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Amanda Rae

2 years ago

Was sad to see nothing on shelves and only two employees working... didn't have what I needed..

Nick Alexander

2 years ago

You first walk in and there is no one to see at all. No over the county dog diarrhea medication. Can't tell who the clerk is because no uniform. Also just "no" to my question not no sir not no I'm sorry just no while he was looking at his cell phone.

Bridgette Massey

2 years ago

Groomer is the best! They never have anything I need in stock so I had to order online, pick up at store, only to find out items unavailable. Only go for grooming now.

Marian Peterson

2 years ago

Nobody is really there to help you, but basically you can find things on your own. Prices are decent because they seem to have a sale on what I need every time I come in the store.

Gooney Perticari

2 years ago

Great help with real raptor. The staff really personalized my experience and kept it completely real! I appreciate all your help and expertise! Should have got your name you made my day!


2 years ago

Great selection of dog toys.

Wendy Locklear

2 years ago

This store has many products but the chaos is in the registered.

Tracie Taylor

2 years ago

This is my pet store ...but on this day the manager was being really snarky about coupons that they had out...which had expired (didn't know until I got to the register) she would not honor it...But Petco did...called them..they gave me a $5 credit (coupon amount) and 86 points..yay ????

King Cj

2 years ago

I love the place they have provided Great Services mostly when I was ther, the grooming is hit or miss but they do a great job mostly. Other than that this is a great place if you looking for alot of supplies for your animals.

Kiki harvey

2 years ago

Didn't have much of selection

Director Clunie

2 years ago

Ray is amazing! Thanks for being so patient!

Derrick Curtis

2 years ago

All the fish were quarantined.

Crystal Jones

2 years ago

The staff is very helpful.


2 years ago

Good store. Need more on the fish isle as far as choice. Other pets great choices

Bethany Valle

2 years ago

If you’re looking for aquatics, go here! Worth the drive and the sales associates really know they’re information when it comes to the fish they sell and the accessories needed to start or maintain your tank!

Chris Hudson jr

2 years ago

I’d give it 0 starts if I could new light skin girl think her name is cris or something smh worse cashier experience I’ve ever had she was rude and dismissive when I asked about a promo I saw posted in the store. She needs to be replaced

Cynthia Perry

2 years ago

The Stonecrest/Lithonia Store was a MAZE with new stock and incoming inventory set up as a maze.....why? However the staff was customer friendly.

David June

2 years ago

The associate that helped me purchase a Red Tail Boa was very helpful and professional. The snake I bought is beautiful and healthy, with a wonderful calm temperament. For these reasons I am thrilled to leave a 10 rating.

Eva C

2 years ago

This store never has any products. They're always out of food and they never stock up. Disappointing, because it's a great location with quality items if it were only managed properly.

Karen George

2 years ago

Weeks ago in November I made a grooming appointment for my two dogs. Explained what my dogs needed, full grooming, etc. Appointment was set for 12/4, which was the only available appointment. Yesterday I received a call asking if I wanted to move my appointment up to 11/28. I said it depends on the time of day. Was told at 10:00. Asked if it were the first appointment because apparently they only have one groomer at this location now. I asked the cost, quoted $30, replied it will cost more than $30 for full grooming. The woman I spoke with wasn't very convincing that she knew what she was doing. Put me on hold, eventually returned only to promise to call me right back after checking the groomers calendar. The call never came, so the next day I called. Given the brush off, and again told someone would return my call. I inquired by whom... told a manager. Then told to hold on again, and then told she would transfer me to the manager now. I was put back in vm and left a polite message expressing my disappointment with the customer service I received. About an hour later a young girl called back, clearly chuckling finding the situation of a customer laughable. Very immature and unprofessional on her part. She then said I did not have an appointment either for 12/4 or 11/27... and laughed. Amazing, the inability to provide basic, minimal customer was disturbing. The person posing as the manager said the groomer did not have an available appointment on 12/4. Yesterday the person who called said the groomer was not going to be working on 12/4. Clearly being lied too. I said the groomer has worked on my two small dogs in past and my dogs have always been easy to work with and never gave any groomer any problems. Now the story was the groomer was I uncomfortable grooming my dogs. Now shocked, I asked why? The manager took a long pause and then said something about issues I had. At this point I asked if they were confusing me with another customer. No reply., just more chuckling. Their solution was to make an appointment... with this same groomer who supposedly had a problem grooming my dogs, for later in December for a grooming appointment, or would I prefer to use the Snellville Petco. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!. WOW! The groomer is the black woman with the dreads. I have her name written down and will update this review shortly.

Smurff Madison

2 years ago

Clean but not much kitten stuff also alot of the cat carriers where in the wrong place or had no tag

Director Maurice

2 years ago

Customer service! Employees knowledgeable about products. Employees are friendly and understanding.

Dwan Alexander

2 years ago

The entire store is discussing & nasty! The associates are rude & won’t help anyone! the animals are sickly looking & enclosures are nasty. Dead fish are floating in every tank & betta fish are dead & or rotting in the little containers.

Eva Akhtar

2 years ago

Personally Good, looked online for an idem went to buy it price was much higher then online.

Krystal Samuel

2 years ago

The manager Cresent is horrible! Her attitude is disgusting! I wanted to buy a parekeet for my elder father and I was so excited they had so many! I went to get someone to help me and she was rushing me and rude! I just told her never mind and left. I rather spend my moment elsewhere

Rya Rya

2 years ago

I love this place i bought my bearded dragon from here and I love him he's nice and healthy I got to this petco for all my needs for my dragon especially live crickets! ????

Sarah France

2 years ago

This place is poorly managed or just minimally staffed ... it's NEVER clean in here .. and stuff is never stocked like it should be.. always products out of place, on the floor, and not on the shelves .. need better & more staffing PLEASE! When this changes, I BET you'll get more service. It's the only pet store in the area .. You're forcing us to travel out the way when everything is by the mall and should be accessible

Angela Sensing

2 years ago

We shop Petco for all our pets. We have 2 cats and a dog. Petco always has all our supplies in stock for our pets!! We love Petco and shop there at least every week.

Doris Wilborn

2 years ago

Close to home and always have what I'm looking for

Tydarrell Sardinea

2 years ago

It was amazing customer service! the cashiers should get raise! I'll def shop there more often!

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