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Hansel Brand

2 years ago

These people will love your pet almost as much as you do! When you meet them, it becomes immediately apparent that they have found their calling. After a week with them, our Yorkie seemed happy and well taken care of. I asked before we left if they would send us pic updates while we were gone, and they did it gladly. I highly recommend them! -->Grace and her husband are new owners, and are not the ones the negative reviews are aimed for<--

Jim Turner

3 years ago

Wonderful place to leave your fur babies. Great facility.

Humberto Dutra

3 years ago

Our dog got mauled at this place! When we got there staff said that my other dog did it. Problem is that the dog that dog mauled is the alpha and has 10 pounds over the little one, and no history of aggression. So they charged us $300 for all the stitches she got in her face, ears, ans legs. Will never bring them here again

E Johnson (Highheels)

4 years ago

I love this place. They were so great with my 2 pets. They were so calm when we picked them up other than excited to see us. Great people.

Stewart Stimson

4 years ago

Fantana used to be a great place for our dogs, but over the last few years their service and rules have been inconsistent...however today the owner made a decision that convinced me that writing this review was the only appropriate response. Today is two days before Christmas and I had reservations for over a month, and went to drop off my dogs (both of which have stayed at Fantana in the past). With the chaos of the pre-Christmas drop-offs, one of my dogs was nervous and barking at reception. The two people at the kennel spent about five minutes seeing if they could get him to stop barking, when finally the owner said “he’s not going to fit in here.” When I inquired about whether they could just share a run for the 4 nights I need them to stay I was told no. I have a flight I have to catch this evening and this put me in a complete and utter bind. We’ve been going to Fantana for at least ten years, but this was not a situation of letting a dog be a dog, this was a subjective decision made on a whim, and what appeared to be a bad mood. I can’t with good conscience recommend Fantana anymore. Fortunately my family was able to locate a kennel that had a cancellation and could take my dogs today, and in contrast they were so welcoming to my babies, and my nervous barking baby was bark free. We have a new business to partner with, it really wasn’t fair for Fantana to put me in this bind.

Tani Katrice Woodlief

4 years ago

This is the only place our pup will go that does not stress her out. She gets lots of love and has such a great time running around and getting lots of exercise.

Brianna Remus

7 years ago

My fiancée and I left our babies with them while we went out of town for work. We felt comfortable after meeting with the staff for about 45 minutes. However, when we called a day later to check in we found out that they used a choke collar …

Heather McClure

7 years ago

We've brought our dog here several times for week long stays. You can just tell that our dog just loves going there and hanging out with all the other pups to play. We will definitely continue using Fantana Farms. The staff there also really cares about the animals. I just love knowing my baby is in good hands while we are traveling.

Linda Bruce

7 years ago

I have 2 dogs that have been boarded and attended doggie daycare,since both were pups. We have used several places around the area but we now only take them to Fantana. Having boarded dogs for going on 7 yrs. couple things I've learned,always,always take your own food with instructions written on bag on how much and when to feed. This lowers the risk of digestive upset. If it is a place like Fantana with wide open spaces ,they will get dirty,very dirty even if bathed. They will act weird or what I see as ,WORN OUT from play. They may lay around couple days after pick up. Their motto is,Dogs Rule,they let dogs be dogs . I have a small Jack Russell mix that can hold her own with the big dogs may be because her younger companion is our 100 lb German Shepherd. Tell them what lifestyle your dog has,lapdog,senior dog,socialized or not and they will place them in best situation. My dogs play rough and love getting dirty and playing in mud especially the big guy.

Tim Taylor

7 years ago

Two stars rather than one based on previous experience with the kennel. However, following our last visit, we'll be looking for another boarding option. First, we've dealt with this kennel for years and have had no problems, so, when planning a 2 week trip to Ireland, we had no qualms about contacting them and reserving space for our two dogs. We'd seen the references to their "penthouse" option and with the heat, we were intrigued with the idea of an air-conditioned room, etc., but when we were shown the "penthouse", realized it was a room full of cages, pretty much like any conventional kennel. This was certainly not worth paying MORE for, so we opted for the usual farm experience. On our second day in Ireland, we received a message from my son. The kennel had contacted him saying that they'd lost one of the dogs. They claimed he'd climbed a fence and escaped. This is a small, middle-aged dog... and, in my experience, dogs are not great climbers. With the time difference, and our limited communication options in Ireland, we had a pretty tense several days worrying about our dog. They'd put up flyers offering a reward, and after several days, they had him back. Because of their inability to keep track of him, they'd moved both dogs to the "penthouse". On picking up the dogs, we were treated to a lot of excuses... we didn't tell them he was "prone to running away"... he must be more athletic than we realize, etc. We were also billed not only for the "upgrade" to the "penthouse", but for the $100 reward paid to the person who found the dog that they'd lost. Unbelievable!! Bottom line: My basic expectation of a business that boards dogs is to keep them safe, keep them fed, and, most of all, KEEP THEM

Amber Wehrle

9 years ago

I am deeply disappointed with our pups visit to Fantana. This was their third trip to the farm, the first two times they came home acting a bit strange, but we decided that was probably just nerves, I'm not so sure now. We picked our dogs up at the earliest pick up time. The dogs immediately went and took a long pee when they were out of the gate as if they hadn't been let out yet that morning. In addition, my husband asked if the dogs were bathed, the woman responded yes, but it doesn't look like it did any good. Our dogs were covered in red clay, I'm certain they were not bathed at all. Furthermore, one of our dogs began having diarrhea on the car ride home, the drive home is literally ten minutes, had my dogs really not been let out that morning? I wanted to know, so I called. The woman then proceeded to tell me that my dog had an upset stomach and diarrhea for two days and was given pepto with his dinner and breakfast. Why on earth were we not told that at pick up or at least called to let us know he was sick? My dog is now spending the day being nursed back to health and severely dehydrated. This is completely unacceptable and we will not be returning to Fantana.

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