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Andrew Gordon

2 years ago

I had a great experience there and even though it took a long time they were extremely thorough. My dog was the happiest he has ever been leaving a groomer and they took great care of him.

Ashlee Payton

2 years ago

Tybee Doodle and I love Paws to the Wall. We miss you and need to come visit VERY soon!! We're overdue!! We love the patience you take with our furry friends and the end result is phenomenal. I love that Tybee isn't forced into a kennel and he is so happy when I come to pick him up, makes leaving him easier. You've always loved on him and treated him like yours. Thank you Paws to the Wall for all you do.

Dustin Payton

2 years ago

Tybee Doodle and I love Paws to the Wall. We miss you and need to come visit VERY soon!! We're overdue!! We love the patience you take with our furry friends and the end result is phenomenal.

The Sluders

2 years ago

Our pups went there today for the first time and they seemed so happy when I picked them up! They look so good and so clean. They are also very soft. :) only problem it took forever to get them done but good work takes time. I will say they did cut my goldens a little too short for me though in the face.

Karen Ribera

2 years ago

My little Daisy absolutely loves coming to Paws to the Wall. She always leaves with the perfect haircut every single time. They do take longer than other places but I know for a fact it is because they do things so much differently than any other salon and it just takes the extra time but I know all the dogs are having a really great experience. I love the fact that the owner is always there engaged in her business and she seems really devoted to the dogs safety and quality over quantity and I know that has to get in her pockets but she genuinely loves animals. I chose this place personally because I have done alot of research on the amount of abuse that is very widespread in the grooming industry. It's really scary how many furbaby parents out there are unaware of this. What I personally tell myself is if they can get your dog done in 2-3 hours and they actually did a full all over the body haircut I would never take my dog there after doing my research because what I've learned is that there is so much more when doing a dog's haircut and nobody really knows unless you have worked in a grooming salon. One more thing that I REALLY love , it is an open salon with all windows store front. No dog is groomed behind a wall and they are never kenneled in this salon. My baby girl gets to look outside all day and it's more like a one day daycare where they have fun with lots of toys and comfortable beds to lay on. When I tell y'all that every dog comes out of there with the perfect haricut, I'm not exaggerating y'all! Every haircut comes out FLAWLESS! So of course I highly recommend Paws to the Wall . I know they're the BEST HANDS DOWN!

Madison Mccullough

2 years ago

Love this place they were super sweet and love how they made commendation for my dog

Sarah D.

2 years ago

Got my dog in quickly and were very friendly! I definitely recommend Paws to the Wall and will be returning! My dog even had a cute little bow on her collar when I picked her up :)

Lauren Madison

2 years ago

If you're thinking about taking your dog here you should read this review first. I think this business has the best intentions for their dogs/ customers and it seems they truly care about your dog. Where they lack is time management, communication, professionalism and accountability. After reading many good reviews I decided to call this business and spoke with the owner, I told her our dogs were new to grooming, their weight, breed and temperament. She recommended we bring them in at noon and estimated a 6-8pm pickup time. We dropped our pups off at noon and didn't receive any updates until they called at 7:40pm saying it'd be 2 more hours. We were a little surprised it was taking them 10 hours to groom 2 dogs but agreed 10pm was fine. We arrived at 10pm to pick them up, the owner came out to our car and told us there was bad news...after 10 hours they didn't have time to give our second dog a haircut. They then proceeded to give our first dog a haircut for 45 more minutes. By the time they were actually done it was 11pm! That's 11 HOURS to groom one dog! Naturally we weren't happy with the service. The owner offered to reschedule the second dog but at that point we respectfully expressed we'd rather just pay for what was done and not reschedule. Once she knew we didn't plan to come back her whole attitude changed from nice to very rude. She told us she hadn't eaten all day, didn't want to be here that late and was losing money on us. She also used every excuse under the sun, she blamed our dogs, blamed her assistants, blamed us for bringing them in at noon instead of the morning (even though she recommended noon). I honestly don't know how this business has gotten so many good reviews with such a rude business owner. She proceeded to say she would've waived a lot of fees for taking so long and not grooming our second dog but since we won't be coming back she decided not to. This behavior was unnecessary and immature. We will of course not be returning and would not recommend this business.

Robert Stroud

2 years ago

These ladies are awesome. Fabulous service and excellent work to match. We are very satisfied and our pup is happy too.

Kyle Williams

2 years ago

I've never had any issues the multiple times I took my dogs there. Well...I took my pup there and he caused some issues. I am terribly sorry for that by the way! Anyway, y'all do great work and Lilith loves going there. She's always so happy when I pick her up!

Sean E.

2 years ago

Excellent service and reasonably priced. Very nice ladies that take care of your pet.

Gloria West

3 years ago

Took my two schnauzers at 9:00 and was told they would be there till 5. I called at 455 and was told they would not be ready till 7 or 7:30. Picked them up at 7:20 went to pay with a credit card and was told they only take cash. Had to go to the ATM to get cash. I paid extra to get their nails dremiled and all they did was cut them. Will not be going back.

Bekah Granstrom

3 years ago

Love this place so much! My dog comes home happy and clean!! I feel like they really care about my dog. Super happy here!

Gerald L

3 years ago

I stopped in one afternoon on my way home from work approximately 2:30 p.m. and schedule an appointment for the following week for 10:30 a.m. on Thursday morning... I arrived at Paws to the wall around 9:30 a.m. Thursday morning to drop off my dog since I had to be at my doctor appointment by 10:00 a.m.... The girl in the front told me it would take approximately 2 hours for a large breed dog and that he had two dogs in front of him which would make it where my dog would be ready around 2:30... Around 5:30 to 6:00 p.m. I phoned them and asked about the progress on my dog and I was told he was next on the table... 8:00 p.m. rolls around I still have not heard anything but I know they're closing hour is 9:00 p.m. so I proceed to drive to the groomers and sit outside to wait. When I arrived he was on the table most of his hair was trimmed off but I actually had to wait until approximately 8:45 p.m. when my dogs grooming was finally complete. I did not receive a discount off of the $110 fee I had been charged after waiting 11 hours for something that was supposed to be done in 6 hours. I was not happy with the results of his grooming. and you will not get any return business from me in the future. Since I wasn't able to upload any photos for my review I placed them on your website I hope you don't mind, Roscoe is the white dog with black spots showing scalping up his left front leg which is also on his right front leg which I did not take a photo of, the hair from his navel to his taint had been shaved down to the skin, there was no transition to the completely shaven area and it spread all the way back and the complete inside of each leg in the rear. And not to add insult to injury but is right butt cheek is bigger than his left... If anyone is looking for a top-notch price and a bottom line result please bring your animals to Paws to the wall. Good luck to you. I have since decided to purchase a set of commercial pet clippers and I will do it myself figuring I can't do any worse!

Kimberley Elmgren Gatch

3 years ago

These girls are awesome!!! ❤️

Lisa Grant

3 years ago

Best service in the area. Owner oversees care personally. But sh-h-h-h....they're a best kept secret! ???? ????


3 years ago

My Yorkie took all day to groom. He isnt going back only because he needs a specialty groomer. They shared a video of his crazy behavior.

Jamilah Haseeb

3 years ago

Very friendly staff. I love that my babies are not crated all day.

Soleil Delince

3 years ago

This establishment is awesome. They are reasonably priced and make every dog feel welcomed. I’m pretty sure my puppy didn’t want to come home. Thank you guys for the amazing service! You now have a consistent client for sure.

Memaw Arnold

3 years ago

New in town and picked Paws on the wall and so glad that I did! The staff are very profession but most important they love your fur babies. No locking them in cages all day like my previous groomers did. The babies can play, take a nap and seems to act like they are right at home. The prices are very reasonable and my dogs acted happy. I will definitely use them from now on!

Jessica Schneider

3 years ago

The gals here are so friendly and do such a good job with our two mini schnauzers. We will definitely be going back!

Karma Kingsley

3 years ago

I love the ladies at Paws to the Wall. My dog doesn't get caged at home, so I never much cared for groomers who tell me they plan to put him in a cage in a closet somewhere in the back for hours on end until they can give him a cut. It stresses him out and it stresses me out. But at Paws to the Wall, they keep all the dogs up front, they acknowledge them, they talk to them, and they groom them in the most stress-free environment for them that they can. I love that and it's why we don't go anywhere else and likely never will.

Kimberly Bell

3 years ago

P-AWsome!!! ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

Linda Johnson

3 years ago

My first time there and my last. My dog was there for 6 hours and they still hadn't finished. There was another customer with the same complaint her dog had been there 4 hours and they hadn't even started. Also I expect a groomer 2 make sure dogs have access to water.

Lisa Butts

3 years ago

Very friendly and affordable. First time customer and will take my puppies back but will have better communication about cuts.

Madison Michelle

3 years ago

Best grooming facility I’ve been to! They are friendly, pet-loving, and I love how open it is. My fur baby also seems to have a much better demeanor while there than he has in recent places, so I know they treat him well! They also did a very great job on his cut!

Mary Sun

3 years ago

I took my dog for his nail trimming and the ladies were amazing and professional. They handle my dog so amazingly that even he was comfortable. It was my first time going there and definitely won't be the last! Prices are reasonable and the dogs they were grooming looked extremely happy. Thanks y'all!


3 years ago

Unfortunately, I was running late and pretty anxious about how that would be an inconvenience to them. However, they were all extremely polite, forgiving and most of all... they were very kind to me when most people wouldn’t be. They also did a great job on my dog Shelby who is not the easiest dog to groom. I will definitely do business here again and am grateful to them for their service.

Shanterria Wright

3 years ago

I love bringing my Summer to this place and she loves it too. I appreciate my baby not being placed in a crate for hours. When I pull up to the building, she gets excited. The ladies are friendly and seem to genuinely care about all the fur babies. Prices are reasonable also.

Sharon LaFleur

3 years ago

I love the girls that take care of my baby. Lacey is still young and gets a bit nervous but does great with these ladies. Just had my cocker spaniel cut back because of knots. Looks great!

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