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Lorenzo Valentine

a year ago

Update: I had to lower my previous rating due to a great amount of negligence on this locations part. They had a power outage which is obviously not their fault or under their control which I understand. This caused them to close for the day. They decided to NOT inform any clients!!! I have two wellness plans and been with banfield for years. I am aware that any banfield has access to my phone number and email to get in contact with me. I drove 30 minutes in traffic to get my new puppy his very important puppy boosters along with rabies, and heartworm medication. I also had booked a grooming and boarding for my dogs which I had to cancel since my puppy did not have his rabies shot since he was too young to get them beforehand. I am HIGHLY disappointed in the negligence and to be frank stupidity that lead any supervisor or manager in the store to not communicate with clients about closing for the day. All it would take would be a call or email so I would not have driven in traffic and could have found other means to make sure my puppy can receive his much needed vaccinations. They called me TWO days later to reschedule.

גלין גונס

a year ago

Have great advice, very helpfull

Kelly Elly

a year ago

Good service they took good care of of my baby


a year ago

The entire staff was very sweet and accommodating to me and my pet, Cayman. If I weren't moving out of the area, I would make Dr. Edwards and Chamblee Banfield, Cayman's regular Vet.

Elizabeth Greco

a year ago

So efficient and the people are really nice!

Becky rcc

a year ago

Surgery, biopsy said they would call with results didn't get a call. Their follow up skills are very lacking.

Jennifer Schumann

a year ago

Love the vets here, but be careful with Wellness plan. I'm on the hook for hundreds of dollars after putting my dog down. That's disappointing and heartbreaking to pay for a dog who is no longer with me.

Kina C

a year ago

We visited the Chamblee location. The staff was very nice, polite and informative. They treated me and my dog with respect and kindness. I am thankful that they cut his nails and gave him his shots with care. The doctor answered all my questions and concerns and gave me good advice.

Marilyn Miller

a year ago

Very caring personnel. Would recommend to anyone

Pratik Patel

2 years ago

Really good experience here compared to Perimeter office. Very clean, always easy to talk to vet and vet tech. Quick in and out instead of having puppy sit in kennel for two hours.

Sarah Bauer

2 years ago

Always get an appointment fairly fast and receptionists are so friendly and helpful. Especially the male receptionist, he went above and beyond to assist me with using CareCredit. They do drop off only right now but appointments take about an hour so it's not inconvenient.

Alicia J. Mitchell

2 years ago

Dr Gibbs was knowledgeable helpful and genuinely pleasant. Aaron made the check-in process seamless and fast. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of courtesy and professionalism. This is not the closest Banfield to my home. The high quality experience definitely made the drive worth it!


2 years ago

I scheduled an appointment on my Banfield Pet Hospital Application. I get a phone call 5 minutes later from Banfield stating that they will not be able to see my pet because they where in the process of schedule an appointment for another dog and simultaneously I booked my appointment. Is that my fault , should I not be accommodated. I am planning to cancel this Banfield plan because I am tired of the inconsistency . I rather pay out of pocket and get better consistent service , than to deal with unprofessional , inconsistent services.

Tenzie Meadows

2 years ago

They were professional and efficient.

patti crenshaw

2 years ago

I spoke to the front desk person about euthanizing my dog and I got some bad information. Naturally it was a difficult conversation for me and not only was she rather cold about it, she told me that I wouldn't be able to be with my dog during the procedure re: covid. Fortunately, this turned out to be untrue and the vet was wonderful to us when we brought in my dog. She also quoted wrong fees.

Monica Botero Motta

2 years ago

The best option to take care of your puppy. Great service. The doctor Duncan is awesome and love dogs.

meg needle

2 years ago

Convenient hours, convenient location and they are good with my pit mix dog. I like the monthly payment plan.

Maria Schneider

2 years ago

Very empathetic and caring for animals. Veterinarians are most professional and medically knowledgeable. Highly highly recommend this group. Veterinarians call by phone and discuss the medical prognoses and the recommendations offered. If x-rays or other test procedures are done, you are contacted for your consent. The results are given by phone or in person NEVER BY EMAIL (like one vet practice on Peachtree Industrial did the only time I went there). The medical wellness plan offered by Banfield Hospital is better than the "human" plans passed by elected US officials. This pet wellness plan is very affordable, including numerous vet appointments, dental and rabies (and other essential shots) and two comprehensive wellness visits per year.

Lisa Cassagnol

2 years ago

I don't feel they really listen to your concerns about you pets health and usually brush you off and come up with some easy explanation for the concern when something could be really wrong with your beloved pet. I brought my dog in for a check-up & brought him home with being told it was his allergies bothering his skin, the usual diagnosis. A few hours later he had 2 cesizures and had to be rushed to ER in critical condition. 3 days later he died. He had regular check ups at Banfield, was on their health plan and had no health issues, according to them ????

Alexis Barnes

2 years ago

Friendly, helpful, and patient. This location should be the standard for all Banfield facilities. Love these people!


2 years ago

Fast and friendly, all the staff has been knowledgeable and courteous.

Barbara Wood

2 years ago

Perfect. Dr. Edwards the BEST

Chris Smith

2 years ago

When I lived in another city I had my pets with Banfield and it seemed to work out okay. Now that I moved to Atlanta I was thinking about giving them a try and I had a 5:30 p.m. appointment today and I'm very glad I experienced the bad service before I even checked in. You have to call them before entering so they can let you into the lobby. I did this. No one came out to get me after I saw 2 customers leave. After 15 minutes of waiting outside, I go in there and then another lady comes in after me and without even asking who is next to be served, they went ahead and checked in the other person ahead of me. That is all I needed to see to know this is not the place I should be bringing my pets. I'm glad I found this out before having them look at my pet. It tells you that they are unprofessional and they don't care. Sometimes in life you get a sign whether to do business with someone or not and that rude, unprofessional display told me to go somewhere else. Plus after reading the other bad reviews here, this experience reinforced my decision to leave.

darryl clark

2 years ago

I need a more personal connection to my pups doctor

Lamesha Palmer (Quinn)

2 years ago

Love everything about this location!!

jack Doss

2 years ago

I took my cat to another vet because his weight was going down ,they found that he has diabetes. The check up at Banfield did not find anything wrong. This could have caused my cat to die.

EmJai Taylor

2 years ago

Great staff here, and very caring towards all animals, I would definitely recommend this place if you are in the area. This place keeps the cost down low, and has an assortment of amenities for your furbabay throughout the year. I found them useful as an over the road truck driver, and have never looked back...if it weren't for good reasonable programs like this, I wouldn't be able to keep my dog at first because I could not first afford the medical cost some places charge like VCA...

Erik Thackston

2 years ago

The staff is caring and i believe that my dog is well looked after.

Gregory Michorczyk

2 years ago

Everything was fine with our visit until the end. We had a question regarding our adult dog and how much food he should be consuming. He is about 2lbs over his ideal weight and the doctor/tech recommended getting him more exercise and eliminating any additional human food from his diet. They offered to run a test in back to determine exactly how much food he should be eating and we agreed. The result given to us was that he should be eating almost four times as much dog food daily as we had been giving him for years now. We expressed how that didn't make any sense and asked for further clarification, to which they seemed just as confused as we were and ultimately we left with a lot of uncertainties. It's important to us that a vet provide direction and guidance on our pup's health and well-being and our first time at this particular Banfield did not provide that.

Anthony Corliss

3 years ago

Always great and quick service

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