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Katy Griffith

2 years ago

I chose this clinic for my new German Shepard puppy. At around 10 weeks, she had an unusual lump in her neck. After paying $500 for X-ray and biopsy the vet let me know that it was an inflammation, maybe caused by an injury as a very young puppy. Not to worry, that it wouldn’t grow, and I should wait until spaying her to remove it. She’s 16 weeks now and I noticed recently that it has definitely gotten larger, so immediately scheduled for a second opinion. My new vet was immediately concerned and even told me after getting my first vets records that they were documenting that it was getting larger. They never even told me!!! Never mentioned it!! When she got her last shots all they told me was call when she’s six months to schedule her spay and they would take out the growth at the same time. My new vet confirmed she needs it removed immediately as it is clearly something to be very concerned about. I’m so upset that I stuck with this clinic in the beginning. I should have known better and immediately gone for a second opinion , but I chose to trust them instead. Big mistake ☹️. If you are going for annual check ups they are great and very nice, professional, friendly. The owner is Very nice as well. If your dog has any type of condition (other than physical therapy) I recommend you rethink before choosing this clinic.

Kelsie White

2 years ago

I highly recommend HPC! I have two Frenchies, one who gave birth last year and they were so helpful and caring throughout the whole process. They called to check up on us after as well, and I could ask anything I needed to. The whole staff is amazing and we are so happy we found them!!

Lauren Houghteling

3 years ago

Their website says they accommodate non- emergency walk ins and I arrived a little after 8 am for a health certificate to travel. Patty, the woman on the phone, said they were booked for the day and doing a health certificate ten days before travel was pushing it since some destinations need it ten days before. Leaving Hawaii, the health cert only needs to be in hand, dated within 14 days of travel. Where I was going didn't need anything sent over as that is almost exclusively a Hawaii thing for their animal quarantine requirements. She spent a while unnecessarily going over this with me, and she thought she mentioned pricing but figures never actually came out of her mouth. They worked me in for 1:30 that day, I waited for 30 minutes and they had my dog for all of five minutes to complete this health cert. Once again, no paperwork for how much it would be but when the vet came to my car, asked for my card and disappeared with it, they charged me $200.00 for a health certificate because I was considered an 'emergency walk-in'. If your website isn't up to date, then please update it because it says you take non emergency walk ins. That was ridiculous. Unfortunately I contracted covid from work and couldn't fly out. I called to see if I could get another health certificate without paying for it again and mentioned never initially being told any pricing for $200.00. A different vet explained they couldn't do that and had to say 'not to insult you but if price was important you would have asked about it' Yeah, I was never expecting the cost to be so ridiculously extravagant, all other vets I've been to show me cost on paper first and I sign off before being charged. And it seems they know their prices are crazy too because she actually told me about another clinic that does the certs for $55.00. She also said Patty told me the prices BECAUSE she was on the phone with me for so long. No, Patty was too busy trying to low key guilt me into feeling bad for being a walk in that she forgot to mention any price on the three-four phone calls we had setting up a time and getting my info. It would have been better if she simply said 'i do not recall' but she lied and said 'oh no I definitely told her,' because let me tell you, broke people don't forget a $200.00 price tag. I didn't just 'forget' she told me because I wouldn't have done it. Even their regular rate is $135 and with a 25% discount offered it's still more than double the other clinics price. TL;DR: They're overpriced, their website isn't updated and they don't actually take walk ins. You're considered an 'emergency,' and you'll pay for it, too.

Rachel Saul

3 years ago

Mahalo Honolulu Pet Clinic!! We had the most wonderful experience with everyone, their vets and their staff are all outstanding. Everyone is kind, professional and extremely competent. We are very grateful to you all for helping get Kiawe back on his feet. For those looking for a fantastic experience with your pet, don’t look any further, this clinic is simply the best!

Jodie Kaderli

3 years ago

They took good care of my Silly Kitty and helped me to learn how to read cat behavior better. I didn't realize my cat was experiencing so much distress with her teeth and ears. Thankfully I came to THPC. This team of professionals is TOP NOTCH. Not only were they very compassionate in caring for my cat's health but they are non-judgmental toward non-vet owners, who are (mostly innocently) ignorant of cat issues. I am no longer ignorant of hidden cat issues! I not only feel confident that my kitty's health was their top priority but also that they truly believe in owner education. They equipped me with information, tools, and a website that teach me how to better care for the needs of my own pet. As a result, I was able to take this new information confidently made changes to my cat's diet, parasite prevention, toothbrushing habits (yes!), and even added running water fountains (Petsafe Drinkwell) in our home to entice more water drinking (and more water play!). As she became healthier, my kitty got her spunk back! Lastly, every person in this place is amazing. They are efficient, organized, and super kind, friendly, knowledgable, etc. Please do your pet a favor and bring them to these caring professionals.


3 years ago

Extremely reasonable vet that listens! After seeing five vets for my dog that was having seizures for three years, Dr. Hsu was the only vet that saw that performing more and more procedures (at a higher and higher cost) was likely not going to yield any results and agreed to a plan to take her OFF meds which seems to have been working so far. He didn't even want to perform blood work which has always cost me over $500 every 6 months in the past. Amazing and completely mind-blowing! Completely recommend this vet!

Alicia Miceli

3 years ago

I just left the clinic with my pup and I’m happy to say the experience was great despite the fact that he has a serious eye issue. The staff is wonderful and caring and took their time with us. The front reception girls were so sweet and helpful. Making me feel welcome. The vet tech was amazing and my pup loved her and was comforted by her even though he was in pain and stressed out. Kudos The veterinarian, Dr. Meghan Barrett DVM was wonderful, kind and gentle with my pup. Dr. Barrett was through and knowledgeable, taking time to help me understand and answering all my questions. I will definitely be using this clinic and I am recommending this clinic for your fur babies needs. ♥️ Mahalo

Loraine Strattford

4 years ago

The Honolulu Pet Clinic prays on people who bring their animal in for a FREE Hawaii Humane Society visit. Mine cost me $35.00 for a viral shot that they gave my cat without informing me that I would be charged. When I called to make the appointment and when I got there I said I was here for the FREE Hawaii Humane Society vet appointment. One of the receptionists tried asking the Manager about the mix-up and came back to say that the Manager would honor the FREE Hawaii Humane Society appointment. Then another receptionist said that the shot had to be paid. I will be posting this on ALL social media. They tried to scam me. They were not honest and tried to pull the wool over my eyes.


4 years ago

The only good thing I can say about this clinic is that the staff is very friendly. I’ve decided to find another vet because I can’t trust them when they tell me my puppy is healthy. I got a puppy from the Humane Society last September and have been taking her to The Honolulu Pet Clinic. I chose this clinic because the Humane Society gave me a handout that said the first visit at this (and other) clinic is free, but they charged me $5 "to get the dog registered in their system". It seemed a little dishonest but I didn't think too much of it (dogs are expensive, right?). Fast-forward to yesterday, when I noticed some very obvious intestinal worms when I took her out in the morning (I could see them from 20 feet away). As soon as the clinic opened I called them and described the worms, and they told me to bring in a fecal sample and that they'd have the results the next day. When I got to the office about an hour later I described the worms again (they asked), gave them the sample, and paid. This morning I found a worm on my couch where my dog had been sitting. This afternoon I got a voicemail that said "I just wanted to let you know that _____'s fecal results came back, and she is free and clear of all intestinal parasites." (That's a direct quote from the voicemail). Considering the size and quantity of worms in the sample I dropped off I knew there had been some mistake so I called them back. Two different nurses assured me that her test results were clear and that she didn't have "any intestinal parasites". Both times I heard that I described the worms again, and both times I was transferred to a different person. The third and last person I talked to was her vet, who quickly diagnosed my dog with tapeworms and "clarified" that the test was done to make sure my dog didn’t have any *other* parasites. She also told me that tapeworms are common but aren't detected by the test that they did. I gave the vet same description I gave the nurses: 1-2cm, white, and flat. Tapeworms are common, they’re easy to diagnose if you see them (or hear a description), and they aren’t detected by common laboratory tests. So why did this clinic insist on doing a fecal test BEFORE treating the obvious parasites? Why did they insist my puppy was healthy after I described her intestinal worms to them several times? This wasn't a mistake by one employee; at least 2 different people (maybe 3, depending on who left the voicemail) assured me that the test results meant my dog was healthy. If I hadn’t seen the worms myself, and if I hadn’t kept insisting my dog wasn’t healthy I wouldn’t have talked to a vet or gotten a diagnosis. I’m now looking for a new vet to treat my puppy’s tapeworms. I just can’t trust this clinic to be completely open and honest with me about my puppy’s health.

Christopher Tipton

4 years ago

Once our dog Whiskey fell ill on Easter after they had closed. Dr. Hsu was still in the office and had us bring him in. They provided excellent care for him during that worrying time.

Lauren Eskierka

5 years ago

There aren’t enough good things to say about this business. The staff is unbelievably friendly, compassionate and professional. The veterinarian is probably the smartest person I have ever been around in my entire life. I appreciated how above and beyond he went to explain my dog’s unique condition and our options. He was respectful but very honest. One thing I really appreciated was him asking us what our personal view of “reasonable“ is. One person may feel it’s reasonable to spend $10,000 keeping a geriatric pet alive – while another would just want pain medication and to go on home. He met us in the middle with a great option and stayed far after hours on a Sunday evening to preform a surgery that took hours. Who does this? Who else has this type of dedication? Unbelievable. We are so grateful and relieved that we chose this place above any other. Even if our dog doesn’t make a full recovery, this was worth it and our best hope. 6 stars.

Cynthia Higa

5 years ago

Nice caring doctors and staff

Elizabeth N

5 years ago

Have been taking my 15 yr old medium sized dog to Dr.Kondo for more than 10 yrs. He's very thorough, pleasant, professional. Staff is pleasant. Love Patti, who has been there since I first started coming. She remembers everyone and everything!

Leiana Helms

7 years ago

Absolute waste of time and money!!! I brought my cat in there for a UTI. My cat had been treated before by another clinic for a UTI but this one was closer and heard it was more affordable. This time I knew the signs and just needed medicine since it wasn't as bad yet as before since my cat was still urinating thank goodness plus I have been feeding him medicated food and before I hadn't. The nurse was coughing all over the place while she was asking me questions and the hippie looking doctor came in to fill out same info on his old computer. He barely listened to my answers. When I mentioned that my cat has been upset ever since my dad died, the doctor didn't care. I asked for the prescription and they said they needed to a urine sample to send to lab which would take two weeks to get back the results. So I would have to pay for another visit and wait two weeks. They don't care about your pets at all. They showed me that by denying to help a week ago when I brought him in. They just want your money.

Philippe Dukes

8 years ago

This establishment is one of the best the vet offices I have ever been to. They are very informative and take time to talk to you one on one.. Would recommend this place to anyone.

Cloude McDowdy

10 years ago

Please note that Patti, Rachel, Christina were all so kind, caring and have been so very, very understanding of Sophia being in quarantine! You have an outstanding staff! I have enjoyed coming here, even though my dog has been to quarantine.

Steakhouse Corpus Christi

10 years ago

Dr. Kundo is very well appreciated & treats cha cha as his own dog. Very caring.

Suell Frizks

10 years ago

The front desk girls are so knowledgeable and always a help to me. Very good employees. They are keepers.

Heather Larsen

11 years ago

I like taking my dogs to Dr. Kondo because I am confident and trust in him as well as his staff to provide the best quality of care for my lifelong companions and friends. I guarantee you I wouldn't if I didn't have any comfort level or confidence.

Sandy Merade

11 years ago

I always appreciate how nice everyone is and the level of skill and knowledge of the doctors.

Ruth Mye

11 years ago

Wonderful first experience. Great customer service.

Novick Mike

11 years ago

Everyone is just great here. The care and professionalism is very much appreciated. Thank you all!

Vern Johnston

12 years ago

Honolulu Pet Clinic is the greatest! Always such a pleasure coming in. I think people doctors should take lessons from you all. Organized efficient, friendly and professional staff. You love what you do and it shows. We appreciate it.

Erin Vander Zee

12 years ago

Best vet I've been to in Honolulu yet. Professional, clean, very educated. I took my new kitten to another vet first, who didn't find the worms, but Dr. Kondo gave the kitten a FULL inspection and had a great bedside manner. I trust this place.

Dee Winkel

12 years ago

Dr. Kondo is great. He has a different type of personality but to me it's funny. They're a bit on the expensive side, but their clinic is really really clean. I've been to another pet clinic and it was sooooo dirty!

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