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2 years ago

Submitted application online for a cat and received an email back the next day asking me to further explain why I had to give up a pet 6 years ago. Never heard back from them after that . I honestly think the adopting process in Georgia is ridiculous and these people don’t really want people to adopt them.

Over Woke

3 years ago

Very very nice people. Looks like they actually have feelings and compassion towards other animals than oursleves.

Steven Monahan

3 years ago

They are doing amazing work. Rescuing dogs, getting them adopted and involving school kids. Teaching kids compassion for animals. And, teaching kids to work together for the greater good.

Slava G.

3 years ago

Will never deal with them again. Tried to adapt a cat, after two days of nothing, got a rude call that my application was rejected and they don’t have to give a reason, because they just don’t have to. Very rude and unprofessional. Do not deal with these people. There are other adaptation agencies out there that value professionalism and actually want their pets to be adopted.

Renee Johnson

3 years ago

We were denied and not given a reason. That was hard to accept. In 45 years of marriage we have rescued 8 cats who lived a long and loved life. We were very disappointed.

R.E. Mellick

3 years ago

They are a caring organization with knowledgeable and compassionate volunteers.

Monique Wasson

3 years ago

I applied for a cat. I am a responsible adult with 2 children, a great career, I own a home and the application was denied. When I inquired as to why I just received a very curt, “No ma’am”. Seriously people? There are millions of homeless pets in this world and you deny my application and you won’t even tell me why? Seems pretty ridiculous.

Mister X

3 years ago

Zero communication, zilch, nada, zip, nothing. Please do yourself a favor and adopt from a professional organization, there's plenty out there!

Mike Briggs

3 years ago

Clicked link to send a message about a dog. No response at all. Filled out an application. No response at all. The dog we inquired about is still on the website. You'd think if they really wanted to find homes for these pets they would have a better plan. Adopted a great dog somewhere else. Don't waste your time.

Madalina Theiss

3 years ago

Please support this wonderful cause!

Jennifer House

3 years ago

Dr. Good and his son are the best ever!!!!!

candice byndloss

3 years ago

I cant say enough good things about Homeless Pets. Every person here has a true love for the animals they take care of. Every person here helps you with care like you're family. It was an unbelievable honor to adopt my baby Chance from Homeless Pets ❤. I hope to someday play a bigger part and be a blessing to this foundation. Thank you for all of the acts of kindness, endless hours and patience you show each and every day.

Bryanna Fraase

3 years ago

I turned in an application for 2 dogs on a Wednesday right after lunch; no response from them throughout the week which was understandable due to the holidays. I called Monday and was told they would contact me within 24 hours so I waited. Tuesday came, no call or email. I called back in the morning and I was told to call back Wednesday or call back at 2 so I called at 2. The lady told me that no one was there to deal with the dog applications as she comes in on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. She said could text her and get back to me...so more waiting. This time I got an email saying that both of the dogs I had been waiting to hear about had already had accepted applications turned in. This whole time I could have been informed so I could look elsewhere but I only got information after calling Multiple times. Do not recommend.

Angela Lee

4 years ago

I put in an application for a pup and never received any communication. We had to call several times and got the run around more often than not. When we did get to talk to Laurie/Lori, the lady in charge of dog adoptions, she was always very rude and vague about the status of our application. We finally got through after attempting to get answers for two weeks to find out our application was declined because of a system error from our vet. Homeless Pets didn't bother to let us know this, though. She was very condescending and made it clear that she knew how to take care of our dogs better than us and our well established vet, even after we cleared up the misinformation.

Sabine Hely

4 years ago

I called them about a homeless kitty. They never called me back

Renaissance Hamilton

4 years ago

I took my dog here a 2 year old pit-bull name King during my divorce. I was almost forced to due to the fact so many places have breed restrictions. King was a non- aggressive black and white pup who was purposely socialized with other dogs, children and adults and there were no behavioral problems. Anyway I take the dog there and a white woman who did the intake made a RACIST remark. Something to the affect of black people, pit bulls,and rap music videos.LOL. BIH I don’t even listen to rap!!! I am actually a classical pianist, I listen to Mozart, and Beethoven. The owner however was a very nice guy. He looked at King and said we will take him. I gave a donation and regrettably parted ways with my dog. If I had to do it over again, I’d leave the state with him if no one here would allow it. Worst decision ever. I’m glad this place exists since their mission is to re-home dogs. To the owner thank you so much for your gift to this world!!!

Jason Long

4 years ago

Wonderful caring staff, Dr. Good saved my pugs life on two occasions and helped him live a long healthy life for 14 years, just recently had to have him put to rest and once again the staff was comforting and understanding of our great loss. We even received a card in the mail shortly after with their. condolences.

Freda Newton

4 years ago

They are so good to the pets that they board for people.

Celeste Collier Livers

4 years ago

A rescue pet can rescue your heart.


4 years ago

I’m happy because I can put all my pictures on here very good website.

Margot B

5 years ago

I can’t speak about their care of animals because we never got a chance to see any. They are very slow to respond with no sense of urgency. Further, they post available dogs that are not available, lose applications and do not know how to compose an email. Overall, just very unprofessional.

NaDx737 R

5 years ago

I like animal but i don’t like you


5 years ago

I needed to do this as a time limit, and I sent many emails and they never responded. So I had to do last minute making it stressful. I'd like if they'd be more active with their customers/or those who want to volunteer.

Jim Etheridge

5 years ago

If you have an animal preferably a dog this is the best place to take them.

Eric Haydock

5 years ago

This organization is run by a Vet who makes sure the dogs are healthy before they are adopted. I was extremely impressed with them.

Ed O'Dwyer

5 years ago

They do good work for those without a voice

Brenden Whitehead

5 years ago

One of the worst individuals i have ever dealt with. Extremely rude and did not care about animals at all. Please someone help these animals get away from these people.

Austin Walker

5 years ago

These are horrible people.. I called regarding 2 dog that had been left in the rain and cold for 2 weeks, they then proceeded to yell at me acting like I’m some kind of bad guy for wanting what’s best for the dogs.. they didn’t care about these poor puppies.. how can you call yourself a pet rescue when you don’t even listen to what’s going on with these poor puppies.. these puppies get to spend another night in the freezing cold rain because the women I talked to didn’t want to hear what was going on.. tried calling animal control.. nothing.. tried calling shelter.. nothing.. tried calling every other rescue in ga.. nothing.. these dogs need a place to go.. yet no one will help them.. y’all could have at least tried to tell me where to go instead of attacking me for just wanting the best for some puppies..

Aunt Bubba

5 years ago

Homeless Pets does a great job of placing animals with families all over the country.

Julie P

7 years ago

Very unpleasant visit They assume put dogs in a cage than send one to a good home

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