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watermelon head

2 years ago

They will rip you off!! Choose another clinic which will be definitely cheaper and better. I took my kitten for vaccine and first physical check up. They charge me for two minutes of check up and her first vaccine $131 ! I can’t believe it. …

M Foster

2 years ago

The doctors and techs are caring and patient toward the pets, and you will get competent care. THAT SAID… the administration is very messy. On December 6th, I ordered heartworm pills from 1800PetMeds. Three weeks later, 1800PetMeds confirmed to me that Thrive Decatur still had not responded to the fax asking for a prescription. I would understand this, in the stress of the holidays, if only it were the first time it happened. Pretty much every time I order from 1800PetMeds, I have to call back-and-forth between the companies three or four times to get Thrive to send the prescription back. With it being the holidays, I did not have time for that level of micromanagement. Three weeks later, when I absolutely needed the drug, I gave up and went to get a single dose from Thrive in person. First, they messed the order up over the phone, trying to give me flea preventative instead of heartworm meds. We finally got it straight, or so I thought, but when I got home I realized they had given me the wrong dosage for the wrong dog. Such a mess. I have given up and switched Thrive locations. The folks seem like they want to be helpful, maybe they’re just overworked to the point that they can’t manage? Either way, it’s too unreliable for me.

Rebecca Farrell

2 years ago

I arrived on time with my puppy for a nail trimming. The front office spent ten minutes up-selling me on a “package” of items. We were then moved to another room where another assistant spent ANOTHER 15 minutes reworking the package. After 30 minutes I was told I could put on a mask or leave by the office manager. I assured him I AM vaccinated, not sick and there was no mask sign on the door. I also said I’d stay in the private exam room and they could take my dog and complete the service in the back. I was told I had to leave. So after 30 minutes I walked out without a single nail cut, or shot given, but I’m now well versed in their “puppy package”. They were rude and unprofessional. Find another vet.

Joe Grace

2 years ago

They did a full annual checkup inclusive of full bloodwork six months ago but insisted on me bringing my dog back for a examination before they would refill a prescription that was made for only 90 days on their part in error vs what should have been an annual script. I was told that the vet who prescribed six months ago was in a "different role at Thrive" and could not be reached to confirm he had examined the dog six months ago. Huh? That makes zero sense if Thrive was the clinic. They have the records and bloodwork from six months ago as well as records showing the dog has been on this medication for five years but would not refill without a new appointment. I left my original vet because Thrive was cheaper but you completely get what you pay for. Thrive is total incompetence.

Jessica Tozzo

2 years ago

When I found out how expensive it was to analyze my dogs masses, they gave me permission to get that done elsewhere, checked off a Box, and had me sign a form and then dumped them instead so there's no way to know for sure she hasn't got cancer. They charged me more than I was quoted without the analysis, and the manager basically told me it was bc of what I did signing that form (like it's my fault they aren't paying attention). The corporate manager talked to us yesterday and was more empathetic but didn't do anything about it or call back this a.m. like he said he would thus far. Suffice to say, board complaints, etc. will be made. Appx. 800 dollars to guarantee my dogs life is up in the air, in case you're wondering. And no, that's not what they charged us without the analysis, thats more than what they quoted us.

Elocin P

2 years ago

My dog Pharoah loves Thrive.

Alisen Redmond

2 years ago

The vet here has the best bedside manner, and the staff was very kind. They made a very difficult end-of-life appointment as comfortable as it could be.

Alex Marquardt

2 years ago

My animal has not been here, however I called them about a surgery my dog needs. The person who answered the phone said they do not perform surgery but gave me number of somewhere they would recommend for it. When I called the number I was connected with Paws Whiskers and Wags pet crematory, not a vet. I am not sure if this is some sort of honest mistake or a off color joke, but I will never bring one of my pets to a Thrive Clinic after this experience

Lindsey Bordain

2 years ago hungry..don't care about the well being of your pet.they don't even take new patients until months later.theyre literally worse than the dentist. Yall kno how hard it is to get a dentist appointment with insurance ..same at thrive .good luck

natalie jackson

2 years ago

Customer service was great, although my dog is known to be an aggressive breed, they still showed her all the love.

Natalia Abazeri

2 years ago

Overpriced charging so much for flea/tick medication. Hard to get appointments. I was one minute late to the appointment and they call me asking where I am. When I tell them I’m 10 min behind because it’s 5:30 and there’s horrific Atlanta traffic, they tell me I have to reschedule after scheduling this appointment over a month out. Will not be back and won’t recommend them. They lost a customer and many more.

Casey Murphy

2 years ago

Took my Kitty in to be treated for a snake bite. From start to finish the entire experience as fantastic! Dani at the front desk was so helpful and calming, Tiara and Dr Leck were so informative and handled my baby with extra special care. He was feeling so much better with in days. And everything was extremely affordable! Thanks guys!

Contessa Bradford

2 years ago

When I usually go Murphy is in and out.. however, the last time we went to the church street location I left upset! I went to get my dogs allergy shot and asked for them to check his ears out. They had me put a muzzle on Murphys to …


2 years ago

The Decatur location is never open when they say they are. They are not close to me, and I’ve driven half a dozen times to pick up my dog’s meds during their published hours, only to find a paper on the clinic’s door saying they’re closed …

Melbs Williams

2 years ago

My dog's allergies were so bad she would rub her face raw and cry in pain. I tried everything nothing worked. I called Thrive everyone was so kind and understanding. They made me feel that my dog was in excellent hands right away. Dr. Byas found the right diet and medicine. Josh called to check on my dog. He is awesome and the whole team is great.

Shirley Kennedy

2 years ago

I love Thrive. Dr. Leck loves the animals and takes care with them. The staff is great as well, and yes, the really are affordable. Check them out!

Yunaful Life

2 years ago

Overall, your experience should be fine as long as your pet is healthy and does not have allergic reaction. There are three reasons why I will not bring my cat back to this Thrive Vet Decatur. 1) Pointless confirmation calls repeatedly: I had received three different calls and text messages for confirming appointment. Even though I confirmed with one of their representatives, they kept messaging and calling me to confirm the appointment for the SAME APPOINTMENT NOT THE SEPARATE ONE. I received a call from them as a confirmation call on Tuesday and confirmed it. I received another call on Thursday to confirm it. And I received another call on Saturday to confirm it. What is the point of it? How is it different from other spam calls? 2) No prior notice about chances of allergic reaction: My cat is 1 year old and I brought her to the vet for annual vaccination. Since she has been healthy, I didn't worry too much. However, she has got a serious allergic reaction to one or more of the vaccinations on that day. I had not informed anything if she can get an allergic reaction from vaccination or any medication they gave her. None of them including customer representative, technician, or vet had not informed me that there is chance she can vomit and have any allergic reaction from medication or vaccination. After we got back home, she vomited 10 times (I counted) and I called them. They said I could bring her back to the clinic with some explanation that my cat could vomit because of the medication that they gave. I said I would keep an eye on her for the next few hours since it can cause my cat to be stressed out going out again. She seemed bit better for a while but all of the sudden, her face got puffed and started panting. I called them again if I can bring her to the vet right at the moment. And they said I'd better take her to the ER. That was all. I got frustrated and scared since my cat has got worsen all of the sudden. I ended up taking her to the ER. I had to spend $150 for the vaccination and annual check up at the clinic and it costed about $250 at ER. It is my fault not asking potential symptoms that my cat can have after vaccination. But my question is, "is it solely on my responsibility?" 3) No follow-up at all: One of the vaccinations was required to have two separate shots. The second shot was a booster shot. I had to cancel the second appointment due to the concern of the allergic reaction. I emailed them that I will cancel the appointment since my cat can have the allergic reaction. Their response was just "oh I'm sorry about that. I will cancel your appoint". That was all. I would ask around to seek for another vet that is more responsible and caring for my cat.

Nate Bowers

2 years ago

This place gives your pets as much attention as any other place around town. The professionals at thrive are fantastic and I would recommend them to any other pet parent.

Mike Lane

2 years ago

The vet is not like any other vet this is One of those top notch vet's that really will take good care of your animals

Michael Lane

2 years ago

It was a great day for a dog or a cat

Kim Dickson

2 years ago

They were super friendly to me and sweet to my little guy!


2 years ago

Extremely unprofessional I would not recommend this place to anyone. I had an appointment today for my puppy last round of shots, pull up to the place and it’s a handwritten sign on the door saying it’s closed today! No one reached out to …


2 years ago

I had an appointment that I called around for to see if there was an opening, booked the appointment (a couple days in advanced) because I was told by the vet that my dog needed to be seen as soon as possible, because of the possibility of having an eye ulcer... Called to let the office know I was running a few minutes late (10 minutes) because of an accident on the highway and was told that I would need to cancel and reschedule, while I was currently more than halfway to getting to the Midtown location from Chamblee. Was told that they would not budge even though my dog's current situation is urgent... Needless to say I haven't used their services and I will never use their services, The fact that they can turn down a senior patient with eye issues tells me a lot about the people that work there. Obviously it's about money and not about animal welfare. Very disappointed with my first attempt at taking my dog to a vet clinic in Atlanta.

J Blanchard

3 years ago

I never made it past the phone call with the receptionist. When she shamed me for not knowing the last time my outdoor cat had urinated by saying “so you don’t know the last time your cat urinated? Wow”, I informed her how rude that was and said goodbye. One star is generous.

Antoin Jones

3 years ago

Great professional staff! They take great care of my pitbull

Adriana Beltran

3 years ago

They have always been really good with my Pom. The Dr is always attentive to JOJO's needs.

Traycee Kathaleeya

3 years ago

From easily accessible online booking, to electronic communication; Thrive clinic staff and vet is exceptionally professional for my first time experience. I love that they provide option for treatment without trying to sell the product. The vet was very thorough and informed me of my fur baby’s checkup, up to date vaccine, and lab result over the phone. Thank you Thrive Clinic for taking care of my Princess!

Tariq Dailey

3 years ago

I brought my Frenchie Louie for an ear infection and a general check up. Dr. Osborne explained everything to me throughly and sent me home with some medications to take care of my Frenchie as I’ve never owned one before and didn’t know the …

Milo Snyder

3 years ago

Amazing staff! Super friendly and fast and LGBT+ Friendly!

Robin Finey

3 years ago

They took great care of Anakin. We definitely found our vet.

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