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Patricia Parente

2 years ago

This place actually used to be good when they first opened up and I started going to them about 10 years ago to take my cats. But the last few years it’s just been going downhill. My last experience that I had with them will make it that I will not take my animal there again or ever ever recommend that somebody take their animal there the people are all very disorganized. I received an email reminding me to go for his annual healthy appointment, so I called and I made the appointment without them asking me any questions about his age and dates about his previous vaccines, which was through HARF when i adopted him. when I showed up there he was greeted by employee that asked if I wanted all vacinnes that he is due for. I said yes whatever vaccines he needs because that’s why I am here. She made it think he was due for vaccines while looking at my vaccination record I have for him and then took him in. Only 5-10 mins later the doctor called me and told me he looks great but doesn’t need vaccines so I was like well what is the point to bring him then? I didn’t want to bring him in for no reason? That should have been figured out at the phone call appointment that I set up for him…if anything should have been told by the lady before they took him in. Anyway, I expressed my frustration And instead of being courteous to me and maybe letting me talk to a manager to solve the problem. I basically was charged for an appointment that wasn’t even necessary for me to have been there in the first place. Lack of understanding and flexibility. I’ve paid them thousands in the past so it’s not like I’m a new customer complaining. And now, they get this review of the truth. Will not be returning to them.

Tiffany Devita

2 years ago

I showed up at 550am. My dog was no longer in distress so I was encouraged to wait until 7am when emergency fees and add ons are lowered. At 7 no one acknowledged my existence and seem agitated I was calling. Still no one came outside to see us. At 725 I was told I was misinformed and could keep waiting until 8am and they were sorry. Lacking common decency and humanity. Don't take your dogs there in an emergency

Teresa Waldron

2 years ago

I have an elderly dog and I am trying to subside the pain I know he is having with his dysplasia. I decided to try acupuncture with Dr Curtis Willauer. I have done acupuncture myself so I know that it works for me. Dr. Willauer is so compassionate, informative, and observant. He listened to my concerns and his knowledge had me leaving the office a bit relieved and more educated. I would not hesitate to take my pet there again.

Barbara Kaauamo

2 years ago

Dr. Willauer is the best and is much appreciated. Too bad CMAC prices have escalated to such an extreme.

Sweetest Hawaiian Princess

2 years ago

Levels of expertise, competence, compassion and love of animals varies among vets in our and many others experience unfortunately.

Ashley Solar

2 years ago

They took such amazing care of my two dogs while we had an emergency and had to move out of our house for a few days. It was a stressful time but the team at central Maui were so kind, friendly and accommodating. Can’t say enough great things!!

Abigail Burggraaf

2 years ago

I was very disappointed with this clinic. If you want to feel a part a slow assembly line, go to this clinic. I waited 20 mins after my scheduled appointment time for them to bring in my dogs. Which was an understandable wait time, as long as my dogs an other dogs were going to be taken care of properly. Was told several times that this clinic would call my old clinic to get my dogs medical history to finally to be told 3/4 in the visit that I have to call an email to this clinic. Which is a minor inconvenience, I just wished the people I talked to on the phone or the nurses that brought them in would of just told me to do it in the first place. The nurses brought my dogs in and out of the clinic made me feel unwelcome and a burden for asking questions and sometimes re-asking making sure that my kids were receiving the care they needed. Then doctor said that one of my dogs needed 2-4 teeth extracted because they were dead and black, even though a month before I flew her over here, the old clinic said they were ok. So, going with my gut, I took her to another clinic, and the new clinic said they were fine and no need for any extractions at all. There’s more that I could go into but, I will just leave it at that. Overall I wish I had a better experience. Maybe everyone was having a bad day. In the end, I’m so glad I got a second opinion.

Shushu Can

2 years ago

Horrible place. DO NOT bring your animals here. All their after is money, not your pets well-being. You’ll go there and leave with the same problems. Take our word DO NOT COME HERE…

Anna Hom

2 years ago

This clinic, Dr. Nunan and Dr. Hight really was kind and professional in the care of both my diabetic cat and a very elderly cat who passed away during the pandemic. Cheers to you both and to your staff!


2 years ago

Awesome service n excellent vet staff???????????????? thank you guys for all your hard work n care for the animals????????????????


2 years ago

Feel very confidant taking my dog here. I switched from a prior vet service as I had lost confidence in their abilities and treatment "style".

Danita Crombach

2 years ago

Dr. Curtis is amazing! He provides loving care and options for the best possible results.

June Kaleponi

2 years ago

My husband and I inherited a stray kitten after the kitten's parents suddenly stopped showing up in our yard. We are not cat people yet we could not bring ourselves to take this kitten to the Humane Society given they were overburdened with various animals at the time. We got into contact with Central Maui Animal Clinic to begin getting the kitten the care he needed. The staff has been so very helpful and patient educating us about caring for a cat. We are so thankful to have caring people to help us care for our cat! Mahalo!

Kathy Wade

2 years ago

Very friendly and caring staff

M Ren

2 years ago

Amazing care for my Frenchie and great customer service from calling to make the appointment to having my Frenchie delivered back to me.

Mark Stevens

2 years ago

Had to make an emergency visit to Maui from Molokai for a cat who had a life-threatening UTI. They were able to diagnose treat and send us home with treatment and my furry buddy it’s all better now. Thank you for taking care of smokey Making sure he sticks around longer.

Shirley Nishikawa

2 years ago

Dr. Curtis Wilauner is the most compassionate, kind, professional and experienced Vet on Maui. I trust him and he takes great care of my two dogs.

Melanie Smith

2 years ago

Not very good in examining animal. Missed noticing somethings they should not have missed. Felt like they would tell me your animal needs this and this and this everything added up and up in price

Laura Vo

2 years ago

My cat was dx'd with mid-stage renal failure, but rapidly progressed and crashed resulting in needing an emergency visit and overnight stay. Though the options were limited, Dr. Nunan took so much time and patience to carefully review all the options on the table. We ended up trying to prolong her life, and it worked for now. She is still with me today, 6 weeks later. I consider them miracle workers. I was so worried my cat was going to die in the hospital overnight and they were wonderful about staying in touch and letting me call overnight to check in on her. They also went over DNR information and asked if I wanted her to be resuscitated in such an event so I could come to say goodbye. Everyone- the vets, techs, and front desk staff, were nothing but compassionate and patient. They sent her home with clear discharge instructions and teaching instructions for me for administration of fluids. She someday won't survive her renal failure, but knowing that we're doing all we can and giving her quality until then is an invaluable gift. We continue to monitor her with the staff and make decisions based on QOL. It feels like a team effort and I don't feel alone in making these tough end of life decisions. Though there is a price on the vet bills, it's actually hard to say what something like that is worth when your pet is family. Then my dog needed a teeth cleaning (Dr. Gehring did this) and that turned into a much more involved procedure than any of us anticipated. They communicated so well the whole time, Dr. Gehring was excellent, too. They took the time to listen to my concerns about his airway pre-anesthesia, and post extubation, reassured me they'd keep a watchful eye on his breathing post operatively. They called me when they examined him, again after X-Rays, and when he was in PACU level care and then ready for discharge. They gave me clear post discharge instructions and the tech spent about 5 minutes answering questions outside the clinic. Also provided me with print outs of the X-Rays and then emailed me photos of teeth they were able to save that I need to focus on for brushing when his mouth heals. Great care by great staff who clearly love what they do. :)

sarah haynes

2 years ago

I really love this hospital, specifically Dr Hillary. Because they run an emergency clinic overnight and on the weekends, which is more expensive than normal, they get a rap that they are expensive. However if you have an appointment like you would at your normal vet, and you manage your pets health well, your bills will be the same as any other vet. My last two trips there, one was $150 and the other was $400 but included urine/blood tests which I wanted. I have found with all veterinariand, it really pays to be clear, put everything in writing, and give some direction. For example, if it’s a first time issue , depending on the situation, I might say that I would rather treat the symptoms then dig deep into the problem - as long as they feel thats safe. There are a lot of things that happen that go unexplained just like our own bodies, if you have a headache you take an aspirin you don’t necessarily get an MRI. So if my animal has some nausea, I might ask for anti-nausea medicine before testing why. of course tell them that if they think this is a bad idea to please let me know, and I will follow their advice.Hope this info helps somebody, it certainly is useful for any vet you go to. Dr Hillary is incredibly well-versed with cats and anytime I have a difficult case, she’s one of my favorite vets to go to. Great communicator, great collaborator, fabulous care.

Shantel Silva

2 years ago

Central Maui Animal Clinic and boarding staff have been quick to respond, very efficient, and helpful! I trust my fur baby with them 100%!

Heather Dee

2 years ago

MONEY HUNGRY COMPANY. The emergency fee is understandable but everything after that I was shocked. They do not care about our animals, staff was rude. Received a call after I brought my puppy in & was told there was nothing wrong. Shortly after, got another call saying they need to further examine him & that it’s going to cost $500 extra just for the exam. YOU KIDDING??? Very wishy washy & untrustworthy company. Too bad this is the only 24 hour clinic. If i could give 0 stars I would.

ellen goff

2 years ago

The staff is ALWAYS so nice, patient & absolutely wonderful to my puppy Teddie…

Karen Paresa Neizman

2 years ago

Central Animal Clinic has always given my pets good care! Dr Wilauer is patient, knowledgeable and it’s obvious that he genuinely cares about my animals well being. We have taken dogs and cats to see him for many years. Love that he offers anholistic approach to veterinary medicine

Donna Clayton

2 years ago

I have trusted Central Maui Animal Clinic for many years and found their care always to be excellent.

Erik Heimbigner

3 years ago

you guys are so awesome!! so compassionate and understanding of animal's human parent's craziness! so appreciative of all you do. my pets and I are so much better off with your services. you guys are a major part of our pet's ohana. they and we depend on you regularly caz our cats are pretty rowdy, and need your expertise all the time! ahhrite, cheers Erik

Serina Souza

3 years ago

Central Maui Animal Clinic is the WORST Vet on Maui. They do not care about our fur babies instead they care about the money. They showed no compassion for my dying dog. They weren't willing to see her until I had money. I had to apply for a credit card while my dog was dying in my arms. DO NOT take your animals here. They don't even deserve a 1.

Leanne Ota

3 years ago

Chloe our furbaby went to Central 6 years ago for a very aggressive cancer in her trachea. They were able to remove it and extend her life. We are forever grateful for time we had with Chloe and would recommend taking your pet there if you ever need someone 24/7.

Bryan Kortis

3 years ago

Our cat had a severe aural hematoma (swollen ear) and we knew was going to need surgery to reduce the swelling. Central Maui Animal Clinic saw us on an emergency basis the same day we called and, a few hours later, the surgery was done and poor Violet was back home with a cone but on the mend. Excellent service!

Rex Tesoro

3 years ago

11 week puppy exam for our Chocolate Labrador Retriever went well but a follow up for a positive fecal parasite was terrible. Once we knew of the problem we were told that a doctor will be giving us a call on that day to inform us of the problem and the prescribe medication we can pick up. No follow up call received on the first day. Second day I called Central Maui Animal Clinic to report that there was no follow up call. They told me again that a doctor will be calling me that day to remedy the problem. No follow up call received on the second day. Finally on the 3’rd day I called again and was told the same answer and that’s when I requested to talk to the office manager and file a complaint. The office manager did not sound apologetic and only my complaint remedied the problem. My dog had Coccidia and if not treated could have been fatal. No proper explanation was ever given as to why this happened but I feel that the actions taken by Central Maui Animal Clinic was unprofessional and others need to know that you have to be an advocate for your loving pet.

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