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Caitlyn Auletta

2 years ago

I'm a first time cat owner that fell in love with a shelter cat with behavior issues: my roommate isn't so much in love with him... Luckily, Ro helped us navigate the signs of over stimulation and found ways we can help my cat ultimately feel less anxious. My cat loves sharing his new vertical space with his sister!

Maya Baroody

2 years ago

Ro is extremely knowledgeable and generous with their time. They helped me so much to understand what my kitty needs in the home and even provided with links to get my started. Eternally grateful

Jaclynn Avner

2 years ago

So far Ro has been nothing but supportive and helpful. They’re responses are quick and through and it is evident they enjoy what they do. Ro has shown knowledge and compassion both when zooming and in their responses between sessions.

Miriam Balinsky

2 years ago

Ro is great. They were referred to me by the rescue organization I adopted my new kitty from. One of my resident kitties is refusing to accept my new kitty, so I worked with Ro to better understand what my resident kitty is going through. From the start with email communication, Ro was communicative and assisted me in choosing the best consultation option for my situation (which ended up being an in-person consult). Ro took the time to meet all of my kitties and answer all of my questions. Ro even brought special toys with them for my resident kitty, which my kitty loved instantly! Ro helped me and my fiancé implement a playing and feeding schedule for our kitty to help get him back on track. I felt like every single one of my concerns was addressed and I am so grateful to Ro for their work. I highly recommend Ro's services to anyone who is looking to better understand their kitties. Within two seconds of meeting Ro you can tell how much they understand cats and all of their quirks. I thought I knew a lot about cats, but nothing compares to Ro!

Erin Vallee

2 years ago

Ro is an angel on Earth! After a month of being on the verge of tears 24/7, I am making progress and have an opportunity to enjoy my cats (and vice versa! ????‍⬛ ). Even as an experienced animal owner (NOT experienced cat owner) I was making fundamental mistakes that I had no chance to recognize or understand. Ro DOES! Ro helped me to change my viewpoint and see things from my cats' perspectives, and it has already made worlds of difference. If you are struggling with your cat(s), Ro is just amazing. Note: I am local to Ro and chose still to do a Zoom cat re-intro. If you think that Zoom might hinder your experience, don't fret. Our meeting was as easy and effective as I would have expected it to be in person. Thank you Ro, from the bottom of my heart!! I cannot wait to see how things continue to improve!

Valerie Ernst

3 years ago

Ro is very knowledgeable about cats and their behaviors. He has a calm and reassuring demeanor. He came out to our home for the initial consultation and provided us with useful tips for making our cats feel more secure in their environment. He is really good at what he does. We are so glad that we found Ro!

Israel Machado

3 years ago

I sought Ro's guidance after my kitty demonstrated some serious aggressive & fearful behavior (spanning 6-8 weeks) which left me emotionally exhausted. My initial discussion with Ro was via Zoom (due to social distancing) and right from the start they helped de-escalate an aggressive episode (during session!). Through the course of our call, they sought to understand my cat's general temperament, timeline of aggression, behaviors exhibited and environment. Ro was thorough and sought to understand root cause, all-the-while providing insight in the psychology of what my kitty might be experiencing. Care of a cat companion of course is a process and not solved overnight, but by the end of the consult session, I left with practical solutions and a renewed sense of relief to care for my kitty. For anybody considering Ro's guidance, I absolutely recommend. They offer consults at various price points, but the value and level of care/empathy is there no matter what you might be able to comp. Thank you Ro, my kitty and I appreciate you.

Liz Logback

3 years ago

Ro was absolutely wonderful! All of our questions were answered and Ro was so insightful on how to best move forward with our cat troubles. You can tell that Ro is really passionate about cats and customers alike! Would HIGHLY recommend!

Annaleigh Stone

3 years ago

Omg Ro is amazing!! Their passion and enthusiasm for cats shines through in their work. Ro is very kind and receptive to all the information I had to give. We had an extensive talk about my situation and they were able to give me SO MUCH good advice as well as a comprehensive written behavioral plan for my cat. I would definitely recommend Ro's services for anyone having kitty problems.

Mary Ross

3 years ago

Ro is great! He is extremely helpful with figuring out cats behaviors. He gave us excellent advice on our cats and a couple weeks later, my cats unwanted behaviors have lessoned greatly. Highly recommend!!

Erika Berthy

4 years ago

Highly recommend Ro's Cat Behavior services!!! Ro truly cares about fur babies. Our babies are now calmer and happier, which makes us happier! Ro gave wonderful …

Just Zuki

4 years ago

Thank you so much Ro! Without your advice I would still be at a loss with my cat Pi. She used to attack, bite, hiss, and growl at everyone, completely unprovoked but over the past month she has turned into a new citizen! She doesn’t hide anymore, she shows affection! And most important of all, she has stopped attacking!

Lorie Bashlawi

4 years ago

Ro has been so supportive and informative in helping my partner and I blend our families. His very calm demeanor and well thought out behavior modification plan are a good fit for our personalities. He checks in weekly and I have no qualms about asking for guidance when needed. I recommend Ro 110%!

Megan Boehm

4 years ago

Ro was so incredibly helpful with my cat! I was living at home in my parents large house with my cat and I had to move to a small apartment. I was very worried on how my cat (Cricket) would handle this! Ro and I communicated through email …

Robin Mina

4 years ago

I’m so happy I enlisted Ro to help me with my cat! I’m a first-time cat owner and I happened to fall in love with Mirabelle, an elderly lady who has irritable bowel disease, litter box issues, cancer, and anxiety (and who wouldn’t have anxiety with all those issues!) I found Ro to be an excellent listener. I felt understood and validated, which was honestly the first step to helping my cat that I didn’t even know I needed. Though Ro acknowledges they are not a vet and are not a substitute for veterinary care, they guessed Mirabelle had IBD before my vet did! While they have a natural intuition for cats and how they function, it certainly helps that Ro has 6 cats of their own and has firsthand experience in all sorts of feline challenges and troubles. Ro recently came over to observe me giving Mirabelle her chemotherapy pill, which is the greatest challenge we are encountering right now. They gave me special treats that could help entice Mirabelle to swallow her pills more easily, and offered some really good ideas to help me condition her to make pill-time more tolerable for both of us. Ro helped me recognize that Mirabelle is feeding off my own anxiety when I give her the pills, and helped calm me down and assured me that I was doing a really good job, that I’m a good cat mom, and that I’m doing the right thing. Being a cat owner is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done, but has also been one of the most challenging. Ro made me feel less alone. Their expertise in the areas of litter box usage, pill administration, and behavioral quirks has been invaluable in making life better for both Mirabelle and me. We are so grateful to them and will continue to enlist their services in the future.

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