollars to be nice.

Arun Hari

2 years ago

Knowledgeable staff, great energy , good stock of pets too. They pretty much keep everything one might need in the reptile hobby . Was interesting to see Biodude products in there . But I wish they .......

Amy Martin

2 years ago

What an amazing group of women! They were so great at educating the customers and being extremely friendly also!

Allah Akbar

2 years ago

Do they have ball pythons here?

Matthew Ulm

2 years ago

Thsi is our favorite local pet store. Plenty of things for our turtle and dog. Not a place to go for cat items. I hear they are remodeling soon and expanding so this could changed.

Carl P

2 years ago

I bought a baby crested gecko from here.. Was a fair price and the gecko is adorable.They have a nice variety of animals and feeders for decent prices. Only reason its not 5stars is because some of the supplies and accessories are like twice the cost of other places.


2 years ago

Great local pet shop with a large assortment of feeders.

Tiffany McCoy

2 years ago

The folks at curious creatures take care of my needs!

wot are those

2 years ago

One of the best local pet shops around. Everyone is super friendly and very knowledgeable. Especially Allison, any snake question you have, I’m sure she can answer. You can tell the animals are happy and well taken care of!! ???????? Definitely recommend for snake food, animal purchases, or for just a quick conversation and browse. The store switched around a bit, I’m assuming due to covid, but nonetheless a very enjoyable place. PS, don’t forget to say hi to the turtle. ????

A. Gerikas

2 years ago

Blown away by this reptile shop and it’s knowledgeable owners. Nothing in the city exists quite like this place. It’s a haven for all reptile lovers. I purchased a beautiful Corn snake from them and all the supplies needed so make Cozy homes for Baz and Taz.

Claudia Amador

2 years ago

Loved reptiles and you found everything they need .

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