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Mike Robertson

2 years ago

We needed to get all of our dogs their shots to stay at a kennel. We took all 6 dogs to the clinic at one time and one by one got them out of the van to have their shots. They did all 6 shots in 30 mins and were nice, professional and caring.

Kathryn Hudson

2 years ago

Because I'm new to the area, when my dog started limping badly on three legs, i felt stressed about taking him to an emergency vet, and the pending bills for x-rays, etc. Not to mention, my dog is a young rescue (who had been burned by another vet during the pandemic since he does not warm up to strangers right away, and was handled very roughly for vaccinations when I was not present due to restrictions, and thereafter HATED the vet). Because of this, I was super worried about what his experience would be at an emergency vet in Jefferson, not to mention I didn't have an appointment because of the nature of the injury. I called Jefferson Animal Hospital on the way over, and they were able to squeeze me in, and I was able to walk right in as soon as I arrived. The vet and staff were SO perceptive and kind to my pup, and they were so in tune to his need to warm up to the people in the room before being touched, and the whole experience was head and shoulders above my expectations. They also worked with me regarding the plan of care and did everything they could to avoid high expense tests if they weren't urgent or necessary. I almost cried when I saw how low the bill was! They were an amazing team, my dog was way more comfortable than in the past, and I will definitely be back.

Brett chandler

3 years ago

Really disappointed in our last visit. They seem to be using COVID as an excuse to provide terrible service. Poor attitude on the phone, made me wait in the parking lot 15 min after the scheduled time, and then got mad when I called back from the parking lot. It’s not a big place, but they literally have 9 signs taped across all of their windows saying, ‘STOP Do not enter’. They sure know how to make their customers feel unwelcome! I won’t be back.

Brenda Napoli

3 years ago

My sweet little fur baby Tessa was such a good patient. Always very cooperative with the doctors at Jefferson Animal Hospital. $1000’s of dollars in the two years since we moved to Georgia was well worth giving her a great quality of life during her Senior years. I never imagined that April 10, 2021 would be the last time I would hold her. I stayed with my sweet Tessa to the very end as I held her little paw and so gently petted her. I feel so alone without her. I will always hold sweet memories of Tessa in my heart. So please Jefferson Hospital, Remember Tessa and how good she was with you. Thank you

CookingWithNaNaAndMurry Cagle

3 years ago

They are always so good to my dog. And they are reasonably priced too. We had an emergency one day recently and they were able to see my dog immediately. I highly recommend this vet.

Angela C

3 years ago

High costs, Low care This is an edited review from my former 5 star. This place used to be wonderful and provide great care. I’m not sure what changed. The staff act annoyed by any anxiety shown by a pet. We had a scheduled surgery and they said they had to keep him overnight. Turns out they keep him ALONE overnight at which time the dog removed his stitches from anxiety. Thankfully he lived but they returned him to us covered in blood. I asked about a new cone as the one he was in was the one he had broken and it was also blood soaked. I was told I could pay for a new one if I wanted one but they wouldn’t be putting it on him. I’m disgusted by how my pet was treated and have never and will never be back.

Ken Fenton

3 years ago

Its never easy to make the decision to put your pet down that to love as part of your family...I had to make this decision a couple weeks ago with the help and support of this great and caring staff of Jefferson Animal Hospital , The doctor and staff were caring and compassionate and gave me options with real outcomes and supported my decision to do so .Unfortunately due to covid we could not be with our loved pet while she was put down ,and we totally understand the protocol ... my focus was doing the best thing for my old and sick dog to give her relief ...To the staff and doctors were thankful for you and what you do! and yesterday we received your heartfelt card with her footprint on it .....meant the world to us, as we miss her dearly , however with your support and guidance we know we made the right decision . I would give 10 stars if I could ! thank you ! Ken and Stacy Fenton

Yer Yang

3 years ago

I do not recommend people to come to this vet period especially when you have a French bulldog ,they don’t even know anything about French bulldog always asking me to spade my dog and I don’t even know if they know what they’re doing but this service suck please save your money n go to a real veterinarian so don’t waste your time n money unless you want them to spade your French bulldog

JF Carter

3 years ago

I can see where people have issues with the communication at this vet. My wife and I ran into the same issues, However, Dr. Kelly's animal nurse with the red hair turned our experience around. Even with dealing with bad news she and the doctor made us feel like they cared and were doing anything and everything they could. We strongly suggest asking for Dr. Kelly and her nurse if you use their services.


3 years ago

Good experience dog boarding. Would go back.

Jayde Fruchey

3 years ago

Took me a minute to leave my review since I wanted to gather my true thought and feelings about this place and frankly, they flat out don’t care about you, or your pet. When we had to put our cat down they refused to let at least ONE of us be with him nor would they allow an outside service. COVID is a thing, I completely get it. I work in a medical practice so I know the protocols, but even if we were outside, socially distant, and following the guidelines they still refused. Their reasoning is that it’s a “private moment and since all areas of their building can be seen by the traffic on the surround road it would cause an issue”. When you’re mentally distressed about the fact you have to put your pet down, a busy road is the least of your concerns. They also said they “accommodated us by getting him in last minute with no appointment”. Yeah, you did, but you also kept our cat for 45 minutes and told us the only option was putting him down. No compassion, no empathy, nothing. I’m sure the response to this will be a backhanded comment like the one to my mother was. TLDR: don’t come here. Sure it’s convenient for being in Jefferson but it’s not worth it.

jana dehart

3 years ago

I used them for years for my cat. Never had a problem until we needed to euthanize him. They wouldn't let us be with him. they wouldn't even euthanize him outside so we could be there either. I get it’s Covid, but come on! Outside, 6 feet apart? Masks on? Nope....: Took out dear pet to Winder and we got to sit outside, under a tree, on blankets and hold him while the vet euthanized him. THAT is what I call professional and compassionate. Never giving this place another cent.

issa lopez

3 years ago

I went in to get my dog looked at for a bleeding ear and when the vet tried to look at it my dog got nervous. So the vet told me muzzle him and when I couldn’t do it he told me to give him away INSTEAD of giving me a suggestion on other solutions. And billed me anyway. So thank you for billing me for telling me to give my dog away!

Crystal Wheelus

3 years ago

My son and I brought his puppy when she cut her foot open. I was blown away by doctor who was basically trying to emply that the dog needed all these extra services just to treat her. I have worked for several animal hospitals in the past so im not nieve to what treatments are required for this type of injury. We were not allowed to examine to print out of charges after we had asked and they were not willing to compromise on what services they would provide. It was all or nothing....the balance would have been 800 and some odd dollars just to treat a cut on the foot. Luçkily my son had enough cash to pay the 130.00 bill was just for the office visit and bandage wrapped around her foot.....outrages! How do folks like this sleep at night?

Joceline Zavala

3 years ago

I totally agree that this vet only cares about the money and not helping the dogs. One of my dogs became dehydrated while being pregnant, and we took her to this vet, and the vet immediately told us that she needed to be put down. He wanted to kill my dog. We took her back home, and she had her babies, which all came out healthy and she is healthy as well. When it comes to pain or emergencies, this vet is NO HELP!!!!! Don't waste your time or money. Take your dog to a real vet that TRULY cares about animals!!

Katelin Brock

3 years ago

Would give 0 stars if I could. Boarded my dog for 4 days, he was perfect beforehand- when I got him back, he had scratches on his eyes and a raw patch on both elbows, one of which was swelled with fluid to nearly the size of a baseball. He was extremely hungry and thirsty when I picked him up. When I asked one of the workers what had happened she just said it was probably the fact that he was in the crate, she did not offer any advice other than to pick up some medicine and treat him on my own. I am very disappointed and will never board him like this again, he has had a whole attitude shift and it was an unpleasant experience all around.


3 years ago

I have been using this vet for 4 years, and they have always been great. Recently they are not being transparent with pricing until after the fact. Will not return.

scott s

3 years ago

Bad customer service and they nickel and dime you to death. I had an appointment for 8am. We showed up 10 minutes early and called to let them know we were there. We then waited 30 minutes and watched as they took 5 dogs who arrived after us. We called inside to confirm that they knew we were there. They said they would be right out. We waited 10 more minutes before we decided to leave.

Wanda Harness

4 years ago

The staff and vets are wonderful! Their kindness and care for animals is gratifying!

Susan Maxwell

4 years ago

I used to love these place, but I realized they don't really care about animals, just money. My kitten was misdiagnosed by another vet and when I called in panic because my kittens eye ruptured, the lady at the front said there is no …

Ivan Jahed

4 years ago

Nice staff and great doctors.

Amberly Love

4 years ago

I had my dog dropped off to be groomed at 7:30 in the morning. They did not even start to groom him until 3 o’clock in the afternoon. When I make an appointment to drop off my dog to be groomed at 7:30 in the morning I naturally expect to be able to pick them up within an hour two hours tops. This just made it where I will Pick a different location to get his hair cut in a more timely manner next time so I don’t have to be late for my job... After picking my dog up the hair cut was not horrible but at the same time there was multiple spots that were longer then other spots. It was better then I could have done but I expected a 8 hour hair cut would be on point. This rating is just for grooming not for seeing the vet. I’ve had amazing experiences with everything to do with the veterinarian. If a dog is there to see the veterinarian 100% five stars.

Micheal Silver

5 years ago

We own 7 rescue dogs and 5 cats, living in the country means people dump animals on you that are in pretty bad shape. We see Dr. Jason Phillips monthly. Over the years he has helped us with diagnosing and treating in our dogs …

kioshi sevilla

5 years ago

My dog was attacked by neighbors dogs. After getting rude receptionist from commerce vet my sister told me to try here. They told me to immediately bring my dog in. I got there and we were taken to a room. The vet was very honest and told …

Katie Patton

5 years ago

We’ve used this vet for years until last year. I took my healthy 5 year old dog to be treated for a hot spot. Dr. Phillips decided to give him anesthesia so the could shave the area. My dog had to be carried to the car because he was still mostly unconscious. Everyone up there said it was fine and he’d be fine. He had stayed in his crate the entire night passed out. We called an emergeny vet and they told us to just keep an eye on him until the morning and take him back to the vet. My perfectly healthy dog died before morning ever came. When we called the vet to let them know what had happened he told us that we “refused treatment” which was just flea treatment for fleas he did not have. They said it could’ve been because they gave him a rabies shot and he choked on his own vomit, he could’ve had seizures due to a heart defect that poodles are prone to (Charlie has been under anesthesia twice before and never had any problems). I lost the best dog I’ve ever had because of this place. I didn’t even get an apology, just a vet trying to blame me for his mistake.

Karen Stewart

5 years ago

We just moved to Jefferson and I called for an appointment. The Receptionist was warm, personable and professional. I am looking forward to my appointment based on that stellar first time contact.

Valerie Burgess

6 years ago

Love the staff here. The place is always clean. Very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and careing. I've taken my Yorkie here and now my daughter takes her pup. We're very pleased with them. I only wish they offered emergency after hour care. I don't love that they carry my pup out of view a lot for smoke procedures. But I would recommend.

Carol Brannon

6 years ago

Loved the place and Dr Debbie. She has been our vet for many years.

Dan B

7 years ago

Good people and decent prices.

Amy Creek

7 years ago

We had our doggy boarded here for over a week. The doctors and staff treated her as one of their own. She is never afraid to come here!!!

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