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Mircea G.

a year ago

Talk about a rip off!!! Same pack of diapers cost $10 less at target!!!! How can you gauge people like this, you thieves?

Cory Nope

a year ago

Big box pet store with prices that don't impress... Competition is better.

Zilla Photography

a year ago

The staff is always so helpful, and being able to refill a container with litter each month makes me feel so much better than buying a new bucket each time.

Tera Novy

a year ago

I went to Petco to get a gift card for my friend who just got a puppy. When I was checking out, the cashier had a movie/show playing on her phone. She continued to watch the movie as she was processing the giftcard. I feel as though this is poor customer service. She’s not 100% doing her job and could for sure make a mistake. Also, it’s just rude. If I was watching a movie and talking to customers at my work, it would not go very well with my manager.

Chris Wright

a year ago

Great products for all your pets and at check out the cashier should us how to save alot of money.

Shawn Ferber

2 years ago

Took my dog to get her nails trimmed Chelsea always helps us Abbey is so comfortable with her

Kelli Dez

2 years ago

I took 2 of my pets in for grooming and my half pit bull half husky started limping that same night. I’ve taken him to the vet a couple of times this week and was given meds but his walking hasn’t improved. I finally called the groomer and spoke with a person named Jen. I told her I wanted to know if something unusual happened like twisted his leg in the kennel etc. so that he can be properly evaluated by my vet because aside from the fact that my pet has been limping, she doesn’t see anything broken. Jen was very defensive from the get go. She stressed out the fact that I signed a paperwork that they’re not liable for anything that arises from the grooming process. She made excuses and blamed arthritis, the weather and my dog’s age. (My pet doesn’t have arthritis and is very healthy) He is only 9 and was not limping when I brought him in. I reminded her that the reason for my call was just to find out what happened so my pet’s vet has proper assessment of his health. Jen was over talking me the whole time instead of listening. I asked for her help to shed light on the issue and was unhelpful, defensive and hung up on me. If you love your pets, I would advise to take them someplace else.

Clint Talbert

2 years ago

Had one on one dog training for an 8 month old puppy. It was very informative and worth doing. The trainer was awesome.

Brian Russo

2 years ago

The manager was incredibly rude and wouldn't help me. I am hard of hearing to begin with and usually read lips. With the mask on her face I couldn't understand her. Yet when I walked out she had her mask off. I wanted to make a simple return and she said they couldn't do it because I didn't have my receipt. The website clearly states returns can be made without a receipt. I called customer service and they refunded my $ right away with no issues and said they had no idea why the store wouldn't do it. I feel like I was discriminated against because of my disability and saw them laughing when I left. I will be talking to my lawyer about this. What happened to the days of always helping the customer. These kids today are so disrespectful and don't care they lose customers and lose the company they are working for $. By the way I am a veteran who lost my hearing while serving. Total disrespect for veterans and people with disabilities.

Amanda Harris

2 years ago

It would be nice if the people in charge actually tried to keep the reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods in better/healthier conditions. Baby bearded dragons should definitely not be looking skinny, they're supposed to be fed as many crickets of the appropriate size as they'll eat, 2-3 times a day! I have no beef with the employees who are paid hourly. The people in charge of Petco should be doing better to keep their animals happy and healthy.

Arabelle Britton

2 years ago

Very friendly people and a wide variety of products and brands

Ray Taisacan

2 years ago

Nice clean store...merchandise are mostly in stock

Thomas Couch

2 years ago

So very kind to the pet owners and their furry friends. Great service. Love any place that welcome pets

Brian Sangster

2 years ago

Best dog groomer in the west is Jen at the East Boise Petco.

Dan White

2 years ago

The staff here is phenomenal with my little pup. The grooming manager was extremely polite and provided me with A+ service. I hope they give her a promotion she was very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. I highly recommend this location. The cashier was also very helpful with providing me additional guidance with the new Vital Care app as well. 10/10 location

Mike Albiston

2 years ago

They were the only place that I found that I could get the clipper blades that I needed, I used to get them at D&B for about $8 less but they no longer carry them... Disappointing

Kevin Ellis

2 years ago

They had what I went for

Fran Talboy Kershisnik

2 years ago

The store was unexpectedly open on the 4th of July which was a life saver. I needed help and advice for calming an anxious dog. The assistant was extremely helpful. She spent a good amount of time getting to know my issue and then helping me understand what I needed to do. As a dog trainer she keyed me in and as a result I had a much calmer dog for the weekend.

Britini Spencer

2 years ago

Staff is always nice and this particular store is always immaculate!


2 years ago

Helpful staff, clean store, and there are awesome supplies for your pets there. The grooming salon is a bit on the expensive side but overall great.


2 years ago

Great place to shop for your pets.

Mr Oso -

2 years ago

Bad customer service have to wait and wait for help

DeathSentence WA

2 years ago

Good selection but wasn't the cleanest.

clair ingraham

2 years ago

Found what I wanted and needed

Carlos Martinez Aguilar

2 years ago

Great,I find everything I need

Drew Pam Lopez

2 years ago

Issay was so nice and very helpful as well as friendly and attentive to all our questions and concerns. We were glad she helped us join the petco saving and how to do the app.

Mikayla Wilkerson

2 years ago

There’s a difference between offering advice, and making people who feel ignorant for buying fish. Particularly when one of the people you’re trying to give “advice” to, worked in a fish store for years. Unlikely to come back due to poor customer service.

Sally Briceno

2 years ago

Middleton store didnt have advertised sale small dog food.. I still was able to get 2 big bags of large dog food


2 years ago

Requested JennGSL after speaking with the grooming dept at Petco. Was informed she had worked there 10+ years and had Pomeranians of her own, so I felt ok taking my 6 month old Pom to her in the petco grooming dept for a bath, trim, nails. In speaking with a grooming tech upon dropping of my dog, she asked if I wanted face feet and cleanup or an all over cut. I said I just wanted a trim, as his coat isn’t fully grown until 1 year so I am seeing how it’s going to look. Since we had to select something I selected the all over but said please make sure he’s not shaved, to which she replied it’s usually at least an inch and a half left to ensure they don’t cut into his second coat. I felt an inch and a half at worst would be ok. They said he’d probably be done in 2 hours but they always quote 3-4 for a bath and trim. Four hours 15 minutes later I go in the store to check how much longer. She says I’m so sorry I forgot to call you. He’s been done for 30 minutes or so, (upon seeing my face change I guess she said oh it was probably more like 15 minutes) I felt like it was probably longer that he’s been done… then, she brings him out. SHOCK set over me. His fur is 1/2 inch. He looks more like a Yorkie cut and I am shocked at how coarse his previously soft fur feels now. I feel like them saying the groomers have breed specific hair cut knowledge is not true, and I am extremely dissatisfied and disappointed. I don’t even want to go into petco for anything at this point. Come to find out a trainee did it and not the person I booked with!!!!!

Susan Ayers

2 years ago

The store is always clean and fresh. Employees also direct me to what I'm looking for they know where everything is. It's impressive to me. Thank you

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