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Amanda Villa

2 years ago

Would give 0 stars if I could. Brought my two dogs in for vaccinations (both needed the k9 flu vaccine, one needed her rabies.) One of my pups had already had his k9 flu vaccine from last year, he just needed an annual to get it updated. My other pup didn’t have record of it before so she needed her booster to return a couple weeks after. While this was communicated at check in, the records are wrong. When the vet called to confirm they were ready for pickup, she told us that they had received the vaccines and would both need to return on 2/5/22. I told her only one was supposed to have the booster the other was yearly. She said “oh so in that case he’s good for a whole year.” But I have the records showing he’s due in a couple weeks. So I guess she didn’t communicate with her staff? Not sure how this happens. In addition, I was using a care credit card at checkout. Despite me telling them several times over the phone and at check in that I’d be using this, they told us when we got to the desk at pickup (after waiting 30 minutes in line) that we were supposed to pay over the app. I understand their system but it should’ve been communicated beforehand. Could’ve saved a lot of time. Employee was rolling her eyes at me and giving a lot of attitude about it. Honestly she didn’t seem to know what she was doing. Another lady went on about how she hates care credit and would never use it. Overall really rude and unprofessional staff. Would not recommend bringing your pet here. There’s plenty of good, even decent, vets in the area. Choose literally any of those over this place.

Gigi Biggs

2 years ago

Dr. Ravi wrote out three different treatment plans for my dog and talked through all of them with me including pricing and future treatment needed. He is awesome!

Donna Cory

2 years ago

Good care. Easy to make appointments. Rapid service.

Curtis L

2 years ago

Amazing staff very knowledgeable and friendly 10 out of 10 would recommend

Bryttnie Photography

2 years ago

Such a scam. They just want your money.

Chris Skalicky

2 years ago

Service is usually good but slow. Always wait for pickup and drop off. Docs are good, pups are happy. A little expensive but you get the monthly payment option so that's a plus


2 years ago

Worst pet hospital!! My dog had eye discharge and book a drop off appointment. They didn’t bother to set in system. Still I went and dropped my dog there. They did dental and gum examination and showed some findings. Fun part is one of banfield hospital only performed dental check up and cleaning last month. I called to understand what they did, Response was “plz wait for a moment..!!” And I was on hold for 15 minutes!!! I tried again and got same response!!!

Cindy Blanks

3 years ago

So far so good. The staff was very friendly.

Robbin Tilghman

3 years ago

I love, love, love this place!

Hayley Gaitan

3 years ago

Worst customer service over the phone. The girl I spoke to clearly sounded like she did not want to be there.

Matthew Bahr

3 years ago

Staff is great with our dog and the pet wellness program they have saves you money year over year in vet charges.

Maggie J

3 years ago

Easy getting an appointment, very caring staff, great doctor❤

David Shearn

3 years ago

This is actually the first negative I have ever written and it is about my dog. Who is not the greatest of pets, but none the less a living thing that feels love and pain. I dropped my dog off with Cherry eye at 11am. At 5pm close of business they called me to tell me that cannot do anything about that and I needed to take the dog somewhere else. So you kept my dog for 6 hours. You kept an animal who was already suffering in your "hospital" knowing 5 minutes into checking him in, had you just spent one second to look that you could not help him. One second of your time would have saved my dog hours. It would have enable us to get him care which after hours is almost impossible. That is someone that is either too busy (which means they need better help to quickly triage) or does not care. It has to be one or the other. Too busy or doesn't care. The Doctor at the time was Elizabeth Tavarez-Zapata. Very sad.

Jessica Valencia

3 years ago

I’ve been with this Bandfield star since 2005. They took care of my two dogs with love,care, and they treated them like it was their own dog. My experience with this Bandfield has been nothing but great. Although my dogs have passed they also cry with me. I recommend anyone that ask me about Bandfield. Their vets and vets tech and others staff are wonderful, respectful, understanding, knowledgeable, warm and professional.

Leslie Roth

3 years ago

Worst pet hospital!!!!!! They kept my dog there for 7 hours and then called me close of business to tell me there was nothing they could do and that I needed to take my dog to a specialist. They could have told me that when I arrived with my dog or even an hour or two after seeing him. Now I have been searching for a place to treat my dog with an emergency situation. Absolutely the worst service. Imagine having your dog left at the vet for 7 hours in pain, stressed, hungry and the doctor decides to call at close of business to say there is nothing they can do, and to come get your dog. This vet clearly had no care or concern for my pet.

Robert Sullivan

3 years ago

it's inside a large Petsmart I watch the dogs and their owners come and go when shopping. They all seem satisfied. But never have used them.

Val G

3 years ago

I wish I could say something about the veterinary care, but I didn't get that far. I called the Johns Creek Banfield location and was put on hold without anyone saying, "Can you hold please," or any other word. I then sat on hold for over ten minutes. I thought perhaps they were terribly busy so I waited. I finally hung up and called back several times until I got someone who was quite nice, so I continued with making an appointment for the following day. I called on the day of my dog's appointment to get some information and again, direct and eternal hold and then disconnection x 2 @#!*&$! I called back yet again and heard the receptionist say, "OMG!" and was put on hold again. That was it. The medical care may be good and the place may be clean, but the customer service is beyond poor. They just lost a customer.

Anastasia Karas

3 years ago

I'm at a loss of words for how "Dr" Elizabeth Tavarez-Zapata refused to prescribe my diabetic cat his usual insulin without seeing him or running any diagnostic tests (5 minutes is apparently enough time to do a comprehensive exam and conclude that a diabetic pet doesn't need insulin). This left me aghast- as a vet it's basic knowledge that diabetics can die without insulin. If you are an animal lover, look elsewhere for a reliable practitioner, as Elizabeth Tavarez-Zapata doesn't have a license to be practicing and she is not registered on the state board. We have been loyal Banfield Hospital customers for several years now, and every single time we have been asked to bring our cat in for an exam when we just need to refill his prescription and they end up charging us hundreds of dollars for nonsense. We pay for insurance each month, yet they are inept to fill out a simple prescription they've been filling out for years. Banfield Hospital makes it seem like they want the best for your pet, but all they see is profit and gain. I shouldn't forget to mention that PetSmart has recently come under scrutiny for throwing away LIVE animals. This alone should tell you all you need to know about this place, and the amount of one star reviews on Google and Yelp criticizing the establishment is something to consider before scheduling your next appointment. Don't give Banfield your money!!


3 years ago

Professional service. Clean. Friendly staff. My dog enjoyed his Veterinarian visit. Excellent Banfield location.

Stella Lee

3 years ago

It is a little bit hard to reach them by phone, but they are always friendly when i visit there and see they really care for dogs.

Sims Family

3 years ago

Overpriced on everything and staff in store are clueless. Checkout person was very nice in contrast.

Devin Adams

3 years ago

I am a former employee that was with banfield for almost 7 years and was still willing to have my pets seen but after i left for a bigger and better opportunity i was then treated wrongly. I had always said this company is all about numbers/money first then pets which should be the other way around. This location was a good location when there was great management and once that changed this location fell apart and lost the meaning of quality Care. I made an appointment for my pets that had the starting of an ear effection and the other needing a neuter and then was told a couple of days later that I couldn't come there and should go to a different location. First off the 2 pets they refused to see have only been seen at this location and 1 of my pets has neurological problems that only the doctor there knew about so I did not want to take my pets anywhere else. I also pay for the wellness plans so i should be allowed to take my pets to the location of my choice. This location as well as many other locations are extremely incompetent and all that this company that cares about are there numbers and how many pets they see and how many wellness plans they sign up. Banfield is a big huge corporate joke. They over work the veterinarians as well as a veterinarian assistants. They DO NOT CARE about quality Care of your pets your just another number they can tally. I have seen first hand how this company treats people as a client and employee.

Marco Antonio Pereira Da Silva

3 years ago

This Place always takes great care of my dog Scooby, he loves the vets there and is always calm with them.

Quirky Cutie

3 years ago

Staff is great and patient with my nervous Yorkie and my grumpy cat!

Mitchell Rosen

3 years ago

They take real good care of Simba!


3 years ago

It is critical that vets have compassion, interpersonal skills, and strong decision making when treating patients that cannot verbally communicate their issues to the doctor. Banfield pet hospital at Peachtree parkway is not strong in any of these skills, and are so weak in these areas that they can make your animal’s situation worse. That’s what happened to our dog who is battling a few orthopedic issues. He left Banfield in far worse condition than when he arrived. Specifically, his limp is far worse after being seen by the Banfield staff. Furthermore, he appeared and smelled like he had been neglected during his entire stay. We left without a diagnosis and with what the vet thinks was going on without any evidence to confirm the vets assumptions. He was given medications based on these assumptions and worsened. Pet owners and animals lovers - please stay away from this business. They dont care about your loved ones. All they care about is how quickly they can process appointments and how much they can charge.


3 years ago

Update: I just filed a complaint because Banfield is trying to make my dog be seen every 6 months for the heart worm test when it is supposed to be only once a year. I just had my dog seen for his yearly visit (which he is completely healthy) and then I ordered a year supply of heart-worm/flea prevention and they only will approve 6 months worth since they want to see my dog every 6 months. This is not their decision, it is my decision if I want to pay more money for my dog to be seen more often. I can’t afford every 6 months.


3 years ago

Don’t bother bringing your pet here if you expect reasonable customer service. We’ve been loyal customers for two years, but apparently that means nothing to the vet at this location. Our dog has an eye problem that requires a specialist. We called the specialist and were told that the vet would need to call for a referral in order to get a price quote for a potential operation. (This is apparently a very common practice). The vet at this Banfield location refused to call the specialist. The message we were given from the vet was “We don’t do that”. Both the specialist and Banfield’s corporate office were baffled by that response, since it is a very common thing that all Banfield vets are supposed to do. We’ve been warned by friends that Banfield is basically the “rent-a-vet” of the industry, and now we see why. We are taking our business elsewhere. UPDATE: We highly recommend Four Paws Animal Hospital in Johns Creek! They have a wonderful, caring staff that handles their customers professionally. They also have a wellness plan that is the same price as Banfield, but better! Also, it’s a much cleaner facility.

Kevin Dale

3 years ago

A little lengthy but overall, very good and informative.

Kim Pham

3 years ago

This company rips off money of pet lovers. My friend bought insurance for his dog. He paid a year of health insurance for about $500. I later adopted his dog because he can’t take care of his dog. When my husband took the dog to the vet, they said that we have to pay a new whole plan of $500 because ownership can’t be transferred! What a ripoff! So turns out that one dog has two health insurance but he can receive only one service, of course! What they explain to me doesn’t make sense at all! Stay away from this horrible company if you don’t wanna be robbed of money in broad day light!

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