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ST Productions

2 years ago

Took my daughter's cat there & as always great experience. I would highly recommend

Sallie Avino

2 years ago

I've used this vet for many years and been very happy. Over the last two years I've noticed a decline in attention to my pet. I had an expensive blood panel conducted because of her age. No one ever called with the results. I happened to ask on my next visit a year later and they suddenly decided she had signs of kidney failure and put her on an expensive medication. On her last boarding visit, she was returned to me with bloody diarrhea on her bed and fanny. A friend had a very bad experience recently and lost their pet. Their review was removed. I felt the best decision I could make was to change vets.

Duke the Rooster

2 years ago

They are very professional. They are very good with my dog Hank. And I liked the precautions they had taken because of covid 19. Highly recommend this place.

Limeng Ma

2 years ago

Hello, young black man here feeling racially discriminated here. I’ve been here a few times and had no issues but today I had a simple appointment for my dogs to get ankles checked out. The appointment took less than 30 seconds they brought here right out and said that I needed to put Neosporin on her. A worker came out and told me he was surprised they were charging me, as well as I was. I’m extremely upset because the worker told me that the office doesn’t charge other people for small things like that don’t require medicine or any work. My dog was less than 1 minute. They didn’t even have to touch her. Be aware of unfair treatment and excessive pricing if you are Black. I can only imagine that they charge black people more money at check out. Extremely disappointed.


2 years ago

The team their was very professional and friendly. Fast and efficient service

Judy Glynn

2 years ago

You charged 194.00 for services that did not work then you want a follow up fo $50.00 for service that did not work your vet probably came from McDonald I would not trust you with my dog at all

James Lane

2 years ago

I've been using their services for years. Completely trust them with my pets and their care.

shelia hatcher

2 years ago

New to area and thought i had found the right place to care for my animal but when they refused to let me inside to inspect boarding area i had signed up for the care for my dog while on vacation i have decided to not use the facility anymore even though im vacinated and agreed to a mask.

Nia Salandy

2 years ago

They took great care of my baby

Annette Price

2 years ago

Very nice staff! They took good care of my dog while I was out of town.

Margaret Cosgrove

2 years ago

Brought my first and only baby there for an appointment on a Friday evening. I called on a Tuesday and friday was the soonest they had. I was hesitant but im new to the area and they had good reviews and this was my babyyy so i wanted the best. Tuesday we noticed her appetite wasnt there anymore she was looking a little skinnier and she was throwing up the food she did eat. She Was also peeing everywhere and even while she was sleep. Her peeing in her sleep was my first alarm. Saturday came, they called about her blood work, and to sum up she was basically dying. Liver failure, pancreas infection, diabetes, anorexia. They suggested an xray and some appetite medicine so hopefully she would eat. Being they were closed Sunday i made the appointment to drop her off for xrays first thing Monday morning and that Saturday i picked up the medicine. The medicine did not work. Sunday morning she just had no energy she just laid next to my moms dog alll dayy. I came home from work with intentions of just holding her and telling her its okay went to pick her up and she was stiff and cold. Heartbroken to say the least. Everything just happened so fast, less then a week my baby just fell apart and died. I had to make the phone call monday to say she wasnt going to be in because she didnt make it. A week later they send me a farewell card to honor her and that just made me really feel they cared. My dog had only been there once and they were kind enough to send a card 3 weeks later and i still to this day wonder what did i miss to noticed this sooner. I want to thank them for trying to help my dog and im gonna go up there and see if they will take this medicine back and donate it to someone who cant afford to buy some. I only used it once so it’s basically a full bottle.

Stephen Joiner

2 years ago

I was referred to this animal hospital when I took my little Shelby to be spade...Some of the best advice that have received in my 51 years thus far. Such professionalism, warmth, care and delight individuals to encounter for my fur-baby's health care.

Tarra B

2 years ago

They’ve always been the very best and the only ones I trust when it comes to my fur baby

GandJ Booth

3 years ago

Always a good place for your pets.

Sherdon Webb

3 years ago

Awesome staff and great service for my pets

Mary Ann Register

3 years ago

This place was ok....I definitely wasn't wowed. I understand because of the pandemic that certain precautions must be taken. This vet, like most, has the park & call thing going on. Someone takes your pets in, brings them back, and then you pay. Ok. Fine. When I got there today, they were running behind. WAY behind. And I'm in my car with 3 panting dogs and a kenneled cat. I wasn't warned before I got there. I was told there were "two people ahead" of me when I called to check-in. So I got out and stood/sat in the parking lot for 45 mins past my scheduled appointment time before just the first of my 4 were taken in. All in all, it was 2 hours and 37 mins from the time I pulled in until the time I was able to leave. I hope this is not a common occurrence because the only thing that could have possibly made this trip ill-fated trip any worse was if it were 100° outside. And temps like that are only just around the corner...

Jack Powell

3 years ago

Much better than "retail" pet care. Excellent staff and doctors.

Shawnee Thomas

3 years ago

Waited over a week to have my dog scheduled for a dental cleaning, only to be turned away because the receptionist scheduled him for the wrong procedure. I was instructed not to give him anything to eat after 7:00pm the night before and drop off at 8:00am the day of the procedure, so how did he end up on the schedule for “fluids” at 3:30pm? Customer service was horrible....will not be back!!!

Crime Jones

3 years ago

1st time impression was excellent! Staff was knowledgeable, helpful and friendly! I definitely will be back!

Dale Silvers

3 years ago

Great Vet. Dr. Tiffanie Britt DVM

J Bryant

3 years ago

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Bradley and her staff for taking such great care of my "little boy dog", when he needed an amputation. I called 9 different vets (including my regular vet) and Centerville was the only place that took him right away. The Dr. and her staff were so empathetic, kind and thoroughly explained what was needed-including the cost. I was so impressed with their service, they are now the regular vet for both of my babies.

Taylor Botheroyd

3 years ago

They were absolutely wonderful with my cat. Even though I had to wait in my car (understandably so given the pandemic), they kept me up to date through the entire process and would call me and/or come out to my car to update me on what they were doing.

Michael Moya

3 years ago

I was waiting 50 minutes to buy some flea medication Called them multiple times only because they hung up on while I was on hold for 3 times After 30 minutes of being on hold and hung up on I finally got someone to help me The first lady I spoke to kept trying to sell me the 6 month When I wanted just a single instead Worst experience I've had in a animal hospital You're better off going to Snellville Animal Hospital instead Around 10 min further Switching back to them because they would never do this. I never got a damn apology either when I told them I was waiting for so long

Trina Taylor

3 years ago

As always great place. They take EXCELLENT care of my furbabies!

Robin Payne

3 years ago

My pup is treated like family. They make sure she has all of her needs met. Great place for fur babies.

patricia moring

3 years ago

I have been using this hospital many years. I had been satisfied with their services UNTIL I took my cat in for coughing and congestion in her lungs. Dr. Bradley examined her and said she could not hear any congestion and suggested I bring her back for x-rays at another time because she did not have TIME to do them then. I eventually made an appointment to get the x-rays done. She tells me there is either fluid or a mass on her lungs and suggested to send them off to a radiologist for a better diagnosis. For THREE weeks I would call to see if anything was back from the radiologist.....NOTHING!!!!!!! Why didn't she take the x-rays during my first appointment?????? I had to have my beloved cat put down this afternoon at an emergency clinic. The Vet said she believed she possible had a collapsed lung and she had so much noise in her lungs that she couldn't even hear her heart beat!!!!!!! There was nothing that could be done but to relieve her from her suffering. I will NEVER use this clinic again!!!!!!! Patricia M.

Nicole Sykes

3 years ago

Got my puppy his rabies shots and medicine for fleas and heartworm. Service was COVID safe with employees wearing masks and providing drive-up pet appointments.

Campbell Glen

3 years ago

Helped my 15 year old cat turnaround his bad kidney numbers so he didn't end up in kidney failure

Chelsea G.

3 years ago

Clean facility. Wish they would do adoption but they don't. Nice staff as well.

DaSola Olusola

3 years ago

I visited after speak with the staff over the phone. I honestly have never been more smitten by veterinary staff... I am totally GRATEFUL

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