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Erikah Thompson

a year ago

Couldn't get my 5 week old puppies in who may have parvo because they are full. For an emergency clinic that is pathetic and absolutel BS. This place is a joke I have an emergency and they won't help. Bottom line this place sucks and clearly doesn't care about emergencies or animals.

Caitlyn Bohannon

a year ago

My dog Sadie dislocated her hip in August 2021 around 10pm one evening, so we had to make a gut decision on where to take her for care. AEC of Braselton was absolutely fantastic. They communicated everything to us up front, gave us our best options and a disc of her x-rays so we could easily transfer all info to her regular vet. They also kept her overnight so we could go home and rest but also called when necessary to give us updates. They were able to put her hip back into place without surgery. This procedure is only successful about half the time. We watched her closely and made her take it easy for several months before she was back to 100%. Thanks to AEC of Braselton and her regular vet (Traditions Animal Hospital), she is back to her normal self.

Love Less

a year ago

Unfortunately I had to visit 2x in 1 week with 2 different dogs but they were kind and helpful. The line the 1st time was 4hrs long. The second time less than an hour. The 1st time there was a male tall Dr, red hair I believe. That day they were very helpful, kind and understanding. The second time they also did a great job but the staff whom were different than the 1st time were rude, u can tell the man (shorter, skinny young man with colorful mask) didn't want to be there so he was clearly annoyed at anything breathing... anywho. Still took care of my dogs needs and price was reasonable.

Cody Davis

a year ago

The staff and Vet were very attentive. Our dog was not cooperative with the exam and they did everything they could to accommodate him.

Always Wise Pest Solutions

a year ago

I got there at 510am and they have a 1-3hr wait to see my dog who can barely walk and is having trouble breathing. He suggested I might want to wait until normal vet opens. I understand you have hospital patients who are already there but with no one in waiting room/parking lot around probably want to check on someone's dog who they got up in middle of night to take. Very disappointed and different experience then we have had in past.

Lauren Braun

a year ago

Last night was a busy night for the animal ER. We drove 45 min there. We were some of the first few to arrive, and understandably one of the last few to leave. I had no problem waiting there as many more very urgent cases walked through the door. *The staff was super friendly, helpful, and doing the best they could do!* We were lucky to have a treatable condition. I happily left MANY hours later with my four-legged family member after she went under anesthesia. She ended up getting 2 layers of stitches, an antibiotic, and an anti-inflammatory injection, as well as oral meds to take home. Directions are clearly written on discharge paper to refer to at a later time if needed. They even trimmed her nails while they had her! :) After hour emergency clincs can cost a pretty penny, but we are thankful for those who choose to work overnights to take care of these serious and unexpected situations.

Christy Murphy

a year ago

We had to have our sweet girl put down this morning. Dr Moon and all of the staff were so compassionate, thorough, attentive and understanding. I would highly recommend this hospital for anyone needed immediate attention for their pet. They made our dog's last moments as easy on her as possible.

Anna Carducci

a year ago

During our time of need, the Animal Emergency Care of Braselton was one-of-a-kind. These individuals were so caring and sensitive when we had to put our dog down. Even though the process was painful and hard, the staff made it quick. I would recommend this place for sure. Top notch.


a year ago

Do not go here. I agree with other reviews that the intake process was a nightmare and staff was rude. I had called ahead of time and was told that there is curbside service only. However, there is no designated area for curbside. When we arrived I called to see what their process was but kept being switched over to hold - the receptionist would pick up, not say anything and immediately place me on hold. Unknowing what to do or where they wanted me to go, I went and knocked on the door. I’m assuming it was the vet who came out bc she had a stethoscope around her neck. Anyways, whoever it was was rude and clearly bothered that I was knocking on the door. She told me several others were in front of me and go go park the car and they would call to check me in. No one ever called. And receptionist wouldn’t ever answer calls upon arrival. We have a tiny chihuahua puppy that had suffered a bad fall and as a result started declining quickly. After waiting over 45 minutes and no response from this place, I called around and came across an emergency vet in Duluth that could see us quickly. The experience was night and day. Friendly, helpful & competent staff that worked hard to get us in quickly. They explained their process and what to expect up front so you weren’t left wondering. Throughout the night I never did receive the call to check me in from this place. They couldn’t have known we left since no one is monitoring the patients. They already had my paperwork, and knew we arrived, yet never called to check us in. If your pet is in a critical state, I would go somewhere else.

Janet McDonald

a year ago

Apparently doesn’t want business as all they did was give excuses for my dog’s possible condition. Now I have to wait until the vets is ope.

Ed Richert

a year ago

They treated an open fracture in a 4 month old puppy. Gave him pain meds an antibiotic. Splinted his his leg and charged me 855 bucks..... it costed me 500 for the amputation. I won't ever go there again. Also they did xr him. Though the positioning was was off.

Scott Ana

a year ago

USE at own risk and have a huge wallet full of cash.

Rebecca C.

a year ago

I loved Dr. Wilkes and the staff I met. I went in with my dog (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) in July after a freak accident. I was told about what happened too late and unfortunately he was in bad shape and there wasn't anything that really could be done, but to have him put to sleep. I appreciate the way Dr. Wilkes explained everything and showed me personally what was going on in the x-rays, instead of just telling me. He was acting off but looked okay on the outside, but there were major internal issues. One of the things I appreciate most is her calm and caring demeanor. Even though the accident didn't happen under my watch, I still felt incredibly guilty over it, but she never was judgmental or made me feel bad about the situation. The staff is super friendly. Amanda at the front desk was super sweet, and pet him which he loved. I forgot the Technician's name but he was sweet and gentle when handling Bailey. It was a horrible circumstance but being there and having him being taken care of by the right people, made the process go smoother. To my surprise they asked me to wait out in my car for the mold of his paw and I recently got a handwritten card in the mail. I appreciate them so much for taking great care of my fur buddy

Brittany Berry

a year ago

Dr.Ownes and the vet techs were very thorough checking over my injured senior pomeranian. They got him back very quickly and had me leave him with them to monitor over night. The receptionist shelley was so thoughtful and kind since I was a mess over the situation. I highly recommend this place.

ashley miller

a year ago

Excellent experience! They are very professional and kind. Brought my lab in for a severe laceration and they treated him quickly, gave detailed post-op instructions and very fairly priced! We are Thankful for such a wonderful Emergency Vet experience in-spite of a stressful situation!

Alana Wilson

a year ago

Our 4 month old puppy had a high fever last night. I called and we were able to be seen quickly. They gave her a few shots to help reduce the fever and sent us home with an antibiotic. I can already see an improvement in her behavior this morning, so it must be helping. The staff was helpful in a time we didn’t know what was wrong with our puppy!

Katie Miller

a year ago

Very professional and efficient. All staff I dealt with was excellent.

brooklan reese

a year ago

i called this vet at 5am with a very “stupid” question about my dogs wiener. the guy that answered the phone was incredibly nice, funny and understanding. he told me to stop googling things and that my dog was fine. don’t remember his name but he gets a 100/10 and he made my entire day.

Anna Edwards

a year ago

Dear Staff, I was in for kennel cough with my female lab puppy. I talk to the Dr. briefly. The Tech was great. I have given my puppy the cough medicine and she has not stopped. It is a honking, goose like sound. I don’t believe she was diagnosed right, and will be getting a second thought tomorrow morning from my vet. If my vet says it is kennel cough with doing tests than I am going to dispute our charge. I believe we got off on the wrong foot, yet when I nicely asked the receptionist why the hours are the way they are she was rude to me also. If I must I will take the Dr. to court for malpractice. I will also make the ratings of 3.9 down to 1. Sincerely, Anna P.S. my husband has every right to know about what is going on even though he wasn’t there. He is just as much her parent as I am so I really do not appreciate it. Both pet parents should have the right not just the one who brings in the animal.

Project Hope

a year ago

Staff was very friendly and moved fast. Brought my English Bulldog bc of an ear infection. TY for such great care

Sandy Wilson

a year ago

They treated us like we were an imposition

Dan The Man

a year ago

Absolutely terrible service. One of the ladies that told us to wait outside in our vehicles with a puppy struggling to breathe due to a massive abscess on its neck, waited hours until finally we had to go back up and give them the puppy. If they waited any longer, most likely it would’ve suffocated and died. Do not go here, I don’t know who manages the customers who come in and park them, but she was downright disgustingly rude.

Maurice Ducharme

2 years ago

They so worried about mask and instead of putting a muzzle on a defenseless dog they have a problem and the price they charge is outrageous. It needs to be shut down, other places treat pets better !!!!!! The tect didn't even try to talk to our dog all was said fill out paperwork and put muzzle on her amd tect acyed like she was going to get infected from our dog when she picked her up!!

Tamra Oliver

2 years ago

My 15 yr old best furiend had a seizure about 2:30ish a.m. my husband called braselton emergency vet & was advised to bring her in. Thank goodness we did. She had a temp of 107.5, dehydrated, and still convulsing. Now I am very grateful that they gave her an some medication that helped her seizing and some fluids for dehydration and pretty meds that sedated her. This is the part that has really made me mad and I understand this is their profession and know more about what’s going on than I do. But I know my little Maltese and I know she is a major fighter! So when I was being told to maybe “consider” other alternatives or options for her, my blood started to boil a bit. After we got her home and sedation was wearing off I could tell she was trying to be herself but was a bit confused. Now the vet did warn me that bc she’s an older dog and her temp was so high and it was so long of her seizure was that I should expect brain damage. So after giving this vet every last penny I had to my husband and mines name, I took my Daisy home. I made her comfortable and she slept right by my bedside, not in the bed bc I DID NOT want her to fall out of our bed and further injure herself. 2 days after letting her rest, giving her pedialyte and being by her side I had to run a quick errand, and was Maybe gone 15 min & was quick about it bc she was there by herself. When I returned she wasn’t in her bed where I’d left her. I frantically look for her & I find her standing up wagging her tail ready to go outside looking like herself again! This dog is truly amazing. I could not believe my eyes. All I could do was cry and get so angry at the vet I took her to bc she was basically telling me to euthanize my best friend! I’m not one for euthanasia but on the other hand I didn’t want her suffering either. What made me so mad is how quick she was to suggest “other options” which I took as end her suffering. That’s why I’m giving this vet a 1 star review. You can’t listen to everything a vet says or even a dr. They can definitely be wrong also and make mistakes. But to jump the gun so quick. As soon as my finances do recover from taking her to braselton emergency vet, I will be getting a 2nd opinion and I’ve already found a really great vet that came highly recommended here in Winder. Please do your homework even with vets. Bc you dog is worth it! 4/13/2021 UPDATE: I still feel this way about them telling to put her down. But had I did when they told me, she wouldn’t have had 3 more seizure free months and her having a happy life of running around chasing her little balls & chew toys. Unfortunately she did have another major seizure in which I took her the UGA vet school. They did inform me there was a mass on her brain pushing on it causing the seizures more than likely, also her liver was severely damaged. I waited a few weeks & prayed & cried but this times she was losing the fight but she gave it all she got. So I did have to make that choice no one wants to make for their best friend. But going back to the braselton ER vet, I’m thankful they treated her back months ago. My issue was them advising me to put her to sleep then. Again, had I listened to them she wouldn’t have had some really awesome last months. That’s the issue I had with them. Every vet since then, not once did they ever bring up putting her to sleep as an option unless I brought it up. PS thank you to UGA vet school, Four paws, & Winder Animal Hospital.

Grace Kim

2 years ago

This place saved my dog by operating an emergency surgery. Dr. Here is very skillful and trust worthy. Staffs are kind. Best ER around this area.

Ken Hughey

2 years ago

Our 16 y/o border collie had an accident and had to be put down. The staff was so kind and gentle during this tragic time. Can't say enough good things about them. They left us with some good memories on this tragic night. God Bless them all.

Katie Patrykus

2 years ago

My German Shepherd collapsed out of nowhere in our backyard and even though they don't open until 6PM, they answered my frantic phone call at 5:50PM and was at their door by 6:05PM. Unfortunately the diagnosis was not good, but Dr Owens gave us clear and concise information and she even shared her own personal experience with the same diagnosis with her dogs which helped us make the horrible decision to put him down. We are incredibly grateful to the vet and staff for treating us with grace during that very traumatic time.

Matthew Phaturos

2 years ago

We have had 2 experiences in 2 weeks. Each happening on a Sunday. Dr. Amy and staff are top notch. If you have any type of after hour emergency this is the placed to go.

Natalia Hulsey

2 years ago

Sunday, Sept. 20,2020 I called to let them know we were 10 minutes out with my dog who had fallen over & gone stiff, the receptionist told me they "already" had an emergency & were very busy, that we would have to wait 3 hours to be seen so we should take him to some other emergency vet in GAINESVILLE. My dog died, we had to euthanize him because he had internal bleeding from a cyst/tumor bursting, the whole time i had him in my arms & I could feel him slipping away and they did not care when I explained that to them while crying my eyes out trying to understand how some one could be sooo heartless & insensitive. It took us an extra 25 minutes to go to North Georgia Veterinary Specialists who rushed to get my pup from my arms as soon as we got to the parking lot, I had called them & they cared enough to let me know they would be right there & they were. There were a few other cars in the parking lot but they did not turn us away.

Nicole Powers

2 years ago

Our girl got into a fishing pole rod and had three hooks in her that need immediate removal. I found this Vet at 11 at night on google, they picked up the phone immediately, went over everything with me and I was told to bring her in ASAP. They took care of our puppy and we were there for less then an hour. I was pleasantly surprised when told how much everything including sedation would cost and very happy. Although the whole situation was horrible, we could not have asked for a better experience. They took perfect care of our Lumi girl and she is home sleeping now, with no more fish hooks! I would recommend this Vet ER to anyone.

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