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Lucille Sanchez

2 years ago

Person I talked to gave me great information about b prepared in bcomining a dog owner

Dianne Stewart

3 years ago

We had an episode where our large dog broke free from her leash and attacked a smaller dog. Much to ur dismay. We took care of the other dogs medical Bbill's but were very upset that our dog could orcwoyld do such a thing. We called Chris, he responded promptly and conducted an assessment of our dog. He explained that she was not agressobecbut was reactive, to the other smaller dogs aggressions, but due to her size and strength we needed to be trained on recognizing such behavior, avoiding dogs that are agressing, and training our dog how to behave when threatened. We worked with Chriscover a series of sessionsxand have had 2 or 3 remedial sessions, our dog is behaving perfectly even when owners allow their dogs to agress uncontrolled we are able to manage the situation and maintain control.

John Monteith

4 years ago

Leonard is amazing. He trained 2 of my dogs a few years ago and I still tell people what a great job he did. He helped me turn my dogs into perfect dogs. With complete off leash control, I was able to give them an appropriate amount of exercise and take them to the beach or hiking without fear of them running off. I just recently had to make the decision of sending my oldest over the rainbow bridge but I know she had a great life thanks to Leonard. Not only is Leonard a great trainer, but he is a great person too. He will do what is right for you and your 4 legged family member. I truly feel that he is NOT "in it for the money", but in it for the love of animals. Whether you need basic command training or you have an aggressive dog Leonard can help.

LHS Grad

4 years ago

The best thing that ever happened to my dog & for us. It's a learning process to help with their behavior as well as our own. It's her home away from home & I wouldn't trust anyone else for her. She is loved & that's what's awesome!

Legend29 Fuller

4 years ago

eonard was an absolutely amazing trainer and he worked with us every step of the way even amid issues with the company he was with at the time, into starting his own. He had very good communication with us and he did a home visit and listened to all of our concerns about our dog Mika. He gave us great training advice and gave us homework to work on before the next meet up. Our dog to this day is a completely different dog because of the excellent service and training provided. Even after we left the island I’ve called him up and he has given advice on how to correct the behavior issue we had with our dog and we were able to correct it. He also had us get the edog collar to help with training our dog and we absolutely love it. I recommend him to everyone that I know all the time.

Annette borowiec

5 years ago

Exceptional Obedience is the way to go if you want great dog training! Great service, they are willing to spend time with you and your pup, answer all questions! Definitely worth the money. It’s been six months since Sandy completed her puppy boot camp and she still is doing great! Thank you so much!

Chad Myers

5 years ago

My wife and I were just visited by Leonard and finished the consultation today. We have not decided yet if we will be enlisting in his services as of yet, but I wanted to take a moment to explain what a nice visit we had. Leonard was extremely friendly and a pleasure to talk to. We had quite a few questions regarding our Siberian Husky and he was able to answer each question thoughfully and thoroughly. In particular, I appreciated the e-collar demonstration as it eased my mind with what an e-collor actually was and how it affects a dog while wearing one. So thank you Leonard for taking the time out of your day to visit with us, it was greatly appreciated!

Jessica B

5 years ago

Leonard trained and often boarded our two HIGH ENERGY (and sometimes difficult) German Shepherds. One of them hates meeting new people and can take days to even go sniff someone without barking at them, but he instantly got along with Leonard upon their first meeting. Leonard is that good! After training, they loved going to stay at "Uncle Leonard's" anytime we had to leave the island. I could leave them under his care without a worry, I knew he treated every dog as if they were his own, and that my dogs were in capable and caring hands. Simply stated Leonard is an absolute professional and we would recommend him to anyone who cares about the training and well-being of their dogs!

Trishia Kepuaonalani Loewen-Thornburg

5 years ago

Just an update. Since 2014/2015 we purchased a package training with Exceptional Obedience. Leonard Letoto had come out to our home for an initial consultation. We employed their services and each time Leonard would come by our dog would be elated with joy. He makes learning and training fun and inspirational for them. Fast forward, I've read some negative reviews about Leonard's rudeness. Perhaps people mistake rude with firm. He has to be firm with the work he does with animals and with the Police Dept. Exceptional Obedience is upfront and honest. We saw his heart and how he unites with the dogs - it becomes mutual. One important thing is that the positive behavior has to be reinforced. We intently watched how he trained our dog and he gave out strong, firm and happy commands which she responded to. To this day she associates good behavior with something she is praised for and she loves being praised. My husband will often go back to the basics of what Leonard taught. I am overprotective of my dog and would only allow her to go to 'boot camp' weeks training, with Leonard. Leonard is confident and this is demonstrated to the dogs. They need a leader whom they trust and sense that we trust. He is proficient, honest and extremely professional at what he does.

Anonymous Anonymous

6 years ago

Horrible training and customer service. I needed help with my dog a couple weeks after she was "trained" and received no support only a rude attiutide from Leonard. I would not recommend this place to anyone. My dog was there for a few weeks due to Leonard being busy and not being able to do the follow up appointment. When she returned I did not see a difference in her behavior and I also received a letter from my association saying she continued to bark all day even when I put her in the kennel like he suggested. I have another dog that was trained in a week by a different trainer and is extremely disciplined. He never had an ecollar, just an amazing trainer. I would have taken my dog there but it was in a different state. This was a waste of money and he would not even give me a refund!! No where in the paperwork did I see "NO REFUNDS". Spend your money elsewhere.

Briana Rae

6 years ago

We sent our dog King to Leonard at Exceptional Obedience for aggression problems and resource guarding. I am so thankful for the hard work Leonard put into training King! With a one year old son, I couldn't imagine King behaving the way he …

chelsea crabtree

6 years ago

We worked with Chris and he was great with our dog. She learned quickly and we learned a ton!


6 years ago

Chris has done wonders with our girl, Gigi. She had some issues with reactive behavior to aggression in other dogs, she was being over protective and at 110 lbs she can be hard to handle. Chris quickly responded to our inquiry for services as she had attacked a smaller dog and we needed to know what route to take with her. He quickly did an amazing assessment of her and worked with her and other dogs to discern the issue he then taught us how to respond to correct her behavior and control her. the other dog did recover and we paid all medical bills but most importantly learned hot to handle our girl in public ands avoid dogs that are displaying aggression in public. We cannot predict how others have trained or will handle their dogs in public but we can control our girl.

Jorge Logan

7 years ago

If you really want results with your furry friend whether its just help with bad habits, or for protection and security you can't find a better place. We took both of our "Newfies" an they are so responsive to all our commands and as big as they are we have to have total control, I have sent various friends as well and they are beyond pleased with the results. Leonard Letoto is fantastic with the dogs he works with as well with all the people he meets an all around great guy....

KeAlii Becera

7 years ago

Best customer service with highly knowledgable professionals, who assist you during your services and beyond! Always have and always will recommend this company to anyone seeking training for their dog.

S Kong

7 years ago

Very knowledgeable and honest training company. You pay for what you get. Think of it as an investment. While Leonard did a consultation with our neighbor our dog keep going to the fence to get his attention.

Shane Davies

7 years ago

Worked with Chris, excellent trainer, goes above and beyond insuring that our stubborn bull dog embraces the a change, accountable on time and easy to communicate with and is mediates between my GF and I when we have different thoughts on obedience training. After reviewing three other highly recommended trainers we decided to go with Chris due to their psychology aspect of training, not because of friendship, which I could say Chris is a friend now to us and to our Makamae. HIGHLY RECOMMEND them, you wont regret it.

Tamra Escorzon

7 years ago

My dog brought me to tears every time I took him for a walk. It was such a struggle! He isn't my first dog, but certainly was a challenge. Exceptional Obedience changed that immediately, even before he left for a week of camp, he was …

Warren Faurot

7 years ago

my gf could not take my 55 lbs Boxer for a walk by herself. i work 24 hour shifts and our dog really needs to get outside everyday. Exceptional Obedience was able to help train him so that my 90 lbs gf can take our dog for walks by …

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