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Trinity Prescott

2 years ago

We took our dog several times in hopes that the experience would get better. First off, the girl that answers the phone always sounds burdened by having to answer the phone. She needs to go work at Xhale City and sell vape juice, where her vibe will make more sense. It’s consistent enough to mention it in my review. Second, no matter how much maintenance and preparation we’ve done on our pup, the groomer shaves him down every time. He’s ignored our instructions 100% of the time. He’s totally ignored our reference pics. It’s like once we drop our dog off, anything that was said is abandoned & forgotten. Every single visit. I have politely expressed my concerns but was always told that it needed to be done. Which, over time, I have discovered to be false. My mom picked up grooming and actually has a knack for it & has been grooming our dog for the last couple months without any issues. Thirdly, they forget to clip his nails almost every visit. Ive wasted about 600 bucks at Pet Set trying to establish a relationship & routine/groove with them. I don’t like to drop accusations without evidence but my dog was always returns in a frightened & depressed state when we used Pet Set. I know my dog & its most definitely unusual behavior. My conclusion is that lots of people prob assume that, because of the location, The Pet Set is a high end business. It aint. It’s a cash grab & they overbook. They can shave a dog tho.

Lorraine Arambu

2 years ago

This was Mateo’s (10 month old golden doodle/labradoodle) first visit to Pet Set. And it was a great experience. They had him groomed within a couple of hours and he looked adorable. Will definitely be coming back for future haircuts and grooming. I did also want to note they were super flexible about rescheduling.

Kyle Van Klompenburg

2 years ago

I have long hated and not looked forward to clipping my dogs nails for multiple reasons: (1) she has anxiety and it is nearly impossible for me to do it by myself (2) when I have attempted to book an apt at other establishments the process has been unreliable at best. Over the years, this combo has meant I have massively put off nail trimmings, but after my first experience at The Pet Set - Midtown, I will be back for sure! I did walk-up service and the process was simple and pain free for all of us! Best of all, I was able to hold/ease my dog while they did the nail grinding, definitely helped make the experience the best possible for my stressed out pup.

Amelia Kendrick

2 years ago

People are very friendly and they really care. I introduced one of my friends to Pet Set the tech that took care of Max was named Jasmine I think. However,my friend took her name for future handling. Also if the tech name is wrong I'll say this without any disrespect she is apparently very tiny kid like???? but very loving and kind. And truely cares about the pets I've worked with pets on different levels and I know when the groomer are just pulling the wool over your eyes. And this was not the case and hard workers like her MUST be tip do to the trust and care that she offers. Respectfully Amelia/Buddy mom

Alexus Echols

2 years ago

This was my pup’s second visit and we love it here so far. During her first visit, her groomer Yaz told me exactly what occurred during the appointment and gave me tips on future grooming. I was also able to buy a toy from a unique selection. During her second visit, she was able to see Yaz again who let me express my concerns before the appointment. When I came to pick up Kash I got a peak of her in their cage wagging her tail and tapping her little paws. It’s important to me her experience is great as well. In summary; the staff has been friendly, the product selection exciting & unique, and the grooming service is excellent (you will definitely wanna cuddle your pup afterwards :). Thank you The Pet Set!

Bre Martin

2 years ago

Thank you Nicole for treating my fur baby with so much love! His trim was perfect and he smells so nice. The staff was definitely friendly and welcoming. See you all in 6 weeks.

Briona Brooks

2 years ago

This was Chloe's first visit to Pet Set and I am so pleased with her appointment. From start to finish, the team was professional, kept me posted on her progress, and the booking process was quick and easy. We will definitely be back!

Ninja Princess

2 years ago

They do a really good job with my baby and they’re quick and the shop is nicely decorated.


2 years ago

They did a great job. Thanks Corey you're awesome!????????

Zach Watson

3 years ago

Unfortunately, I just left the vet and spent $650 to treat my dog for a gastronomic bug he picked up from here on Tuesday. We had been here before 3 times and took him to get furminated on Tuesday. He then didn’t eat all day Wednesday or Thursday and began throwing up Thursday night, Friday and now Saturday morning. I called yesterday to ask if other dogs had been sick and let them know my dog has been ill since leaving. They said an owner would reach out to me but they haven’t. And no , we don’t take him to the dog park, he doesn’t eat random things and he’s in my line of sight all day. The only thing out of our usual routine was bringing him here and dropping him off for 3 hours. I thought they did an excellent job on him but I can’t bring him somewhere that made him sick. Not sure why I have to be the one to foot the bill for something contracted on their facilities but I guess it will come out of their pockets by not coming back to get groomed or buy my food here anymore. Such a shame, it’s right down the street. UPDATE*** Phillip White - by the time it took you to write your snarky response, you could have called, as I was told you would, to make sure everything was OK and learn more about the situation. I don't need to be educated by some pseudo know-it all who couldn't be bothered to maybe think "yeah, it's possible he picked up something from another dog while in our care". The review initially was for the lack of communication on your end (something that seems to be a pattern, judging by the other reviews). I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors after I drop my dog off, thank god he didn't come back bruised like some of the others. Groomers and pet stores are a dime a dozen. Next.

Julie Simon

3 years ago

We brought Bailey in and she was groomed by Nicole. We are so happy with the results and service we received today. We will be back and will request Nicole in the future.

Richard Nonzoque

3 years ago

I have been a costumer at The PetSet for over 10 years and had always had a great experience. I’m not entirely sure if there is new management or ownership but today’s experience was truly appalling. The new groomer Corey was very rude while I was dropping my dog off. He completely disregarded my instructions and the notes from the previous groomer. My dogs face was a little matted so I understood that the area might had to be a little shorter than the usual however Corey took it upon himself to completely shave my dog after I specifically asked him not to. Upon pick up, I was shocked to see me dog. To make matters worse the the manager didn’t take any ownership. He didn’t even attempt to mediate the situation and completely disregarded my concerns. I have never in over ten years of experience with this establishment been so upset, dissatisfied and disappointed. I truly hope that this was a one time mishap and not the new norm. Would not recommend to anyone if this is the new norm. The previous groomer have been amazing and I wish they hadn’t left. It is very unfortunate that this happened because I truly enjoyed this location up until today.

Cassie Filjones

3 years ago

I brought my girl in for her grooming appointment and after 4 hours of not hearing from them I called to see if everything was ok. They told me she was great and ready to be picked up. When I got there they brought her out to me and she had bruises all over her face! I demanded to know what happened. I was horrified. They told me she tried to escape from her crate and kept trying to get out and that their solution was to put her in a different crate. I have taken her here a few times before and this has never happened. And they never called me! If this was happening why was I not called immediately! I would have gotten her right away. They handed her to me as if nothing happened. I was in complete shock. I spoke with the manager who refunded me (least of my worries) and kept apologizing for them not reaching out to me. I then asked if they had cameras and have spoken to the groomer about what happened and to understand why I was not called. I just want to know why this happened. They had done neither of those things! I will NEVER bring her here again

Grady Harris

3 years ago

I have come to this location since the beginning of COVID as our previous pet store closed down. This store was amazing and it had nothing to do with the building. The manager was one of the most knowledgeable about almost everything and very helpful to find things for you. My pets groomer Darian made my pet feel the happiest all the time. I’ve called 3 times this past week to book with him and was told he was booked or unavailable. I went by there to find out from one of the guys that the whole staff left including the Awesome manager. I knew something was off well too bad i won’t be back, I liked those people!!!!

Mary Knost

3 years ago

We recently relocated and needed groomers for our 2 Wheaten terriers. Our dogs are senior dogs and need some special care. They took the time to meet the dogs and listen to us about their needs. We were very happy with their groom and in such a timely manner. We have found a home for our wonderful pups.

Joe Rigoli

3 years ago

Completely unreliable, indifferent and lacking any management.

C.M. Wile

3 years ago

The people are nice and helpful and the choices are pet healthy.

Jeanne Foster

3 years ago

Bad service and no communication while waiting for dog to be groomed. The cut was not good but did not want to go back either to fix. Will go elsewhere now.

Darren Dodd (SALTY DODD)

3 years ago

Buy 12 bags of food get a free one, plus they always have the most amazing toys, treats, including duck hearts, entire edible duck heads ..

Michael Cabe

3 years ago

Great staff, very attentive to my new pups needs. The pup loves her spa days!

William Carty

3 years ago

Everyone was nice and friendly. My dogs look beautiful. I will use them again.

Bill Trimble

3 years ago

Excellent service and quality of groom. A bit pricey but I drive my furry friend in from Buckhead just to go there.

Brett Carlson

3 years ago

Staff is always friendly and they do a great job grooming my cat!

Carissa Engelbert

3 years ago

We love this home town shop. Their food sources and brands are ethical and with awesome ingredients. Fromm is easy to find in all flavors and we love grabbing a few of their locally sourced treats!

Chester Drake (Chip)

3 years ago

Our first visit went very well! Scouty seemed to be having the time of her life and the staff were sweet and wonderful... We'll definitely be back!

Crystal Dobbins

3 years ago

I love this place! We moved out out of the neighborhood over a year ago but I still come and buy my dog food here. Ashley is incredible and always goes above and beyond to make sure my pups are taken care of. I really appreciate the great customer service.

Kyle Brown

3 years ago

The customer service here is unmatched. Corey does an amazing job grooming my golden. Living nearby the store, I see the employees all the time while walking my dog and they are always amazingly friendly even outside of the store. I’d highly recommend them to everyone.

Ricky Johnny

3 years ago

CAUTION!!! I made an appointment on the phone, took my dogs in, requested full service. My dogs returned not dry, nails not cut, and no trim or sanitary shave. I called then I spoke with a very rude “manager” that identified her self as Ashley. Ashley has low emotional intelligence, when I question why my dogs returned to me incomplete, Ashley raised her voice and replied that it was impossible. She stated that she provided some of service here self. This cussed confusion bc is she a licensed groomer? When I requested to make a new appointment she said I would have to pay to have a sanitary; in addition, she can not schedule an appointment for another seven days. I found Ashley to be very rude and verbally abusive. I have never had anyone ever address me in this manner, BEWARE!!!!!!!

Philip Gamon

3 years ago

Best pet store in Atlanta!! My dog gets grommed here and I love how they take care of him. They are helpful when you are looking for items.

Ron Racer (RonRacer)

3 years ago

Great staff. Very warm and friendly

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