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Sheri Sanchez

2 years ago

I used to shop here for my pets needs but ever since they have new owners the prices have gone through the roof. It's ridiculous when I can order a bag of parrot food that's twice as big for half the price this store sells it for and I get it shipped for free from Amazon. I believe in supporting local businesses but when they rip off local people I want no part of it

Alyssa Paredes

2 years ago

This October my little one really wanted a Guinea pig so we went to look around and asked what the gender was fir for the guinea pig he liked, the girl who helped us pretty much said she didn't know that she thinks it was a girl but pretty sure it was a boy and thinks that they were 6WKS old ( Fun Fact a guinea pigpregnancy length is 59-72 days! So she had to be alittle older then 6wks) Our little one really wanted it so we purchased "Him"..... Well!...... we now know it is a "Her" because she had baby guinea pigs a week ago! So now we have total of 3 guinea pigs. I don't expect one to know the full anatomy of a animal but if working in a pet store knowing the gender should be basic enough information to give customers.

Emily Brown

2 years ago

SCAMMED. We got our “French Bulldog” puppy almost a year ago. Was told he’s be 30 lbs (certainly at the top of size for a male Frenchie). We fell in love with our little guy and took him home. We did a DNA test on him to find he is only 48.9% French Bulldog. He is now a muscular 37lbs and is a medium sized dog. The only thing we have going for us is his handsome face with Frenchie ears. We had to move to the military recently and are on a very different time zone. I wish I could say the owner would do the right thing, but I’m not holding my breath that we’d get any money back. Shame.

leipunahele cleaver

2 years ago

I highly recommend the pet hale!! Went there a few years back. Customer service was horrible unfortunately. We were not greeted upon entry of shop. Store was a but untidy to say the least. We went there (myself and children) purchased 2 guinea pigs! Staff was so helpful greeted immediately upon entry! They were very informative prior to our purchase. Which mind you we didn't plan on purchasing. Just wanted to take my children in to see the fur babies they had. Anywho the staff are very nice and knowledgeable. They had such cute puppies,rabbits and some feathered friends as well. Any time you're in the area you don't even have to make a purchase. But just stop in n go take a look! Gladly giving them 5 stars!

jessica del rosario

2 years ago

Great bird selection of toys and food

Terese M Croteau

2 years ago

Fun place to bring little ones. No bunnies today, tho.

Kyllie Kropf

2 years ago

Best experience ever! We walked in and fell in love with our newest family member and everyone there made us feel comfortable and like family ! I live on the west side but will go out of my way to go back to this place just because I know they’ll take care of me and our furry family members !! We will definitely be visiting again soon !

Amanda Jennings

2 years ago

Both ownerships purchase their puppies from the same puppy mills on the mainland from online sellers and mills. Its very obvious as I read other reviews and see the puppies they harbor and supporting the mills. Please note that no breeder in Hawaii or the mainland will allow our dogs to be in the pet store. I'm a breeder and will never let my puppies step foot in a store especially when they cannot be fully vaccinated. The demand is high as it says on yelp in Hawaii and all over. No need for a breeder to use a pet store. If you don't believe me call the breeders on the Island. All sell their puppies before 8 weeks and some have to wait for the next liter and that goes for all breeds. This place is in wrong and will not tell their customers where the dogs are coming from nor will you get AKC paperwork. A breeder you can meet the parents, the puppies and spend less money than here. I know the puppies are adorable but if you stop buying them the price will go cheaper and the mill will stop breeding them. Your dogs will get sick and new owner or not they didn't do their homework before selling mill dogs. I assume a younger generation that don't know better but now do. Go online you will find where they are getting them and you will get them cheaper if you want a mill dog. You can even do it yourself and just buy them and ship them from online to your doorstep. Why not tell the people the truth and show them the papers before they buy the pup? Let them research the AKC registration number before they commit to a long term care for a dog or end up in a shelter when its not the breed you told them. Run a DNA test which is very inexpensive so you know what you are selling. Obvious the mill isn't even telling you the right breed bc they shuffle dogs. These dogs will end up in shelters when the people cannot pay the vet bills or not the breed they wanted. Need management if your reviews fall below to 1 or 2 stars.

Angel SP

2 years ago

Business has new owners since May of this year, I was told? Slight transition on supplies in stock. I still like this store.

Elijah Abramo

2 years ago

Under new management so ignore the bad reviews! Customer service here is the best. They're patient (albeit understaffed at times) and go above and beyond. My phone died and they offered to charge it for me or use their phone! Chris try, Bree, and Daniel are doing a great job so far!

JT Wildermuth

2 years ago

Would give 0 stars if an option. Sold a dog with no knowledge of the dog breed they were selling. I’m not against and type of dog but it’s important to know what type of dog your getting for care purposes. DO NOT FALSE ADVERTISE ANIMALS. IF YOU DONT KNOW DONT LIE ABOUT IT.

Mo Mo

2 years ago

The puppies are cute and plentiful but they are overpriced.

Stefany McIntire

2 years ago

People who do not know animals should not be selling them. They lied about what type of dog they were selling. Do not price a dog as a pure breed if he is a totally different mix of breeds that don’t even include what you said. Very disappointed in the customer service, the lack of knowledge, and the overall crappiness of your shop. DO NOT ADOPT FROM HERE!!!!

Traci Hall

2 years ago

Would NOT recommend this place. Purchased an animal through them and turned out not to be even 1% of what they said he was!!!

Zachery Brumbaugh

2 years ago

Earlier this year in March of 2021, we purchased a “BullMastiff Mix”. After months of us waiting for our dog to gain some weight and put on the lbs that a bullmastiff is known for we decided to do a DNA test on him. When discussing the breed of our dog with the Store manager she was certain he was a Bullmastiff mixed with “Airedale or Rodesian Ridgeback”. All questions were answered very condescendingly and arrogantly. After purchasing a fair bit of items from the store we ended up with a bill of well over $3500. We received the DNA test today and come to find out our dog is None of the breeds that the store manager told us he was, I am not sure where this store is getting their animals from but it is very obvious that they have no idea of anything about the ancestry of their puppies. I am frightened to know where their animals are coming from if they have 0 clue as to what the animals are. Highly recommend not visiting this store, very upset with their willingness to lie to make a sale, as I was very excited for a larger breed dog. Edit: we will be filing a claim with the Office of consumer protection and are considering small claims court for false advertising.

Ryan Graham

2 years ago

One of the beat experiences that we have ever had buying a puppy. Very kind and very helpful with everything! Thank you so much for you amazing service!


2 years ago

They had cute puppies, some birds, and mostly dog food. There was little to no fish supplies.


3 years ago

The place appeared cramped. I saw multiple puppies in one small kennel, while I saw few puppies who had there own individual small kennel. The rabbit I saw appeared unhealthy and in distress. The wild parrot should be liberated, instead of being stuck in a cage where it's abilities are crucially limited. The puppies should have a play area to be free instead of being confined in a small kennel for hours. Overall, customer service was great! The amount of supplies for sale appeared well in-stock and beneficial.


3 years ago

My initial first impression walking into this pet store is that it feels very cramped and not very clean. I had difficultly walking down aisles. But the reason for the one star is the interaction with the owner of the store. I felt more like an inconvenience with money then a customer who wanted to purchase a pet for my kids. The answers I got were condescending and at one point, I felt a bit interrogative. They may know animals, but they don't seem to know about relating to customers. So lessons learned. One, listen to the ratings. There is a reason for the low rating. Two, if you do go, don't let your kids feel attached to the pet before purchasing. You will have to endure the owners attitude. What one does for the love of our kids.

Exodus Carlsson

3 years ago

I am trying to get a look for birds ????

Beach Cleaner

3 years ago

They had puppies, guinea pigs and a big parrot in the store. They have the bird food I like which is Goldenfest and Harrison pellets here.

Dallas L

3 years ago

I was really interested in this place. But the one star reviews and the owners replies are so unprofessional. Im conisdering taking a visit to see for myself how it is. These rude replies to customers seem childish, and now how i would expect a bussiness owner to react.

Kiawe Larson

3 years ago

Employees were extremely disrespectful to my elderly grandma and kicked out four other people for no reason. As we were walking out she told us to never come back. She completely disregarded the medical needs of my grandma and other customers in the short time I was in the store. Their animals were being mistreated. I would have given them a 0 star review, but that wasn’t an option.

LikeMommy LikeDaughter

3 years ago

My 6yr old daughter loves animals so went to this location yesterday (22 Feb 2021) & was told to leave because she had on a face shield (that went from her forehead past her chin-shielding her entire face). I let the staff (2 ladies at the front) know she has a Medical Exception Card due to Asthma and offered to show it to them, however, they didn't want to see it & the response I got was "we have the right to refuse customers." What's the point of the state implementing a MEC if establishments aren't honoring them? Even after things are back to "normal" we'll never visit this location again. UPDATE: Ricky, In response to your comment, "curbside" isn't an option when your going into a pet store to look at all the animals & potentially select one to take home. She has been wearing her face shield daily for the past 2mos or so, having no problems with entry, except at your establishment. Also, as you should already be aware, Asthma affects people in different ways. So for you to compare your children to my child is absolutely ridiculous. These type of issues are part of the reason why the Medical Exception program was established.

Mabel Fox

3 years ago

BUYER BEWARE!! Backyard breeders sell their dogs through here. Dogs bred to siblings and parents are the types of puppies you will get. Lot's of health problems and behavioral issues in the future! Edited to add: Owners will say anything to try and make you think all of this is NOT true.

Lisa Ian

3 years ago

Friendly, well stocked, family owned pet shop. We got 2 of our babies (dogs) from here. I miss shops like this with all the corporate chain stores around.

Matthew Schoech

3 years ago

Cute dogs. Pricey though. I couldn't believe how expensive they are here. I would adopt or rescue a dog anyway, even in mainland. Sorry...just more people need to do that vs buying a new one.

Kimberly Scurfield

3 years ago

Very overpriced. $15 for a small harness?! They put like 5 puppies into one tiny cage. Very sad!!

Kim Donald

3 years ago

Cute dogs, unfriendly workers. Products are priced way too high, you're better off buying on Amazon.

Karen k

3 years ago

My daughter bought a tame love bird from there a couple of years ago. The owner's daughter bred and cared for them herself. We love our baby, although she can be a pest sometimes. The owners all love and care for the pets, and were very helpful answering our questions as this was our first love bird. We feed our baby the same food that they fed them at the store, and give her the same treats and she is very healthy and energetic. We always stop by there when we are in Mililani. Love the owners and their animals always look happy and healthy.

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