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2 years ago

I could not be happier with the treatment we received. Our cat was refusing food. I was feeling very scared, but they saw us the same day. Dr. Z and the staff were friendly, professional and thorough. The price was very reasonable too. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

Lori Winsinger

2 years ago

I love this Veterinary clinic. They are kind to people and their pets. They answered all of my questions and provided detailed instructions on my cat's care, post surgery. I am so impressed with the quality care. I can't imagine taking my pets anywhere else.


2 years ago

My experience is that it's a roulette when making appointments the best person that took my call a few months back was stellar with courtesy and ettiquette while my other 3 experiences were with a female were impatient and irritated. I was thankful for the care my baby had with the clinic who were really compassionate especially our first encounter with a vet whose last name was Hawaiian. She was very honest and real about the pros cons and costs. And precautions.over all it was good. It's just that first part about making appointments have me weary.

Gramma Bee

2 years ago

I called on a Tuesday morning to order refill medication for two of my cats. I was told that it takes 1 to 2 days (24 to 48 hrs) for refill. I called Weds (after 24 hrs) to check the status on my refill. Had to leave msg. No one called me back. I called Thurs morning (after 48 hrs) and actually spoke to someone. I told her I had called Tues morning for a refill. She was rude and told me that I was supposed to call 1 to 2 days in advance for medication refill. Oh hello!!!! Didn't I just say I had called on tues. Are you actually listening to what I'm saying . Are you deaf! I know I sounded very anxious and upset on the phone. She was rude and said someone would call me. I waited all day, and all day fri. No one called. I was completely out of medication Fri morning. Sat and sun they're close. I physically went down. When I got to the door I was told that I was supposed to wait for someone to call. By then I frazzled because I had to catch the bus and it was hot! I refused to leave without my pets medication. I KNOW they wouldn't have called me. And I'm almost certain no one would have called me on Mon or Tues and so on. They don't give a rip. After I paid for the refill, the tech (or whoever she was), said she would email me my receipt. 5 days later and no receipt. Also, they do have my email on file. A month ago I brought my cat in because I thought she needed dental work. I asked the vet for a surgery quote and she asked me for my email and said she would send me quote. Well, one month later and nothing. So, I brought my cat in to see a different vet (3rd wasted visit). She explained that it wasn't her teeth, but she has sensitive gums. That's where the medication comes in. Without the medication, she can't eat. Sooooo....1). They never return calls. 2). They never email you. 3). The person who tooked my refill order should seriously take a vacation....a long one. And finally. 4). Be warn, there's nothing affordable about this clinic. Maybe at one time they were. But my guess is, because they're building another clinic on the northshore, they cannot afford to be affordable.

Kilika Macabugao

2 years ago

They have really good staff, definitely filled with knowledge and definitely nice with animals and parents, but there are a few things I would like to point out. Most vet offices have complimentary treats either at the counter or at the rooms, they have none. The word affordable dont seem affordable because it is actually a bit pricey for a few minutes of discussing. I brought my dog with open wounds and a bit of blood through this large area, I expected them to assist with cleaning the wound from all the blood and covering it up, but instead i got a ton of medication. my last vet from Georgia actually cleaned and dressed her wounds when she had a serious hot spot all in blood. when i took my dog home, my carpets was filled with blood and her scars started sticking to the carpet causing more discomfort for my dog. Update: I gave them another go but with my second pet with a surgical procedure to remove a wart/mass on his outer lip. This time everything went smoothly and was very professional. And yes they are a little affordable, not 100% cheaper but cheaper than 80% of the island, but very convenient location to my home reason I go back.

Tamara Fischer

2 years ago

I cannot say enough kind words for Dr Kelly and staff. Our guinea was attacked by a mongoose and the kindness and empathy shown will stay with me forever. Cannot recommend her enough- save the contact info!

Natasha Gillespie

2 years ago

They have the best care and best prices. I mean- absolutely outstanding care and so nice. They truly love their patients and loved our boy Mason. I can’t thank them enough. I’ll never go anywhere else again. Thanks for taking such good care of our boy

Cara Lucey

2 years ago

Aloha was able to provide me a same day appointment. They were professional and organized with their COVID protocols. Mahalo nui

DK Gonsalves

2 years ago

Would recommend this clinic to anyone who has a pet. Dr. Z is awesome!! You can tell when there is a group of professionals that really do want your pet to get better and this is the place. If your unsure or not happy about your Vet now, go to Aloha Affordable Vet!!

Lucia Sexton-Ashwell

2 years ago

Always take my dog here, they are so awesome! Very reasonable price and have same day appointments!

michelle miyashiro

2 years ago

Affordable Vet is an awesome place I bring my pets to every time! Everyone is friendly and they really take care of my dogs! Thank you!

Tracy Wenner

2 years ago

I used Aloha Affordable Veterinary for the first time, sadly during an emergency. Dr. Kelly and staff are amazing. Dr. Kelly saved my puppy's life. My dogs regular vet couldn't get my puppy in till 2:00. My puppy was very sick with what I thought was an intestinal blockage. Aloha affordable vet was able to see my puppy much earlier. Dr. Kelly was able to get my puppy into surgery that mid morning. I was quoted a price much cheaper than I expected a surgery of that type to cost. I asked Dr. Kelly if she could spay my puppy during the exploratory surgery, she was able to do that which saved me from the $600.00 ridicules price my original vet wanted to charge me next month. So with that being said, surgery wasn't much more. When we arrived to pick up our puppy, Dr. Kelly came out to our van and explained in great detail what the surgery found, she even modeled using a rolled up towel to show us how my dogs intestine had folded back up inside itself. Dr. Kelly gave us her personal cell number for any questions or concerns we might have during this time. Dr. Kelly called us the next morning to check in on our pup. I also have to mention we did end up having to text her a picture of something late at night of what we thought was concerning. Dr. Kelly got right back to us and was able to explain what we were looking at and assure us our puppy was okay.

Brenda Mej

3 years ago

A waste of time and money. I inquired over the phone about the cost for spaying my German shepherd. I was asked her weight and age and was quoted around $260-$270 for the surgery. I was told she would require a pre spay appointment for blood work and was told the appointment was complimentary however, I would have to pay for labs and any medication I would have to take home. At the appointment, my dog was in and out within minutes. I was told by the technician that my dog was not allowing any work to be done on her. They were not successful in drawing any blood for the test. ( I always muzzle my dog during vet appointments just incase. I had my dog muzzled during this appointment. I was told if I came back to bring the muzzle once again because she was being very aggressive. My dog has never been aggressive with any vet in the past. We have seen numerous vets) I paid just under $200 for this appointment where nothing was done and was quoted $472 for my Dogs spay when I was told over the phone it would be $200 less than that. I booked the appointment either way but did not take the medication prescribed at the time. Fast forward to the week before the surgery. on Friday, I was called to confirm appointment, after confirming the appointment I called back and asked about the medication I declined during her pre spay appointment would be available for pick up.  The female over the phone was extremely rude to me for no reason and explained that if the doctor wanted my dog to have medication, I would have been given the medication during the pre spay appointment.  I then had to explain to her why it was declined by me at the time and she assured me that she would "add notes for the dr to see" . On Monday I call the office and ask for a status on the medication (the surgerywas scheduledfor Tuesday), I was told by a nice gentleman on the phone that there was no request that was put in by the female on Friday but he worked to get it done right away and called me when it was ready.  As soon as I hung up with him, I drove there only to be left on hold and for them to continuously hang up on me. I drove off. It was a complete waste of money and time. I am glad though, that I did not put my dog through surgery here. She has since seen another vet and they had no issues with her and treated her very kindly. I should have read some of these reviews before wasting my time and money here.

Nyamekye Johnson

3 years ago

I am BEYOND satisfied with our visit! I was able to take in my pregnant dog to be treated and gain some information on the birth of her offspring and I am able to leave with confidence! The vets were very expedient at her treatment and have genuine caring spirits. They even did a complimentary nail trim (she was overdue for one of course). So much insight was gained, very pleased with the visit!

Naomi Carvalho

3 years ago

Very affordable, friendly, and efficient. My pets been coming here for awhile. They never seem to be afraid coming back for there next appointments. ????????????????

Howard C. Richmond

3 years ago

They are very pleasant and accomodIng.We have had a good experience with them with our fur baby ????

Diamond Preston

3 years ago

Ordered meds for my dog per vet recommendation. Twice they called for us to pick them up, but had ordered the wrong ones, have been waiting for the correct meds for 2 weeks now. Brought my cat in. They are currently doing curbside only, and took 30 minutes to come to the car to get her, then she was inside for 90 minutes for a routine exam. I told them when I made the appointment that she needed a rabies vaccine, they didn't have it ready. Terrible customer service, very long waits. Pricing is reasonable for Hawaii, but it is Hawaii so still outrageous.

Aaron Hwang

3 years ago

Never seen a Lady so rude. Overcharged for night stay

Aaron Sanchez

3 years ago

Today was my first time bringing in my kitten and it went great! I was able to make a same day appointment over the phone smoothly. The receptionist was great and very kind in answering all of my questions. The curbside system they are using is efficient and I loved that the doctor personally came out to speak with me about my kitten's exam and what to expect from the appointment. The pricing is also very reasonable. I will definitely be returning!

Cathy Filicky

3 years ago

We have been bringing our dog here for over a year and are so pleased with their services and prices. The staff is friendly and Flash is always excited to see the techs and vet!

Rudy C

3 years ago

Very friendly staff and they try to help you out right away, they have many clients so please be patient.. Mahalo

William Weaver

3 years ago

Came here on time, they responded within covid guidelines quickly and respectfully. My pup got taken in and before 7 minutes passed they had given him all the shots and little check up needed. Recommend this place to everyone!

Rebecca Watkins

3 years ago

My poor puggle had a nail grow around and into her paw. We were new here and even during covid craziness they got us in same day. They offered me several options to make her comfortable and were very affordable. Maybe even more so than our mainland vet. Thank you for taking great care of our pup.

Heather Kapua Kalua

3 years ago

Mahalo nui Dr. Kelly and the staff at AAVS for your continued hard work, commitment, and dedication to our fur babies at KAT Charities. We appreciate you!

Chelsea Leigh

3 years ago

Dr.Kelly and Kim were both very professional and straight forward about what would be good for our little fur baby. They made the experience very easy also


3 years ago

Love AAV, such great service and wonderful doctors. Thank you for taking such good care of my fur babies! ❤️

Andrew Ortega

3 years ago

Mia was well taken care of. She loves going to visit the friendly staff!

Ashlee Valeros

3 years ago

Our bunny died here after a routine neutering. A four month old completely healthy bunny. Dr. Kelly was passive aggressive, gaslighting & dismissive. -The initial neutering appointment was set for earlier in the month on a Monday. They said they would confirm the appointment the day before and give us the time to arrive for drop off. At 7 am on Monday morning we get an email asking us to be there at 7:30 am. They open at 8 am. They tell us they can't get us in that day. Fine, myself and my daughter both took off of work but that's life. -They reschedule us for today at 9 am. My daughter has a confirmation email and she called days before to confirm this time. We arrive at 8:50 and call from the car. First the receptionist says they don't have us down. Then she says we were supposed to be there at 8, and then 8:30. Then she talks to (someone) and comes back and says they're very busy with surgeries today and we need to reschedule. At this point I am very irritated because I have again taken the day off and so has my daughter and we have a confirmed appointment. They acted like we are inconveniencing them and just showed up randomly. Receptionist goes and talks to (someone) again. *they put us on hold multiple times* Receptionist says they can "squeeze us in". I am not happy with this verbiage, I don't want anyone rushing through this procedure because THEY messed up the schedule. They put me on with Dr. Kelly who has an attitude of peppy passive aggression, she ASSURES me they have a light surgery day, that he will be well taken care of. They say to pick him up at 4 pm. We go home and they call at 11 am saying surgery is over and we can pick him up. 20 min later a male doctor calls back to inform my daughter that our bunny has died. My daughter is absolutely devastated. Again, our bunny was HEALTHY. They made notes in the chart about how healthy he was prior to surgery.I called them back and was very angry. Dr. Kelly was condescending, rude and acted like this was no big deal. She got quite uppity when I used the f word as in "I need some f'ing answers on how this happened." I would NEVER send anyone here. We picked up our baby boys remains and took him to another vet for cremation. -I find it a very strange coincidence that after an awkward and confrontational back and forth in the morning before the appointment that our baby died shortly after surgery. Do I think they hurt him on purpose? No. Do I think they are negligent and heartless. Absolutely.

Kristal Bozeman

3 years ago

Absolutely love this clinic and the staff. Hawaii is expensive enough, but they really try to keep costs low. I've been bringing my two dogs here since we moved to the island in early 2019. I feel comfortable with their care, medications, and services provided. The clinic even offers telemedicine appointments right now. The staff is always so kind to the dogs, and I really appreciate knowing they care for my dogs as if they are their own. I'm super picky about who I trust with my girls. One of my dogs has a chronic condition, and the other just tries to spend my money as much as possible. Would absolutely recommend them to anyone moving here or looking for a new vet.

Ashley Toilolo

3 years ago

They are the most compassionate vets I have ever gone to. You can tell they love animals, and they do it without lacking empathy for the person...the pet parent. Taking my cat to be put down peacefully here was the hardest choice I've ever had to make, and I appreciated everything they did. I appreciated their compassion, and how they talked us through the process. I appreciated that they gave us time to grieve, and answer all the questions we needed to ask with patience, and kindness. And to come home today, almost a month after, and having a hand written card in my mail box from them. It was beyond touching.

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