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JayFn Harris

a year ago

Well got to an appointment a tad bit late, it's Atlanta and there's traffic but 20 min late I guess is too far past the grace period, 17 to be technical so I guess they have a 15 min grace period but charged my card $30 for missing the appointment. Won't be getting my business again, definitely prefer more understanding groomers and then once again...2 min past it and charged immediately. Crazy thing is they're still sending me forms to complete for his grooming via email and text but ok

Denise C

a year ago

The grooming is separated from the customer service. The grooming was great for Thanos. I originally scheduled for both of my Yorkies, Hulk and Thanos, to be groomed. I was unable to upload their vaccine records so I was told I could email them. I did. Then, the owner calls and states the forms still need to be completed. I did. The morning of the appointment, the owner calls and states that she would have to cancel 1 of the appointments because she remembered that Hulk tried to bite her twice at a previous appointment a couple of years ago. We were not told that he tried to bite anyone. We were told that they were unable to groom him because he kept laying on his back. He does that all the time. My daughter told me that they brought him to the lobby and showed how he kept laying on his back when they attempted to groom him. She did not witness him trying to bite anyone. The owner stated that she remembered Hulk and he attempted to bite her twice. She stated that she attempted to groom him in the lobby and he attempted to bite her again. My daughter did not witness this. I didn’t dispute with her about that. Anyway, the morning of the appointment, the owner said she banned him from the salon because he tried to bite her twice. We were not told this because why would I try to bring my dog to a salon where he was banned.? Anyway, she did waive the fees for Hulk. Thanos was groomed and it was cute. We gave them creative control. So, no complaints there. There is a miscommunication between the staff. I did tell them to call my daughter for questions as I was headed to do Covid testing. They kept texting me with questions which I answered. My daughter went to pick Thanos up at the time we were told despite my daughter trying to ask exactly what time he would be ready. The tech just said “a couple of hours.” It was 3:00. My daughter asked, “At 5 o’clock?” Again she was told “a couple of hours.” When my daughter returned at 5pm, she was told the groomer was behind and needed another hour. 20 minutes later they text ME and say he is ready. My daughter turns around to pick him up. We like the groom but won’t be back. I think Hulk would probably do well with the CBD gummies that they now offer. They didn’t offer this a couple of years ago when they were unable to complete his grooming. There was just a lot of miscommunication but the grooming, we loved. We won’t be back because Hulk is banned. Be patient and flexible with the type of groom you would like and the communication. Let’s see how she responds to this review.

Cordiaral Garner

a year ago

My baby boy look like a king when I picked him up

Amber G

a year ago

Andrea, you were unkind when you called me the day before my dog’s groom to tell me that I did not fill out the required form. The link was broken, and I did try to make the business aware of that. I also emailed the requested vaccination because I couldn’t get the link to the form to work. Please be kind to clients that patronize your business. Despite the attitude you had on the phone, I was pleasant and forgiving. You then sent me an apology text after our conversation. The next day, during my dogs groom I was warned that the groomer was behind and the groom would take 3 hours. I was not updated at the 3 hour mark. When I complained that I was not notified, and that it was almost 4 hours since dropping off my pet - you expected me to be understanding and gracious which is ironic because you did not afford me these things the day prior. As clients, we get penalized for being late or not doing the requested tasks but when the service is not rendered in a timely manner you expect us to be gracious - not cool. My service should have been discounted or I should have been given a credit or my dog a bandana or something. I won’t be returning because of the unkindness of the owner and lack of communication. I am saddened by this because we have been regular customers and the groomers do such a great job with my dog.

David Dopson

a year ago

Very professional staff will use them from here on out

Tamara Leach

a year ago

Rules/fees change whenever they want them to. Poor customer service and come off rude to paying customers when asked questions. This is not the first issue we’ve had, but it will definitely be the last!

Jenna Ahrens

a year ago

Jazzy Paws is the best in Atlanta! Ive been taking my bernedoodle there for the past year and have always had a positive experience. Andrea and the team always get it right and my pup comes back looking amazing and in happy spirits. Here are some pics of his latest groom.

Ashley M

a year ago

I was pleased with my pups haircut, but since I was referred to this business last year by a friend..there have been so many inconsistencies. I went with the intentions of having the owner, Andrea, cut my dog's hair...but she was not taking any new clients. The pricing has changed 3 times for me in the past year. I don't really agree with the extra fees ( i.e. an additional fee if your dog is cut 1/2 inches by hand scissors and another fee if your dog is a Poodle/Doodle mix????????‍♀️). I was happy with his latest cut, but If I have to continue to go through the hassle of price changes and Andrea not cutting his hair ( since that's who I was referred to) I may have to choose a place a little more convenient for me.

Brittany Lett

a year ago

Indie has been coming to Jazzy Pawz since February 2020 and I can say every experience has been perfect. Andrea and her staff are the best. They always communicate with you ahead of time and pretty much let you know what’s happening and how it’s happening. They are simply the best and I couldn’t imagine taking Indie anywhere else. Here pictured are her most recent grooms.

Furry Tails

a year ago

Quick and professional! Love the cage free environment and how my baby always smells yummy!

Kate Kowalyshen

a year ago

Dejane did a great job with our mini schnauzer! Her cut was exactly what we wanted, we will definitely be back!

Laura Leap

a year ago

Awful experience. Repeat customer here and they chose to lose years of business over $22. I won't return due to the lack of compassion and understanding. Lady was VERY rude on the phone to me.

Phyllis Avila

a year ago

Got in and out.. Loved it

The Spicey 1

a year ago

My puppies wore a full top not/pony tail and I wanted it to get longer before taking her for a groom so that I could get as close to my desired style as possible. I provided pictures of the look that I wanted and when i picked her up while she did look very pretty she did not have a ponytail she received and big chop. I was advised that her top hair was not cut and that it needed to grow. When I sent them pictures they realized that it was cut. I was advised that the owner would take us in to correct the botchy cut on my puppies body although she cant do anything about the pony tail and a refund was not an option which i understand. I took the appt and asked for my puppy to have color added to her paws tail and head. Head couldn't be colored due to the color mind you the white was chopped off by the groomer 2 weeks ago. after it was all said and done Andrea charged me for the color and the grooming. If she was coloring her then why not groom for free since your people botched her anyway and if not free how about at a discount. Ill pay full price for the color. I even asked if she could reduce the grooming price or wave the grooming fee but she refused. She didn't even take the opportunity to address any of my issues herself she had a member of her staff to communicate. She made the coat of my puppy better but took the fullness from her paw and of course nothing we can do about the ponytail. In my opinion she is all about the dollar. i will never go back. Not sure how she won anything considering her poor attention to detail. Staff was very nice but the groomer Stephanie couldn't cut a dolls hair let along my sweet puppy and Andrea seems to have her head in the clouds and is anchored by money I guess, like I said she never gave me any personal attention or conversation. 1st photo is a month before the unrequested chop, the next 3 are after and mind you she looks well groomed but not what I wanted and the last 2 are the photos of what I wanted to get close to but obviously got what the groomer wanted me to have.

Eddie Liu

a year ago

We got our dog groomed here a few years ago. At the time, they incentivized us to review this place positively to get a discount, which I'm pretty sure is against Google policy. Honestly, the biggest negative this place has is the attitude they display in their replies to Google Reviews. I mean, seriously? Keep scrolling and read their ridiculous replies to some reasonable negative reviews. This is insane! This is some kitchen nightmares stuff. Would you want an insane person grooming your dog?!

Anthony Gray

a year ago

Based on the testimonies I have heard about this place, I would not recommend. Also just look at the kind of responses the owner gives to unsatisfied customers. One star.

Dee Jay

a year ago

I have been taking my dog here for a year since we moved to the Atlanta area. They are always professional and my dog always looks great after his groom. We will continue to choose Jazzy Paws as our groomer :-)

Lori P

a year ago

We have been taking our 80 lb. Goldendoodle to Jazzy Pawz for over 4 years. Andrea and her staff are warm, friendly, professional, and communicative. They take extra good care of our fur baby and treat him like family (he LOVES to go & always has a running fit around the house when I ask him if he wants to go "get jazzed" :-) They check in with me prior to every visit about what type of groom/cut we want and have always done an excellent job. Jazzy Pawz is an asset to our neighborhood & we highly recommend them!

Mary Ford

a year ago

I was extremely happy with my experience here. My dog can be extremely energetic and excitable. This can make bathing him and trimming his nails a challenge. Melissa did a great job and my dog came home clean, happy, and (most importantly) relaxed. I would not hesitate to take him here again.

Rebecca Mayo

a year ago

We LOVE Jazzy Pawz! I have taken my sweet golden doodle to Jazzy since he was four months old and they have always taken such great care of him! Doodles require specific grooming needs and I really appreciate that they have communicated via text with me before (and even during) each appointment to confirm what specifically I want done regarding his 'hair style' and type of groom. Every time I pick him up he is smiling and playing with the team in the front of the office and it makes my heart so happy to know he is enjoying himself during his Spa Day! 10/10 recommend to any doodle moms and dads in Atlanta. Thank you for all that you do- we love you!!!

Lara Lu

a year ago

Very Rude. They used to be OK pre Covid. They only except appts on line. You can’t call or go there to make one. Bad Vibes. Work was ok. Not amazing. Over priced as well. I would not give them any Biz. I ended hiring a mobile groomer that came to me. Was much Better. Free treats n bandanna to boot.

Amy Wills

a year ago

This place is HORRIBLE and obviously lacks good customer service. You can tell by the way they respond to their reviews regarding customers. I had an awful experience at this place and won't be going back. If I were you, I wouldn't leave my pet at this place.

LaToiyah Roland

a year ago

Do not book here. They are very unprofessional and also liars. I would not trust them with my pet AT ALL. The customer service is HORRIBLE.

Sophie Loghman

a year ago

Awful experience. Repeat customer here and they chose to lose years of business over $26. They allowed our dog to go there without vaccine, putting other dogs at risk and flip flopped on policy. Allowed him to go then didn’t over a mistake at the vet. Owner will write terrible things in response to this and say she has screenshots of me “harassing” which never occurred. Truly baffled at how unprofessional this business is. Please avoid! And just look at how negative reviews are responded to.

Michael K

a year ago

45 minutes before our dog was supposed to get his bath they called and said they made a mistake and would not see him because he did not have up to date vaccinations. They said they knew about this last time but let it slide (putting all the other dogs at risk). Then they told us DESPITE THEIR MISTAKE, they’d be charging us 40% of the fee. What a scam!

Rachel Tyler

a year ago

RUN! They are UNPROFESSIONAL! They stole money out of my bank account by charging me a cancellation fee because THEY didn't have the products available that we already agreed on days prior to the appointment. INSTEAD OF NOTIFYING ME PRIOR TO MY APPOINTMENT and allowing me to make the decision, or giving me a heads up to bring the product that they couldn't provide or even apologizing for the inconvenience they CHARGED my card! I offered to run home and get the product that they negligently failed to provide but they told me it would inconvenience the other people that were scheduled. I spoke with them for 20 MINUTES attempting to resolve the issue. If they told me WHILE I WAS THERE during the 20 MINUTE conversation we had that they had an alternate product, everything would have been fine. They gave me no resolution until I already left and they already illegally charged my card. They offered to reschedule once I was already gone and they already stole money from my account. Imagine walking into a restaurant and getting charged for food you didn't receive. YOU CANT CHARGE A CANCELLATION FEE IF THE CUSTOMER CANCELLED BECAUSE YOU DIDNT HAVE THE PRODUCTS YOU AGREED TO PROVIDE!!!!!!!!!!! Choose another groomer, they're money hungry and unprofessional

Brittany Shelly

a year ago

I know my review is long, but please read !!! After three whole years of taking my dog here, I've decided to find another groomer. Jazzy Paws is unprofessional, unpredictable, and the quality of service isn't always the best. I can't count how many times I've paid for bandanas and never received them. (Something they use to give free) & I bring my dog for the same haircut, but the price seems to change every time! Aside from that, they ask me every grooming how to cut his hair every single time and rarely get it correct, and he goes to the same groomer. Some grooming sessions, my pups haircut is beautiful then sometimes not so much. The staff isn't the nicest either, but I think the direction comes from the owner. I have tried to keep Jazzy as my dog's groomer and support a black business, but I can't do it anymore. Our last and final grooming, they really messed him up and still asked for a tip after they called me and told me they messed up my dog's haircut. Like how do you ask someone for a tip after you totally messed up my dog's cut?? Oh, and they ask you for a tip every grooming session. Something I've always frowned upon. I'm a great tipper, but it just isn't a good look when you ask someone if they're going to tip. It's like it's forced! Granted, I still tipped for my "messed up" grooming session, but I didn't feel like I should've. Never will I ever bring my dog to jazzy paws again. In addition, I never addressed my issue with his final grooming session, but my husband messaged the groomer with a sad face emoji, and our next grooming session was canceled by I assume Andria. A text was also sent from an unknown number saying if you have a problem with your grooming session to contact Andria. However, the groomer has messaged my husband on prior occasions with pics of our dog after sessions. Key factors to consider if you are even thinking about booking Jazzy: -Cut will not be the same every grooming even if you give specific decisions on the cut -They always ask you are you going to tip after your appointment -If you are late for pickup, please be aware you will be scrutinized even though they only alert you 15-20 mins before being done. (One occasion I was texted 10 mins before I dogs grooming was over, and I live 25 mins away. Do you know the owner had the nerve to be mad?? -Everything is an add-on, so be prepared to pay outside the standard grooming rate they give. Some of my dog's cuts have been $100 with a tip of $120 for the same cut. Then other times it's $80, then $70 for the same cut so go figure. Guess it depends on what the owner wants you to pay. -There’s been occasions where my dog has been at the groomer 6-7 hours -Also you can see how rude the owner is just by her responses to other reviews. My opinion: run while your ahead! To address the owners response: -Arrived late sometimes? Yes, it's Atlanta, and traffic can be at random times -picked up my dog hours later on ONE occasion, and that was due to my husband being in flight and accidentally left out a few digits on my phone number when he texted you, so i was unaware he was finished. -matted? He’s a curly haired dog who gets groomed every 2-3 weeks. I really think you say he’s matted just to charge an additional fee, just like everything is an additional fee. -assume I'm upset? This lady is rude! Please believe these 1-star reviews this business has -different cut every time? We get the same exact cut every time, Andria! Also, the picture the owner posted was from another grooming session, where his cut was correct, not his last and final grooming.

sahar simmons

2 years ago

This place is truly a disappointment. I initially appreciated the experience however the level of professionalism and how they treat their customers and our fur babies has declined a great deal. I gave them 1 star for a previous experience because the cut was not good. I also witnessed a customer’s dog run out of the building while the door was open. There were plenty of witnesses and that is not okay that pets are not in a secure place and have the ability to escape. The manager/owner didn’t bother to follow up with my concerns. I decided to give them one more chance and booked my appointment weeks ago. I just received a text two days before the appointment stating that they canceled me because I gave them 1 star that they wouldn’t take my dog anymore. Who does that?! Very unfortunate, disappointing experience and VERY unprofessional!

r rlh

2 years ago

The customer service is A+ in my book. They really care and take time to get to know your fur baby and every detail matters to them. I’m never hesitant leaving my dog because Jazzy Pawz is the best. You can tell they love what they do and really treat the dogs as family. My fur baby comes in happy and leaves happy. No complaints here. A must try ????????????

Barbara Bulls

2 years ago

Love the customer service. Excellent groomers

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