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Ashley Striblin

2 years ago

Great place to take your fur buddies to for all their health needs.

Adrianne Mino

2 years ago

I can't say enough good things about EMAH! Dr. Ferrall and Dr. Fugedy take the very best care of my girl who suffers from pretty severe allergies. The staff is friendly and kind, and they will always return my call if I have a question about my dog or a treatment plan. They work with you to best help your pet, and I know they genuinely care about the animals. My dog is at the vet a lot and she still loves going! The vets, techs, and staff always greet her and make her feel comfortable. I trust them so much I've recommended them to the rest of my family. I can't imagine having anyone else take care of my girl. They really are just the best.


2 years ago

My dog has been going her for over a year now. We love the staff.

Andrew Tippey

2 years ago

Great vet care for an affordable price.

ashleigh Brooks

2 years ago

These people only care about your money, not your pet. I came here a week ago to get treatment for my cat’s fleas after trying on my own with OTC treatment. They instead gave me antibiotics for a wound that she had after scratching so much. I specifically told them what I was in for and made this very clear. They never treated my cat’s issue and when I went back in earlier this week for a follow up after the Fleas were still present, they Just told me to get some Frontline plus to treat the issue which I told them I was already doing. Pure incompetence. Please go elsewhere.

Tayler Green

2 years ago

We love Dr. Diaz and the team at EMAH! It took me years to find a vet in the Marietta area that cares for my dogs like they do. Thank you Dr. Diaz and team for going above and beyond for my newfs!

Tori Cuccurullo

2 years ago

Overall, our experience with EMAH was a positive one. We had brought our pup there for about 5 months. He had terrible skin issues starting from scabies to any bacteria known to man - our pup was pretty uncomfortable and had been for some time. It felt like every time we brought him in, it was just another prescription sent our way. We finally got tired of seeing no results after months of medications, bleach sprays and allergy shots to bring him to a new vet. We requested his 28 page record for our new vet. The first record I read mentioned a mold allergy which was never communicated to us which was extremely frustrating. Anyway - I know it's really easy to write a poor review about a bad experience but I feel as though we tried pretty hard. The staff there was great and the vets were kind but unfortunately we didn't see the results we needed in order to stay at their practice.

Camille Monie

2 years ago

There are some really great people here. We've been bringing my dog Francis here since we got her almost 5 years ago. When I had a scare last week after my dog ate, yes ATE, a small cockroach trap and I was panicking, the front desk told me they didn't have any appointments but went and talked to the doctor so she could advise me. She gave me the information to calm me down, and care for my baby. That's all I could ever ask for ????

Leslie McRoberts

2 years ago

I have been bringing my dog and cat here for several years and have always gotten the best service. The front office ladies are always sweet (RIP Rosie the cat) and Dr. Fugedy and Dr. Diaz make it a point to have conversation and spend time with you. My pets don’t love the vet, but both doctors spend time with them to make them feel more comfortable. 5 stars!

cheryl smith

2 years ago

I like this the doctors are knowledgeable, and obviously love their job. The techs are also great. Nice too that they are willing to work with you on payments! So gentle with our ????. It's not a big practice which I like also. They take the time needed to meet your pet's needs.


2 years ago

This is the best vet! The front desk staff is always very friendly and helpful. We have always been brought back promptly for appointments and our babies have received excellent care. They also provided emergency service for one of our cats (Sphynx) who ate something he shouldn't. They provided constant updates during the scans and diagnosis as well as through the surgery. I knew our baby was in good hands with them and they really took the time to keep us informed and to calm o Long story short, they saved our son's life!

Stephanie Jayne Fairbairn

2 years ago

The doctors at this office are unprofessional and their staff makes excuses for the mistakes in a manner that makes you - the customer they are speaking to- feel unimportant. They do not follow up on test results in the time period given, even when your dog’s health is at stake. They return calls only to give excuses and explain how somebody else’s dog is more important. They overbook and keep you coming back by not going through all possible options on the first visit. Extremely dissatisfied with both boarding and vet services.

Michelle Smith

2 years ago

The staff at East Marietta Animal Hospital is amazing! My dog Bailey has been a patient there for almost a year. They are always so caring and compassionate. She is 14 years old and has arthritis in her back legs & hips. Today I took her to get her nails trimmed. Because she was having a bad day with her arthritis the tech carried her from the car, inside and then back out into the car! (She’s a lab and weights 80 pounds) They are always very good to her and make her feel special!! Bailey is happy to be a patient there!!

Lana Lancaster

2 years ago

I took my boy Rocky there yesterday. I could not be more pleased. The staff is wonderful. They treated my baby like he was a human, which I expected. My Rocky has anxiety issues so Dr. Farrell got down on the floor with him to do the exam to calm his fears. Very professional and bright and clean welcoming place.

Kara Rumble

2 years ago

My pups, Ani & Obi, love the staff at East Marietta Animal Hospital! They are patient, caring, and do an amazing job explaining everything they do to take care of my pups. They actually get excited to see their friends (the vets, techs, and staff) and always leave with their tails wagging. Thank you, East Marietta Animal Hospital!

Jeff Johnson

2 years ago

We have been using them for our many pets for almost 30 years now. They have always been the best! Great front desk staff, vet techs and the best vets. I refer all my friends!

Lauren Mukenschnabl

2 years ago

Dr Diaz and the rest of the staff took awesome care of my kitty, Jester. It was his first wellness check up after adopting him a few weeks ago. I was nervous about how he would do getting two shots today (since the rescue center I adopted him from let me know he doesn’t react well to them). However, everyone involved in giving Jester his shots was calm and efficient, making the process so smooth. Dr Diaz was very informative, which is helpful coming from the viewpoint of a first time cat owner.

Stephen Parker

2 years ago

Attention Pet owners be very cautious of this Vet!!. I have been using this vet for well over 5 years and have come to the conclusion, Dr. Diaz is extremely money hungry and it doesn’t matter how many years or how many thousands of dollars you spend at this practice , they will hustle you to make you pay for an office visit regardless of how many times they’ve seen your pet!! Diaz Along with his other doctors with the exception of one or two, could care less about your pets health, it’s all about how much money and commission they can make off of you! If you are a dog owner that loves your pet I would recommend going elsewhere! They are very good in the beginning for new patients, but after a while all they care about is how much money they can get out of you! Dr. Diaz will rarely call you back he will get one of his office receptionist to do his work for him straight Crook!!

John Dozier

2 years ago

I’ve been going to EMAH for over 30 years and when I went the last few times I told them because of health issues and the virus I didn’t have the extra cash right now. When I ask them to help me out they didn’t give a —-.Not only was Diaz still overcharging me he tried to rip me off on supplies. He was going to charge me over 400$ for supplies that I got on chewy for 53$. I can’t believe it. I have overpaid Diaz since he bought the place back in the 90s.I couldn’t believe he wouldn’t give me a break.He puts on a good front but all he cares about is the $$$. When I ask them to give me a break on putting my 18 year old cat down they wouldn’t. I went somewhere else at half the cost. I can’t believe the way he treated me after all the years going there. He’s nothing but a common thief. Let this be a warning for anyone that put their trust in him.

Emily Sampson

2 years ago

Dr. Fugerty and her entire staff are a constant delight and always friendly and professional. When I had an emergency with my cat, they made sure to find room for her in the schedule as soon as possible. I will always bring my pets to EMAH!

Aim Duncan

2 years ago

After several negative experiences with another local vet, we decided to give East Marietta Animal Hospital (EMAH) a try. The day after I forwarded over my 4 furbabies’ records my 6 year old cat had a seizure out of nowhere. Though she could not be seen that day (Saturday), EMAH recommended an emergency vet. When I brought my cat in for follow up the following week, they ran additional tests to see what was wrong. The tests cost almost HALF what I’d paid for blood tests at my previous vet. (Still not cheap, but I realized how much I’d been overpaying.) EMAH is very responsive to emails. I emailed recently to ask about euthanasia for my almost 15 year old dog and the office manager responded the same day in an extremely compassionate and sensitive way to explain my options. The office is noticeably clean and well maintained. The entire staff is very friendly and patient. I would highly recommend this veterinarian to my friends and family.

Cara Hultstrand

3 years ago

We love and trust East Marietta Animal Hospital! We have been going for almost 2 years since we got our new puppy - they truly go above and beyond and actually CARE. The staff is amazing, friendly, and knowledgeable. 10/10 recommend!

Liz Nieves

3 years ago

This is by far the best vet my dog has ever been seen by. The staff is incredibly nice and helpful. You can really tell they love animals and are 100% here to help your fur babies as well as always willing to answer any questions you may have. If we move out of the area again I would still make the drive to Marietta just because of the customer service here.

Jeff Kelly

3 years ago

Dr. Fugedy staff are fantastic! Very caring, thorough, and helpful. I cannot recommend highly enough!

R. Jones

3 years ago

Dr. Diaz and his staff are an amazing group. You can tell that they really care about your pets well being. The facility is always clean and they explain every step throughly throughout the treatment process. Our family would continue to use East Marietta Animal Hospital even if we didn’t live nearby. If you want the best care for your animal than you need to come here.

Ronni Crowder

3 years ago

Have taken all of my pets to Dr. Diaz for 15 years. He has loved them all as much as I do, and so do his staff. It feels like a second home and I trust them thoroughly.

Christina B.

3 years ago

Dr. Fugedy is an awesome Vet. She really cares about you and your pets and you can see it in the way she delivers excellent service. I trust East Marietta with our two pups. Even with the Pandemic procedures in place, I feel that my pups are top priority. Love East Marietta!!!

Bob Barclay

3 years ago

Dr.Diaz is very knowledgeable and patient.We have a old cat(18) who he has been seeing for years..We won't go anywhere else..

jacqueline haralson

3 years ago

One of the best vet offices I have ever been to!!!!! Quick even with only curbside, extremely informative, extremely affordable, everyone was so pleasantly sweet!!! Will return .... if needed


3 years ago

Dr. Diaz is the BEST!! He's been seeing my dogs for the last 10 years. Besides routine visits, he helped us through seasonal allergies, and now a rare tumor. The staff is extremely compassionate. We had to board there many times when I had to travel to care for my dad. Jo moved mountains to make space at the last minute when my dad passed away.

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