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Andrea Blanchard

2 years ago

They take amazing care of our senior dog who has some challenging issues. They explain all of our options very well and we never feel rushed or hurried when we're speaking with the doctors. They always follow up after appointments to check on him, and we've never had trouble getting in touch with someone or getting appointment if our dog was having a problem. They're wonderful!

brett vetter

2 years ago

I can't say enough nice things about the people that work for these two hospitals. They are always so kind, so professional, and mindful of the stress that can go along with a sick pet. We have been taking our dogs to Rose for 3 years and they helped keep our yorkie alive for an entire extra year that we cherished with him. Great place to take your pets for a mindful vet that truly cares.

Tori Shapiro

2 years ago

Rose Animal Hospital is the BEST! They're so kind and cared about my dog's needs. She's a rescue and had never been to the vet before and they were so gentle with her and wanted make sure her treatment plan was catered specifically to her. She loves to hike and they recommended the "Outdoor dog" shots package to make sure she's fully protected against any issues. I would recommend to anyone!

Catie C

2 years ago

The absolute best vet in the area! They staff is all incredible and always treats my dog like their own. I have taken my dog to a few different vets in the area and the prices here are BY FAR the best and the best service. They never try to convince you to get things your dog doesn’t need and will walk you through everything they are doing beforehand. Can’t recommend this place enough!!

Maleja Guarnizo

2 years ago

I went to this hospital on the recommendation of someone, because my puppy was very very sick. At the beginning everything looked good, they gave him the attention I thought was needed. I was wrong. I wonder how it is possible that in a week, the hospital and its veterinarians did not find out what was happening with my nine-month-old dog ... I chose to go to another hospital and, on the first appointment we had, they told us exactly what going on with my puppy… There was no need from taking outrageously expensive tests and mindless procedures like an $480 ultrasound (by the way I requested to have the images and never got them). My puppy's recovery has been 100% since we've been at Alpharetta Animal Hospital.

Tori Cuccurullo

2 years ago

We just became new patients at Rose Animal Hospital. After a poor experience at our previous vet, I was searching high and low looking for a new practice that could provide out pup some relief. Dr. Koenning and her team were super helpful to us and made us feel heard given our pups extensive history of skin issues. Their booking website was easy to use and was easy to upload previous records. They even called us shortly after submitting the paper works and has questions in regards to his medical history. After 5 days of seeing Dr. Koenning, our pup is already feeling so much better. It's still early on, but so far so good! If you're looking for somewhere new to bring your furry friend, I would highly suggest bringing them to Rose Animal Hospital.

Chelsi West

2 years ago

We love Rose Animal Hospital - they are the best!! They've always been super attentive and has a great front desk staff. Every doctor we've been in contact with has a wonderful bedside manner and are all very thorough. We've had to do a big surgery with them for our dog to remove a mass as well as a teeth cleaning procedure and it's been a really positive experience each time. You can always expect a follow up to see how your baby is doing after a big procedure or sickness.

Elaine Paradise

2 years ago

I called Rose Animal Clinic because my 5 year old cat needed updated vaccinations. She hadn't been to the vet since I got her as a kitten. After making my appointment I walked right with no wait. They immediately gave us a room, away from any other animals. The tech and Dr. were extremely personable and knowledgable. They must be cat whisperers because my kitty didn't flinch. The price was VERY reasonable and they didn't try to push unnecessary bloodwork or sell me anything. Everyone at the front desk was friendly and kind. If I wasn't moving out of state I would be back!! What a wonderful experience!

Yelda N

2 years ago

We just moved from Florida and I was looking for a good vet for our two labs. I asked a FB group for good recommendations and so many people recommended Rose Animal Hospital. Now I know why! They are the absolute best and they truly care for your fur babies like they are their own fur babies. Our chocolate lab had an eye infection and a few days after they called to check in to see how he was doing. So so sweet. Thank you Rose Animal Hospital for all that you guys do!

Kelly Moore

2 years ago

I had to put down my 15 year old kitty. It was my first time using Rose Animal Hospital. They were so accommodating and professional. And heartfelt. Today I received a condolence card in the mail, signed by everyone in the office. It had my Kitty’s paw prints. Thank you Rose Animal Hospital. Thank you.

Aleksandra D.

2 years ago

We can’t thank the team at Rose Animal Hospital and Dr. Emily Wohlford enough for helping us during an emergency situation this past Saturday. We took our dog for the hike to Vickery Creek Waterfall in Roswell where she had fun running around and swimming in the river. On our way back to the car she started to throw up and lose consciousness. We were panicked to find any help close by and we found Rose Hospital right around the corner. The whole team was so quick to respond and help us get our dog from the car into their office. Lily needed oxygen, IV fluids and blood work. Doctor Emily was so attentive and very detailed. Though we could not find the real reason why Lily had this accident, we guessed it was an allergic reaction to a plant or bug bite. Later in the day she felt so much better. We are so thankful for your great work and exceptional care. Thanks again for making a difference in animals lives! Wishing you all the best!

jordan mcafee

3 years ago

If you live in the Roswell area, this is where you need to take your pets! The staff is so amazing and the office is beautiful. We have been taking our pup Louie here for about 2 years and he is an anxious boy, but he has grown to trust the people at Rose Animal Hospital and it eases my mind any time we have to take him to the vet because I know he is in good hands. Unfortunately, my family and I are moving out of town and will have to find Mr. Lou a new vet and Rose Animal will always be the gold standard in our search. Thank you Rose Animal Hospital!

Connor Wright

3 years ago

Great vet! Rose Animal Hospital has the best staff and are so kind to our dog Louie! Thank you all for your kindness and professionalism even during these difficult times.

V Ngn

3 years ago

Today I saw first hand what my husband have been saying about this Animal Hosp. for the past two yes. They are phenomenal and I see our Rocco and Pearl are in the very best hands when they come here. They actually talk to you and find out what you need. They don’t make a push unnecessary services. They will look into what you must have vs what you want in order to help you keep extra expenses out of your bill...that’s what I call BUSINESS ETHICS!

Tristan Loudon

3 years ago

The doctor tells you one thing and the computer records say another. I was spoken to so rudely today that I am truly shaken. I have never experienced such rudeness from a business in my life. Care that was sought and paid for was not provided. —Jodie Knapton

Plutarco Viteri

3 years ago

We made an appointment but when we got there, they didn’t have record of the appointment. However, after waiting an hour they did squeeze us in which was appreciated.

Lucas Hathaway

3 years ago

Only place I would take my Dog. They have seen her for the last 6 years, since she was 6 weeks old! The entire Rose Animal Hospital staff are incredible!

Katelin Johnson

3 years ago

Rose Animal Hospital is incomparable, specialized treatment for more-than-fair prices. I will never go anywhere else for my future veterinary care needs. I'm not even sure where to start. From scheduling the appointment (quick and easy) to the vet's eventual (and I think, well-judged) referral to a specialist, I was incredibly impressed. The most remarkable thing was the amount of personalized patient care. I told our vet (Dr. Wohlford and her team) that I had never spoken to ANY healthcare specialist, human or animal, for as much time as she took to walk me through every step of her care plan for my cat. She answered all of my questions--probably multiple times--and was truly invested in Ollie's welfare. I felt that she was very knowledgeable and therefore knew when my cat needed care beyond her means. And not only did she spend a lot of time with me, but she spent a lot of time with him. That's why I was shocked by the incredibly low bill I received for both of his visits. You WILL NOT find better care for a better price. You won't find bad care for a better price. I cannot recommend this place enough and I want to thank the entire staff for everything they did for us. Not sure what's happening with Ollie yet but I know that he got the best care imaginable

Greg Milano

3 years ago

We had an emergency on Saturday and RAH told us they only had curbside service. We had been going there for years and they know our dog will not cooperate if we are not holding her for any services. They are not Doctor owned and in need they showed us they don’t care about the well being of our pet in an emergency. East Roswell Vet hospital understood and took us right in immediately. 25+ years experience Doctor owned proved to make a huge difference. Our Dog is doing fine now but we were extremely worried. It took Rose Animal hospital over 3 hours to send the records over with 5 or 6 calls from us and the New Vet. Do not risk your pets well being by going there! I could list more reasons.

Deborah Lee

3 years ago

It's taken me 9 months to finally be able to share my horrific experience I had using Rose Animal Hospital. I relied on the 5 star review and boarded my dog here. Beforehand, I took her in for a wellness check as Rose Animal suggested. She passed 100%. I informed them I rescued Stella and she suffered from major separation anxiety. It took six months of working with her; being by her side 24-7 to slowly being able to leave her alone for 6 hours at a time. I explained in detail the needs of my dog so she would not be triggered. The hospital said they accommodated delicate needs like my dog's and it wouldn't be a problem at all. This was a last minute trip and I needed a close place to board my dog since her regular vet was booked. The hospital asked if I wanted the "Luxury Suite" and I specifically said NO because my dog needs to see other people/activity due to her past trauma and issue with anxiety, especially this being the first time I was leaving her since adopting her. I dropped her off on a Friday afternoon and called the following Monday to check on her. There was no answer so I left a VM. I was hiking the Grand Canyon and did not have cell service until I was out of the canyon a few hours later. I checked my phone and had a VM from Rose Animal H. saying "Please call us right away, this is a life emergency stating that my dog might not make it. They ignored what I said and put her in the Luxury Suite Friday night, closing her off from everything and everyone. Basically solitary confinement to my dog. They proceeded to give her a sedative without my consent and in doing so my dog went into convulsions. I was NOT told her physical state before picking her up, so I was in total shock and was not told how and what happened to her but THE PICTURES SAY IT ALL. She had pressure wounds on all four legs. "WOUNDS" The one photo is a healthy happy dog right before I dropped her off. They were also trying to get my consent to bring her somewhere else because my dog became so ill they said she might not make it and they weren't equipped to handle it, STILL not explaining what happened. My dog would have suffered more if she had been moved in that condition. I was stuck in AZ and wasn't flying back for a few more days. I had to call them to get updates on her condition, not the other way around. I had to have my neighbor pick up my dog due to the hospital closing right when my flight landed. My neighbor had to sit in the waiting room for 30 minutes until she finally asked for my dog. This was the ONLY time they mentioned my dog had wounds. This is what is really baffling to me. It took me A FULL WEEK of caring for Stella 3 times a day changing her bandages and cleaning her wounds before they started to heal. If she was injured this bad on the Sat. before, and this place was taking care of her, why would her wounds STILL look like this 6 days LATER??? I took my dog to her regular vet the next day for a check up and to make sure I could take care of her wounds properly. She had skin missing from her lip and nose. The tests confirmed she had kidney damage and other organ issues. I had to carry her outside to go to the bathroom the first week home because she was too weak to walk on her own. Before this, our morning routine was jogging 3 miles in our hilly neighborhood. To this day she can only walk a mile at most each time. This experience caused unnecessary mental, emotional and obviously physical damage for my dog as well myself. I am sharing this with the public so this does not happen to another dog!

Chase Leibenguth

3 years ago

The sole reason for this rating is as a result of personal opinions arising from interactions with the practice manager and decisions made by them on the business' behalf. The Vets, the Techs, and Desk staff are competent and compassionate. Despite that, my rating stands at 1*.

Brittney Burgess

3 years ago

We wanted a vet that was informative, reliable and caring for our new puppy and that's just what we got at Rose Animal Hospital. They made us feel like we were their only customer, despite being very busy. Every employee/doctor has been incredibly helpful and informative. Our puppy was experiencing an upset stomach. They were able to get her in very quickly. Within one day and the recommended treatment, she's 100% back to herself! Would highly recommend!

Barb Cody

3 years ago

Don’t use the groomer. My dog was matted, but she is 9 yrs old and no one has ever shaved her face. I’m beyond upset. She didn’t have to do that. She just didn’t want to bother with her. There is not much hair on a dog’s face. No one has ever ever ever shaved it.

Aisha Cleapor

3 years ago

Very friendly staff that was informative and helpful. My poor Chakra has more than one problem going on and they took wonderful care of her. We’ve found our new vet!!

Jaime Lopez Martinez

4 years ago

Had a great experience bringing my cat here. Quick and friendly service from Dr. Baird.

Jan Wolbrecht

4 years ago

Overall happy with their care but expensive, specially with 2 pets, one diabetic and one hyperthyroidism.

James Worley

4 years ago

We changed Vets last year. They were very thoughtful with my old dog who still goes there. We have a 15 week old pup who is getting his last shots today

Jen Schnorf

4 years ago

We have been bringing our dogs to Rose Animal Hospital for years. They have a knowledgeable staff that provides great and loving care. I highly recommend them for vet care, medication, boarding and bonus points for the free coffee and kid-friendly environment!

Hannah Glasco

4 years ago

We went through hell and back through 4 different vets around the Atlanta area because our cat Toto had what was suspected to be FIP. After an extremely expensive surgery and threats to put him down for "biting" a vet tech that was aggressive with him, we made an appointment with Dr. Baird at Rose Animal Hospital. Having a chronically ill cat herself, she understood exactly what we were going through and knew what medication to start him on immediately. Since then, he is back to his normal self with no FIP symptoms in sight! While his diagnosis will take a specialized doctor, Toto would be dead today if it weren't for her expertise. Whenever I have any pressing questions about my cat's medication or changes to it, Rose has always been very helpful over the phone to answer my questions when other vets would make you schedule an appointment. Every time I pay for an appointment here, I'm surprised at how reasonable the prices are. I always expect it to be $1k per visit like other vets around here, but Rose typically charges me between $60-120 per appointment depending on what I'm in for. I will recommend them, and especially Dr. Baird, to anyone. <3

Hanna Carver

4 years ago

Came in for an emergency visit. Took me in very quickly, and were super attentive. The staff was kind, patient but fast. Plus, there office is so cute!

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