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Lindsey Fryatt

a year ago

Absolutely not. So far, we've been here for 3 hours. Vet tech glanced at the open wound, got his weight and took our paperwork. They have not checked his temp or anything. Said he'd be back with pain meds, and we've not seen him again. We're asking, them to do what they said they would do, they are over talking me, not even letting me hey my words out, telling me they're going to kick is out for "being rude." We said, we're not trying to be rude, we are asking you to do what you said you would do. They continue to talk over us and not let us speak. Meanwhile, to us, our dog looks like he's going downhill, shivering, eyes glazed over, and no one has looked at him for 3 hours, so how would they know what condition he's in? Unfortunately, there are no other options, and our dog got attacked with a huge open wound on his neck, so it's not like we can take him anywhere else or wait until Monday. But I'd avoid these people so all costs of you possible. Rude and uncaring. Update. my husband said when they opened the back door to the employee only area he had a direct line of view and could see them laugh laughing, and one girl on her phone. If they have time for all that, they had time to come back and let say ANYTHING to let us know what's going on and give our dog the pain meds.


a year ago

My pup hasn’t been treated there personally. But when I called regarding an issue, the guy on the phone was amazing. He listen to everything, and gave me a detailed response. I felt like he actually cared, rather than giving me a bland response like all the others I’ve been on the phone with. If I ever have another pet emergency they will be the first I call, and visit over the other places. 10/10.

Candice Ashley

a year ago

Kelsey was incredibly helpful when we brought in our very sick elderly cat for treatment on Sunday afternoon. Our cat was quickly assessed and treated. The service was excellent and much appreciated.

Brian Hester

a year ago

Came in with a cat, left with fond memories. Being a pet parent is not always easy, but the challenges are more than rewarding, so long as you cherish the moments you make, and hold them close to your heart. The faculty and staff here have a difficult job, to say the least, yet they do so professionally with compassion and care. I am beyond grateful for all that they do, and thankful for their diligence, pride, and hard work. They helped me through a hard time, and handled my situation with the upmost consideration. Weighing the options with honesty, courtesy, and experience. I know they did the best for me and my furry friend. Would definitely recommend to anyone, and will be bringing my other paw pals for routine visits and check ups. I thank this clinic again for their help and services.

Rachael Brown

a year ago

I took my dog here on September 4th, 2021. I waited in the waiting area for two hours because they were busy, then they put me in a room. I was in that room for five hours and no one checked on me and my dog. About 3 hours in, I asked someone at the front for water for my dog and they never brought any. I’m not an impatient person, but I could hear the employees laughing and talking on the other side of the wall. After seven hours and every test under the sun (and $2,000+), the vet there basically told me that I should just take him to my regular vet when they open. The vet had some results, but was not clear AT ALL when explaining them and kept beating around the bush (he had cancer). Everyone there was unprofessional and again, they stuck me and my dying dog in a small room for five solid hours without giving my dog water or checking on him. I know emergency vets are sometimes the only option, but if you can avoid this practice, please do.

Jack Gore

a year ago

Went here yesterday waited almost 4 hours. My dog's in worse shape now than he was before I took him. Didn't do anything really and charged $400. 10/10 would not recommend. Friendly staff though, but it's pretty much a scam.

Cole Vehrs

a year ago

Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Had to take my cat in on a Saturday for what turned out to be a urinary infection. I called every vet that was open and they were the only ones that could see her that day. From the guy who answered the phone, to the tech who checked us in, to the vet herself were all pleasant and friendly to deal with. The pricing was all clearly explained and they took the time to answer the questions I had. Won't think twice about returning if the need arises. Thank you!

Cindi Ashley

a year ago

We could not have been more pleased with the service we received last night. They immediately took us to a room as we had to let our baby of 16 years cross the rainbow. They were professional and kept us informed of everything they were doing. Thank you again for making this process easy as our vet was closed for the evening. The Ashley Family.

Small Pox

a year ago

Brought my dog to their clinic at Tractor Supply for heartworm test. Tried to order heartworm meds on Chewy and was told that I have to bring him to my ‘regular’ vet for that (unless, of course, you buy meds from their partner.) Buyer beware

Samantha Dawson

a year ago

The staff at Savannah Emergency Veterinary Clinic are very caring, compassionate and understanding. From the minute we walked in the door to Remi's final moments, she was cared for as if she was their own. ❤????

Michael Ayers

a year ago

I am so thankful for the clinic and every member of their staff. When our basset ate ant poison off of an anthill and we had to bring him in in the middle of the night, they handled him (and us) so well. We felt very confident in his care and they got him back to us healthy!

Bobbie Martin

a year ago

My dog needed emergency surgery on his leg. I live in Ludowici & none of the vet clinics in Hinesville would take my dog in. This vet clinic was able to tell me what was wrong with my dog and do surgery the same night. They have been nothing but amazing and kind. I highly recommend.

Abigail Craig

a year ago

My cat had issues going on for about a month, and after two different vets didn't help him (and actually made him worse), he was suddenly doing very bad one Saturday (not eating/drinking, vomiting, lethargic). I ended up taking him to this emergency clinic. They listened to me, cared for my cat, finally figured out what was wrong with him, and he is now doing much better. They called me every day that he was there to let me know how he was doing and offered to let me come see him. My cat hates vets so he was definitely not the nicest boy for them, but they still cared for him more than I could've asked for. I've had to call a few times since he's been discharged with questions, and they've offered so much help every time. YES, it's insanely expensive, but my cat might not have made it if it weren't for this clinic. Everyone I interacted with was very caring and helpful, and I can't say enough good about it.

Alexandra Rogers

a year ago

Took my baby in because she got her bone stuck around her bottom jaw, they came got here, and within just a few minutes we had our girl back all good to go! Great service, great people. Thanks for helping my baby.

Blakelyn Case

a year ago

If you can avoid this place, do. I had to bring my 4 month old kitten in here because he managed to hit his head on our coffee table really hard, which made his pupils dilate unevenly. I was nervous that he may have given himself a concussion or damaged his eye, so I called my regular vets after hours and they suggested taking him in to verify he wasn’t injured. This place is 170 to just walk in which is insanely outrageous for the level of care you receive. The room was dirty and had dog hair all over it. The tech didn’t wash her hands or wear gloves. The vet was highly unprofessional, looked as if she hadn’t showered in days and rolled right out of bed. She handled my kitten very roughly, looked at him for all of 2 seconds and said he was fine. She wouldn’t even listen to me explain the symptoms he had at home.. I would start to talk and she would just cut me off with “he’s fine”. All they care about is money here. There’s no compassion for the animals or people.

Dan Levin

a year ago

Pet Owners BEWARE..... of Savannah Veterinary Emergency Clinic and owner Dr. Julie Harelson - in my Opinion, They RIPPED OFF our son and manipulated our sons emotions and concern for his dog to charge us $4,750.00 UP FRONT before they would take him in to observe him. WHAT Happened - Our son brought his dog in concerned that there might be a health issue. The Vet on Duty - Jamie Baker took a look at Conan in the back and came out back out into the reception area with tears in her eyes saying that Conan will most likely require surgery. She took advantage of his concerned for his dog to get him to agree to a HUGE Charge. She said that they needed to keep him to observe and take x-rays. *** They did not review any costs and told our son that they had to charge our card apx. 4750.00 just to take him in. Her reaction was completely un-professional and manipulative by scaring our son into agreeing to the large charge. Obviously this is a SCAM Veterinary Clinic that takes advantage of Pet owners who care so much for their pets. Once we heard what happened we called them and ended up picked up Conan to take him to another Vet Clinic right down the road. Where they were completely professional and Total Cost was only 294.00 NOT the 4650.00 that the SCAM Vet ps. They used a barium treatment so when you viewed the x-rays, you could see that there was no obstruction. The SCAM Clinic did not. Conclusion – Savannah Veterinary Emergency Clinic and owner Dr. Julie Harelson are obviously a SCAM Veterinary clinic. Even when given the opportunity to correct their mistake. They choose not to. In my opinion, they are taking advantage of these caring Pet Owners and OVERCHARGING them. update - - Savannah Veterinary Emergency Clinic Dr. Julie Harelson originally charged our son 4650.00 upfront. After we picked up Conan, they credits us back an amount but still charged us 10 TIMES MORE than with the 2nd Professional Veterinary Clinic charged us. I even called the owner Dr. Julie Harelson to review what happened and as soon as she heard the call was about a complaint, you had to get off the phone and have her office manager call us back. At which time the office manager called and said that they would do nothing to help.

Drew Smith

a year ago

They make you wait while your animal suffers and then try to charge you top dollar. When you ask them about it, the doctor gives you attitude and tells you to deal with it. There’s literally people crying in the parking lot as I’m leaving because they can’t get emergency care. I came in with an emergency and they brought in multiple customers that came in after me for smaller problems. One lost a prescription, one because her dog had “the poops”, and then their’s me with an animal literally drowning in their own fluids. Guess who would’ve been last if I didn’t find another emergency spot while waiting? Save yourself the heartache and suffering and go anywhere else your animal can be seen! Prayers for your animal families if this is your only choice.

Gabrielle Mirabella

a year ago

The tech was so incredibly sweet! Our puppy had a wasp sting on her paw, in and out, no issues. Thank you for the fantastic experience!

Karina Diaz-Alicea

a year ago

We had to go to the emergency room from Hinesville knowing they didn't have the best rating. my dog ​​was in pain and screaming, as soon as we arrived the assistant greeted us gave us some papers to fill out and told us that they were going to give him medicine to calm the pain. almost 4 hours passed they never gave him the medicine and my dog ​​never stopped complaining. When I asked for the papers to leave, they told us that it really wasn't an emergency that I could wait a little longer, we ended up going because the wait was too long. We took the dog to his vet and it turns out that the dog has degenerative arthritis and had to be medicated immediately. I do not recommend this place at all, the only thing that matters to them is money.

J Cunningham

a year ago

My personal experience with needing to put my Boxer son Sebastian down, Was amazing! I spoke with them on the phone prior and even at 1130pm at night, there was someone waiting for us at the door. Very up front yet respectful explanations of the whole process was great. They gave us time in different phases of giving us our time for last moments with him. They joined us on blankets and quilts and at other times took my younger Boxer to give me time alone not having to watch the pup and focus on my son of 15 years! From then until I picked him up, it was nothing short of concerned care like I hadn’t experienced as of now. Concerning dealing with this end of life process, I have to speak HIGHly for how they handled me and my kids! We just recently moved here so to be surrounded by a group of great people was just perfect for my situation. Thank you to everyone who was involved with Sebastian and thank you for your compassionate care. It meant a lot to all three of us!

Katharina Johnson

a year ago

I never write reviews but I had to on this one. Waited for 4 hours to get my cat seen and a X-ray, only for the Dr to not have any answers on what’s wrong with my cat. It was more so concern cause we seen another vet last week. We knew we needed a X-ray so I’m willing to pay for that. Then the nurse comes back with a treatment plan including SURGERY?! The cost to stay? IV‘s and all this stuff for 3400-9000$ ???? For what?? Not even knowing what’s wrong with him and then want to cut my cat open. We took the X-rays, paid 600$ And left so our vet can have a look. I can’t wrap my head around this, this is being Money hungry at its finest.

Cynthia Guiracocha

a year ago

I waited for hours to get seen. The vet never seen my dog just her nurse . Just to get told they can’t see my puppy without paying $600 for X-rays and bloodwork. I decided not to do it, and wait for my vet. The nurse caught and attitude and was rude until I left. They are money driven and lack professionalism . Do not recommend.

Christina Bednarski

a year ago

I took my dog there tonight at almost midnight. She (my dog) got ahold of my daughter’s hand sanitizer clip from bath and body (just the holder with the caribiner clip). It was totally hooked around one of her digits on her front paw. I couldn’t tell if was inside her pad on her paw or not. After trying to get it off with her freaking and trying to bite us, I decided to go to this ER veterinarian. They took her back right away and had us in and out in just moments! My first time at any emergency other than our normal vet who doesn’t do after hours anymore. SUPER IMPRESSED with the quality of care!!!

Asmiri V

a year ago

1 STAR only to be able to process the review but a big (0 STAR) I’m truly disappointed with this places. I called before taking my dog in and mad sure they knew I wanted my dog checked out for foreign bodies. Therefore, I told them to take images and make sure to evaluate my dog. They denied to do images at the time when it was needed to rule out anything. They send me home to see if it passed on its own. Well days passed nothing, more blood in the vomit, they had the audacity to want to charge us so much money. In there paperwork it stated we did not have the money to pay when it was not true, they denied services and also denied to give us records to be taken to another clinic. THIS PLACE NEEDS TO BE CLOSE DOWN!!! It’s not all about the money, but about saving lives!!

Jerri Moore

a year ago

If I could put negative stars I would. This place is a walking disaster. These people are Dr Feelgoods if nothing more. They wanted to charge me 4000 dollars last night when I took my dog in without even an exam. The little girl at the front desk more than told me that my dog ingested pills without taking blood or any kind of exam. I think she was trying to convince herself that my dog did take the pills. What a quack! No Doctor ever looked at my dog last night and I strongly think that the better business bureau should be contacted by others as I am contacting right now after this message. There needs to be some investigation or some education.

Tabitha Sexton

a year ago

I am giving a one-star review for the friendliness of the nurses, but the rest of my experience was unpleasant to put in kindly. My 18-year-old cat developed a limp and her veterinarian was unable to determine the cause, so she referred me to this hospital. After her “examination" the Dr. said they would need to do additional leg x-rays and perhaps a CT scan if they couldn’t determine the cause. I asked if he examined her pads and claws as I believed that was the issue. He claimed she was too combative to examine and I suggested slightly sedating her to do so. I was told they couldn’t sedate her because they wouldn’t be able to determine the source of the pain, which directly contradicts his previous statement. I was presented with a quote for $2,800 for the diagnosis only. After taking her home and examining her paw myself, without the use of sedatives I might add, it was discovered that two of her claws were severely infected. This should have taken an experienced, or inexperienced, surgeon minutes to determine. The physicians are either inept or have a broken moral compass, attempting to make a $2,800 profit on an injured 18-year-old feline that simply needed a heavy dose of antibiotics. What a terrible way to operate a business!

Laura Fonseca

a year ago

Worse posible care for your pet, they are motivated by money and are so quick to quote you a price for care which ends up just a couple hundred dollars short of what they quoted for pet emergencies. So, you’re better off waiting until your regular vet opens or try to get in with the emergency vet on Wilmington Island. If you can’t wait, drive as far away as possible to get your pet seen by better human beings. My mini Schnauzer puppy was subjected to exploratory surgery only to find that he had gastritis....yes, only after they gutted him did the so called vet ask the questions she should have asked before she decided to cut. But, it didn’t end with the rude staff handing me my drowsy puppy with an incision from sternum to pubic ended 3 and a half months later when the last of all the stitches eventually surfaced and healed. Will later add video and pictures to support this review, as well as other horror stories from neighbors and acquaintances.

kasara morgan

a year ago

Yesterday, June 5, 2021, I had rushed my cat in for an emergency. She was lethargic, no appetite, and wheezing. The staff was so kind to me, especially the young man working the front desk. He was just kind, heartfelt, compassionate. I could go on and on about him. Dr. Weist was also so kind and comforting, as I had to have my baby euthanized. Her blood levels came back off the charts and it would have been thousands of dollars that I wish I had, but the staff was reassuring and told me that even if they put her through all of the torture of saving my Cami, that there was a big chance she wouldn’t make it. My heart is broken but the way these two showed compassion is stuck with me. I wish I had caught the mans name who worked the front desk, but what I do know is, he’s in the right profession. I’m sad, my heart is shattered, but knowing that someone like these two are working with families who love their fur babies, is so comforting. Thank you to Dr. Weist and the young man for helping me through such a terrible time. Your compassion is highly appreciated. I’ll never forget your kindness.

Kody Calitri

a year ago

The emergency clinic was extremely helpful and caring. They really helped and advised me through the tough process.

Ariana Celene

2 years ago

This clinic is almost always very busy and I attribute that to their level of care and thoroughness. I have had to bring 2 of my fur babies here on different occasions and the staff is often very thorough and straight forward. They are as honest as can be and even under stressful & hectic circumstances offer the best emergency care they can. I really do appreciate the staff at this clinic. Shout out to Brittany on staff. The clinic was extremely busy and she took the time to answer me kindly and with patience even though I had a number of questions and they had limited time with heavy demands. I will always recommend this office. Thank you guys for all you do!

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