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Tony P

2 years ago

Had to unexpectedly put my dog down this morning and they were able to accommodate me. In addition, they assisted in taking my dog from the car and could not have been any nicer considering what needed to be done. From the front desk to the doctor. They gave me enough personal time and the doctor explained everything that was happening.

Bryan Wilkerson

2 years ago

Had my dogs ears done they did an excellent job and was reasonably priced. The staff was so nice and helpful and professional. Really recommend this vet.

Carol Kegerize

2 years ago

They are friendly and very concerned and helpful. Pricy, yes, but in line with the others. A clean and professional environment.????????????????


2 years ago

UPDATE: I did get in touch with the office manager regarding the visit. The office manager stated she would talk to staff regarding the incident. Based on the conversation with the office manager i did change the rating and i will be bringing my dog back for his follow up. Hoping things are better this time around. If i could give 0 stars i would. My dog had an appointment at 4pm. Brought him in and he was not since until after 6pm. Not once did any staff come and notify me that the doctor was running late or behind. The vet didn't even have the decency to apologize for the long wait. What's the point of making appointments if you won't be seen at that time you scheduled. The vet and staff need better bedside manners.

Brianna Diaz

2 years ago

Brought my 12 year old terrier, who I adored more than anything, here for a check up since she is older and wanted to make sure she was all good. They ran all the tests, claimed she was in great health for her age and nothing to worry about and sent her home. Two weeks later, she collapsed and passed away due to the cancer that filled her lungs that SOMEHOW they did not see yet the vet we took her to the night she died said it was very progressive and that it was not something that newly developed. I do not understand how you claim to have done all these tests and missed seeing the cancer that was killing her. I will never ever recommend this vet and I will most definitely get the word out of their useless tests if they even did anything at all!!!!! I do not trust this place and am in the process of seeing what I can do to see this place pay for it.

Amie Tucker

3 years ago

As a healthcare professional myself, I am extremely impressed with this office. They have given me more helpful information about my dog than any other veterinary office I have been to. They are extremely compassionate, kind, smart, and extremely efficient despite The challenges we face with quarantining.

Daniela Gallardo

3 years ago

Cannot compare the service or prices. Love VCA :)

Diana Barrera

3 years ago

I recently took my 2 month old puppy to VCA Berwyn animal hospital because he was having stomach problems and they just took my money and fed me all spin around about what was wrong with him and never told me what was actually wrong they just said he’s healthy and will get better that they gave him shots and all kinds of things witch didn’t make sense cause when I asked they didn’t even know what shots they had gave him and actually had not report of the shots and I did I saved every paper work they gave me . it’s been about a month and my dog continued with vomit and diarrhea they constantly told me he was okay and a healthy puppy and now he is bleeding blood these people do not care about animals please don’t come here !!!!

nick p

3 years ago

Refused to help. Instead gave address to another vet. Unreal i waited up all night for them to open because my pet needed help. None given. I couldnt believe it. It was heartbreaking to hear. They always say on phone where we treat your pets like family , not true. I told them my pet was sufferring and they gave me an address. Im 5 minutes from the place.Thanks vca.

Alma Rosario

3 years ago

To be honest, at first the reviews on here made me skeptical to bring in my pet especially during COVID. Despite this, VCA hospital has saved my pet twice. There was a point where my pet had been sick so severely they told me there was a risk of putting my pet down. Thankfully, the surgery my pet had was successful and that was the first save. Recently, my dog has been sick but through appointments/check-ins, medication, and refills my pet has been doing much better. VCA is communicative with their patients and is affordable. I am happy for their care and would recommend them.

Michele Matthias

3 years ago

Very very happy with vca Doctors and assistants and everyone is so nice! And dr so knowledgeable and very patient with my crazy doggo!

Crystal Delgadillo

3 years ago

I came here with my dog for a severe emergency and since we didn't have the complete amount for his surgery the vet told us he couldn't do anything and told us that he only had only 1 to 2 hours until he'd go into shock and he also told us to just call other places and see if they would take him in, plus they wrapped him up poorly and loosely and still expected us to pay $80. Most inhumane place to bring a pet and I'd rate them 0 stars if it were possible.

Donica Johnson

3 years ago

Thank you Nancy( office manager) for calling me back and making a not so good experience better. I do appreciate it.

Jessica Carlson

3 years ago

Don’t come here. Zero stars if I could. I think something happened to my cat when they took him in back for X-rays and they didn’t want to tell me. My cat wasn’t acting right afterwards. I wish that I could have put a lawsuit on them.

jsnds kndfkds

3 years ago

Staff is generally unfriendly to begin with but whatever. Brought my cat in, the best option was the care plan as the prices are outrageous. Second time I went suddenly he needs dental cleaning... the estimate was SEVEN HUNDRED TO NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS. apparently i can’t brush his teeth to help it lmfao. i’m on unemployment due to a global pandemic, now they want $900 to clean a cats teeth. I regret ever signing up for this vet. Now i’m scrambling to find cheaper options in chicago because this is not that. So many regrets.

Julia Razo

3 years ago

I loved the service everyone was so nice !! For my first visit I absolutely loved it ! About the money I seen in reviews it wasn’t so bad any where else I could think of would be much more ! I just wished they seemed more into your pets needs rather than just rushing you too much

Kellie Scott

3 years ago

I am still in disbelief that this happened. What horribly callous staff and doctors. Last evening, my15 year old Yorkie was dying. I called VCA and explained the situation. They told me I could bring Beau in. The VCA was open until 8 pm. Aria, the attendant I spoke with, asked us to be there before 7:30 pm. We arrived at 6:45. An hour and fifteen minutes before they closed and within 15 minutes of my call. Of course I was crying and upset. When we arrived, the door was locked. I knocked on the door and Aria came to the door. It was very odd but she asked me to call her from the parking lot (where I was standing holding my dying dog). I called her. I checked in over the phone and gave her all necessary info- she told me it would cost $477. We even agreed that they would take a plaster cast of his tiny little foot so I could remember him. Then told me that a nurse would be right out to get me. We waited and waited. I cried and cried. Finally, about 25 minutes later a nurse came out and said she was sorry, but a doctor that was supposed to leave at 8 pm decided she wanted to leave and didn’t want to stay to help us. I am not kidding- this is exactly what she said. She said the doctor just walked out the door - leaving me crying my eyes out while holding my dying dog at the front door. The nurse said the only thing we could do would be to take him to another VCA - in AURORA! I begged the nurse to help us. She callously refused and said there was nothing she could do. After begging for 5 minutes, we finally got into our car to leave. As we were pulling out, a doctor from the VCA slipped out of the door and took off to her car. My husband asked her if she was the doctor that refused to help us. The doctor didn’t say anything but started to run and jumped in her car. My husband and I were stunned. We still can’t believe that a Veterinary Hospital would do anything so horrible. This story should serve as a cautionary tale to any of you who think that your pet will get loving treatment by a caring staff. If they did this to us, I can only imagine what they would do to others. I will never get over it. AND IN REPLY TO YOUR RESPONSE As I said when you made this EXACT RESPONSE on my Facebook Page (which you since deleted), if you have something to say to me about what happened above, say it here so everybody can read it. What in the world could you possibly say that would make any of this okay?

Kris W

3 years ago

Way overpriced. Was told it would be $1000 to pull my cats teeth plus an additional fee to book the doctor uninterrupted for surgery, although the doctor would see other clients while he was in surgery with my cat! Now I called back as my cat isn't eating and told them I was covid + 6 weeks prior, just out of respect. They scheduled an appt and 5 mins later canceled as my cat could put them at risk, even after that length of time! Isn't that why we wear ppe? Thank God I haven't had an issue anywhere else!

Marie Belchak

3 years ago

Dr. Baumgartner is amazing! She has given my dog Savanna excellent care. She explains treatment options with you and answers all of your questions. The staff is patient, professional, and friendly.

James Preston

3 years ago

I brought our recently adopted dog here twice when he started vomiting and had diarrhea, only to be told after the x-ray results that he had an upset stomach and to let the injected medication run its course. After waiting one day and getting a bad feeling in my gut, and then being told that all they could do is some more bloodwork, i took our dog to another facility. The new doc immediately felt something in his abdominal and did an ultrasound. He was in surgery an hour later and he has 5 different areas of obstruction and is still currently in surgery as I'm typing this. They will need to remove at least 1ft of intestine and we won't know if he will make it through. DO NOT BRING YOUR PET HERE if you suspect anything seriously wrong with your animal. The doctors here do not seem empathetic or invested in how your animal is doing. The bad google reviews here are REAL. I do not understand how this place remains open... STAY AWAY.

Kanani Enos

4 years ago

Great place to take your dog for medical services. The staff is super friendly. They are very good at communicating and it is always clean. I always request to see Dr. Thomas. We have been seeing him for 10 years now. And he is the BEST vet around. He really loves animals and he puts so much time and effort into helping you with whatever you need. And this place like all VCA’s is Pittbull friendly !!

Jesus Robles jr.

4 years ago

Professionals at an unbeatable price. they took great care of my long hair chihuahua who's 11 yrs. Old with arthritis.

Janice Morris

4 years ago

Dr. Thomas always provides exceptionally attentive care. He goes out of his way to treat your pet like his own. I highly recommend him. Some of the support staff could use some help but Dr. Thomas will do right by your pet and always goes above and beyond.

John Carnathan

4 years ago

Dr. B is the best. Great with cats.

Kristen Jepsen

4 years ago

This place used to be so awesome, it had so many services and was open 24/7. I felt so grateful to have this place so near my home. Recently services and hours have been cut but I still really like this vet. They still have many services in house and the vets are so kind and knowledgeable, plus the staff is really friendly. Although I wish it still had all the services it did a few years ago, I am still glad to take my pets there.

Larry Shell

4 years ago

After hours vet? BS. Just took my dog there at 6PM...nope. No walk ins (my elderly vet is semi retired). My dog is vomiting and with bloody diarrhea. They don’t care. Tells me to drive all the way to Downers Grove. Not my first disappointing encounter with them.

Michael Villa

4 years ago

I called the office around 6:50 pm and spoke to a woman who said the main staff leaves at 8pm but they have 24 ER staff who would take a look at our dog who was put down at another, more professional office. When we arrived the staff told …

Philip Mohr

4 years ago

TLDR: They want your money. Period. Will not be back. They took my dog for emergency examination after she got hurt. They took her into a room without me and then told me she was growling at them. Of course she was, she was in pain and with strangers! The vet had zero conclusions from the "examination" and recommended/pushed for about $600 of further diagnostics. They would send the x-rays out to experts, so I guess the vets here don't know how to read an x-ray. I left feeling sad that I couldn't afford better for my dog and frustrated at the lack of answers to my questions about the injury. DON'T let them pressure or shame you for their nonsense diagnostics and procedures. Went to my regular vet, and he diagnosed my dog with a dislocated toe in about three minutes for his regular fee. Dog is doing fine now, just needed pain meds and a couple weeks of rest.

Sandra Luna

4 years ago

Money is all they seem to care about. I will never go back here. I took my Chihuahua here because they take walk-ins. After waiting for about 2 hours, we finally get “seen.” The tech comes, takes us back, then takes my dog to get “examined,” while I wait in a different exam room (why???). Then the salesperson aka the vet comes and gives me a laundry list of things I could do, “just to be sure.” X-rays, when I repeatedly tell her I am 100% positive my dog did not swallow anything. Blood tests, IVs, the list goes on, all totaling over $1,000!!! For vomiting and diarrhea! Give me a break! Keep in mind I NEVER SAW HER EXAMINE MY DOG!! What a scam! I came home, fasted her for 24 hours, gave her a bland diet (boiled chicken & rice), and guess what? She’s fine. I’m so annoyed that I went there. I’m more annoyed that these people give VCAs a bad rap because I love my regular vet at VCA Franklin Park. I should’ve checked these reviews first!

angela marrufo

4 years ago

Great customer service, very kind and friendly. They are very gentle and caring to my pet. I do agree with some of the reviews that it’s a bit too expensive but overall they are professional at their work.

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