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Joe Dundas

2 years ago

We are grateful our German Shepherd could be seen on short notice for urgent care. We were camping in the Sawtooth Mountains from out of state and his condition was worsening. The closest, available vets were in Ketchum. St Francis was able to see him without delay and provided an excellent standard of care. The entire staff was kind and compassionate. If we lived here, we would want St Francis for all our veterinary needs.

Mj McBride

2 years ago

I'm so grateful for this office! My dog was attacked while hiking in Oregon and by the time I traveled to Sun Valley her wound was getting much worse. I deal with my own vets in Missoula where I live and knew getting her seen as a new patient and emergently was going to be impossible! The front office staff was very friendly and helpful and made a spot for her in the schedule without making me feel like I was asking for the impossible. The vet techs were friendly and kind with my dog. Karsten the vet was incredibly present and explained all things that needed to be done for my dog and took the time to go over detailed instructions post surgery. The charges were reasonable for what was done with no unexpected add ons. Traveling in an unfamiliar town and having a pet emergency is scary. They took great care of my dog and I am so thankful!

Laura Vanessa

2 years ago

I called for an emergency that happened with my dog and the man (on call 24/7 doctor) wouldn’t take me seriously and told me I sounded 14 years old and that he had to speak to an adult when I am 20 years old and then completely just brushed me off not caring of my situation as if he didn’t want to help. What’s the point of being a vet if you don’t want to help animals. So sad. I even had my parents call to see if he would respond more to some adults older than I am, and he did the same as well just brushed them off like nothing. Really disappointed.

Kohl Fowler

3 years ago

In summary, they saved my Husky's life. I was on a camping trip in Idaho and my dog's stomach had flipped on itself(gastric dilatation with volvulus) and i had to rush her over an hour to St Francis Pet Clinic. Here, i have never interacted with the staff here before but they were fantastic across the board. Without them my dog wouldn't be alive and the emergency surgery went perfectly. I am forever thankful for the staff there because now my dog and i can continue on our adventures.

Price Fam

3 years ago

Amber, she is the best!!°°° She was so warming after loosing my 16 year old baby MoJo. I will always cherish her!

Lolly Victor

4 years ago

Over the past 5 years we’ve had 4 dogs cared for here. Dr. Fostvedt and his staff have always been super kind, personable and helpful. Dr Fostvedt is also very patient with me....the anxious mother of her pups who needs to know all the details, so asks many questions! Another bonus is that the prices are super reasonable!

Marshall Peterson

4 years ago

I wish I could find a doctor as kind, caring and knowledgeable as Dr. Fostvedt. I can cite many examples of how he has gone above and beyond to care for my dogs but a recent event is illustrative. My girlfriend was on a multi day hike with our dogs when one of them appeared to have broken his leg. I contacted Dr Fosveldt who armed me with a splint and other supplies to help get Guinness out of the backcountry. It was a 5 hour drive to the trailhead and 10 hours round trip hike to get him out. I contacted Dr. Fostvedt via satellite communicator when I got to Guinness and he provided me instructions on evaluating the injury and treating it to prepare for travel. ( I learned a lesson — if you travel in the backcountry with dogs — have a dog sling!!) It was well after closing time when I made it back to Ketchum. Dr. Fostvedt was waiting in his clinic to examine and treat Guinness. I can’t imagine how I could have received better service. I think Karsten walks on water.

mckenna chase

4 years ago

Did their first pig spay ever, while I was a little nervous for my potbelly pig, they did a fabulous job. They followed up for two days, with a free visit back to make sure that everything was going the way it was supposed to.

Kelly Collins

5 years ago

Absolutely love this vet clinic. Wonderfully friendly staff and the utmost care was taken to ensure all three of my animals (plus me) were loved and taken care of during their time of need. It is rare to find a veterinarian as dedicated to the animals they care for AND their families. I would recommend to all my family and friends. Thank you!!

William Smith

5 years ago

I Checked my dog in for a simple wart removal. When I picked my dog up, she was anxious, restless and when we got home, she could not relax and would stand under a table looking frightened. I thought that she might be in pain so I gave her the pain medication that was prescribed. It had no effect. She did not sleep that night and early in the morning she had a seizure, and I noticed that her right eye and surrounding area were swollen and she was in great pain. I called the office and brought her in as soon as they opened. Dr. Karsten Fostvedt examined her, found her to have a high temperature, the painful swollen eye and gave her an anti inflammatory injection. He told me to Bring her back at 4:00 to check up on her.The swelling had gone down in her eye, but she still had a fever. She urinated a little as he examined her, the only time she had done so since the day before. He said she did not look dehydrated and told me to come back in the morning. I took her home and throughout the evening she got worse and worse. She had multiple seizures, constant panting, and could barely walk. My wife called Dr. Fostvedt at home to tell him what was happening and that things were getting much worse. She said that our dog needed to be intravenously hydrated. He disagreed as she had urinated on the table earlier in the day, and said to give her some chicken broth to see if that would make her drink. He said that there were no emergency facilities available and that he would see her at 9:00 the next morning. We tried to get her to drink, but she would not. She was having seizures more frequently and panting continuously. She could barely walk and had a blank, vacant stare. We carried her in at 9:00 the next morning. Dr Fostvedt did his same ( useless ) examination on her, found that she weighed about 1 pound less than the previous day and that her temperature had come down. She started to have a seizure on the table, and this is where I am furious at what happened next. He picked her up off the table and brought her out to the waiting area to see how her body moved while she was seizing. My wife was crying while our dog was struggling to get up, and finally picked her up in her arms. Dr. Fostvedt then said that he was going to do some bloodwork and start some intravenous fluid in our dog. He would first have to amputate my wife from our dog to take her into the back room. That is what he said. He told us that he would call us to let us know what was happening. He called us one hour later to tell us that we could come and sit with her. He called us shortly after that to tell us that she was failing and that we better come now. We arrived within five minutes to find that our beloved little dog had already died. I have never seen a more callous, inhumane attitude in my entire life. I am suspicious that my dog was injured during the original procedure and that she was either dropped or fell, and injured her brain.Her symptoms were consistent with that kind of injury. We are heartbroken at the death of our dog, and appalled at the treatment that she did and didn’t receive, and the callousness of the entire operation

Melissa Leonard

10 years ago

They are rude people, especially office manager, no class or decency. Beware, take your pet elsewhere.

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