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Donovan J

a year ago

I specifically requested to get the next 3 months of shots and tests done for my dog and was told she was up to date. I did this because I am out of state. I was told "they're fine" Now I find out one is a month behind for her rabies and the other has to start her bordatello process all over again because this clinic failed to tell me what was due, despite me specifically going out of my way to ask. The staffs negligence has cost me time, money, and the safety of my animals.

Dan McGinnis

a year ago

Quality care for my pet.

Eric Rasmussen

a year ago

Clean and friendly ! Took good care of us!

Joseph Blake

a year ago

My sister and I had a great lunch and I always will recommend Dennys always great food.

K Long

a year ago

Helped my cats out, everyone is amazing

Megan Fietsam

a year ago

I love this place and so does my dogs. They are very respectful and kind towards me and my dogs. My beagle has had a lot of issues in the past few months and they have gone far and beyond to schedule him in and make sure he is ok. 10/10 would recommend.

Jenna Miller

a year ago

We took our dog for a "quality of life exam" due to his declining health. The vet was very understanding and gave us meds for his comfort until we decide our next step. I appreciated their time and expertise. I also appreciated that they could get me in quickly as I called Friday for this appointment.

Danielle Henderson

a year ago

The vet and staff were sooooo amazing! They went above and beyond for our pup and you can tell they genuinely care about what they do! It was reasonably priced and overall great experience would highly recommend!!

Connie Scott

a year ago

Very nice lady's and good prices

Brandie Grimes

a year ago

Awesome staff. Took good care of my fur baby and his needs. Would recommend 10 out of 10!

Pat Torres

a year ago

Great customer service, love the puppy we adopted!

Alyssa Kelsey

a year ago

First, I would like to say I know the times we are in now make just about everything more difficult or take longer than it normally would. But with that being said, the appointment I was supposed to have on 9/25/21 will be the last time I take any of my animals to this vet. I have been going to this vet for years, but have never been treated that way. My appointment was supposed to be at 3:15 pm. 4 p.m. comes around and no one has came in to see my cat or even stopped in to tell me how much longer it was going to be. He was shaking, cold, and nervous. The table he had to stay on was so cold. 45 minutes of standing in a room with no chairs or anything is RIDICULOUS. How about don't schedule a million appointments in one day if you clearly know you will be behind schedule and not able to get to them all. On top of that, when I finally decided to leave after almost waiting an hour for no service, the admin assistants did not say one word. No I'm sorry for the wait, nothing. Dr. Linton I think her name is.. does not have any bedside manners for clients or the pets she works on and handles either. She handled my dog so roughly at a prior appointment that there was no way I was going to let her see my cat. I was unaware she was the vet working that day. So frustrating, do not recommend.

Crystal M

a year ago

Thanks for trying to euthanize my cat that you said had heart disease without an efficient exam. I’m so glad I got a second opinion. You should be ashamed of yourselves for gaslighting me. I’ll never take another pet here again. AND FOR THE RECORD my cat had an inflamed disc, not a Feline Aortic Thromboembolism. His legs are working again simply from getting steroids. You guys just want to kill family members for the hell of it

Timothy Rickett

a year ago

Got there a minute early, called & told them my parking spot, waited 21 minutes... Left and never plan on going back. This shows poor management & I don't recommend this place to anyone who values their time.

Aubree Peterson

a year ago

We took our puppy Here 3 days ago when she wasn’t feeling well. When they took her they said she had Parvo even though she was showing no symptoms. We didn’t question it because we believed they knew what they were doing. Unfortunately that was not the case. They left her in A cage covered in her own filth, and did not give her water or take care of her. When we did get the chance to see her two days later, after them telling us that she was doing good, her arm was three times the size of her other legs and infected from them messing up the catheter so many times and not cleaning it and she could barely move. They continued to take more than $600 a day and lying to us about her condition. Our 2 month puppy died the next day and they had her cremated before we could even get pictures. Please please please do not go here I will regret taking my dog here for the rest of my life.

Cosmo Galaxy

a year ago

Staff are very nice and everyone cares about animals.

Gee Woods

a year ago

Get place to bring your animals for shots and check ups.

Gordon Mossman

a year ago

Outstanding care. Dr. Linton and her staff have provided competent cradle to grave care with love and compassion for our dogs.

Nicole Winter

a year ago

I don't own a pet but the place seems cool.

Andrea Cooper

2 years ago

These people are so friendly and always take great care of my fur baby!

Danielle R

2 years ago

If you're reading this in 2020 or later, do NOT go here. The wait times are insane. The staff is clueless and sometimes even rude. They keep nothing in a file. They have to ask ME what vaccines she is scheduled for next. They ask ME what the doctor said to do. I don't even trust bringing my dog back here if they're so unorganized. Not to mention they gave her double vaccines which is already unrecommended, but they also gave her vaccines while she was on antibiotics. Thanks GOD she didn't have a reaction. Oh, and they didn't know about the antibiotics even though they prescribed them. I was forced to come here during the pandemic but I will NOT be returning.

Jomarie Bush

2 years ago

Currently sitting in the parking lot at 2:35pm after showing up at 1:55pm for my 2:00pm appointment. I called as instructed on the signs to check-in, and was told someone would be out in just a moment. At 2:20 I called again to let them know nobody had come out and I was still waiting. After this, two vehicles that showed up after me called and someone came out to help them. Actually, as I’m typing this, there’s been a third. I called again at 2:30 to let them know this happened. Normally I would simply wait it out… however, today, I have another appointment somewhere else at 3:15 I have to be at. I personally am a manager at a business that runs on appointments, and I COMPLETELY understand that things happen that push appointments behind. However, the communication has been terrible, I don’t know HOW behind they are, and I have to tend to the rest of my life as well. Each call has been, “someone will be out shortly.” No apology… no explanation… nothing. Things happen and a 5-10 minute delay is totally understandable. We are going on 40 with no solution. That’s unacceptable. If you expect that your clients take their time to schedule appointments and be on time for them to keep your business operating smoothly, then I would think you have the same expectations of yourselves. It’s now 2:40. I’ll be leaving.

Sondra Boker

2 years ago

Love this office. A little slow sometimes but well worth the wait.

Paula Wilson

2 years ago

Best vet clinic ever. They are professional and caring. My cat received excellent care.

Penny Oelschlager

2 years ago

The BEST VETS. Thank you for your caring advice and support and ????. P.S.Oelschlager

shae 4real

2 years ago

They always overbook the appointmens. I feel bad if your appointment is at 4 expect an additional hour of waiting. Not enough staff and they seemed overworked, and it has been showing lately in the staff behavior and attitudes. I am also beginning to think my dog is not getting the best care due to them rushing with your pet to get to next appointment that they are already way late for. I have been going here for ten years and my dogs deserve the best care. I am truly thinking of changing vets if my next appointment goes like all the other recent ones. Stop overlooking things and take your time with pets, and answer our questions pleasantly. Isnt that what we PAY you for, good service? Stop being rude over the phone, it's making your status go down in the community. You guys overlooked a lump on my dog. Shame on you. Stop rushing please!!!! Do your job or quit.

Cyndi Taylor

2 years ago

Very good vet. Good prices too.

Vicki Williams

2 years ago

Just great staff who really care about their patients.

Kory Mitchell

2 years ago

Knew my dog very well and did great with us. But with my neighbor it wasnt so much the best experience granted he couldnt pay for everything but there was literally no willingness to help. I had helped him as much as i could and when he was only a little short on a fairly large bill the vet said "how can I pay my workers?" Well maybe with a little of their check? In the town I'm originally from if you cant afford medical care for your pet our vet would work something out because they trully care about the animals over the money. There's no payment plans or anything other than basically getting a credit card for your pet bills. Knowing how many people are struggling around here I understand theyre worried about their money but they should be worried about how people can't afford to take care of their pets. Once you take a pet its a pact. You do everything you can for them except get rid of them even if theyre too expensive for you because well you love them and the adoption means youre obligated to do everything in your power to make sure they're good. Thats difficult when the animal has cancer or another progressive diesease that goes undetected and you are told an animal is fine and that a medicine should help. And once found out its far too late without an expensive procedure or medicine and by that point there should be payment plan option plain and simple... Moneys irrelevant compared to a life.

Sherry Stepp

2 years ago

They treat you like family, and will help you with your pet.

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