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2 years ago

I cannot say enough positive things about this place. Dr Little , Emmi , Liz, Robin, Cheryl, every single other person I spoke with on the phone and in-person were so kind and helpful. They really take the time to make sure that you are well informed on the procedure your pup is about to undergo, and that there are no questions left unanswered. In the very stressful of time for me and the pup, I knew he was in good hands!

David Witherspoon

2 years ago

They took great care of our pup who needed emergency surgery for a broken growth plate. Glad to know we have such a good veterinary surgery close by!

Chris Kline

2 years ago

This place was amazing! We rescued a puppy that was dying from a hernia. They were the only place was willing to do the surgery. He made it through and is thriving! The whole staff was fantastic!

Nicole Kadom

2 years ago

They took amazing care of our cat and went above and beyond to help us. You can tell that they really care about their patients

Chris Meade

2 years ago

My wife’s dog was struggling to walk on both back legs. They kept giving out resulting in her walking like a crab. Our vet referred us to them for surgery. They are an awesome group of people to work with. My wife was crying the day of the surgery because how small Bella is and because she is like a kid to us. They answered all of the questions she and I had and fit her in quickly. They even sent a get well soon card. I was very surprised to see how minimal the incision site was and how neat and clean it was. Now we get to go back in a few weeks to do her other leg. I highly recommend them to take care of your animals.

Christopher A Hamilton

2 years ago

Nice place, nice people. Still doing curbside visits. My pup is scheduled surgery here later this month (11/2021)

Nicole Schmitt

2 years ago

Our local vet referred us to Veterinary Referral Surgical Practice where our golden retriever was diagnosed and had to have surgery for TPLO. We were nervous of course with any surgery, but in the end we couldn't be happier with the awesome treatment and care that they gave dog. Dr. Filer and the rest of the staff took the time to explain the procedure to us and walk us through what to expect with recovery time and potential for PT answering all of our questions along the way. Our sweet pup is now in recovery and starting to get back to her normal self, we are so thankful to the staff at VRSP and would highly reccomend them to anyone!

Melissa Mulvaney

2 years ago

Our Brandy dislocated her right hip in early June. At nearly 15 years old and with other health issues, we were worried about her ability to experience a successful surgery and rehabilitation. Working with our amazing regular vet at VCA Roswell, we were referred to Dr. Little at Veterinary Referral Surgical Practice, and we were able to get in for a consultation within a couple of days. I was SO impressed at how quickly we were able to schedule an appointment and have Brandy evaluated so that we could alleviate her suffering fast. The staff at VRSP was friendly, professional, and so very kind when I called. Up to that point, I had had so little sleep staying up with Brandy for nearly a week while she was uncomfortable through the night with pain. Kirsten was patient with me when I explained Brandy's situation and I burst into tears. She helped me get Brandy's patient files transferred over from VCA. On the day of my consultation, every precaution was taken to minimize COVID spread. A technician came to my car and was so gentle in handling Brandy and walking her into the office. After her physical examination, Dr. Little called me and gave me my options. He did not rush me, and he answered every question I could think of thoroughly. He assured me that although Brandy was an old girl she was also a tough one, and that he thought she had many years of quality life left after she recovered from surgery. Brandy's right open hip reduction was scheduled for the very next day. I was so thankful that Dr. Little and the VRSP staff understood how important it was to Brandy and to me to get her feeling better as fast as possible. They kept Brandy overnight with someone on staff calling me periodically to give me updates on her recovery. The next morning, Liz, one of the surgical technicians, met me at the office and took nearly 45 minutes going over with me all of the home care information and medicines. She answered every question, and she told me to call for any reason and at any time if I needed to speak to someone regarding Brandy's care. I took my girl home to begin her 6 week road to healing. Brandy's home recovery was rough. This was because the pain medicines upset her GI tract which led to some constipation and then diarrhea, both issues further complicated by her history pancreatic and kidney disease. Finding the balance while keeping her hydrated and pain-free was tricky, and I spent another week without sleep getting her comfortable. The VRFP nurse on call, Charity, was AMAZING! Seriously, that woman deserves an award for her kindness, patience, and helpful expertise. I called the VRFP on call line a couple of times each night, and Charity always called me right back assuring me that it wasn't a bother and that she was glad to help. Eventually, after about two weeks post-surgery, Brandy turned the corner. Her stitches were healed up, and we went back to the VRFP office to have the staples removed. Dr. Hall was super helpful at our followup. We are over seven weeks out from surgery, and Brandy is frisky and happy and feeling great. It's such a gift to see her smiling and energetic again. We owe so much of her success to the excellent, compassionate care from Veterinary Referral Surgical Practice. I cannot say enough positive things about their office and staff. Do not hesitate to take your furbaby there for care!

Chandler Bearden

2 years ago

Absolutely love these guys. Very friendly and personable. They took the time to explain everything, always patient, always helpful save never felt judged or talked down to. Nor did i feel like we were just another number to call. Dr Bourne and Liz are wonderful! And so is the rest of the staff!

Bob Pressley

3 years ago

I can 100% recommend this location for your pet if needed. Dr Filer and all of the staff have gone above and beyond. Archie has had the best care we could have hoped for in his situation. 5 stars!

Jeffrey Hoffman

3 years ago

Great people ,highly skilled and caring. This is the third time we have used them for our animals. A+++++

Marian Plossl

3 years ago

I have not been allowed to talk with the surgeon. Looks like the surgery didn't fix my dogs leg. I felt i didn't get a good explanation of whatj to expect. Dog needs a bath can i give her one?

Cheryl Larson

3 years ago

They were awesome. Dr. Little is amazing - I wanted the bottom line of what I should do with Annie (my Aussie) and he told me directly and as nicely as possible. Ryan is just as awesome. He answered every question I had (and there were quite a few while crying) and made me feel like I wasn't doing anything "wrong" and made me feel better. I strongly recommend them (with the referral from your vet) to give you answers based on the quality of your baby's life. ❤

Kevin Bottoms

3 years ago

Have been extremely satisfied with their service and attention. Brought my 2yr old corgi for surgery on her leg after an injury. After the consult they were very clear about all the available options, risks, costs and then their recommendations. Scheduling and drop off were very quick and easy and they were good about following up how my pup was doing, had someone to watch her the entire night she was there and updated me on how she was doing periodically. VRS was referred to me by my usual trusted vet but glad to say that was well placed. Despite an expensive surgery it was still much cheaper than expected and their care and handling was excellent. The staff that worked with my pup even sent a nice card a few days after that was actually hand written. Her recovery has been going very well and they were extremely clear on instructions and provided all necessary supplies.

Christy T

3 years ago

Wonderful staff with great expertise! Junior even tolerates the underwater treadmill well. Thanks for keeping him healthy! Dr. Filer is great with him, Ashey and Megan were sufficiently impressed with his attitude!???? Thank you for all you do!

Terra Mahre

3 years ago

A very articulate group. My dog had a slipping knee and it cost twice as much as I thought it would....$3400....and I must give my own pet all her physical therapy for six weeks after. You would think the therapy would be included in the price.

Suellen Slockbower

3 years ago

Our Pomeranian, Skoda, has had three surgeries with Dr. Filer and his associates, and is about to have a fourth. He had to have his mandible mended and reconstructed after a larger dog attacked him, and he has had ACL surgery on both hind legs. In each case, the care was excellent from evaluation through surgery and physical therapy, which is why we keep going back. There is not a better place to take your dog for surgery or PT than Vet Ref Surg Practice.

Alia Hoyt

3 years ago

Dr. Noone is an excellent surgeon. My border collie tore his ACL and required surgery. At every step, Dr. Noone and his staff kept us updated about his recovery and prognosis, and provided detailed guidance to navigate the entire process. If you follow his instructions your dog will come out happier and healthier than before. Highly recommend.

Cathie B

3 years ago

Giving them two stars because my vet loves them and COVID is tough. Arrived for 1 st appointment, called and called for more than 20 min, no answer. It is August and sweltering, I am waiting in my car, I had to take time off from work, they do not answer the phone. I see a tech come out to a car and approach her with a mask on, asking for help. She says she only handles rehab patients, keep calling. In another car a lady says she is waiting for the same Dr. He did surgery on her dog two weeks ago, she was not given the take home kit/instructions, she never met the Dr. and her dog was having complications. I decided to leave. More than 30 minutes after my appointment time, on my drive home they called to find out where I was parked. I told them I was not interested in rescheduling. I think Blue Pearl is more professional.

Richard Bresnick

3 years ago

My dog needs to have major leg surgery and I called in asking to speak to or meet a vet before I just drop her off for it. Elizabeth, the woman who answers phones, told me the “CDC is in control” and to contact the “powers of being” when I asked why I wasn’t allowed to talk to a surgeon before my dogs make surgery. I was shocked that this is the kind of person they have working for them. She was so sarcastic, condescending, rude, and unprofessional— and because of this- I will be driving a state away so I’m able to meet the doctor performing major surgery on my baby.

Dave Carmichael

3 years ago

Our sweet dog had TPLO surgery in June and he has made a full recovery. There were no surprises. Dr. Little and the entire staff were great. Dr. Little took the time to explain everything to us. The cost was exactly what was explained. Everyone treated our dog and us extremely well.

Saul Mejia

3 years ago

Very nice and helpful, they have been caring for my Frenchie for over two months after he was run over by a car.

Erin Vickery

3 years ago

I am forever grateful for the expertise and quality offered by Dr. Filer when my dog had to have emergency surgery for bloat. We took our 7 year old Bernese Mountain Dog to the emergency vet late one evening. Dr.Filer was the surgeon who handled the middle-of-the-night surgery, saving our boy’s life. At first I was upset that we ended up at an emergency vet due to the cost, but am now grateful that a specialist handled the case. I didn’t know about VRSP, but having high maintenance dogs like Berners, I am glad to know they are around. Dr. Filer called us after the surgery and let us know he did well and was recovering. He gave us extensive detail about the surgery, he was kind and compassionate, offering feedback on our fast recognition of the emergency. I also learned that he had rawhide bone pieces in his stomach that had to be removed. Tough lesson learned - Don’t feed rawhide bones. Thank God for Dr. Filer and his expertise.


3 years ago

The staff genuinely cares about helping a pet to improve/recover.

Holly Gillespie

3 years ago

They took excellent care of my fur baby! They are thorough in explaining everything and update you as often as possible. I can't say thank you enough to the friendly and caring staff!

Julian Silva

3 years ago

Very friendly staff and doctors. They took good care of my dog, Kona, but they don't seem to have much outdoor space for the dogs and are quite pricey.

Kim Pate

3 years ago

All of the employees were so sensitive to our needs as a pet owner understanding our love for our precious Gigi.

Laurie Gilmore

3 years ago

A simple request to talk to the vet via FaceTime during exam was denied. Response was a canned “that’s not our policy!” kind of speech. You may ONLY speak to the vet AFTER the exam is over, by phone. This isn’t just a routine well-check for my pet, this is major surgery. Why is a simple request for livechat with vet met with such disregard? Given the crazy Covid world we live in, a FaceTime appointment is about as “normal” as it gets right now! Not impressed with vet practice that puts “policy” over simple request for live connection with doctor.

Lori Martin

3 years ago

Really wish we had taken our dog to VRSP years ago instead of letting our vet do surgeries! It isn't that much more expensive because so much is included in the surgery costs, that our vet charged separately. Dr. Filer is the best! The whole staff is top notch! Very caring and professional. Great experience!

Mark Prinz

3 years ago

I brought my dog to see Dr. Boozer (Internal Medicine) for a 2nd opinion on her IBD. Dr. Boozer did an ultra sound and found that Abbey had a spleen tumor and sent us to Dr. Noone. Dr. Noone operated and told us after the operation that it was a very complicated tumor wrapped around other organs. No disrespect but I'm glad we had a surgeon (vs. our Vet) perform the surgery. Dr. Noone was probably the best person to perform the surgery. Very happy w/ both Doctors. Thank you from all of us - Abbey is doing so much better.

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