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Kim Iannacone

2 years ago

I just found out Angie and her team are in Jefferson. I travelled to Buford with my dog 6 years ago! Love Angie!! Welcome to Jefferson!!

Cheryl Sullivan

2 years ago

Angie and her employees are very knowledgeable and easy to get along with. I work rescue and thought I knew alot about dogs until I spent the day there. I can't wait to bring my rescue volunteers back with me!

Rose Lulis

2 years ago

Thanks to US Canine, Bubby is a different dog. He knows how to relax into his canineness now and looks to us for leadership. We ended up at US Canine after rescuing a yellow lab who’s generally great, but has some intolerable quirks that could be harmful. He was probably a backyard breeder dog who wasn’t properly socialized. We went through the immersion program together (Bubby stayed on-site, and we attended training sessions on-site with other dog owners and their dogs). These training sessions are especially helpful, as we get to see other dogs, their owners, problems and the behaviors that caused and can correct them. Bubby has been home for about a week now, and we’ve already progressed to hiking outside without a leash. The two pics here show him doing liberty line training and then roaming around part of our property, unleashed. He’s happy, gets along with our other dog, we have a harmonious household and now we’re slowly working towards getting him out into the world more. Thank you US Canine ????????????

Kristen Denius

2 years ago

Like many, we adopted a puppy in 2020 during quarantine. We got our baby, Tucker, from a rescue organization in Hall County and quickly realized that our previous experience with a very outgoing and confident labrador retriever was not any help at all. Tucker was a super chill, happy, and playful dog inside our house where he felt safe, but literally shut down with fear anywhere outside of our house or back yard. He was terrified of EVERYTHING: unusual noises, leaves blowing in the trees, cars, people, bicycles. We could not take him for walks in our intown Atlanta neighborhood at all. Our veterinarian recommended that we medicate him for his crippling anxiety. We are so thankful that our petsitters suggested a consultation with Angie at US Canine. Angie immediately diagnosed Tucker as an introverted "super weenie" and recommended their immersion program. The results were nothing short of miraculous. Tucker learned how to relax and be a dog. We learned how to take charge in a way that allows him to do that, no medication necessary. Tucker is still a super weenie, but now he's a happy and balanced super weenie that enjoys multiple walks per day and is no longer paralyzed by fear and anxiety. Angie is the REAL DEAL and her crew at US Canine is amazing.


2 years ago

Josh was awesome with our free eval for my 2 border collies who have been aggressive with each other. He gave me some tips to work on at home since he wasn’t able to offer private lessons right now, and shared info about his 3 week immersion program in a non pressuring way. Thank you US canine!!!

Jason Swan

2 years ago

Angie and her team are miracle workers. Amazing results with my German shepherd. To some the price may feel excessive but let me assure you, the one on one time the staff gives your companion and you for people training is worth every penny.

Christopher Kessinger

3 years ago

It’s a nice place if you have a dog and the people are friendly

AJ Tuchek

3 years ago

Amazing place. Great work and fantastic people. So excited for everything else they will offer soon!????

Leila Hilyer

3 years ago


Esther Sada Williams

3 years ago

We adopted a Husky who has a number of neuroses about six months ago. Though we should have educated ourselves better before bringing him home, Angie, Josh, and the rest of the superb US Canine team showed us he could learn, grow, and change -- if WE as his human leaders were willing to do so as well. As several other reviews have mentioned, the US Canine behaviorists generously share their extensive knowledge of canine psychology (which is crucial) to help people understand and approach their relationships with their dogs, but they are focused on developing the human side of the equation in improving those relationships. This can be a bit of a process, and everyone on the US Canine team is extremely patient and willing to go far above and beyond to empower dogs and their humans to live happier, more balanced lives.

Dayanera Burger

3 years ago

Angie woods is the ideal person to take your furry friends to! Whatever their need is, Angie can do it

thomas Kameika

3 years ago

Angie Woods is truly amazing. I first used her services 15 years ago when I needed help introducing two new dogs to our other two dogs. Now, 15 years later she is helping me with our miniature poodle that has aggressive behavior and difficult to walk (pulling, barking, snapping). Already, after our first appointment (only one week into the program) I have seen a huge improvement with our poodle. Her behavior now allows me to enjoy walking with her. The training philosophy has more to do with the owners than with the dog. We are taught to be the "pack leader" instead of our pet feeling like the leader. I am loving the new relationship we have with our dog. I believe our dog is happier, too. In addition to helping us with our poodle that is in the "Immersion" program my other dog is being helped, too, mainly by training me to be more in charge of my dog. My other dog is very anxious. Already I see a huge improvement with him as far as him feeling more secure and safe. I cannot praise US Canine enough. A truly amazing program and philosophy. Angie is a true Dog Whisperer. Thank you US Canine for creating a happier home and better relationship with our dogs.

Tara Rich

3 years ago

We are so happy with the results we received after using U.S. Canine. The team was always super helpful and there to answer our questions. Our dog Allie, came home with a new mindset and so did we!! The training at this facility was of good quality, very comprehensive, and specific to our dog’s needs/breed and temperament. I would recommend U.S. Canine for anyone having trouble training or just having a well-balanced home with their pet.

Samantha Fehd

3 years ago

The service is great and personable. We needed to board our dog last minute and they accommodated us and were super flexible.

Michael Binstock

3 years ago

Our dog Major, a doberman pincher who I bought as a puppy, was completely an undisciplined dog who I wanted to put down, or put in a box and given away on the side of the street. My wife and kids begged me not to, and we enrolled our dog …

Matt Lesser

3 years ago

Extremely knowledgeable staff. Took copious amounts of time during our consultation with no pressure to purchase their services. Will continue to use their daycare/play services for our Frenchie pupper.

Laura B. Martorella

3 years ago

Josh and Angie have been wonderful helping us navigate how to manage our precious pup with his aggression. They take their time and carefully explain the WHAT and WHY of how to handle your dog. Highly recommend.

Larry Rank

3 years ago

Koda was so excitable and hard to control before the immersion program (and I must admit that I was skeptical) but after two weeks it was like we brought a different dog home! He still gets excited but we now have a dog that "listens" to us and, more importantly, Josh has shown US what to do. I can't believe the difference in behavior and attitude. It has allowed us to enjoy each other so much more!

Kristen MacKenzie

3 years ago

We completed the immersion program and have been thrilled with the progress our dogs have made. The home lesson was really a capstone to show us how to continue to monitor and control bad behavior consistently. Would highly recommend.

Krista “K”

3 years ago

Everything I hoped for and it exceeded my expectations.

jane yang

3 years ago

I didn't even get to see trainer. I scheduled evaluation of my dog 2 weeks in advance and just got call for reschedule before 5 days of the original schedule I had. Only answer I got was ' I don't know what had happened, we have training dog scheduled.' Okay in order for my dog to be a ' training dog' this evaluation was needed and I guess you guys don't need my business there. I read all good reviews and was desperate for this evaluation since last training session with someone else is not really doing much. I hope you guys to be more considerate of your potential clients.

Chris Routledge

3 years ago

Great people, kind and genuinely care. We have a 140lb Mastiff named Mae who is scared of her own shadow. Josh and team worked miracles with her and us, to get Mae comfortable and social!

Beth Carter

3 years ago

My dog came out of other day care centers like a 2 year old on sugar. When I pick him up from US Canine he is tired and calm.

Ben Taylor

3 years ago

Bagheera We were out of town for a funeral and they made accommodations for us no hassle and took our dog in on short notice!

Anne-Marie Williams

3 years ago

When my Rottweiler was about 3 years old, we tried to rehome him, due to what we thought were aggression issues. Turned out that he was the "good dog" and we were the ones with a problem. Enrolling him in the Immersion Program at U.S.Canine with Angie & Josh was a godsend. We were taught how to change our demeanor and be firm, while our dog spent 2 weeks undergoing his own rehabilitation. Happy to say, 3 years later, he is a changed dog and we get so many compliments on what a sweet dog he is. Call U.S.Canine and let Angie Woods and Josh change your dog and your life.

Michael Walton

4 years ago

Amazing resource for dog training. They understood our dog and worked with him (and our family) very well. I highly recommend utilizing their services.


4 years ago

If I could give 6 stars I would. Absolutely awesome staff and amazing trainers.

Michelle Dang

4 years ago

They have a knowledgeable team that will help you and your furry friend(s) learn new ways to be in sync with each other. Everyone there is very friendly and you can tell they all love what they do! Glad we found them.

Shannon O’Rear

4 years ago

I absolutely love this place! My dog Ellie Mae went through the two week program and we take her back every once in awhile for refreshers. We’ve learned so much too!

Mark Russell

4 years ago

Thanks to the U.S. Canine immersion program our dogs are no longer fighting. I cannot say enough about Angie, Josh, Joey and the whole team. I strongly recommend anybody who has concerns about their dog’s behavior to consult with U.S. Canine. The best!! Thanks again????????

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