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J Fish

2 years ago

Dr McCurdy is such an wonderful person and veterinarian. We have far to many visits unfortunately with our two dogs on Maui for various accidents and surgeries. We have worked with 3 other veterinarian offices on island and we are so happy to have found the only place to bring our "kids". Highly recommend Dr McCurdy!

Vickie Spanos

2 years ago

I cannot say enough about Dr. McCurdy and his entire staff. They have taken care of our dog, Zoe for the 3 years we have lived on Maui. She is a senior dog and Dr. McCurdy and staff were phenomenal in helping us understand her aging needs. It is very comforting to know that Dr. McCurdy is always there for Zoe. We are now moving back to the mainland and, again, they have helped us every step of the way to get her back to Arizona. We will truly miss Dr. McCurdy and his entire staff and the care they gave us. I can only hope that we can find another Dr. to care for Zoe with as much love and compassion as Dr. McCurdy and the entire staff at South Maui Vet Clinic. Mahalo to you all so much !

Yvonne Bosch

3 years ago

I was at the vet today with my kitty. They have you wait in the car while they bring her in for her vaccinations. While in the car, a pick-up truck pulled up. In the bed of the truck was a sea turtle. My favorite vet, Dr. McCurdy came out and removed the fishing line that was wrapped around the turtle's neck. THANK YOU Dr. McCurdy and THANK YOU guy with the pick-up truck who took the time to save a sea turtle!! ????

Dexter Romias

3 years ago

Dr McCurdy and his staff did a wonderful job in taking care my adorable rabbit. I really appreciate it.

daniel szabo

3 years ago

We bring cats, dogs, tortious and birds here.

Anitra Iglehart

3 years ago

Dr. McCurdy has been a life saver for Penny. She is an english bulldog that has eye leashes growing inside her lid. Other vets never noticed it and kept recommending eye drops to fix the ulcer that would appear but never found the cause of the ulcer. He is so patient and caring to animals and very knowledgeable. I am so grateful we have found an amazing doctor for our Penny.

Amber Cuttz

3 years ago

It is to no surprise to read all of the wonderful reviews on dr. McCurdy. He was very professional, provided tons of informative material and seemed to truly care about his patients. On the other had I am highly disappointed in the dr I first encountered, Marina Boucher. It seems like when she did her original phone contact while examining my pet, she was quick to recommend all these things for me to purchase but didn't really seem to care about the animal itself or my knowledge of why she was recommending these products. I later received a phone call about information she did not include in the original call of examination. I politely declined the service as my pet is a puppy and they go through a lot of changes very rapidly. To later find out in my pets medical records, she twist my words to seem as though I am a careless pet owner. I am very offended she felt the need to do so and put it on record. Do not recommend the lady. If he's available you should go with Dr. McCurdy, very professional and informative.

Amanda Lloyd

3 years ago

My bun Penny (Holland Lop) was a patient with south Maui vet clinic. Two weeks before this story Penny had stasis problems that were resolved with critical care and meds after calling south Maui vet they didn't not see me or give her fluids.TWO WEEKS LATER: On a Thursday night my bun started to show signs of GI stasis. I called central Maui vet emergency they informed me that they could not see me or give my bun fluids due to not having a bunny vet there (if your gonna be an emergency vet maybe you should know how to care for all animals????). They advised me to not call in the Dr. McCurdy because her symptoms were not "that bad." Friday morning I call south Maui to try and get an appointment they couldn't see me till Tuesday afternoon. Buns do not have 4 days after they show symptoms of stasis they have hours maybe a day or two before they pass. Friday and Saturday I am feeding her critical care and stomach meds around the clock with syringe water. She started to eat so I took that as a good sign that it was working. Saturday night I pick up Penny to give her stomach massages to help move the gas around in her gut a little and help the pain. I feel 3 large lumps on her tummy I call emergency immediately they told me Dr. McCurdy was unavailable to come in on emergency. They informed me that another bun was also trying to call him in but there was nothing they could do because he was unavailable. Monday (south Maui is closed) I call west Maui vet clinic to see if they could help me in any way. I told them she needs fluids and they couldn't help me but they told me central, south and west Maui company has another bunny vet beside Dr. McCurdy. Central Maui vet clinic was then paging Dr. McCurdy and this other bun vet no one answered their pages all day. They advised me to call At Home Animal Hospital and Makawao vet clinic because they are the only two other vets with bunny vets on island. I call both one is not open the other ones bunny vet moved off island. I and a friend of mine just start calling every vet on island. We got a hold of Animal Care Hospital and Wellness Center in Kula and you wouldn't believe Dr. Barros who specializes in rabbits is available to see my bun. I'm wondering why Central emergency kept this bunny vet information from me?? Dr. Barros checks on her and informs me she needs surgery and the 3 blockages are very bad and the surgery will be extensive and there is a chance she may not wake up from surgery or even make it though the night. I held Penny that day and wished her luck and told her how much I loved her. Penny spends the night at the clinic Monday on fluids the entire night. Something she should have had days before.Tuesday morning she was awake and alert. She went into surgery at 12pm it was a long surgery a little over two hours. She made it out of surgery and was partially stable. At 2:50pm while driving to the airport I got a call that her heart couldn't take it and she had passed. Dr. Barros gave my bunny emergency surgery, he spent hours trying to save her, he called me personally on the phone a week after Penny had passed on his day off to help me understand why she had died and to help mend my heart of her tragic death. His staff was caring and reassured me many times that this was not my fault. Dr. McCurdy knew Penny was having GI stasis problems both times he never made it a priority to get her in and put her on fluids. Penny died because he was carless and didn't answer pages. I called south Maui vet clinic to let them know Penny had passed. I never received a call from Dr. McCurdy with his condolences for my loss. Penny is dead because of him and the south, central, west Maui vet clinic company. There is a bunny vet on island who understands how fragile bunnies health is. His name is Dr. Barros and when he says your pets care is his priority he genuinely means it. Please consider my story when deciding where to get your vet care.

Caroline Hartman

4 years ago

You folks are amazing! I work at Petco and that was where I learned about you folks. Thank you for taking such great care of our feathered baby, Hina! She looks and sounds so much better! Definitely keeping you folks as her primary vet.

Wendy Lodge

4 years ago

Good avian vet. Dr. McCurdy and his staff knows how to handle birds. He is very knowledgeable and informative. He will always be my first choice when I need to take my red bellied parrot in for care or a check up. Last time, Keoki wasn’t fully flighted, now he is. It’s going to be interesting LOL.

Sheila “She She” Walker

4 years ago

Dr McCurdy is the most compassionate, empathetic vet I have ever met. He truly cares about his clients and their owners!

michalea macar

4 years ago

Dr.Mccurdy is awesome with my conure. The only vet I trust with her. Highly recommended!!


4 years ago

Dr McCurddy and his staff were so amazing helping me thru a tough decision today Thank You

Ralph Porcell

5 years ago

I would like to thank Dr. Paul McCurdy and the staff at South Maui Animal Clinic for everything they did for me and my dog. I had to make the hardest choice any pet lover has to make and let my best friend go. It was extremely difficult for me and everyone was very accommodating and comforting throughout the entire time. I appreciate everything and will never forget it.

Lita Catiel

5 years ago

Dr. McCurdy and his staff are awesome, and our fur babies love them!

Lee Danee

5 years ago

It was time for my best friends dog to be put to sleep, I've known this dog Lucy for her whole life, 16.5 years. Dr. McCurdy spent so much time with us, and really made sure my friend was ready. He made Lucy comfortable, got her water so …

Frank Rebelo-Miholer

5 years ago

Dr Paul McCurdy was great with my Jack Russell Terrorist and showed genuine caring. I have lived on Maui 30 years and my previous vet passed away, and I couldn't find the right doc until my friends Kevin and Brian referred me to him. His pricing was very fair and I am happy.

Chaz Huffman

6 years ago

Thank you all for saving Mr. Handsome! So glad you're in Kihei and that you specialize in small pets like our Lions Head rabbit. He's back to his honory self!????


6 years ago

I am very careful when picking just the right veterinarian for my dog. I loved this place and am so stoked I found just the right Doc for my pet's care.

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