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joseph castiglione

2 years ago

Our wonderful pet Cassidy passed after more then 16 years with us. In her sleep and into God's hands. We brought her to Gentle Vets for cremation. She was returned to us today and were consumed by grief. Your staff presented to us her remains. The card signed by the staff, the hair sample and paw imprint was incredible. So much love And thank you so much for caring

nick fowler

3 years ago

Rude. Dishonest. Overpriced. Avoid like the plague!!! Seriously DON’T TAKE YOUR BELOVED ANIMALS HERE!!! We arrived for our scheduled appointment on time and caught a girl in uniform about to head into the elevator (Devon, extremely snotty). We notified her we were there for our dog Maui’s appointment and she said “well did you call to notify us.” We said no sorry but we will now in that case if needed. She said “yes call” and disappeared into the elevator. We called moments later and Devon picked up. Not particularly logical or efficient, but ok. She said someone would come down shortly. She asked where we were parked in there petite parking garage and said someone would be down momentarily. 25 min later when nobody showed my typically extremely patient 77 yr old mom said should we just go? I stupidly said no we waited this long, just call back. Devon again, rudely informed us that someone would be there when they had a moment. 5 min later a friendly male showed up and took Maui w/him. We had waited at that point for 30 min past our scheduled appointment time. Another 45 min or so later we received a call saying that Maui had a chip in his tooth and it would cost roughly $900 to fix it. I recently had a chip in my tooth and it cost $20. Just saying. We said ok, we are gonna ask for another opinion elsewhere, $900 ish dollars to us seemed rather exorbitant. The person on the phone then proceeded to attempt to sell us flea medication, (not sure if it was Devon this time because my mom took it off speaker phone this time to hear better because we were driving back there) he didn’t have any fleas, we just took him to the doggy spa at PetCoand he got glowing reviews there earlier this week. When we didn’t bite there they tried to sell us more of the anti-itch allergy pills we still had from our previous visit. We didn’t go for the upsells. Once we arrived Devon told us (on speakerphone) for my mom and myself to hear that it was $31 for the consultation and asked for my credit card #, The price seemed more than fair. The same nice guy who came down w/Maui earlier delivered him w/out a word this time around. Seemed off, like we were being spoken ill of for deciding to go elsewhere. Who knows. I checked my card statement later in the evening only to see the consultation actually cost $74 and some change. I intend to fight it w/my credit card company since after I called Devon back she initially attempted to act like I had spoken w/someone else and then when she started mentioning specific details in the conversation said “I would never have said that” only to claim moments later heatedly that she had told us it was $74. We were never given a receipt. She was on speaker phone and distinctly said $31. My mother and I will both attest to that. We won’t be returning and Hawaii Kai is an extremely small place where we have lived for the past 29 yrs. Word travels fast on the coconut wireless, especially among pet owners who love their furry family members.

Carole Loo

3 years ago

I and my cat, Tigerboy, moved to Honolulu 14 months ago. He was healthy and energetic until the first week of January. It was apparent that his quality of life was not going to return. It was with a heavy heart that I decided to let him go. VCA gentle were the kindest most caring people. I have the highest regard for them, the entire staff. Mahalo so much for the care you gave to Tigerboy and his family.

Zachary Diaz

3 years ago


Tassia Avila

3 years ago

They not only were super nice and helpful, but also gave us some gifts (scratcher and laser toy) that my cat loved...

Sloan Sink

3 years ago

kind folks and they got in and out with my cat in 20 minutes. very efficient and good prices overall. most definitely would recommend them!

Mihai Iosivas

3 years ago

Great people, awesome service, my dog loves it

Constantin Lencz

3 years ago

They tried to over charge from the day one and has been that way since. I am moving to different vet even with contract that I will loose money on this. And the receptionist is not professional at all.

Arsalon Joneidi

3 years ago

the hospital Manager deserves a pay raise she did a great job

Jarry Gomes

4 years ago

Very knowledgeable and fast service. Answers all questions thoroughly.

Jay Tee

4 years ago

The best Vets on this side of the island!

Jeff Wong

4 years ago

Appreciate care club. Go there because friend Dr. Sakamoto practices there

Joyce Joyner

4 years ago

I should have known better the prices are out of control at vet clinics as it is let alone going to one in a rich communitie. Thank my higher powers I had a free 1st time check up. Too expensive for my blood vessels. If anyone knows a fair place to take my dog for dental write some thing some where and let me know. I should start a chat room.

Melissa Green

4 years ago

I completely agree they are awesome. Would give 10 stars. Very knowledgeable and helpful and nice!! A little aloha goes a long way. Mahalo

phyllis gray

4 years ago

Love the vets and care

Marifrances Krstic

5 years ago

The vet is terrible terrible terrible. Told me my cat was fine except for a bone spurs in his shoulder. The took a cat scan ( $400) and said it definetly wasnt cancer. When i wanted a copy to take to another vet it took over a month and many conversations and excuses from them before i got it.Six months later my sweet kitty was gone. Perhaps a correct diagnosis and treatment could have prevented the metastatic lung cancer. All i know is i trusted them and the young female vet knew nothing and did nothing. Bottom line i would never take any living animal to them. BEWARE

Elizabeth Bueno

5 years ago

We love gentle vets! All the staff here are always extremely helpful. The doctors are amazing, they really listen to you and are phenomenal with our pets.

sherri giron

5 years ago

Everyone there so nice....from front desk, to techs and the vet. Even before working on my pups, he invited me back to show me what and how they were going to do the procedure and ask if I had any questions. They were fast and compassionate. Office waiting area very clean and comfortable and even had outside tables to sit at and wait if the AC got too cold....always my problem with AC. Prices very fair and I went in with no appointment. Very knowledgeable about both my chihuahuas and boxer. Will happily refer people; and although there are 7 vets so much closer to me, I will drive the extra 8 miles, in traffic, to go there! Aloha!

John Waldrop

5 years ago

Very professional, high end veterinary hospital. Prices are higher than most other vets.

J. Butler

6 years ago

Gentle Vets has been a wonderful healthcare provider for my three cats, aged nine, seven, and two. They are great about getting my fur-babies in to see a doctor on short notice, and are always kind and caring. The only thing I would like that this vet doesn't do is that all care (vaccinations, blood draws, etc.) is done in the back rather than in the initial exam room. But the care my cats have gotten is excellent, and we are very happy with Gentle Vets.

Barbara Canovan

6 years ago

The vets & staff are very caring and helpful.

Patrick Eells

7 years ago

I came across a dog that had collapsed in the heat. These noble people volunteered to pick up the dog (immediately, in their own vehicle) and took it to their clinic. Had these upstanding citizens not taken immediate selfless action, this dog might not be around to give it's family love and affection. Keep this in mind the next time you need a veterinarian, would your veterinarian pick up an animal in crisis in their personal vehicle?

Bo Sueyoshi

8 years ago

My three dogs have been going to Gentle Vets since they first opened in Hawaii Kai. Words cannot express my gratitude for the excellent care they've given my pups. When my (4th) dog became very ill with heart disease, they treated her with meds that allowed her to remain with us for a couple more years than we could ever expect. When it came time for her to pass, Dr. Joe and Dr. Mariel Edhlund treated my husband and I and our fur baby as family and with utmost respect. She passed in a calm and loving atmosphere. When my Maltese became deathly ill last year, they first stabilized her and then did emergency surgery. She should not have survived because she was so ill. It was only with their constant loving care (and incredible skill) that she's still with me today!

Brittany Who (Machati)

8 years ago

Despite me not being a client of theirs and unable to visit their hospital (and thus not give them any money) they were helpful, friendly and detailed when I called with questions about my kitten's condition when I had no one else to call. They really live up to the name 'Gentle Vets'. If they were closer to me, I'd love to have them as my choice in vet. If you happen to live in their area, they're definitely a good clinic for your animal's health.

Cindy p

8 years ago

I am a dog lover. I have 3 dogs and have been to just about every vet on the island living in Hawaii for many years. Gentle Vets is the BEST on the island for top quality, professional care. I love the staff and the vets. If you are looking for a vet that is a "cut above the rest", look no further! Gentle Vets is the one! They saved one of my dogs from a debilitating disease by simply operating on him, when other vets wanted to just give pain pills.

Nancy Steele

9 years ago

I am not sure if they hate animals or their owners or both. My experience with Gentle Vets is that they are liars and cheats and animal abusers. NEVER AGAIN! The Office Manager is extremely rude. they treated my animal poorly She have been to the vet before and had her teeth cleaned before and was just fine afterwards. After going here she was traumatized for several days, had diarrhea and hide under the bed. They charged me double what they quoted despite the fact that did not do anything extra or more than was scheduled. In fact they said she was easier than expected. THEY REFUSED TO EXPLAIN THE CHARGES!!! REFUSED!!!! UNBELIEVABLY RUDE!!!

Richard Morris

9 years ago

With a new golden retriever puppy, working with veterinarian Joe Edhlund, a golden retriever owner himself, seemed logical. After an initial promising discussion, in which he encouraged my calling with questions, and with my puppy enjoying their “puppy kindergarten”, the experience turned sharply sour. Over the space of two weeks or so, five or six phone calls were placed to him. Not one was responded to by him or his staff. My questions were vital to the good health of my puppy. This abject lack of professionalism should be a severe warning to anyone seeking sound veterinary help, and it discredits the practice of veterinary medicine.

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