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Joanne Kujak

a year ago

This place is no better than petshops that get their puppies from puppy mills. You can go to a purebred rescue League and get a puppy that was from a puppy mill for much LESS money.. Wake up people.saved f

shannon mulrooney

a year ago

This is an abusive puppy mill and should not be supported AT ALL

Amanda Woods

a year ago

Employees are rude af. Every time we would go to pet a puppy, one girl would just come by and snatch them out of their cribs. No excuse me, no explanation as to why we were just pushed aside for her to grab the puppy. I get they are working but they don't have to be so hasty and rude. A simple " I'm sorry I have to take this puppy into the back for a second " can go a long way.

M. Flores

a year ago

Sad...small cages, puppies aren't properly cared for. And, they are extremely over priced. You're better off adopting a dog instead of contributing to puppy mills.


a year ago

This place is pretty much a zoo compared to places like Pet smart and Pet Co. The staff may be nice, but they treat the pets like its a petting zoo, and all the customers feel inclined to do it as well. AND, the entire time this is happening, all the animals are in cribs with a bowtie and a loud (and pink) environment. And don't get me started on the prices, 5 GRAND FOR A PUPPY????? THATS NOT EVEN INCLUDING THE SCAM INTEREST RATES. Please do yourself and everybody else by getting one from a breeder or from Pet smart, where all of there animals are look at only and you may be allowed to pet/talk near them with a staff member around. I urge you to not buy from this place, and instead look elsewhere if you are interested at a pet.

Ricardo Chavez

a year ago

They honestly have the cutest dogs and everyone there is soo friendly

Lizeth Alejo

a year ago

I got my first baby in October for this year but unfortunately due to some congenital issues he had he passed and when we notified furry babies of this they were all very compassionate and respected our warranty. We were able to fill out family again with another furry baby and during the entire process the entire team was very professional and compassionate especially Crystal. We now have another furry baby whom we love just as much.

Fan Yang

a year ago

An English bulldog sells for $8000, the puppy is too expensive!

Betty StOckman

a year ago

Very friendly helpful puppies very well taken care of and all who worked there were involved in the puppies also was knowledgeable of the business and each puppy

Eduard Poienar

a year ago

We had a great time playing with a couple puppies! The staff was extremely nice and helpful.

David Dies

a year ago

Staff is very nice and helpful.

Julia Torrance

a year ago

$5500 for a dog. I cannot believe this place is in business but if idiots keep buying from here I guess that does it. You can go directly to a breeder and get quarter of that cost. Don’t support this!!!

Cameron Burgin

a year ago

Absolutely adore the puppies here! The puppies are so loved and cared for. They also are very knowledgeable in the dogs they have.

Alexa Ruby

a year ago

hundreds of thousands of dogs in pounds and yet you people choose to spend a ton of money on puppies that will most likely see the pound one day. Adopt. Dogs are not a Christmas present for ur kid.

Christian Houston

a year ago

Dogs were so nice yet expensive. They pay for all of the dogs needs and offer financing

Hisela Hernandez

a year ago

Purchased my dog here and everyone was extremely friendly and were so knowledgeable. Made us feel like we chose the right place to get our baby! Thank you so much.

Kim Horn

a year ago

Terrible experience. Our puppy has severe hearing loss and the “vet” you have to go to for their first exam didn’t even know how to check for hearing loss. The puppy heard a very loud noise in the room, but was otherwise completely unresponsive. The vet didn’t know anything about puppy hearing tests or where to send me for a more thorough diagnosis, and she didn’t seem to care. It took me 10 minutes of internet research to find the information myself. GREAT veterinary care. The manager I spoke with at Furry Babies in Aurora said there is nothing they can do without a diagnosis, even though my husband and I have videos of us calling and whistling and the puppy responds to nothing, only VERY loud claps. They don’t care. They sell “purebred” dogs for thousands of dollars and absolutely DO NOT care if the dog has a health issue. Now my husband and I have to spend $500 on a hearing test at another vet, get our lawyer involved, and waste so much of our time. PLEASE go to a reputable breeder! You will pay the same money for a dog that is well cared for! Do NOT waste your time at a place like this!

Richard Lehman

a year ago

Lots of cute puppies to look at if you wanna stop by.

Sunny Sideup

a year ago

We just bought a collar and a leash and the staff were lovely!!! Very friendly, the place was clean, and my daughter wanted to go back! ❤️ It was a good experience.

Phyllis Hodo

2 years ago

Nice associates and beautiful puppies.

P Edge

2 years ago

So I want to say I love my puppy I got from here. BUT when you go buy a dog from this place and use any of their lending companies make sure you read EVERYTHING. I bought my puppy with them telling me no interest for 6 months I’ve had my puppy 2 months I called the lending company to pay it off and my payoff is with an extra $400. I called furry babies and they said the reason for that is because there is an 8% paper work fee with that company…. That would have been nice if they told me that in the beginning. Be careful with this place.

Chantel Rodriguez

2 years ago

I got my precious baby from Furry Babies!! The staff are amazing and caring!!!

iirxyal A.

2 years ago

Love the pets here amazing staff and amazing animals

Jake T

2 years ago

Very cute dogs, hard to resist not picking one up

Mike Woods

2 years ago

Great experience for my Granddaughter . We petted almost every puppy and this puppy found us! We also think you need to add a Pullup handle/bar or seat to help me get off the floor, heehee!

David Kaegi

2 years ago

The puppies are so darn cute of course... But the place is so small for them! Don't forget to try to rescue a puppy before spending over $1k on one here

Freddie Ray

2 years ago

I loved it. Although I bought my ???? from the Furry Babies in Joliet (now Lombard) they still clipped his nails for free honoring their commitment for free nail clippings for life. Thank you.

Ella Murray

2 years ago

Really helpful staff, puppies are absolutely adorable. Got my puppy from here and process was really easy. Definitely would recommend

Kim Straus

2 years ago

None of the info on the puppies were posted.

Tina Santiago

2 years ago

I went here before they had such cute dogs but the prices were REALLY expensive, I would recomend just going to a shelter they are wayy cheaper.

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