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Nick Scarbrough

2 years ago

I just picked up my dog from south paws and I understand if they were understaffed for the holidays, but there's still no excuse for the shape my dog is in. He never has issues with using the bathroom indoors so long as he keeps around the same schedule that they advertise on their website (very close to his home schedule). When I picked up my dog he was soaked and when I asked why, they said he had peed a lot in his room so they sprayed him off first. My only question is why is he peeing in his room if hes being taken outside the proper amount of times like promised? I understand if he had just had one accident but they said it happened over his entire stay. Customer service is also questionable. Whenever I asked a question, they seemed nervous/scared to answer. Will not bring my dog back here

Sarah Comella

2 years ago

If I could give 0 stars I would. Edit: I decided to make the review after talking to my coworker who said that her dog had also gotten bit while being boarded there. Made me worry because people are going through the same things I did and had no warnings. Yes maybe I should have gone to see the video footage, but if y'all had taken good care of my dog, you would have noticed that she has severe separation anxiety and gets overly excited when she sees her people. So obviously she would be excited and jump on my friend. Also the reason I decided to not go and look at the footage is because I knew I wouldn't be able to see the inside on her back leg. Its just not possible. Y'all are lucky all I did was leave a review. I had my dog boarded here for a week in June of 2021. I thought everything was fine until I brought her home and realized she was gushing blood from the inside of her back leg from what looked like a bite from another dog. I freak out as another other dog parent would and try to do everything in my power to make it stop bleeding but nothing worked. Ended up having to drive all the way to savannah at night and spend hours at an emergency vet. While I was there the vet confirmed that it was in fact a dog bite and that it had been there for multiple days. I informed south paws about the situation and they refused to say that it happened while under their care and did nothing to help with expenses and didn’t even apologize. Later on I hear from multiple other people who have brought their dogs to get boarded at south paws say they also have had the same horror story with this place. I know my situation isn’t a one in a million and that they have this happen often. Please if you love your dog and care about their safety avoid bringing them to this place, it is not worth the price or the vet bills.

Alex Miller

2 years ago

Best place for your dog!! Professional and reliable! We felt safe leaving our dog here and what stood out to us is when they got our dog they didn't rush him when he wanted the smell the new area. Will use them again!!! Highly recommended!

Tina Hicks

2 years ago

We used the boarding service last minute, as we decided to go out of town for the weekend. Her visit was June 2021 Update: Fanny caught kennel cough from her visit here. I was so terrified, she was only 8 months old at the time. She was vaccinated and still got sick. Thankfully after a nice vet bill and weeks of worry, she got better. When I called to inform them of what happened, the employee told me that they have sanitized since then. She didn't offer an apology or anything. I understand kennel cough is just like human flu and you can't protect against all strands , even if vaccinated. I have been informed since then that this business has had frequent outbreaks. An apology from the owner would have went a long way or at least call to check on my pup. The owner/ owners were aware of the outbreak yet didn't call me to inform me. If you knew there was an outbreak of kennel cough while my dog was there, why wouldn't you inform all customers that visited during that time? Bad things happen and that's understandable, but if you really cared about animals, that would have been your first priority. That told me everything I needed to know about this business.

Amy Bailey

2 years ago

They take great care of our doggy and she doesn't mind staying there. She can play with other dogs,get groomed and have fun.

Jackie Johnson

2 years ago

Had to board my dog for 10 days. I was nervous because I've never used this place. When I picked her up she was in good spirits and looked good. They let her play with the dogs in day care.

JJ Puccio

2 years ago

We have been using South Paws for several months now with our 8 month old Golden doodle and we couldn’t be happier. We have used them for doggie day care, boarding, training and grooming, and all of our experiences have been great! This is a well-run business and the value you receive for the price is excellent.

Rich MT

2 years ago

Cost for boarding to high.

James Prioleau

3 years ago

Apollo had a ball and seemed sad when he had to leave. I would definitely take him back there if we're in Statesboro again.

Nikita Thompkins

3 years ago

Yes that last message was from me. I was never rude to you!! And as far as the comment about abandoning the puppies you should ask your employee what the whole conversation was before you try and say we was just going to leave the dogs there. She was the one that stated that she wanted our puppies and jokingly we told her she could have them. She then stated that she could only take them due to the fact that she worked there. And as far as not sending my dogs enough food. If my dogs did r have adequate food source you should have automatically given my dogs food!! And let me address one more statement that you said. We never not once told you that we got your number off of your website!! We never not one visited your website because if we would have we would have never dropped our dogs off to you all. And for you to say that our number only showed up for pick up that’s a lie. We had to call to drop our dogs off.

Tyshun Taylor

3 years ago

We dropped our dogs off for a week. We were told one price and when we went to pick them up we were charged a totally different price. Our dogs had been outside in the rain, and smelled horrible. When we took our dogs they were fat and chubby when we got them back they looked like they hadn’t eaten in days. They also had fleas on them. One of our puppies acted as tho someone had been yelling at them and they were terrified of loud noise. The owner and her husband(I assumed) were very rude. I will never take my dogs there again.

Tim Jacox

3 years ago

My dog seems to have made some friends here. She is always excited for a visit when we need kennel services. Plus they will bathe and trim nails too. The dogs, not you.


3 years ago

Okay, let me start off by saying that these people don’t genuinely care for dogs due to the treatment that our family pet Maxwell has received from them and what the owner husbands stated as well too me “I don’t have any care for these dogs, I’m just maintenance” My niece has had this rescue animal for some time now. He was recently dropped off at South Paw Dog “Resort” on March 4th (Thursday) to be exact he was dropped off in perfect condition and later found like this in these graphic pictures posted HOURS later due to the lack of care and ATTENTION!!! Maxwell is a very smart, happy and well behaved male boxer and running is one of his favorite things to do. He’s not a clumsy or unstable dog, He’s well balanced and he has perfect posture. My niece stated that someone ran outside to make her pay before they even mentioned that he was hurt earlier in the day and AFTER she paid they then told her that Max had been injured which took place around noon and it was around 4pm when he was picked up. She was told by someone that “they didn’t know what happened” and someone else stated that he was running so which one is it. Also why wouldn’t she get a phone call, text or email, anything at that point. I spoke with the husband who lacks in providing customer service and he told me that Max was put in a cage until the bleeding stopped BUT the bleeding never stopped and from my understanding he wasn’t there that particular day. Max has had two vet visit since his injury due to him bleeding out so badly and has been put on pain meds and antibiotics and will not be healing for months. No one can provide us the details of what really happened, their lying and can’t provide any type of solid evidence, no videos or report anything that has to do with a proper explanation. All they can say is we don’t know what happened. The husband act as if he could help and chose to be hostile the whole recorded phone conversation instead. Horrible customer service! I could go on and on, If you genuinely love your pets KEEP THEM AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!!!

Ashley Jennings

3 years ago

They are the BEST! I love doggy daycare days! My boys love them more! I have a large active German Shepherd and a chunky monkey English Bulldog. Both boys are in hog heaven at South Paws. I teach, so I can drop them off before work and pick them up before I head home. They get to run around a play with all of the doggies and I don’t feel bad if I can’t get around to walking them that night! Win-Win! Tired dogs are happy dogs! Thank you South Paws! ???? Also, it just makes your heart feel good to leave them with folks that know them and love them! Their staff is top notch. I love that they always say hey to my boys by name when I unload them in the mornings! I never worry about my babies when they’re in their loving hands!

Ivy Sudweeks

3 years ago

Unlike other dogs, my dog absolutely hates daycare, but I send her to fend off separation anxiety. Even though she hates daycare, my dog absolutely loves the staff, and I have to agree with her. The folks here actually listen to your concerns about your dog. When I asked them, they told me about the steps they took to make her feel comfortable and set her up for success. Any staff member is able to give me a summary of what she did at the end of the day. You can tell that the staff actually do know the dogs. She's only been going there a few months, and they're aware enough of the dogs to notice that my dog still hasn't played with anyone, or to give me advice about classes that would be good. All in all: very impressed.

Brett Rushing

3 years ago

I left my dog here while my family and I went on vacation this Christmas break and a horrible experience is the best way to describe it. First off, listen to the other reviews that describe how bad their dogs smelled after staying there. Literally can’t get the smell out of my car. This may have to do with the fact that they are only open for 2 hours on Saturday and Sunday which I’m guessing means the dogs spend 22hrs in the pens..... you can guess what that means. Some business advice is to change that. My uncle came by and checked on him while we were gone and his depiction was a mad house. They literally let all 40ish dogs out in a smallish area at the same time. My sister actually waited last minute to board her puppy at a different place which was practically half the price and her dog got a bath and didn’t come back smelling like death. I’d recommend another place or anything else. Very disappointed.

Brianna Moore

3 years ago

A little pricey but worth it

Charlie Moon

3 years ago

Although I did specify no bath, my dog smelled heavily of 3 day old urine when picked up. They've done better in the past and I hope this review calls attention to the issue

gaylon ryan

3 years ago

Super helpful and friendly staff. I was able to walk in and get my dogs nails cut for $15.


3 years ago

Unique boarding facility to us . we're new in Statesboro, and will definitely leave our dog there next time we need boarding

Jacoby Maloby

3 years ago

Pretty cheap to wash my dog compared to anywhere else, and the blonde girl is pretty cute ngl

kristen marlowe

3 years ago

We just picked up our dogs from South Paws where they have been boarded for 7 days. They are all house broken, well mannered pups. Upon picking them up, they all reek of urine, and their fur is matted around their eyes and feet. Our Husky’s white fur is completely yellow on her stomach and paws, even on her face. Our labradoodle’s paws are completely matted with urine, and her little eyes are matted with matter. All of our dogs are crate trained, and are crated while we are at work and never have accidents, so to pick them up and it appears they have been laying in their own urine is awful and heartbreaking. This is completely unacceptable. I would never recommend this place to anyone or use again. I expected that they would be played with and treated as if they were at home from the website prior to using them this past week, this treatment is clearly the furtherest from what I expected to see upon picking them up.

Mandy Deal

3 years ago

Case loves going everyday! Never disappointed! ????

S.E. Vaughn

3 years ago

I'd give 5 stars, but my pitt mix returned home seeming disoriented and tired. He tends to be a difficult patient. Could be him due to anxiety (rescue dog) Could be the kennel attendants and their need to hurry through walk times. I will add that someone there trimmed his nails (needed-and he usually needs light sedation to complete the job and reduce his stress) during his most recent stay and the front office staff is friendly. A little pricey given that he is not fit to commune with other doggie residents. If your dog LOVES meeting other canines, this could be a great match! Our vet also boards and my dog tends to do well with them here in Statesboro, GA (Best Friends, sister clinic to Gateway on 301). But again, my dog may just be stressed from being away from his people and home. I'd recommend you try South Paws Resort.

Shannon Wimberly

3 years ago

I LOVE South Paws. I hate that I have to move from the Statesboro area. My Chance loves it here and is always excited. The employees are super friendly. I’d like to highlight Kaitlyn & Skylar because they always take good care of my Chance. Day care was his favorite although he has been boarded many times. Chance will miss you guys!


4 years ago

This resort and Lynne, the trainer, are great. They worked with my "puppy from hell", Sammy, and have given me new hope for his behavior. Am so glad I left him with this team. He is much better than when I dropped him off!

Becky Waters

4 years ago

Great experience for our pup. We'd take him back for sure

Corri Brewer

4 years ago

My dogs love it here, the staff seems to love them also. Just disappointed the cameras don't work. Owner mad that I posted this, changing rating. Owners told me not to return after I questioned them about an injury my dog incurred in their care. They blamed my other dog, and offered no apologies or resolve. The dogs are often left outside unattended in daycare. My dogs have come home wreaking of urine and dehydrated. The lobby smells horrible, so I shouldn't be surprised. A food container was broken without my notification and owner says "we replaced your 'cheap' container. They are nasty. They are harassing me via email bcuz they don't like my reviews.

David Snellgrove

4 years ago

I left my dog here for the Christmas break while we went out of town. I called multiple times to check on him and they told me he was doing fine. When I picked him up, he had been having diarrhea the whole time I was gone and had to have multiple baths to get it off of him. They also told me they had given him a bath that day, but he was filthy and smelled horrible. His fur was more matted than I had ever seen it. I am having to get him shaved down because it cannot be fixed.

Destini Murray

4 years ago

They love my dog & we love them as well. He is always well taken care of and loves to see his favorites there!

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