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Regina Daponte

a year ago

After the very first training day my dog who I believe was running the house made a complete about face after spending a few hours with Cody …he spent good quality time and comes when neededI learned so much from him as well as my family on certain things to do with our dog. I highly highly recommend him…!!!

Julie Miller

a year ago

Cody is AMAZING. I feel like I have new dogs haha they didn’t jump on my mom when I saw her which was a game changer. They listen so much better and he provides all of the tools necessary to succeed. He will tell you exactly what you need to do to succeed. We did some leash training today and I’ve never seen my roommates dog walk so amazing on a leash and mine didn’t go after squirrels at all. It is so amazing the amount of respect my dog and my roommates dog has for us now....I can drop food on the ground and they won’t eat it....????????????????

Brittany Piper

2 years ago

Let this be your first stop!!! I have a dog that can be reactive at times and I was starting to lose hope with training him through it, I tried other training programs and none have worked like Bark Busters!! Cody is very informative, and very very helpful with learning how to communicate better with your dog! No shock collars, no e-collars, and no having to get physical with your dog to train them! So happy I chose Bark Busters, and very lucky to have Cody in the Roswell/Alpharetta region!

Shellie DAngelo

2 years ago

I recently hired Cody to help me train my 1 year old Aussiedoodle who was totally untrained and she's SUPER hyper! Cody spent a good bit of time with us on the 1st visit to understand not only my goals for the training but as well to understand my dog. He worked wth me to teach me some basic techniques to get started. It was just enough activities to not overwhelm me but enough that it will help me so that my dog is not jumping on everything and everyone and basically taking control. I saw on day 1 that the training does work! While I had many doubts at 1st Cody definitely squashed the doubts that I had. Although it's going to take time, consistency, and a lot of patience, I know that this training will work as long as I follow Cody's instructions which I am doing. It is necessary that you practice at least 2X daily the training tools Cody provides with your dog. I do wish that I had started training with my dog a long time ago as I'm sure it would make this much easier but I am still confident based on everything I've seen so far that this training will work!! Cody is very sweet and helpful and I'm very happy I chose Cody with Bark Busters!

Renee Minahan

2 years ago

Cody is AMAZING! Patient, knowledgeable and so easy to work with. Bark Buster’s training techniques are incredible and we saw positive changes immediately with our dog, Loki. Our daily “homework” is so easy to work into our everyday routine and has become second nature. It’s amazing to see the changes in our dog! The best part of Bark Busters is our follow-up seasons with Cody! We never feel like we have to do this alone. Thank you Cody for everything you taught us!

Morgan Wagner

2 years ago

It’s only been one session and we have had such amazing results already. Our dog Louie has always been a good boy at heart, but he pulled like crazy and got way too excited with people on walks. Trying to get his attention for any sort of command was a joke, but now he looks at us for direction. I have very high hopes for our dog training journey, and I have no doubt that with Cody this will be well worth it.

Laura Coleman

2 years ago

Absolutely amazing. We started with Cody yesterday for our 8yo Golden and 3mo old Dutch Shepherd puppy. We really got him for the puppy but proved the Golden ruled the house. In less than 3 hours we have taken back our house. He fixed issues with barking, walk-in on leash, recall, listening, running out door, being on furniture, and we can even keep from going in area or getting item until we free them. All without physical force and the training is easy enough that our small 11yo and 15yo girls can do. 100% recommend especially because in house and not sending dog away! Can’t wait to see what we learn in other visits.

Kat Kerwin-Lamb

2 years ago

Cody is an incredible trainer. We own two miniature dachshunds who for the longest time believed they were boss! During our first session with Cody we were impressed with his confidence in our dogs capabilities and he proved to us that with the right tools and understanding our dogs could do exactly what we asked of them. Cody's training is logical and works - but of course you have to put in the time and work as well in order for there to be success. Cody is the only person my family will go to for help with our pups and I know he'll get us through whatever battle we may need to conquer. We highly recommend him!

Michelle Hall

3 years ago

I gave a call to Cody because my 6 year old dog has become territorial and aggressive. Cody spent 3 hours working with us, and put into context that her behavior is likely caused by the stress and fear of feeling she is the leader of our …

Valerie Thompson

3 years ago

Thank you, Cody, for working with our sweet puppy. Jocko is a 5 month old great dane, and he is already very strong physically as well as strong-willed. He responded right away to the commands. Cody is very nice and helped us understand how to speak "Dog".

Nicole LaPointe

3 years ago

I just moved to the area with my Cane Corso, Tazio. He has fear of hand and a rocky past, so is aggressive towards strangers. He is very protective of me also and that is making meeting the parents difficult. I searched the internet and …

Michael Good

3 years ago

Cody was simply amazing. We struggled with our dog’s behavior for years, but he was able to fix the issues in two sessions. The exercises he gave us to practice worked very well, and now we can take our dog with us anywhere and not be embarrassed.

maxine camp

3 years ago

We called Cody for help with our three Doxies. We were amazed and saw incredible results after our first session. We are doing great on our barking and have all integrated into one pack.Cody uses no shock or choke collars in his training. His results are truly phenome6. He is professional, kind, and supportive. His love for dogs is clearly evident in every session. We would highly recommend Cody for any traini g need. He has helped us realize that we needed to move up in our pack and be the leaders to give our fur kids their best lives possible. Thank you Cody and Bark Buster

Lawrence Hermida

3 years ago

Cody got our 7 month old, 58 lb Bernedoodle pup, Clark, to show awesome improvements in first session. We highly recommend Cody as Clark and my wife and I all trusted him. We felt fortunate to get a patient, passionate, and caring approach to the training.

Carol Clark

3 years ago

Cody is an excellent trainer. I was impressed with the results after our first session. He is very thorough and tailors the training to your specific needs and issues. (Our session was 3 hours long) Our puppy is making great progress. I highly recommend Cody. He is also very personable and easy to work with. He cares very much about your dog and making a better and more comfortable environment for your pup/dog and owner. And he offers great tips for working with your puppy.

Cassidy Mascaro

3 years ago

We started training with Cody yesterday and we already see results! He’s an experienced trainer that is passionate about really helping his clients! We’re happy that we called Bark Busters! Thanks, Cody!

Danielle D

3 years ago

Cody was great! I was worried about having two dogs to train at separate life stages. Add in the fact that they are stubborn Bulldogs, I wasn't sure what to expect, and reluctant to believe improvement was possible so quickly. Cody was phenomenal in taking the time to understand the separate needs for both dogs. Highly suggest having the training in your house to see the dogs in their environment. Cody took the time to help me understand the best training approach with both dogs. Both boys have already made improvement, and confident this was the best decision I made for me and the boys. I highly suggest anyone with dogs making the investment to go through Bark Busters. If you are fortunate enough to have Cody in you're area then it is a double win for you!

Heather Brown

3 years ago

We needed some serious help with our two mutts and called upon Cody. Worth every penny. We are still going through the motions and working with them daily but Cody's initial training session and support was so easy to understand and implement. If you're on the fence, just do it - hire him - he's awesome.

JaKayla DaBera

3 years ago

Cody is the best trainer! After 1 session, Onyx's behavior greatly improved. Cody is super patient and walked me through every step. He made sure that I was comfortable and taught me how to properly establish our dynamic. I fully recommend his services to anyone but especially first time dog owners and college students.

janie barber

3 years ago

Cody is an excellent trainer. I was amazed at the results after our first session. He is very thorough and tailors the training to your specific needs and issues. My dog has already made great progress and the training works!!! I highly recommended Cody. He is also very personable and easy to work with. He cares very much about your dog and making a better and more comfortable environment for the dog and owner.

Joanne Kemp

3 years ago

I have a difficult situation... I have two young puppies that need to be trained. Cody came to our house and helped calm some of the apprehension that I have been feeling. After working with us and the puppies for two hours, they were already calmer. It has been a week since our first session, and the improvement is significant. We have a long way to go, but the tools and techniques that Cody has provided is working wonders! I have already recommended his services to a client of mine.

Kaye Dillon

3 years ago

Cody is a great trainer! He obviously has a love and a passion for training and for dogs. He was great with our obnoxious dog and was great helping us learn how to control her. He worked with us on the actual issues we were having instead of just a general training routine. We will recommend him to everyone we know needing a trainer.

Kendall Scales

3 years ago

Cody is PHENOMENAL! I was anxious to start training, as I did not know what to expect, but he made everyone present during the first session feel at ease and confident with every activity. He spent 3 hours with us and truly showed how much he cares about my dog and his success with this training. It has been almost a week since his visit and my dog is still responding very well and I can see a huge difference already. Bark Busters provides all the necessary materials for a successful and easy training process. I highly recommend Cody for any dog training need!

Lauren Adams

3 years ago

Cody is fantastic! My husband and I have a 13 week old cocker spaniel and were looking for preventative strategies, training tips, and tips on handling food aggression. Cody went above and beyond in providing us with the knowledge and materials needed to conquer these behaviors. Additionally, he provided clear explanations as to WHY these techniques are effective. Along with his knowledge, he is very kind, personable, and professional. We enjoyed our first session with him and look forward to utilizing his services as our pup matures. While our first session was only a couple of days ago, the techniques we have implemented are already proving to be effective. Our pup is catching on to this “new normal” and the expectations we have for him as well as the behaviors which are not acceptable (e.g., jumping, food aggression, etc.). We could not be more thankful for Cody’s guidance and services!! I couldn’t recommend him more!

Lauren Albright

3 years ago

Cody is awesome! I have two highly aggressive dogs that will attack any stranger that comes through my door. Using his training techniques, they did not even growl at him during their first session. It was amazing! I definitely recommend him for behavioral training.

Mary Kester

3 years ago

I highly recommend Cody and Bark Busters. I am amazed by the change in my dogs behavior from using the techniques he showed me.

Amber Taylor

4 years ago

I'm so happy with the training Cody Provided. My Golden Retriever, Abby, was so aggressive toward other dogs and had the worst separation anxiety. Cody was excellent with helping me and Abby through it all and I saw an immediate improvement in Abby as soon as I learned to take control and communicate with her in a way she understands. We have been practicing every day and things are only getting better. Thank you Cody, you have made me and my puppy two very happy people.

Chris Blum

4 years ago

Cody is nothing short of amazing! So pleased with the Bark Busters training I got for Shilo, my American Bulldog! Both Shilo and I couldn’t be happier!

Deborah Barron

4 years ago

Cody was fantastic. We have two problem dogs. The biggest challenge is our new stray pit bull mix who is aggressive towards people. I was thinking I may have to put him down and it was breaking my heart. Cody came in and coached us and …

Douglas Upperman

4 years ago

Cody was PHENOMENAL!!! I have waited about 4 months to write this review because I wanted to give the training time before I passed on my opinion. Back in September I googled “dog trainers near me” and Cody/Bark Busters, came up in the …

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