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a year ago

Well priced and quality service for my kittens. We had vaccines and a spay done.

Jordan Ortega

a year ago

Had an appointment at 7:00pm for my cat to be seen. My girlfriend filled out the New Client form the day before and gave it to staff as soon as we got there. After waiting in the lobby for 20 minutes, my girlfriend asked if they needed any …


a year ago

My cat is better now. I am very grateful to Dr. S. She is very friendly & helps me a lot. And their price are also very reasonable. ^ - ^ They deserve to be believed and chosen.

Mike South

a year ago

My service dog got an ear infection, I called my vet and they said 3 weeks for an appointment there was NO WAY I was going to let Her suffer for 3 weeks, after calling half a dozen vets, this one said bringher in at 2 and we will work her in. The vet let me in with my dog, the old vet wouldnt she was super nice and made friends with Lola before examining her, she gave me some meds and made an appt in a week to make sure shes ok total bill wad under 100 dollars. Needless to day this is now Lolas vet. I REALLY appreciate that they unfderstood Lola would be much less fearful with me present and that they understood that it couldnt wait. This vet is the BEST.

Clavear Kelly

a year ago

So the website states, “Walkins are always welcome.” Taking that to be true, I bring my sick cat in to be seen. As I pull up, I notice that there’s no cars, so i start to think to myself, ‘Do I really want to bring my pet here?” I walk in, see that the place is empty other than the receptionist who immediately asks ‘Do you have an appointment?’ I tell her no, and that i’m coming as a walk in. She says it’s appointment only. I said, ‘Even for emergencies?’ She doesn’t answer and kinda pouts her lips. Then she states that it’s just her and the doctor(which at that moment, were doing NOTHING). So at this point, i don’t want to be there anymore. I came here after reading that ‘suicide and veterinarians’ article, on their website, thinking that they would be the real deal. It’s very hard to think that after the way me and my cat were treated.

Alan May

a year ago

This is a top notch vetinary hospital. The vet truly cares about the pet AND their owners. The staff is also super nice and client focused.

Brian Beck

a year ago

Dr. Shuykin is absolutely the best. If you are looking for a truly caring and also affordable vet....North Hills is the best! I drive 2 hours to see them because they are so nice/skilled/empathetic, and they know what they are doing.

Gary Orlin

a year ago

A great place and great care for your fur babies

carissa bird

a year ago

Wonderful friendly service. Got my doggy in same day. Highly recommend

Lina Teitelbaum

a year ago

Wish I could give them 5 more stars. This vets office is amazing. They are operating with short staff and yet they were still so amazing. The vet is phenomenal she was so great with our cat. The prices are extremely reasonable. Will recommend to anyone!

Phoebe Buckley

a year ago

I was initially excited and encouraged to find the clinic, as the Vet and staff appeared to be knowledgeable, caring, and sensitive to our needs and loving devotion to our beloved Chief! And offered reasonable fees, and personable services. There were issues that concerned me, but they were overlooked due to the care provided. However, I was very disappointed after informing the clinic of the death (November, 2020) of Chief, and to this date have not received acknowledgement, condolences, or thank- you for trusting us to care for Chief. Needless to say, I was crushed and hurt by this unprofessional and uncaring behavior. Therefore, I will seek vet care from another provider.

Summer D

a year ago

I'm so happy to have found an honest veterinarian that doesn't charge an arm and a leg.

Azalea Paredes

a year ago

RESPONSE: I chose not to write a written review due to how upset I was, but since you decided to comment with a out of date fact. I shall write one. Yes, I was satisfied with my appointment months ago. However, I had a scheduled appointment Tuesday night for 7pm. When I arrived the lobby was extremely packed with several people and dogs. Due to me not knowing how sick my dog was I decided to wait outside out of respect for the other clients and their dogs well being. Which I called and notified the front desk. Let's not mind you I had to call 2x before anyone answered. They were aware I was waiting outside. I arrived outside at 6:50pm. I had watch the clock go by. After 7:30pm. I tried to call again where the phone was picked up and I was hung up on. After waiting outside till 7:50pm in the GA heat with a sick husky I decided to call once again (no answer). After I decided to take my sick dog and leave. I had called again was put on hold for 10mins. Just to be told a sad excuse of the phone was not working which is why they couldn't get me in. I scheduled the appointment in advance for 7pm. I WAS STANDING OUTSIDE IN FRONT OF A GIANT WINDOW. Instead of taking time to comment petty remarks on a review maybe use that time to get your clients in at the appointment time you set up.

brent riley

a year ago

One of the best! They have helped me through several situations with my animals

Lynn Taylor Olekas

a year ago

I booked an appointment they offered online and when I arrived, they said in time, they said they were at lunch and I would have to wait 40 minutes. This is the final chance I will give this practice.

Photo Pic

a year ago

A family friend recommended this place when my cats got sick and were sneezing and had breathing problems. I was pleased with this visit as they got treated, were given medications and two of my cats received their yearly vaccines. The price was fair and the staff was friendly and accommodating. I did notice though that the exam table was dusty and the doctor did not was their hands before examining them. The issue was weeks later when my kitty had a terrible accident and fractured her tail and I brought her in and the doctor said she had to have her tail amputated but assured that she was going to be ok. Long story short her post-op got complicated as her tail became infected two weeks after her surgery. I didn't realize it at the time only after it got infected, that they did not prescribe her with any antibiotics only pain meds. I had to take her to the emergency as she was in a lot of pain and they told me she had to have her tail further amputated and have her skin removed since it was badly infected and was prescribed with more pain meds. Went to North Hills the following day and the doctor said she did not have to have her tail amputated and she wanted her skin to fall on its own and to apply honey to the infection but that she was going to preform another surgery to cover her exposed tissue. I also noticed that the doctor did not wash her hands before or after examining her infected tail and that the exam table was dirty. I was not given any pain meds, she said it was not necessary. I was taken aback because she was already in pain even with the meds I got from the emergency and she wanted to wait a week for her surgery..... I was concerned so the next day I got a second opinion and they agreed with the emergency vet, that she did have to have her tail amputated. They scheduled her surgery the next day, amputation and skin removal. She is still recovering, she has had three surgeries in the span of 3 months, been sedated several times and been on a long course of antibiotics and pain meds. Not to mention the thousands of dollars I have spent after her initial surgery at North Hills. I was not planning on writing this review but was very very disappointed with the service and treatment. The doctor did not even call back when I called twice even after I left a message or reach out if I was going to bring her in for the second surgery. I am so glad I did not wait and took her to see another doctor and not let it get worse. I feel so terrible that my kitty has gone through so much pain. I recommend you look elsewhere that is professional, responsive, and sanitary for your furry friend.

stephen duncan

a year ago

We have been going for years. Wonderful care

Aimee Paulk Tierney

2 years ago

I've been here twice now with two cats. Excellent vet and support staff and refreshingly affordable!

Chris Bowen

2 years ago

This Vet is great...Very caring..Very economical and because of that, they are very busy and overbook, at times...Been very happy with them over the last 3 years


2 years ago

The absolute best very gentle and loving to our pit bull puppy he goes every week he is 6 weeks now he got his first shots they were very patient

Isabela Rincon

2 years ago

Made an appointment online at 7:00pm only to show up at 6:40pm and be told that the veterinarian left for the day.. when they apparently close at 8pm. It makes no sense for this clinic to have a system online to make appointments and not even bother to notify that they won't be able to see my pet. My dog had a lump in his throat and was struggling to breathe, I explained and they didn't care. Obviously nothing could be done since the veterinarian left early and just left the clinic running. If they had at least bothered to let me know I couldn't be seen, I would have had time to look elsewhere to take my dog. Currently brought him to the ER and they almost turned me down because it is a non-emergency that should have been taken care of by primary care vet. I don't plan on coming back here after this. Response: It clearly says BOOK ONLINE right when you look up the clinic. I did so and received a confirmation number. If your online booking system has flaws then your office needs to take that option down and correct this in order to avoid turning pets away that need to be seen. Just as a confirmation is apparently needed, your office should be able to notify us that we cannot be seen for whatever reason. On top of that you claim I insisted to come in... if I had an appointment set, why am I being told that the vet has left for the day? You can't say much since you weren't even there and you clearly wouldn't have known that I was in fact sitting in my car in the parking lot letting your staff know I was there early for my appointment at 7pm following COVID precautions. Your staff did mention other ER clinics AFTER I had asked where could I go or what could I do since I had no other option but to leave. If I had not asked the receptionist for some type of advice she wouldn't have recommended anything. I think north hills animal hospital is very deserving of this review, especially after reading your response.

Jed Ricker

2 years ago

Great service, by truly knowledgeable and caring staff! VERY affordable too. I would know - I've spent a lot more on much worse service before North Hills hospital...

Jody Nordwall

2 years ago

By far the best service and affordable. They got my furbaby feeling better. I will only use them from now on.

Jeff Daniel Lee

2 years ago

Exceptionally friendly. Good and caring with my dog.

Laila Nurani Kutan

2 years ago

Do NOT go to this vet if you care for your little one. I hardly write a review but had to for this place. We took our new puppy here, the first visit is usually filled with education (food, micro chip, medications to give to your puppy at what age and the vaccinations) the vet did not stay with us more than 5 minutes. We googled and asked our friends for help. The second visit the guy vet came in to see our puppy, he called my puppy a she without looking at his records and says it’s time for his first round of shots when it was actually his third round. Last but not least, they do not describe their payment plan well for their wellness. We switched over to a new vet who sat down with us for 30 minutes and explained the behaviors to expect, the food, booster vaccine along with so much other information that is helpful for your little one. North hills animal hospital never had the time to do that for our guy, so I highly recommend not wasting your time nor money at this place.

Ralph Stowell

2 years ago

The best bunch ???? of people ❤ # animal lovers ❤

Vanessa Dulaney

2 years ago

I absolutely love Dr. Yanneth and have been taking my dogs and cats to her for many years. Each rescue has presented its own unique challenges, and in the most confusing situations, I have looked to her for guidance. My cat Mingus, God rest his soul, tried to swallow a sewing needle that was lodged in his throat. She took great care of us. My black lab, Leslie, has had the world's most complicated allergies her whole life and at 10 years old, she's never looked better thanks to suggestions from Dr. Juan to add thyroid medication. Leslie's little brother Milo needs a muzzle just to enter the building, but he's never turned away. Even with his weird butt problems. We love you guys! Keep doing what you do.

William Brown

2 years ago

Appointment at 11:30am for my dog. Sat in the waiting room for 30 minutes before being seen by tech and then sat in another room for an hour. No one came in. Walked out......I guess you get what you pay for .

Tiffany Little

2 years ago

Very respectful and caring when we had to put our dog down. Will go back for other services.

Yonatan Rosas

2 years ago

This animal hospital is a amazing place for you pets. They truly care about you pets and treat them with compassion. You won’t regret this place.

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