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2 years ago

This is a TERRIBLE location. I brought my dog here to get his vaccinations updated and I was told he wouldn’t get every single one since he’s a small dog, but one of the doctors gave him all of the shots anyways. My dog ended up having a mild allergic reaction a few hours after the appointment and I had to rush him to the emergency room. We were there for hours and didn’t return home until 2 am. I’ve contacted this location and told them what happened with my dog. One of the staff members said I’d receive a follow-up call with the doctor later that day, but they never called me. I’ve even sent a message to the Banfield company, and it’s been almost a week since I’ve heard from both of them. I also called and left 2 voicemails to this location, but they never return my calls. It’s very absurd for them not to call and check up after what they’ve done.

Carmen Cook

2 years ago

Very hit or miss here. They have had their great moments, such as helping me get the right emergency care a few years ago when they found that one of my cats had a near fatal mouth infection, and when referring me to the best surgeon and oncologist for my other cat that was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor last year. But since last spring, they’ve really declined in service quality. I dropped off my cat for a last-minute appointment this summer when I noticed she was missing a tooth. I got a call hours later saying the vet left a message with me earlier and she needed to be picked up before they closed. I never got a call from them, and they couldn’t provide adequate info over the phone at that time when I tried to get info on why she lost a tooth, if her other teeth were at risk of falling out, etc. but was told that the vet said that in the voicemail. So that was a disappointing visit and arguably a waste of money since I never spoke to the vet and didn’t get any answers. More recently, I tried to schedule my cat for a dental cleaning and was told that her rabies vaccine had to be updated in order to be seen. After speaking with my cat’s oncologist, he highly suggested that vaccines should be avoided for the foreseeable future, especially considering that the rabies vaccine has been associated with her type of cancer and she’s an indoor-only cat. I’ve ultimately decided to transfer her care to a more holistic vet out of fear they’d end up vaccinating her regardless of my hesitation. Long story short, great for basic care and referrals, but not always willing to comply with the owner’s concerns and preferences.

Mike Haffey

2 years ago

For years we have trusted our pets to the Banfield team. They have always been kind and caring to our fur family members. Their team has shown tremendous compassion in an often emotionally draining and difficult job. Sincere thanks

Debbie Malek

2 years ago

Happy with caring staff. Vet. called to give personalized update on "Bella" for her rash and all options available.

Dr. Patricia Edmiston

2 years ago

My dog had a comprehensive checkup on Saturday andDr Johnson said she looked great. Luckily the assistant noticed she didn’t have a fecal or urine sample done so took her back in. The next day one side of her neck is swollen and I try to bring her back in on Saturday and they say sorry we can’t see her we are all booked up. I said I just want you to tell me if I can give her something for the swelling. So I bring her in first thing Sunday morning she is lethargic but the swelling has gone down some. I go to sign her in and they tell me it is for skin issues. Nope not skin issues her neck is swollen then I tell them I will wait and the assistant says well you will be sitting for 4-6 hours. What happened to a vet seeing your dog/cat in a timely manner. No they just check 20-dogs/cats in at 9 and let them sit there all day a ridiculous thing especially when you are dealing with a health issue. Cancelling my plan and going to a PROFESSIONAL vet office.

Jennifer Walker

2 years ago

Dr Chris Johnson and Dr Lopez, personal heroes. Can't count how many vets I pass on the drive, no matter the distance they are my vets for life.

Justin Giroux

2 years ago

If you're on the Banfield plan, just go to the Shallowford Rd or Kennesaw location instead. Took my sick dog to this one a few days ago and got charged for blood work; then took my sick dog to the Shallowford Rd one a few days later for a second opinion and was told the blood work would be free under the plan (no, a renewal period did no occur between the two appointments) so clearly they're overcharging at this one even if unintentionally Just avoid them since there's better options just 15 minutes Update: and now I'm at the pet ER because the vet at this store missed obvious issues with my dog. Please avoid

Scott Ellis

2 years ago

The Banfield clinic in Marietta has such a good staff.

Jennifer K

2 years ago

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Rude employees, associates unable to explain services, Vets who don’t return calls or have someone follow up. Seems the company and employees don’t care. Cancelled all my wellness plans and am going to take my babies to someone who actually enjoys what they do for a living.

Gloria Londono

2 years ago

Though there was a lot of people, things flowed well!

Angelica Brown

2 years ago

You treat the clients with dignity and respect which is great however when it comes to your employees you treat them like dirt, maybe treat your employees better and with actual respect and this location will turn around, but because you don't, so far this location is the worst there is. Also if you ever plan on working at this location and have a disability, don't, the PM and some other employees are VERY discriminatory against employees with disabilities. They do not care and will say that you are lying. It's a shame honestly

Mark Burson

2 years ago

Banfield is inside Pet Smart. My initial experience was to fill a prescription for Hills Science food. They were fast and efficient. Good for the need.

Jeff Bullis

2 years ago

UPDATE 7/6: Mistakes happen. All one expects when it does is that amends are made. Lisa (I believe the general manager) reached out via phone and left a message. Staff has been asked to make sure customers know to bring rabies records for visits and she apologized for the mix-up. That works for me. Off the naughty list and we'll continue to use PetSmart for our pet needs. In truth, that was the first "hiccup" we've had after years of frequenting this location. UPDATE 7/5: Was contacted by PetSmart to assist with this visit but after the initial outreach, silence. Our baby was in desperate need of that nail trim and my wife, not knowing about my last visit, took her here and said she had a really nice experience with a very kind staff member so I'll move this rating to 3-stars. PERHAPS I shouldn't, tho. She too forgot the rabies proof document but GUESS WHAT. They already have it on file for our girl. All of this could have been avoided if they had just checked me in the last visit. Grrrrr INITIAL REVIEW: Called to have a nail trim done. "No appointment necessary. Just come in." Ok, I'll be right up. Arrive to chaos. Not their fault. Never seen it so busy. Finally get to the desk. "Do you have her rabies vaccination records?" Um. NO! My pup is old and blind. It's really difficult to get her in and out of the car. I completely understand the need for rabies records. MAYBE COACH YOUR TEAM TO TELL PEOPLE WHO CALL this about visiting your store?

Ishwar Ramnarine

3 years ago

The staff were very friendly and helpful! My pup was in good hands!

Cheryl Leakes

3 years ago

This is the absolute best animal hospital. They have a courtesy staff and they treated my dog with respect and gave her tender loving care.

William Salas

3 years ago

Recommended. My dog loves coming here.


3 years ago

I have taken my pets here for almost 10 years and we've always had a good experience. We also use the wellness plan that has worked out pretty well for us, just having one dental cleaning per year pretty much pays for the plan.

Douglas Mays

3 years ago

We entrusted our new puppy Monty to the staff and doctors at this location. We are very pleased with his care and how accomodating they are.

Alexey Semenov

3 years ago

My dog had an infection and fever. Doctor was sure that she is Ok and she prescribed diet food and Pepcid. Thank you to emergency room that we had that night. They were sure that doggy needs medical help and prescribed antibiotics. Very unprofessional service. I do not recommend it.

Bobby Bell

3 years ago

My wife has been with Banfield nearly 25 years, through many dogs and one cat. About 3 years ago we moved from Sandy Springs, Dunwoody Banfield, to East Cobb With Shallowford Rd Banfield. Initially the service level was much better than what we were seeing at the Dunwoody location. After about 6 months, we began seeing the quality of care and service level begin to drop off. over the past 18 months the decline of care and service dropped of so much, we were forced to abandon a 25 year relationship and moving to another Vet with better quality care, improved service and a wellness plan more conducive to Brody and Gemma’s needs. In an effort to help others considering the Banfield opportunity or those experiencing similar results to know it’s not an isolated incident. I am reaching out to corporate tomorrow and address our concerns and experience.

Brian Sweeney

3 years ago

Banfield has taken good care of our pets.

Chiquita Green

3 years ago

Day #1 I am a new Pet Owner (Dog) the Front Desk clerk with the Red hair is horrible and disgusting. She vulgar explained that getting my Portuguese Water Dog Micro Chip would be done with a “Really Big Needle, she continued to state the needle was really big”. After speaking with the actual Dr. she said he would be fine and suggested to have it done . I don’t trust her around a fish , nevertheless my Pedigree Dog. She is horrible and not fit to work and serve the Public. She is going to force a lot of loss business due to her Attitude and her Behavior. I will not be returning back here again with my 9 week old Baby!!! #untrustingissues #meanpetprovider #personalinnerissues Day #2 I returned to pick up a prescription for ear infection that the were written yesterday by Dr. Lopez had to wait over an hour and thirty minutes because no one could find previous notes from yesterday for the prescription. The Dr that wrote the prescription is not in the office so therefore no one has no idea what is going and I have to wait for the Lead or Supervisor in charge to come in. The communication breakdown down is unbelievable. The money they charge for basic care is enormous but the treatment is horrible. Wow Definitely seeking other Care for my New Baby????‍????????‍????????‍????????‍???? #neveragain #patienceatanalltimeloss #hirepeoplewhoarecareaboutyouandyourpet

Chris O'Hara

3 years ago

They were very attentive and caring for my dog. He was happy to be there and get his shots which is always a plus. Price was a little cheaper then his regular vet and it was convenient that they are open on weekends.

Elaine Mahon

3 years ago

I have been coming to this Banfield for almost 15 years and have always loved it. The front staff have always been kind. However, there has been an active turn around with the vets in the past year and if I need a prescription to be refilled I have to wait almost a week for a call back. My poor dog is elderly and we are just trying to keep her comfortable. To go a week without her prescription is just unacceptable!!

Rachel Beck

3 years ago

Always helpful and sweet staff, Doctors, and Vet Techs. I love this branch.

Lissette May

3 years ago

We brought our Husky named Nikita there several time in less than a month because she had few episode of diarrhea, urine infection, lack of appetite and that she was walking very slowly like something was hurting her. The doctors there In that location Ruled that she had arthritis so they recommended a treatment where I should bring her there for a shot on a weekly basis for a month to see if she would improve. When we tried to make an appointment with Mrs. Meghan at the front desk, she said that we didn't have more choice than drop Nikita there for the whole day just to get a quick shot - less than 5 min - but we didn’t want to do that as Nikita was really sick. It was frustrating Talking to that Mrs. Meghan as she didn’t seem to love pet so, we decided to take Nikita to Terrell Mill Animal Hospital in Marietta. They were fully booked but after explaining the situation, they immediately checked our dog and identified that she had cancer In her liver and it was not arthritis causing her suffering. We had to put her down to sleep. So this ranking is for lack of experience of the vet team even though they are very friendly and polite and also for the poor service and lack of love for dogs Mrs Meghan at the front desk showed. We strongly don’t recommend this place. Not only for our Nikita but also for another terrible experience with another diagnostic they did to our other dog - Sharpei - there but that is another story. He is now with Terrell Mill Animal Hospital vet team, and he is doing great.

james granger

3 years ago

Received a prescription with 10 refills for my pet. Called to get a refill and I was told that they can't do it because the prescribing vet was no longer with them! I guess transferring care from one vet to another is not heard of? Why write a Rx for refills if you aren't going to fill them? What a joke! Reading other posts seems like this location has an issue with turn over of doctors and staff are very rude! Kind of insulting for some front desk person to start quoting me"Georgia prescribing laws" being that I am a physician! If your veterinarian turn over is such that refills cant be done, I will take BOTH of my pets elsewhere! Good job Banfield you lost a customer! Cancelled BOTH my wellness plans today! Don't need rude and disorganized people yelling at me. Those aren't the type people I want taking care of my pets.


3 years ago

Highly recommend, the ladies at the front and vet techs were polite and took the time to explain everything before I signed for any services. Not too long a wait. Dr. Wilkinson was thorough as well. The next day, they left a courtesy call to check on my dog, which is a nice touch.


3 years ago

PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE! DO NOT bring your pet here if they are sick. They will only get worst. I'm so glad we trasferred our dog's care to East Marietta Hospital ( HUGE DIFFERENCE ) as Vets and Staff are very compassionate. We dropped of our dog at Banfield and was told they were going to update us and give us a call. Guess what, not a single soul bothered to call us. Left my dog's antibiotic for them to give. When I picked up my dog I was told they didn't give it. They didn't even bother to coordinate ultrasound that our dog needs so badly. VERY POOR SERVICE. Vets also prescribed an antibiotic that made our dog vomit more. Also found out that they did not ran the necessary blood test for my sick dog. Again, were glad our dog is very well taken at East Marietta Hospital.

susann thomas

3 years ago

It is OK for minor problems

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