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Robin K.

2 years ago

This place is great. The only thing is that once you check in, you have to wait 20-30 minutes.

Steve Wong

2 years ago

The very best clinic for my pet Beau. Total satisfaction every visit. Staff is professional.

Gina P

2 years ago

Wonderful, living staff! Skilled animal hospital.

Thomas Pang

2 years ago

Always an amazing experience. The staff and doctors treat me and my pets like family. Professional and friendly and always listening to any concerns I have. Dr. Leara is the best!

Kaydee Greene

2 years ago

First off this rating is for the front desk, phones, intake, etc. not the vet. So, we had an appointment for our pet having blood in stool. That can be the symptom of several things ranging from minor issues to sever. When I got there and called I was asked to wait, fine, but not in a hot car for 20 min on the line with no response. I also use the text number in the meantime but I still have not seen a single answer on that nor does it appear that they have read any of my texts. (Just cross out the text number if it doesn't work). I gave up on the initial phone call and try to call again repeatedly. Several times I only got a dial tone. I finally got through and they still asked me to hold on the line which I refused to do. At that point my poor pet had been forced to stay in my car in the 90° heat for over a half hour. In total it took 2 hours to get in and out today. And I am done. I'd be happy to see recommendations for another clinic. But I don't want to be ignored when simply trying to get my pet looked at. The last time I brought my pet there it was for a basic checkup and shots, that time it took 45 minutes to get in.


3 years ago

I always have a wonderful experience!

Sarah Timmins

3 years ago

Our cat’s health improved in one day after visiting this clinic. They were knowledgeable, prompt (got an appointment in one day), and so thoughtful and considerate. The vet took extra time to speak with us and answer all of our questions, and they called the next day to check on our cats progress. Plus our cat came out very calm and happy! Highly Recommend.

Julia Kameron

3 years ago

We had a very bad experience with this clinic. Our dog who is almost 14, got very sick, had been sick many times before and was clearly suffering. We made the agonizing decision that it was time to put her down. We had only used this clinic a few weeks earlier for boarding and so we decided to try them first. On the phone, they seemed very thoughtful and accommodating, but when we got there it was different. The vet questioned our decision and pushed for us to treat our dog instead. We explained that we have treated her for this illness many 5-6 times over the past year and a half for this same illness and it only just comes back. This time was even worse and we knew she was ready to go. Instead of helping us, we had to walk away and find another clinic to put our dog out of her misery. It was a terrible day, made so much worse by this vet who thought she understood our dog better than us. I know she was trying to help in her own way, but if they had told us over the phone that our dog needed to be in a certain condition to be considered for euthanasia then they should have warned us of their terms. Very disappointed and do not recommend.

Jeff Higashi

3 years ago

Staff was both informative and friendly! Dr Matt took great care to explain options to us for our pet. Ask for a tour of their boarding facilities and Hannah was terrific in answering all of our questions.

Ashlyn Rodriguez

3 years ago

I dont like to leave bad reviews, but this experience was so harmful. I brought my puppy in because she has eyelashes growing towards her eye. Soonest appointment was 3 weeks out. So we waited. My appointment was on a Monday, but they called me on the Friday morning before and said they had a puppy that needed emegency surgery and they needed to change my appt. I asked if I had a choice and she said NO! I didn't want my puppy to wait longer but I had no choice in the matter.Why would a puppy need "emergency" surgery in 3 days on my half hour appt? Beats me. Finally appt day a week after that. We saw Dr park. She diagnosed Cheese (my puppy) with entropion and said she needs entropion surgery. I saved for a whole month and a half for her surgery. Post-surgery appt: I explained to Dr Park that I felt the surgery didn't help her. Park told me she tried to remove the skin to pull her lids away from her eyes so the hairs don't rub. But she didn't take off enough skin. So she wanted to do the surgery again "at a dicounted price". But before she did that she wanted Cheese to see a specialist to make sure nothing else was wrong with her eyes. Went to the only eye specialist in town. Dr Yamagata was awesome. She diagnosed Cheese with distichia. Hairs growing toward the eyes. And let me know she does not have entropia nor does she need another entropion surgery. I wasted $1500 on a surgery Cheese didn't need! What bothers me most is that Dr Park went ahead and did the surgery with out really looking into what Cheese problem was. Entropion is for dogs whose eyelids rolled inwards. She didn't have that. I understand ppl make mistakes and Vets are ppl too. But when she realized Cheese was different case she should have looked into it more. Doctors are supposed to be curious by nature and empathetic. Just because she hadn't seen it before doesn't mean treat it like something similar, that she knows how to do. AND she wanted to do the surgery AGAIN!! VERY DISSAPOINTED in Dr park. I would suggest getting another opinion before commiting to any procedures here. My poor Cheese unnecessarily suffered at the hands of Dr. Park.

brian nakao

3 years ago

My experience so far has been excellent except for today. On my lunch hour (around 12:10pm) I stopped by to pick heartgaurd which I previously purchased. There was one person in front of me discussing a future appointment with the front desk girl and another girl. The conversation took about 7 minutes. When I requested the heartgaurd she told me she could not dispense this to me and that the protocol is you have to call it in the day before. This would be ok but having to wait about 7 minutes to tell me I cannot purchase the item is what made me a bit perturbed. One of the two girls during this time could have asked me how can I help you?

Brit Haynes

3 years ago

The docs here really went above and beyond my expectations. From getting me in sooner than expected to taking the matters as seriously as they needed to. Communication was great, they were transparent about what they knew and didn’t know about my dogs eye situation. They linked me up with an ophthalmologist to get a second, more specific opinion, and everyone has been extremely helpful. Thank you for all the hard work you all do!

Cindy Sakai

3 years ago

The service from staff and Vet consultation was excellent! We are loving the modifications that you have made for Covid-19. The changes really take service to a new level!

Gail Goto

3 years ago

My 2 cats and 1 dog enjoy their Vet visits with Dr. Leara. He has a way of making them feel comfortable when they are being examined. In another instance my dog had eaten a box of raw elbow macaroni. And, it was coming from both ends. Dr. Kunimoto treated her with concern & care. I picked her up in the late afternoon, so they could rehydrate her and observe her status. We came home and she was breathing heavy so I called the office several times. The lines were busy. But, Sophia at the front desk noticed, my phone number, and she promptly called me back. Dr. Park stepped in and assured me of her condition. She is now fine.

Jan Sugino

3 years ago

Staff is very professional, friendly and caring.

Tarah B

3 years ago

I left a review several months ago praising Dr. Kunimoto. Although I am very happy with the veterinarian services provided by Dr. Kunimoto, I recently had a terrible experience with Dr. Park that left me extremely concerned about the negligent care the staff at this clinic is providing. I had requested to only see Dr. Kunimoto in the past, but for some reason got booked with Dr. Park. I brought my puppy in for urinalysis. I was not told when I booked the appointment that my puppy needed to arrive with a full bladder. My puppy spent 5 hours in a crate in their facility. At no time did I receive a call from anyone on their staff to inform me that my dog would be there that long, or give me the option to take her home. My puppy has not been left alone for that long before, and has never been caged in a crate for more than 3 hours in her life because we are meticulously working on crate training and helping her to learn to love her crate. The staff was rude, dismissive and unhelpful when I called for updates. I was worried and anxiously concerned about why my dog was there for so long and why no one had called. Eventually I was able to pick her up and the technician forgot to bring her medication out, seemingly surprised that my dog was supposed to go home with medication. I also noticed that they clipped several of her nails way too short and they didn't even bother to communicate this to me. It was also apparent that the staff did not let my puppy out to use the restroom the entire time she was in their care. As soon as she got in my car she started to pee. My dog is fully potty-trained, travels in the car with us all the time, and this was a completely unordinary behavior for her. She must have been holding her pee in for so long while she was at this clinic in a crate that she just couldn't hold it anymore once she was back in a familiar place. When I pulled over to let her out she also took a poop that seemed like she had been holding it in the entire day (her appt was at 8am that morning so she hadn't gone poo prior to her appt). I would highly suggest taking your pet elsewhere. The staff here is careless.

Jim Mersberg

3 years ago

Always great care for our dogs and Hlin is always happy to see the everyone.

Katherine Ballard

3 years ago

The front office staff here engages in prescription manipulation. Each time I have called or visited to refill my dog's Heartgard and Nexgard, I have been subjected to stammering, inarticulate speeches warning me about dog deaths from tampered medications, reasons why I can only buy one month at a time, how I simply must buy all my prescriptions and food from them, etc. Three months ago, we moved to rural Hawaii Island, and since I am now running low, I asked for a prescription transfer to a third party pharmacy. Instead, I got a phone call with another recitation of the horrors of buying elsewhere and was asked (and agreed) to sign a waiver presumably stating the same. At that point the bumbling receptionist claims she "pulled up my file" and saw that my dog is due (in two months, BTW) for a heartworm test so unless I bring her in, "the doctor probably wouldn't help me anyway" (My dog is 10 months old, no health issues and was previously tested). She went on to recommend that I just deal with it and get set up with a new vet locally, to which I had already explained it takes 1-3 months here to get an appt, I have four other pets to consider, not to mention three kids currently homeschooling and oh yeah, A VALID EXISTING PRESCRIPTION. It is my right as a consumer to purchase pet meds where I see fit, and withholding care based on the current mood of the receptionist is appallingly unprofessional. It is not the job of the admin staff to guess what the doctor may or may not do, nor did she suggest the possibility of alternative solutions, such as a new prescription for a shorter term. When I requested to leave a message for the veterinarian herself, she snorted with laughter and asked, about what? I hope this is seen by the doctors there and steps are taken to train their staff. Until then, go elsewhere.


3 years ago

There is ZERO communication between the techs/front office staff and the actual doctors. When you need to find out something about your pet talk to the DOCTOR and no one else! I have been told so many times to do something by the front office only to find out from the doctor I didn’t need to do that or needed to do something else entirely. I will get my prescriptions from here bc it’s closer to home but will never trust them again with a procedure or ANYTHING else. Would not recommend this vet to anyone. They seem like they really don’t care about their clients. They never call back when they say they will and usually have no idea what’s going on after I have told them multiple times when needs to be done.

Leilani Lee-Lahue

3 years ago

OMG it never seen to amaze me. I have been going to the Animal Clinic of Honolulu for years and I mean years even when The Mighty Dr. Cliff save my babyOni life she contracted a disease that she needed a blood transfusion in order to live he came during office hours to save my baby. The here come Dr LEARA who is so trusting and keeping my babies healthly and safe I would not even let anybody take care of them unless it is Dr. LEARA he is the best out there. But most of all I am so happy and greatful that the who team came in to work during tihis epidemic that we are all in TOGETHER and foremost. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR JUST BEING HERE FOR ALL OUR BABIES.

Linda Wong

3 years ago

Caring staff and Veterinarians - the best.....happy to assist you with your pet's care, be the concerns large or small. Gentle and Loving .... Care is always professional. Recommend highly. The Wong Family

Lindsay Gyotoku

3 years ago

I’ve been taking my cats here for at least 7 or 8 years and every time I go the staff is friendly and I never worry about how they will be treated. The docs here are professional and whenever they handle my cats it’s with care.

Lynn Faust

3 years ago

15 years of professional and knowledgeable doctors my dog has experienced. The quality, reliability and responsiveness of the doctors and staff is amazing. I would recommend Animal Clinic of Honolulu to everyone who love their pets.

Lynne Akamine

3 years ago

Always caring and making sure my baby is well taken care of Response always fast Love the vets Best in the business!!

Maile Ostrem

3 years ago

Great experience and a happy dog!!!

Scott Groeniger

3 years ago

They are outstanding. We have been taking our dog there for years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Highly recommended!

Susan Doyle

3 years ago

Our family has brought a succession of our dogs here over the years. The veterinary care has been consistently caring and good. Though we have seen all of the vets, we consider Dr. Kunimoto to be "our" vet, and enjoy her thorough explanations and cheerful demeanor. But I also want to note that the front desk support, especially from Amelia, has been excellent. They actually pick up their website email, which many businesses forget to do. They reliably understand questions and fulfill requests. They make appointments and rarely make you wait very long. In addition, the procedures the clinic has set up for care during the COVID-19 period were excellent AND the clinic communication about what was required for visits has been very clear. They are very easy to work with, and I appreciate that.

Karen Pang

4 years ago

Just adopted a dog from the Hawaiian Humane Society and brought her to Animal Clinic to make her post adoption check up. As usual, staff was very friendly and booked our appointment quickly. Our new baby will be checked out in 2 days! Thank you for always providing the best service ever with a smile!

Gene Cowgill

4 years ago

We always have a pleasant experience each time we visit with our cats! Keep up the good work.

James Lau

4 years ago

Very clean and professional. Had two cats and a dog and never was afraid to have them take care of them during our trips. Highly recommended

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