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a year ago

My dog got Kennel Cough from being here. :( He went in for doing fine and came out sick!

Ro Dennis, Realtor

a year ago

Riley is my go to person at the Decatur location. She really knows her stuff when it comes to your furry babies. Recently, I had to drop of my aunt's baby, a Yorkshire Terrier about 14 lbs and 2-3 feet height. Here's the background on 'Meme'. She looks sweet but will show out on you. She was abused prior before my aunt adopted her so she's very cautious of people with bad kennel anxiety. Now back to the story, Meme escaped from her harness and ran underneath a parked truck in front of Banfield. She wouldn't let anyone touch her. If you tried, she would snap a bite at your hand with her miniature canine teeth. Guess who came out to assist me? The one and only Riley. She knew exactly what to do. First, we had to get the long stick harness and move it to her to force her from underneath the truck. Now, the truck is not mine. It's 2 strangers that were very nice women. They were out there with me trying to capture Meme. Meme eventually crawled frim under the truck but jumped into the passenger side. We had the door open. Riley said, "I know what to do." I stayed in the truck trying to pickup Meme and she's just snapping and biting every time I came near. After a few minutes of that, Riley came back with a blanket. She said, " take this and cover her up and then pick her up." I did it and within seconds we had Meme out of the truck and back in Banfield for her appointment. I was like geeze! Why didn't I think of that? To my point, Riley always leaves me with a tip or pointer on how to handle my furry baby. Thanks, Riley! Excuse any of the typos..

Puffy Fat Cat

a year ago

The employees were nice, the price for treatment should be included in my Wellness Plan.

D Lyons

a year ago

Love this Hospital! The staff is always great and my pup loves them too.

Dezmon Patrick

a year ago

Very personable! Love this place. I drive a long distance just to come here and my dog Kali loves them!

Miguel-Andres Garcia

a year ago

1 star, because a zero star review doesn’t exist. If you plan to take you dog here plan for no communication and a long wait for your pet. It seems they are ok with your pet sitting in a crate most of the day for the simplest of procedures. Be aware that appointments made are just “drop off times” and is in no way related to them being seen in a timely fashion. First come first serve, it seems. I guess it should be expected for a chain veterinarian business, I will for sure know better.

Lorenzo Valentine

a year ago

I have been a Banfield customer for 5 years and a Optimal Wellness member. When I took my dog they had me and other people waiting outside due to COVID which is understandable. Other people I spoke with have been waiting for much longer than they should. They did not come out to get my dog at the time I was there and his appointment time. They told me someone will be right out. I called again 30 minutes after my appointment time. They informed me again someone will be out which did not happen until 30 more minutes. A hour after my appointment someone came out for my puppy then told me it will take a minimum hour for him to receive his routine vaccinations which included no test or anything extra. I told them I never heard an appointment taking that amount of time and I will take my puppy to another banfield seeing how the banfield in Tucker, Buckhead, and Chamblee have done the same vaccinations in the beginning and middle of COVID and only took max 20 minutes. They did not apologize for me waiting a hour AFTER my appointment. Just informed me that this is normal. Seeing how I have been a Banfield customer and Optimal Wellness member for 5 years I highly suggest Banfield just never at this location. Even though this location is 3 minutes from me, I will NEVER go here.

Paula Worthy

a year ago

This place adds charges for services not completed, not requested and not warranted. Dropped pet off to determine if she was pregnant. Received a bill for $240 for shots and meds not requested and still don't know if she is pregnant. They even said they did a pedicure which, after refusing to pay for it, they admitted it was added when she came in but never completed. Final charge after disputing unrequested services, $0. Find another Banfield!!!

Jasmine Liggins

a year ago

The front staff is terrible and requires additional customer service training. The vets seem ok when they call to do the follow up. Daniel and Riley are great as well. The young woman working at 7:15 am 8/16/21 and Kayla, the young woman who was working reception when I picked my dog up - do NOT posses the interpersonal skillset to work front desk.

Marie K

a year ago

My dog went in for routine vaccinations. They asked if I wanted a nail clip and I specifically told them not to touch her nails (she has a fear of nail clips and they weren’t too long). They then went and unnecessarily hacked all the nails off to stumps and made one bleed, even though it was white and you could see the quick. There’s clearly no communication between staff, incompetent staff, and they will ignore your concerns if you justifiably complain. Please go elsewhere.

sharron cadogan

a year ago

I love the staff and doctors! The office staff is really friendly and they take really good care of my little kitty Nunu. Highly recommended!

Briana McLennon

a year ago

I have been rescheduled 3 times for a new pet visit. Each time I've called to confirm my appointment, there's been an issue. The first excuse was a system error with online scheduling. The second excuse was the Dr. not being available. This last time there was no reasoning- the clerk just played the blame game. The front desk clerks I've spoken with sound unenthusiastic and lack attentiveness for scheduling. Looking at the other reviews, I won't even waste my time here or trust them with my pet.

Sunshine “Shay” Shay

a year ago

Spoke with a friendly on the phone, set my puppy for the next appointment. No confirmation the day before. I found it odd. But we are a first time puppy mommy and daddy. Arrive on time for the appointment to just be told no more appointments been taken today. Huh!?!? I stay in Conyers this location is in Decatur during rush hour. Rushed off work to go home in Conyer to get our puppy come back to Decatur to be turned away. We told their phones are down but they tried to call. We did not receive any call yesterday nor today. Wasted time, energy, gas, and my patience is depleted. But we held our frustration. Another appointment was made for later this week. That's a plus. But so help me GOD if we have this same treatment. It will be an upset. I need cooperate number. That's very unprofessional and just bad business.

Deb Carrier

2 years ago

Took a friend's cat. They made it easy for me to drop and collect Teddy without having to answer a lot of questions I didn't know.

renee mitchell

2 years ago

It's okay.... I understand the Covid precautions but gesssh, Covid ain't going no where. I hate that I spend over $120 a month for my animals care to not be able to physically see a doctor and get instructions for medication.

Jasmine Nixon

2 years ago

Long wait time for a scheduled appointment, but once they took my dog inside things were smooth sailing.

Pamela Harris

2 years ago

A great place to take your pet.

Jeffery Houslin

2 years ago

This location is very clean and has great vet techs that are knowledgeable and professional. It was my first time bringing my Frenchie but will be back if needed.


2 years ago

It’s shocking how people who care so little about my dog at the front desk choose to work with animals. Unbelievable.

Stasia Jordan

2 years ago

The staff here is fantastic! This is the first Banfield standalone office that I've ever been too and I'm so glad I stumbled across them. The staff was very patient with my baby and quickly learned that he is very needy. His barking is from wanting attention not being angry as other vets feel. I do not live close to this office and have another Banfield less than 10 minutes from my home but have changed my preferred hospital to this one. If you want to visit and actual Banfield vet office this one is perfect without the extra distractions of the petsmart store.

Trish Edmund

2 years ago

Very friendly and talented staff! It is squeaky clean, smells pleasant and the vets and the assistants are all beautiful, passionate souls. I will be returning to this location.

Vivian L. Turner

2 years ago

The staff ans service is EXCELLENT!!

Lynn Smith

2 years ago

I am fully aware of the covis virus. However, when you give me a morning appointment and I arrive on time. I expect to be seen somewhere close to the appointed time. I get there and am told that the surgeries are done in the morning and I would have to leave my dog for a three wait. Not coming back. You should advise people of your policies when they make the appointment. I do not want my dog left/locked in a cage for 3 hours, especially if I am not told of this possibility when I make the original appointment. L S

lonnie mcclure

2 years ago

I know with everything that going on in the world... this place need help a.s.a.p.


2 years ago

So I haven't been a client but I did watch my friend and her dog's journey with Banfield and Dr. Span. As her dog neared the crossing of the rainbow bridge this vetrinary team went above and beyond. DR Span worked with my vet clinic to provide overnight emergency care to her dog. I have never seen a vet work with a competitor for the betterment of a client. ???? This week the journey ended and the vet assessed the client between surgeries again unheard of customer care. They helped us find a mobel vet to allow him to pass in home. The Banfield banner should be proud of their Decatur team!

Kyla N

2 years ago

I’ve had a good experience at Banfield in California, but this location is horrible! They gave our puppy a vaccine we’ve specifically been avoiding without our consent or permission!!!! Also, when our puppy was ready to be picked up, they made us wait 40 min to bring her out! Why is that?! They also try to charge you for unnecessary things all the time. Would not recommend.

Kenzie Wolfe

2 years ago

It would be great if banfield could update their website or call the pet owners before coming in for an appointment. With covid-19 they have changed a lot of policies across all Banfields and there’s basically no difference between “drop-off” and “in-room” as one would think since you’re not allowed inside The building for either...

Katie Davenport

2 years ago

I had one great experience and another terrible. My 15 year old cat has asthma and the Dr. who saw him first knew about feline asthma, and I felt well taken care of. She told me a separate pharmacy would be calling me, along with a heart specialist, but I have not received the calls. I have called back multiple times and Banfield did not follow up and have not gotten the referral calls. My 2nd visit is why I will not go back. I took my cat in for his yearly checkup. He has never done well being left in a cage, so I let them know I would wait for him (even though they said it could be 3 hours). I said I'm here, so call me as soon as he is ready. I didn't have an issue the first time and was there over a hour. After 2.5 hours, I called and they thought he had been seen by the vet, but the vets went to lunch, so I had to wait until they returned. I took my cat and never got a call with his results. I don't think he was seen. While I was told about the time length, I was beyond frustrated that they would leave an asthmatic 15-year old cat in a cage for that long, especially after being told he doesn't do well in that environment. I saw one vet go on a break like a hour in, he looked like he was hungover - struggling on a Saturday morning. While I don't like to judge and I don't know - it helped build on my frustration. Banfields are so hit or miss, I do not recommend getting insurance through them, as there have been more bad experiences than good.

Jessica Young

2 years ago

We've had a number of disappointing interactions at this location and finally reached our breaking point. Our senior pet gets a very specific amount of subcutaneous fluid every 2 weeks, as directed by a Banfield vet and a cardiac vet, because she has been diagnosed with CHF and kidney disease, and we're balancing the two. When we started this several months ago, we were told more than once that it's a same-day procedure and we can't make appointments in advance, to later be told by staff that actually we needed an appointment. When we pointed out what we had been told the day before, they managed to find an opening. This has happened more than once, so we're never sure we can actually get her in. They are never clear about drop-offs vs. timed appointments, as other commenters have said. Sometimes we leave her there and get a call 10 minutes later she's ready; other times we wait in the parking lot for 45 minutes thinking it was a regular office visit, only to be told to come back several hours later. We have severe difficulties getting people to answer the phones even though we can see them through the window at the desk. And we never know that she's ready for pickup until we call them multiple times for an answer. Today, the vet administered more than 50% MORE fluids than had been recommended, without calling us to clarify that we would be okay with it, after we specifically said 50ml this morning - and when, per Banfield records and direction, it's always been 50ml. Excess fluids could push her into heart failure and it's unacceptable to me that fluids in excess of the agreed-upon amount were administered without ever getting our approval. We have used 3 different Banfield vet services since getting pets, and this location has been the only one to give us this much frustration. I'm cancelling our 3 accounts and moving to a local vet, but if you want to stick with Banfield - go to the Midtown location. Their vets are great, their front desk is prompt and courteous, and we never go the "being run-around" feeling we get from Decatur.

M. Dickson -Thomas

2 years ago

The reviews are accurate, great service in a very professional atmosphere. I love the Vet and the staff members at this location and its been a pleasure coming to this location after transferring from the Midtown location. This location doe not have a Petsmart but that's fine because I can get pet supplies from many places in that area.

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