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Melody Jones

2 years ago

My dog was butcher there and Adrian was so rude. My dog had to have stitches inside and out. I had to pay close to $1000 for her surgery and medication. Adrian didn’t attempt to pay for his mistake so please take your love fur somewhere else.


2 years ago

Your dog is gonna be cut up if you bring them here go else where!!!!!!!

justin ledbetter

2 years ago

Hands down best dog groomer here in Atlanta !!!!!

Ashley W

2 years ago

Inexperienced, unskilled groomers. De-matting service is not de-matting at all but a full shave. Misleading information.

Hailey Curtis

2 years ago

We’ve been to many groomers in Atlanta and no other groomer quite knows how to groom poodles like Adrian! Adrian himself has owned (and bred) so many poodles so he really knows the breed. Adrian has a huge heart for ALL animals and it’s very evident when you pass your baby off to him for a groom. All of the groomers have been trained by Adrian so the groom is consistent across groomers. Special shout out to Kalika for doing this groom for my handsome boy Noodle! Not only is the groom consistent and BEAUTIFUL, it’s affordable too. I always look forward to getting Noodle groomed because I know he’s loved and well taken care of at Groomed By Adrian!

Jauhne Johnson

2 years ago

If you aren't a celebrity, your experience is based on his/his staffs mood. His attitude is terrible, his staff is right behind him with their unprofessional behaviors but you can honestly tell how nasty he is by his response to negative reviews... unprofessional!

Sandra Escamilla

2 years ago

Groomer was amazing and Theo has never looked more handsome.

Tracy Fractious

2 years ago

My pup has visited twice and both times the groomers fulfilled and she looks great!!!

Audrey Knox Davis

2 years ago

It's the eyelashes for me.

Montayo williams

2 years ago

Took my deposit an did not colored my dog an did not refund if they broke just say it.

TeErica Franklin

2 years ago

I was a first time customer. Recommend by friends and I just have to say I loved this place! The staff is super friendly and you can tell the dogs just love them. This was my dog’s first time getting color and I just have to say it’s very clear that she loved it!! Lol! She even let them give her a ponytail. She’s been prancing around every since I picked her up. My mom loved it so much! Thank you Kalika and everyone for your care!! Marley will definitely return!

Telithia Williams

2 years ago

My dog when for his groomer appointment @ Groomed by Adrian at his scheduled time, 12 noon July 28th 2021 for a full groom. Adrian kept my dog for 6 1/2 hours for this appointment, no coloring, just a bath and cut down. I was contacted around 1:50pm by Adrian confirming the cut I want for my dog (trimmed down but not too low) as he was about to start the trimming process which was stated by Adrian. I arrived at the shop about 3:45 because I assumed that he would be ready around this time. Adrian stated that my dog wasn’t ready and that he would call me, Adrian knew that I was out front waiting for my dog. I called around 5:30 to check the status of my dog and Adrian was very rude (“did we call you?!, What did we tell you during booking?!, Now you are rushing me!!!)….. My dog had been getting groomed since he was 6 months and The longer it’s ever took was 3 hours so at this point I’m nervous. More time has passed and I received a call around 6:30 telling me that my dog was ready. When I arrived my dog was in a cage barking and he was skin to the core. I didn’t realize until I got home and checked him out that he had been cut several times near his groan area which Adrian failed to report. My dog was traumatized and mistreated during this appointment because I was concerned about his well being. I feel that Adrian purposely neglected my dog and mistreated him because I was concerned about the time frame my dog had been at his shop. Adrian stated to me that he don’t have to explain his time to me and how he runs his salon. When I arrived, I asked the young lady at the front of my dog had water and was taken out to release himself because he was there so long, the young lady stated to me that she wasn’t aware. When I paid and took my dog outside he urinated for about 60 secs which is long; when I mentioned it to Adrian via email, he stated to me that a dog can hold themselves for longer hours than that which is insensitive and out right neglect because I’m sure that Adrian ate, went to the bathroom and whatever else during those 6 1/2 hours my dog was there. My dog has bruises on him and that hair that is left is very choppy and uneven. Adrian don’t really care about the animals and he needs to be investigated. I’m so hurt and my dog is traumatized from this experience. I’m traumatized. Adrian don’t believe that he is doing the customer a favor and don’t value not appreciate the customer business or their pets!! He needs to be stopped!!!

Donye wright

2 years ago

This place is amazing! They get my baby right every time & the whole staff is very professional!

Tamela P. Cosby

2 years ago

I love each time I drop Thor off. Thor started coming during the pandemic. Adrian is cool and funny. Go Falcons. Our joke. Anyway, they are very professional and I always make an appointment. His grooming services are in high demand. Ashley Denise is awesome.

Keith Hawkins

3 years ago

After reading these reviews u would think it’s a bad place but u can’t believe everything u read.. So I tried this place for the first time, when I say they were on point and very professional. Glad I found them on IG because this will be our groomer from now on. Best prices hands down and great work!! Thanks!! Bella will be coming back soon

Lynn Steffen

3 years ago

I will return with Coco to get her dolled up.

Crystal Calhoun

3 years ago

Adrian was very mean and rude to me during my baby's first visit! Initially, I called the day before and spoke to Ashley who was so nice and professional as she answered all my questions, put my concerns to ease, and suggested that I bring my baby there as a walk in. I was looking forward to seeing her when I arrived early the next morning, but she wasn't there. Instead, I was greeted by a young man who had a relatively dry and bland disposition. He just didn't seem to enjoy his job or have much interest or passion for the animals he worked with. I don't know, maybe it was too early in the morning for him. Not a problem though, because he was able to do the basics of his job, and after all he only worked at the front desk. When the young man walked away with my baby, I instantly felt nervous and wanted to cry the way I did when I first left my child at a daycare. I was shocked that I was having those feelings and briefly expressed it to the lady waiting behind me to drop off her baby. She responded by assuring me that my baby would be fine and further stated that they take good care of dogs there. So, I left feeling more at ease. Plus, on my way out I passed two other female customers with the same friendly animal loving disposition I also had. Four hours passed, so I called to check on my baby's status, but no one answered the phone. Twice more I called, but still no answer nor could I leave a message. So I drove there to pick my baby up after 5-hours of no communication. When I arrived Adrian came from the back to tell me my baby wasn't done yet, and that I needed to wait until they called me. He seemed very irritable! I explained that it had been 5-hours, and I tried to call several times but no one answered the phone. Instead of apologizing for no one answering the phone, he reprimanded me. He stated that if I was in a rush then I need to make an appointment for priority service, otherwise my dog has to wait. I shared that it was my first time here, and asked if he could give me an estimate of how much longer it would take. He dismissively told me it may take about another 2-hours or so. I politely said ok and thank you. Adrian then turned back around towards me after walking away and said, "Don't be poppin up here no more like that, wait to be called." Take a deep breath Crystal and calm down because he is still working on your baby, I said to myself. So, I apologized for popping up and reminded him that I'm a new customer who is not aware of how things work around here. Nonetheless, he rolled his eyes at me while turning to walk away. I was furious, but I played it off because I didn't want him to take his anger out on my baby. Since I didn't live that close, I had to find somewhere nearby to eat and shop while passing the time. I was called to pick my baby up after a total of 7-hours, and charged extra money because they claimed my dog was aggressive and biting them. They said they had to put a mussel on her. I have a shih tzu who is very sweet. The only time she ever snapped and tried to bite was when I tried to touch her in an area on her body that was in pain for medical reasons and she needed the care of a vet. If my baby really tried to bite anyone, they had to have hurt her physically or treated her rough. Anyway, the hair coloring was nice, but they cut her hair way too short. Now my baby kinda looks like a billy goat. Smh... Before I arrived, I was so excited to get my baby groomed there, but I left very disappointed unfortunately.

Kamille Obi

3 years ago

It took 4 hours just to trim my dog, when we got her all of her hair was cut off, and she was bleeding on her back paws. When we went to check on her after three hours they said the had JUST started. Did not like my experience and my dog is not used to being away from us for soo long.

S. Little-Harrison

3 years ago

I called to make an appointment as a 1st timer. I had purchased a Groupon months ago for the service and it didnt expire until July. The young lady on the phone advised me that GROUPON was no longer being accepted and i would need to contact Groupon for a refund. So...i did. GROUPON made contact with the business and was told they were no longer honoring the vouchers that they advertised and had been purchase. I was issued a refund. I do not know the reason for no longer honoring GROUPON vouchers. But I do know that the promotion had too be set up by Groomed By Adrian. Why not honor what was already sold to customers? Nevertheless, i guess i will just keep patronizing the big box store groomer, until i find a small business that checks all the boxes.

Tameka Mosley

3 years ago

The reason why I gave this place 3 stars is because they don't explain to you up front about add on fees. My six month old shitzu is a bitter but playful and they charged me 25 extra dollars on top of grooming fee. Other than that they do excellent work

Charlene Harris-Babb

3 years ago

Prices increased and it took 9 hours for my dog to be groomed without having an appointment

Kaden Shallat

3 years ago

I just had my first grooming with this spot and I loved the whole experience. Ashley did a great job with my dog and making an appointment was really easy. I'll be bringing both of my dogs here now!

Maimouna Camara

3 years ago

Adrian is very rude. I asked for my puppy to be cut a certain way because it was her first cut and he cut her completely differently from the picture I sent in. His excuse was that my puppy moved during the trimming of the face but I specifically said do not cut my puppies face at all. He also cut the body way too low. Plus all dogs move during cuts, it’s normal. He did a style on my puppy that I did not ask for and now she looks like a totally different dog. I expressed my concerns and he told me that my dog is not familiar with clippers and needs to be trained. But that’s exactly why I asked for a light trim because she’s a baby and this is her first cut. You’re suppose to give puppies a light trim for their first cut so that they can get familiar with the clippers. All groomers know that. Now my baby looks like a naked mole rat.

Nicole James

3 years ago

I ❤️ Groomed by Adrian. The owner and staff are AMAZING!!

The Anthony's

3 years ago

Ashely Deniece is A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!! The whole staff is professional and very nice!

Joretta Kelly

3 years ago

I love this place for my dog.

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